Guardian staffer ponders the “Evil Trinity” of Zionists, Neo-cons and Wahabists.

An Aug. 18 Guardian report titled ‘US has lost all credibility in the Middle East, says John McCain‘, elicited 156 reader comments, including one which noted the “sharp divide” in the U.S. between pragmatists and extremists – the latter consisting of the “Evil Trinity” of “the neocon-military-corporate complex in alliance with Saudi Wahhabism and Israeli Zionism.”  

Not only was the comment not deleted by moderators but, as you can see by the orange icon on the right side of the graphic, it was actually recommended by the Guardian staff.

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To be clear on why such honors are bestowed upon a select number of reader comments, the following message appears when you hover your cursor over the ‘G pick’ icon – consistent with the official explanation offered when the Guardian introduced the new feature last year:

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The mind truly reels when pondering that a professional at the “liberal” broadsheet evidently finds such a hate-filled, conspiratorial, incoherent rant about the “evil” of “Israeli Zionism” interesting and worthy of debate. 

h/t Pretzelberg 

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  1. It doesn’t matter how many times this will be portrayed I find this depressing times and times again to what depth has this paper sunk.

  2. Evil trinity – clearly a Christian reference turned into a manichaen Inversion. The conclusion may be that Antisemitism ranks equal among other religions. or leads the way.

  3. The moniker of the poster is very deceptive, the fellow has no chance to became a human even in the very distant future. Anyway it can’t be a trinity, there are the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati not speaking about the Freemasons…

  4. Of course its the Jewish Zionists who kidnap people, strap them with packaging tape underneath cars and drive them around the bumpy roads of Lebanon for months on end with only one small hole at the nostrils through which to breathe as with the now Islamist loving journalist and Xian preacher John McCarthy and Terry Waite. And this is just an example as its those same extremist Jihadi murderers who kidnapped two teenage Jewish boys out on a pleasure hike and slaughtered them bit by bit into pieces in a crescendo of fantastical religious zealotry. And then its those so called Palestinian police who captured an Israeli soldier and strung him out of a Gazan police station window with the crowds egging them on as they sliced sections of flesh off his body as they relished in the dripping human blood draining his body of life.

    What is it about those Jew haters that they are totally oblivious of the evil of the very people they support? Is their guilt at what they have perpetrated on the Jewish nation over millennia so great that the only way they can excuse themselves is to lay their evilness on the Jews and support mysoginistic, murderous terrorists against the people who gave them the ethic by which the West defines itself.

    Whatever it is, those Guardian supporters of evil make me sick to the core. What a bunch of nobodies, giving themselves airs and graces of intellect and humanity when in fact they are no better than the murdering scum they support.

  5. No mention in the comment that the U.S. President is in charge of foreign policy. Policy divisions amongst America’s elected government, oh excuse me, I meant its ‘ruling elite’ is as old as the Republic itself.
    The conspiratorial comment could have been written in Pravda, no wonder it got a ‘pick’ at the Guardian.

  6. It was the “Guardian Pick” label that really got me. It’s not as if the comment was otherwise particularly insightful, is it?

    The question is: was it picked because of or despite the “Evil Trinity” bollocks?

    • “Ruling elite?” “long-term hold on the Middle East?” Just what are we supposed to be holding?
      “But all these show that Anglo-American led Western imperialism is out of control and is cracking up!”
      It sure cracked me up. I couldn’t stop laughing. Back to Russia!

  7. After the fall of the Sovietunion many leftists lost faith in socioeconomical and political ideologies of earthly salvation, which partly replaced the religions.
    A fragmentation took and takes place, the ngos with their different fetishes, cultural relativism, climate change, gender, multiculturalism (which strangely is limited to the advocay of Islam and Immigration), human rights, “international law”, antiimperialism (which especially in Germany has its roots in right extremism after WWI), giving up the goal of social and economic equality, accepting the capitalist boundaries for working as ngos, the so called “civil society”.
    What was passed is the self esteem as the good and the righteous, “history on their side”, an absolute belief in their morals, the base of their manichaen view of the world.

    With the eroding of common, positive goals, only the negative really bind them together, bad industry, bad oil (albeit living very much on oily dollars), bad USA, bad Israel, bad imperialistic west. The fetish “Mother Earth” alone doesn`t work, neither “we are all citizens of one world”, but “antizionism” does, “antiimperialsm” does, opposition to the USA does, and the “new Elder of Zion”, the neocons do. Salvation will come when these “conspirators against humankind and nature” vanish. The Green ideology has a biological substance, we should not forget.
    Strangely two parts of communism as political ideology survived as common base, antiimperialism and “Antizionism”, a late development in the communist ideology.

    Bearing in mind Zizek and others who triumphantly reacted to 9/11 there is still a sort of belief in salvation, this time by Islamists, the mass movements and uprising of the Arab world, the youth bulge versus aging western society, in a negative way. Heroes of destruction, adored by western intellectuals, something quite common in the last two centuries.
    Whatever the outcome may be, Israel, USA , the bad west will vanish, they hope.

    Spreading of antisemitism by the Sovietunion
    The antisemitic show trials shortly after WWII

    The reviving of the communist Antisemitism, disguised as “Antizionism” which went to sleep after the death of Stalin and tne uprising in Hungary, was due to the Six Days War and the victory of Israel.
    In communist Poland it took forms of ethnic cleansing.

  8. It shows the influence of the Sovietunion on the new left of 68 in the west, that two, three years after the Auschwitz Trials
    the Young Revolutionaries took to the streets in Germany, France and Italy with the Slogan SS=Israel, worshipping the völkische , but disgusisng as international left freedom movement PLO, after the Six Days War.

  9. The reviving of Nietzsche, after the fall of the inofficial ban on reading him due to his celebrity among Nazis and right extremists, since the seventies, surprisingly emerging first in France, Foucault et alii, also brought back his verdict “God is dead”.

    But what`s up with the devil in Christian faith? Isn`t he embodied by the capitalist in communist, left thinking (which shouldn`t be the case as capitalism is an objective historical process according to marxism)? Isn`t he embodied by the Jew as the great financial power in nationalsocialist thinking?

    What can turn Antisemitsm into a negative, earthly, political religion, a conspiracy, compared to racism, is the alleged superiority of intellect, the immediate association with money and the survival despite persecutions over centuries, giving a glance of immortality and knowledge of the world. And returning to the promised land, Israel, has a strong religious content, self evidently. A dream was fulfilled.

    The term neocon implies and exemplifies all that: considered as part of the US elite, as moving and ruling the great power USA behind the scenes, as mainly Jews, as zionists, as life line and agents for Israel, explaining ist contious existence despite wars, boycotts, singularisation.
    The singularisation of Israel, as demon, suppressor, thief, outsider and so on, condemmed by the “world”, beyond the reach of “common rules, applied by all others”. Israel, the other.

    “Antizionism”, a negative political religion of conspiracy, a fetish, disseminated by the globalisation of communication and travel, the Internet and the UN,
    uniting all sorts of states, politicians, movements, leftists, greens, Islamists, right extremists, seducing masses of little education and of little hope.
    When religions and the states fail to deliver hope in daily life, this symbolic fetish works.

    Just a conjecture.

  10. this is somewhat a consequence of what happens after Zionists (whether Jewish or Christian) embraced the folly of neconservative foreign policy, with the necon founding base having being Jewish and Sharansky being Jewish and Israeli — Zionism (myself included) gets blood libeled b/c of the disastrous & bloody neocon nation-building wars & hate-engendering foreign entanglements, even occupations. (I admit Zionism would’ve been hated anyway, the hate’s just exacerbated & justified by backlash to neoconservatism)