The Guardian again promotes myth that Ariel Sharon started 2nd Intifada

One of the more common false narratives regarding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict advanced by the Guardian is that Ariel Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount (the holiest site in Judaism) in 2001 “sparked” the 2nd Intifada – a lie repeated so often that casual observers could be forgiven for believing it.

Here’s a photo and caption from a 2006 Guardian story titled ‘Ariel Sharon: A life in pictures.

There’s also permanent content on the Guardian’s Israel page titled ‘The Arab-Israel Conflict‘, which consists of 22 photos illustrating the history of the conflict. Here’s the photo meant to illustrate the 2nd Intifada.


Here’s the caption:


Most recently, David Shariatmadari, deputy editor on the Guardian comment desk, wrote a review (Guardian, Sept. 7) of a book titled ‘What do you buy the children of the terrorist who tried to kill your wife?’, by David Harris Gershon, which began thusly:

Jerusalem is a city electric with tension. There are frequent sparks, as the circuits that cross the city make contact, separate currents suddenly, dangerously flowing into one another. At their least serious, they ignite a monkish fight in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. At their worst, they can set the region alight, as when Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount in 2000.

No matter how many times responsibility for the Palestinian violence which began in 2000 is assigned to Ariel Sharon, implicitly or explicitly, evidence abounds that the five-year war was orchestrated at the highest levels of Palestinian leadership.

A thorough report at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs by Jonathan Halevi included the following:

Extensive testimony at the time and in retrospect demonstrates the Palestinian Authority’s role in initiating and managing the Second Intifada as an extensive terror onslaught, designed to impose a unilateral, unconditional withdrawal upon Israel, and improve conditions in anticipation of the battle for realizing Palestinian demands for the return of the refugees.

The final decision to initiate the Second Intifada was made by Yasser Arafat immediately upon the conclusion of the second Camp David summit, which ended on July 25, 2000. Directives were disseminated to the national security forces, instructing them to prepare for the immediate option of initiating a violent campaign against Israel. 

Additional evidence that Ariel Sharon didn’t start the 2nd Intifada includes comments by Suha Arafat (and Palestinian leaders), in 2011, acknowledging that Yasser Arafat planned the terror onslaught, as well as the following interview with Suha in late 2012 on Dubai TV:

The Palestinian campaign of suicide bombings and other deadly assaults at Israeli cafes, bus stops, markets (and other crowded public areas where families and children typically gather) claimed over 1000 lives, and injured and maimed thousands more – an orgy of violence for which Palestinian terrorists and their leaders are solely to blame. 

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  1. A strange and oddly helpful article . I agree his visit was merely giving the rioters the finger rather than starting an uprising . But the picture is hilarious and I congratulate the editor for allowing it and risking ridicule . He looks like a mafia Don surrounded by some very Hollywoodesque type hit men.

    I actually feel for his family it couldn’t be easy .

    • “I agree his visit was merely giving the rioters the finger rather than starting an uprising ”
      Who are you agreeing with?
      “But the picture is hilarious and I congratulate the editor for allowing it and risking ridicule . ”
      I’m sure you do, as your own contributions here are ridiculous, however for those no congratulations are in order.

    • He looks like a mafia Don surrounded by some very Hollywoodesque type hit men.
      Not exactly. He looks like a leading politician surrounded by his bodyguards. I understand jasper that for your extremely complex brain sunglasses = mafia and I understand your dislike of Sharon – he beat the shit out of your gentle puppies 30 years ago. (you know their divine victory in the October War when they couldn’t stop their victorious run only 101 km from Cairo)

        • Nearly 40 years to date.
          And I wouldn’t brag about Yom Kippur war so close to Yom Kippur!
          Dayan didn’t speak about the third temple end for no reason.
          It brought both the arrogance of leadership and chaotic decision making with the superb skill of our fighters defending every inch.

          And you didn’t mention 40 km from Damesek.

    • Jasshole, how you cringe when we folks say you write like an anti-Semitic piece of trash. And yet here you are, suggesting that YOUR IMPRESSION is somehow valid and doesn’t dare speak the knowledge that, you know, YOU ACTUALLY HATE ISRAELI RIGHTS AT SELF-DEFENSE.

      It might mean something if 3 Arab armies didn’t launch a war on Yom Kippur in 1973, but alas, they did. And those types of things kind of leave an impression that Israel better not be “fooled” again.

      But, yeah, those security guards. With the way Obama and all other Presidents in the United States are transported around in cavalcades and black helicopters, well you can only imagine how that must mean America is being controlled by out of control power hungry zealots.

      You really are a flaming turd. Every little bit of you stinks.

      • ” Every little bit of you stinks ”

        Lets not argue. Let us just all instead celebrate the fact that Obama has got himself dressed up for the party only to find it has been cancelled.

        Possibly you could help me. Why does helping the Islamist extremists appeal to some Israelis? It seems madness to bomb Assad when the beneficiaries are the extremists.

        • You are correct Jasper.
          “…when the beneficiaries are the extremists.”

          So Hizbullah are nice guys are they?
          There’s a phrase in ancient Hebrew about the 2 sides of current battles in Syria.
          Ze Nevela VeZe Trefa.

        • It doesn’t appeal to me, Jasshole. The best way to fund peace in the Middle East is to provide living essentials and to promote education. But look at who I’m talking to…. A champ at jumping to conclusions. Yes, I am every bit of what you aren’t, so you get to put words in my mouth based on your suppositions. Why the fuck not, Jasshole. Keep digging your ditch, but promise me that when the time is right you’ll jump in.

  2. Yossi Beilin admitted Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti planned the 2nd Intifada months before Camp David: ( I wonder if he alerted Shabak)

    Haaretz reporter was also warned by Marwan Barghouti that if Israel doesn’t offer them what they want they’ll start a Hizballah type war:

  3. This is the Ariel Sharon who was found by the Kahan commission to “bear personal responsibility” for the Sabra and Shatila massacre and whom the peace loving Israeli electorate later put in power as prime minister.

    • Are you the Sencar who considers Israel an occupying force? The Sencar that has no qualms about blaming every last bit of detail on Israel, and then calling yourself a peace lover seeking a partner when you really just hate those dastardly Kikes who have kept those sweet loving Palestinians down for so long?

      No wonder you’re laughed at.

      • This is the only case of slaughter between the PLO and Lebanese Christians that could possibly concern sencar. It’s his job as a pitiful and ineffective war propagandist for the “Arab Cause.”

    • This is the same who according to the Kahana commission bears ministerial responsibility for the Sabra and Shatila massacre. (Probably you have no idea what the word means but this is not a course on basic English language ideas).The personal responsibility belong to your beloved Arab mass murderers. And regarding your snide remarks about the peace loving Israeli electorate – Sharon has been elected after the failure of the Camp David/Taba negotiations and more than thousand dead Israeli civilians killed by your peace mongering suicide bombers.
      Anyway sencar please inform the readers of Cifwatch when there will be in any Arab country any investigation regarding the responsibility of their own leaders involved in mass murder…

    • I want to make easier for you sencar. Please alert the readers when the Holland parliament starts to investigate the administrative responsibilities of the persons involved in the massacre in Srebrenica – combined with an UN investigation regarding the administrative responsibility of the secretary general.

    • No . This is the Sharon who offered Palesitnian a chance for peace by leaving Gaza. An offer that exploded in our face ever since and showed us how a peace deal with the Palestinian will look like.

    • I said it many times that i dislike Sharon for political reasons but this is not relevant Sencar.
      In any case what you are alleging is that most Israelis approve of massacring Arabs.
      I’m afraid that even if you take away the 20% Arabs you’d find that the average Israeli is far less trigger happy than the average Brazilian.
      You see, it all depends on your neighbourhood.

  4. Assume for the moment that the intifada was not engineered by the Palestinian side. One is still left with the fact that “the Palestinians” are so out of control that this one supposedly controversial act by one man is sufficient to incite them to start a war. This should lead to the conclusion that the Palestinians are not ready for peace or at least, that a peace deal should take into account their volatile nature.

    Of course, no such reckoning ever takes place, at official level or at The Guardian.

  5. Ariel Sharon will forever be considered by most Palestinians and their supporters as the ‘boogeyman’ to whom they ascribe nearly every act that impinged on the Palestinian peoples efforts to negotiate some type of treaty with Israel that would ahve gained them a State/Nation/Entity and secure Israeli borders from any furure ground attack. Just like it seems almost inconceivable that large % of Arabs in the ME can’t accept that Arabs were responsible for 9-11 neither can the Palestinians (nor many of their Arab brethren) accept the fact that Arafat and his megalomanical way of ‘leading’ led the Palestinians to most of their failure to gain much of ANYTHING since 1967

    • No it isn’t.
      He was using his right to walk in his country, albeit wasting much of our money in doing so.
      Bur Alas, many Arabs in Israel say it out loud that certain Jews are persona non grata in their villages even though it is a public area.
      As much as I hate Ben Gvir, and his childish provocations the Arabs never fail to bite.
      They should have allowed him to march throwing water at him from roof tops, or shouting abuses.
      But no need for this nonesense.
      It is a public pathway and why shouldn’t any Israeli member who is not a risk to the public walk there?
      “In Umm al-Fahm, acting mayor Mustafa Suheil warned the townspeople would form a “human barricade” outside the city to prevent the protestors from entering.
      Residents responded with outrage to the court’s decision. When the petition was initially filed by the right-wing activists, many thought it a joke. But today what had been perceived as a provocative gag became a reality.
      “On the day of the march there will be a human barricade of 50,000 people on the main road. Itamar Ben-Gvir is not welcome in Umm al-Fahm,” declared Suheil.
      “Ever since we heard the news, my phone has been ringing off the hook with residents calling to complain about the ruling. The court is out of touch with the people, they don’t understand that for years now we have co-existed here, dozens of Jews visit us on the weekends, we employ Jewish teachers and Jewish doctors and there is excellent cooperation between us and the neighboring municipalities – and here this madman seeks to destroy everything and disrupt the status quo, and the court in its ivory tower simply doesn’t care about people’s lives,” he said. Another Umm al-Fahm resident, Fatiha Aghbreeya, said the march jeopardizes any progress made in regards to the town’s attitude towards Israel. “There is a different atmosphere here now, residents want to integrate, they’re talking about making connections and equal rights. Even the state has changed its strategy. So why is the honorable court seeking to destroy that?”,7340,L-3592155,00.html

    • My understanding is that he went to pray for success. After becoming a widower he did marry his widowed sister-in-law. Maybe another poster knows something of his religious inclination.