Sounds Israeli: The music of ‘Strong Black Coffee’

The Israeli band ‘Cafe Shachor Chazak’ (Strong Black Coffee) is composed of five performers who write, sing and play music which has been characterized as a fusion of hip-hop and reggae with Ethiopian flavors.  Four of the band members are Ethiopian Israelis and all are Israeli immigrants absorbed in Netanya.

Here’s the video for their song, “Only Up.”

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  1. Not a nice generalisation Nobbly Stick .
    Pretty much along these lines from a tweet by Brighton BDS who have been targeting Israeli company Soda Stream .

    A nasty sneering derogatory comment regarding Chelsea , a colourful transgender Israel supporter who regularly attends the counter protest .
    So much for their so called ‘Pink Washing ‘ nonsense . These scumbags are as illiberal and sexist as they are racist .
    I’ve screen saved should they decide to pull it . These people are truly vile .