Guardian publication corrects false claim that Israel used ‘chemical weapons’ in Gaza

The Jerusalem Post just reported the following regarding a false allegation against Israel made by Nabila Ramdani in an Observer commentary on Aug. 31:

Israel won a small battle Sunday against creeping attempts to equate Israel’s use of white phosphorous in Gaza to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons when the Observer in Britain issued a correction on the matter Sunday.

“Contrary to the impression given in Assad is a war criminal, but an attack will do nothing for the people of Syria”(Comment, last week, page 34), white phosphorus, used by Israeli forces in Gaza in 2008, is not a chemical weapon as understood by the Chemical Weapons Convention, and its use is in itself not ‘in breach of all international conventions,” the paper [a sister publication of the Guardian] noted on Sunday.

 Read the rest of the story here.

(Note: Though the correction was published at the Observer’s ‘For the record‘ page, the essay by Ramdani has not yet been revised accordingly.)

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  1. Always nice to see someone try to weasel out on a technicality. White phosphorus is not ‘technically’ a chemical weapon as ..blah blah blah.

    White phosphorus can cause significant injury and death, and its use by the military has been highly criticized. Morbidity and mortality can occur by exposure to soft tissue, through inhalation, and by ingestion.

    White phosphorus skin exposure results in painful chemical burn injuries. The resultant burn typically appears as a necrotic area with a yellowish color and characteristic garliclike odor. These burns carry a higher risk of morbidity and mortality. White phosphorus is highly lipid soluble and, as such, is believed to have rapid dermal penetration once particles are embedded under the skin. This deep absorption can result in heart, liver, and kidney damage. It has also been postulated that, because of its enhanced lipid solubility, these injuries result in delayed wound healing.

    It isn’t technically a chemical weapon, but anyone that thinks these results are just hunky-dory are liars.

    • Stupid – it’s only dangerous if you pick it up. Not quite the same as being enveloped in poisonous gas. Unless you are a blatant antiSemite. That’s why we have international definitions – to prevent liars like you trying to convince people that black is white.

      • “Stupid – it’s only dangerous if you pick it up.”

        It is nothing like as dangerous as nerve gas of course you are right. However do you honestly think the IDF soldiers who went straight up the Golan with astonishing bravery would ever believe their army would in the future leave poison for children to potentially pick up ? Its a city …kids everywhere. You are comfortable with that ?

        • Yes jasper the IDF is well known trapping children by leaving poison to them. But you have no idea what are we able to do apart from that… poisoning wells among others – it is only one of our favorite hobbies. But I have serious doubts that IDF personnel poisoned gentile children – their blood would be useless – can’t be used for the Passover matzos.
          Jasper jasper even by Guardian standards you are a very malevolent and vicious Jew hater.
          Rusbridger and co must be very proud of you. I’m sure you could be a very popular ATL contributor on CIF.

          • Tu Quoque ? That’s it ? Using the same language that I used on me? Why…I haven’t come across this technique since primary school. A real trip down memory lane

            • You haven’t been called a hypocrite since primary school? I find that hard to believe.
              Did you really think I was going to engage you over the substance (or lack thereof) of your defamatory comment from planet stupid?

    • “White phosphorus is not ‘technically’ a chemical weapon as..”

      No John it is you who has inserted the word ‘technically’ in there.
      The quote from the report is clear “.. white phosphorus, used by Israeli forces in Gaza in 2008, is not a chemical weapon as understood by the Chemical Weapons Convention,.”

      I understand why you have inserted the word ‘technically’. You are attempting to dilute the quote as you do not like it. It does not fit in with your own view.
      Before you use words such as ‘liar’ you need to look into a mirror as your own attempt at obfuscation demonstrates that the charge of liar can, and should, be aimed at you.

  2. I see Mr. President. WP is not a chemical weapon only when used by Israelis.
    When someone says that your sister is whore then your assertion that you don’t have sisters is a technicality…

  3. S/he already used aliases like Regan last year.

    Another bla-bla-moniker won`t help John Reagan/Robery Wayne/Jim Ward/Rob Matthews/Jamie Thomas/Rabia Wattspratt/Ramesh Patel/Andrew Jackson/Dave Ernst/Janet Burke/Jim Davison/ John Atkins/falsefalse/ RObert Alright/Kumar Chaudry/Rebuttal/Jim Chance/ Frederick/ Richard/Patrick/NSIsmail/NSIsmael/Jason Helper/John Walsh/ ranamirza/ Rafi Mirza,
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  4. John Reagan
    White phosphorus , human bombs immolating themselves on crowded israeli buses Scattering body in all directions . Both do the jobs they were intended for the former being a consequence of the latter .
    Incidentally I note you are sufficiently vexed to find your way here and voice your grievances regarding Israels response to Hamas terrorism .
    Hopefully you can provide some evidence of similar concerns regarding the wanton murder of innocent Israeli citizens . Just in the interest of balance .
    Looking forward to seeing it .

  5. Israel, like many other countries (including the UK and Canada and the USA), used WP flares and WP smoke screens. These are perfectly acceptable uses.

    The only WP weapons that are banned are WP anti-personnel bombs. Which Israel has not used.

  6. Outright lying is de rigeur for the left,see Mao,Stalin,et al.Livingstone,”debating” Syria on LBC said the U.S. killed 6 million(probably just a conicidence that figure) with Agent Orange in Vietnam,(over 10 times the actual figure).Many will now believe him.