The Tripod: CAMERA links in three languages — August 9-12

Our daily roundup of posts from CAMERA affiliated sites:

Harriet Sherwood parrots false charge of ‘Water Apartheid: The Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent charges Israel with hoarding Palestinian water, based on completely erroneous data by a radical NGO. (CiF Watch)

Violence and hate in a TV movie broadcasted by the official PA TV channel Yassin and Abu Yasser play the main roles in a movie where Palestinian kids and adolescents attack a group of Israelis. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

EFE:highest score in activism The victim has a name too: Sarah Sharon. She was 38 years old when she was stabbed to death while walking in the city. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Fixation and omissions The main Spanish-language media echoed the Israeli decision to build new homes in the “settlements”, omitting mention of the Oslo Agreements that do not contain any prohibition to build. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

BBC template article on ME talks turns 878 houses into ‘around 1,000′ Recent BBC reports on peace talks include a collection of misleading template statements. (BBC Watch)

BBC still failing to report missile fire from Gaza Strip The majority of missile fire from the Gaza Strip continues to go unreported to BBC audiences . (BBC Watch)

Presspectiva Prompts ‘The Marker’ Correction‘The Marker’ corrects a story that falsely claimed that Dutch retailers were boycotting products from the West Bank. (Presspectiva)

Presspectiva Prompts ‘Ha’aretz’ Correction ‘Ha’aretz’ corrects graphic incorrectly stating that the new EU guidelines applied to all EU member states. (Presspectiva)

EFE: Fiction or journalism EFE repeats and spreads inaccurate information. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

CAMERA Presents at AEPi Israel Amplified Conference Over 120 students, the largest ever, attended this years only all Greek Israel advocacy and engagement conference. (In Focus)

CAMERA helps sponsor the AEPi Israel Amplified Conference CAMERA Fellow Rita Usher discusses how CAMERA helped her write about Israel. (In Focus)

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    • How good of you, John — really! — to take a break from your PSC-sponsored Israel-bashing, to come HERE, and start Israel-bashing! Really, the magnanimity on you!
      More to the point, the link above (“Palestine-intifada” — humm, objective source if ever there was one) is mendacious and duplicitous. I counted at least 5 mistranslations, but above all, it’s not a “talk-show”, but a comedy-variety program a la Bill Maher. And Maher has said some vicious things about Christianity.
      More importantly, Israel has the only growing Christian population in the Mid-East.
      And to learn how Pal. incitement affects Christians(of course, we’ve already established that Jews are not your concern), visit this:

      • If you read my original comment more carefully, you would have seen that I queried the English language translations provided. You now say that there are at least 5 mistranslations, which is a [partial answer to my question, for which “Thank you”.
        It would be useful to know just what the mistranslations are.
        You also make the point that the programme involved is a comedy show.
        We have comedy shows in the UK which sometimes target religious figures and beliefs but I have to say that I have never seen anything like the Israeli programme featured through the hyperlink provided. Our regulators would never allow such a programme to be broadcast which insulted core religious – including Jewish – beliefs.
        Does it not concern you that Israeli comedy shows can show Israel in such an unflattering light? Extremism – wherever it comes from – should always be resisted.
        Do you not agree?

        • John, I don’t agree. The right to free speech, including the ability to mock someone’s religion is enshrined therewith. I can declare your God false, and you can, mine. There’s nothing akin to “incitement” in that.
          Here’s what incitement looks like:
          Oh, and your hypocrisy is certainly galling: I presented you data, John, detailing how your pet-cause is eradicating Christians. Palestinians(and their factions) have caused a massive flight of the Christian population from the Pal. territories. And you claim to be the aegis of Christianity? Give us a break.
          And John dear — I was born, raised and have lived for the greater part of my life in Blightie. I remember for a fact Dave/BBC4 broadcasts, with various “comedians”, who in their disparaging portrayal of Christianity, made me, a non-Christian turn my set off.
          You’re not fooling anyone, John.

          • I watched PA TV to kids: Christians and Jews are inferior, cowardly and despised.
            You are right: it is very disturbing to see young minds being bent like that while a smiling adult encourages them to speak such words. My only hope is that all sides will learn to leave such language behind and to allow young children to regain their innocence and grow up leading normal lives – on both sides.

          • You may be correct about TV comedy shows during the 1970s but I believe such shows are unimaginable now. I can remember the Black and White Minstrel shows too but the idea that such programming represents Britain today is nonsense.
            Such shows would never be broadcast in Britain now.
            Christians I have met in the West Bank have told me, person to person, that life there has become so intolerable for many – especially the young – that many of them are leaving the area to work in areas like the Gulf, America and Europe.
            They come back for formal ceremonies like marriages and they will bring newly born children back for christening but the overall Christian population in the West Bank and Israel is declining as outright aggressive behaviour by extremist Israeli religionists is forcing them out to find a decent and secure future.
            Also, the excessive bureaucracy associated with permits and licences, absence of available planning permissions for new homes, etc. All this conspires to make them seek elsewhere for a decent future for themselves and their families. In this way, the best leave and the marginal get left behind, fuelling ever-more resentment.

            • Resorting to the preferred PSC tactic of lying, eh John?
              I’m referring to this whopper:

              …overall Christian population in the West Bank and Israel…extremist Israeli religionists…

              This is an outright falsehood. The Christian population of Israel is GROWING. Only such country in the Middle East.
              Are you telling us that the Christians you supposedly met(sanitized by your PSC “hosts”, no doubt) don’t mind being called “duplicitous”, or the “descendants of Apes & Pigs”(an epithet usually reserved for Jews, by the way) by official PA clerics?
              FFS, John: Your hatred of Israel is mortifying. It’s unnerving what they do to you, in PSC-Jungend camps.

              • Thank you for the link to the article. It confirms that the rate of growth among Christian families is lower than that for Jews and Muslims, indicating a lack of confidence in the future, which is unsurprising, given that though Christians achieve higher educational and academic outcomes than other groups in Israel, they still labour under a higher unemployment rate than the national average.
                All this combines to create a situation whereby Christians feel they have no real future in Israel, which makes them emigrate in to have any kind of decent future.
                The article confirms that the Christians represent 2 per cent of the total population of Israel. In the past, they were 20 per cent. What does this tell anyone?
                I have to go now and stop postings on these blogs as I have to attend to a lot of other projects from tomorrow. Thank you for your feedback.

                • As a Christian it is touching to read Dowdle’s concern for the alleged decline in the number of Christians in Israel.
                  That is it is until you remember his self proclaimed ‘Humanism’ and recall that elsewhere on this website he was expressing his satisfaction at the decline of religion and increasing secularisation in the U.K.

                  So decline in Christianity in the U.K. = Good
                  Alleged decline in Christians in Israel = Bad

                  To quote Dowdle “What does this tell anyone?”

                  The smell of hypocrisy and Bullshit is strong in this one.

                  • In one respect, Gerald, you are right. If Christianism and all other religions disappear off the face of the planet Earth tomorrow, I for one will celebrate that day.
                    What you with your closed-off mind cannot grasp, however, is that I was simply responding to a point made by someone else that it is only in the occupied Palestinian territories that Christianists are declining. The very figures provided by the person making that claim disproved this as I – politely – pointed out.
                    Please take your religious stupidity and shove it fully into your tabernacle or some similar religious repository.

                • What is the matter Dowdle?
                  ‘Christianists and Christianism’

                  I’ll be polite as I know you are a senior citizen. Is it the strength of the beer in Watford, which has a nasty reputation for violence, or have you lost your marbles?
                  Still you Green Party people do tend to lose it either with a show of temper at Airports in Israel like dear Pippa, or like David Icke start spouting off about Green Lizards and other nutjob theories.

                  • I detest Christian Zionists, of which I believe you are one.
                    You really are the lowest of the low, aligning yourselves with Jews, encouraging all of them to congregate in Israel so that YOUR christianist messiah will return to convert all jews to christianism and usher in the great white throne day and the beginning of your 1,000 Year Reich.
                    It is crazy lunatics like you who provide such uncritical support for Israel in places like America and you are the greatest betrayers of the Jews on Earth.
                    Your audacity in masquerading as their friend and protector is literally disgusting.
                    I am sure they are happy to use stupid idiots like you for their own purposes but I caution them not to trust you one single inch. In all probability, they don’t.
                    At least humanists and environmentalists are upfront about their beliefs and genuinely working for good change.
                    People like you are false to the very core of their being.

      • Of the two hyperlinks you have provided, one is dated 2001, i.e. 12 years ago and the other sis dated 2008, i.e. 5 years ago. My information dates from personal accounts expressed directly to me in 2012 and 2013. I believe my information is far more direct, up-to-date and relevant than the information you have pointed me towards. I believe there has been a “sea change” in Palestinian society over the last 5 years or so and they have now reached a point where they want to see an end to the conflict. People like Dr Barghouti have told me personally that they just want their own homeland in partnership with the Israelis and this is why their approach is now non-violent. They realise that violence will not gain them anything so they want to achieve a peaceful negotiated settlement.

        • Barghouti has no electoral support, and is in fact a political pariah on the Pal. scene.
          The Pals. have demonstrated, consistently, that they want blood(Israeli, of course). They insist, in one opinion poll after another, that they wish that other Barghouti — murderer of 66 people(again Israeli, not that you would care) — to be their “President”.