Guardian Jerusalem Syndrome postscript: Jewish ‘provocations’ at the mosque

On Sept. 15th we posted in response to a ‘Comment is Free’ column by Giles Fraser which lent support to the often repeated lie that Israeli policy threatens to ignite tensions at the Temple Mount (the holiest site in Judaism). In An Israeli claim to Temple Mount Would Trigger Unimaginable Violence‘, Fraser played up the fringe view that the Jewish Temple should be rebuilt (at the site where the Al Aqsa Mosque now stands) and suggested that Jews who even visit such holy sites – prohibited for Jews when controlled by the Jordanians – was an act of extremism and an example of “the settler mentality”. 

Jews at Temple Mount, April 2013

Jews at the Temple Mount

Typical for Guardian journalists, Fraser completely ignored the Palestinians’ long campaign of incitement concerning the Temple Mount, and legitimized those who warn of a broader Israeli scheme to “Judaize” the city which represents the epicenter of the Jewish faith. 

Now, just this morning, it was reported that Muslim worshippers at the Temple Mount rioted and threw stones at Israeli police officers from inside the Mosque, injuring two.  The altercation reportedly broke out as the result of calls by the Islamist Movement (partly led by the Guardian’s favorite martyr Raed Salah) to create disturbances at the Mount. Salah, who has a history of antisemitic incitement which includes preaching to his followers that Jews use the blood of non-Jews to bake their “sabbath bread”, was recently arrested for incitement after he warned that Israel was going to torch the Al-Aqsa Mosque.  Salah’s latest attempt to provoke violence at the Mount was not reported by the Guardian.

(FILES)--Sheikh Raed Salah, the firebran

Raed Salah at the Temple Mount

As we’ve argued continually, noting the stories and incidents that the Guardian ignores or downplays is as important, in understanding their institutional bias, as it is to critically examine the stories they do report.

The paper’s coverage regarding the Temple Mount (and other holy sites) would lead the casual observer to not have the slightest clue about the steady stream of incitement spewing from Palestinian religious leaders, and believe that it is Jews – by merely demanding that their religious freedoms should not be abridged – who are the ones creating dangerous ‘provocations’.

Like so much of what passes for analysis at “the world’s leading liberal voice“, the impression created by their commentators and reporters about the root cause of tensions in the Holy Land represents the complete antithesis of reality.

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  1. Constant provocations by Palestinians stirring false media reports in the west during the talks, welcomed because deflecting from Syria
    And now to something ‘completely different’
    Russia – Iran – Assad – Iraq against Al Quada – Saudi-Aarbia – Turke y- Qatar
    Obama lost Egypt,
    we`ll see, what happens in Syria, and in Israel too, when the talks fail

    Iran looms ahead
    Is Germany double-crossing? It is not the first time German ties emerge in shady deals with Iran concerning atomic technology, and not to forget with Pakistan, too.

  2. The Guardian is indeed at fault for not also reporting Muslim violence and provocation. This the article reported correctly.

    However this site will not be able to effectively criticise “the world’s leading liberal voice“, whilst it does not mention the power imbalance that exists between the two peoples. Israel has a thousand responses at her command varying from careful argument to a super efficient military whereas the Palestinians have anger and stones from a Mosque.

    I make this point because the article itself mentions the word “institutional” albeit in a different context …but the author will well understand that the term means that for example whilst individual racism is bad …institutional racism is exponentially bad.

    It would have take a few words to mention this and the article would have been transformed into one that no Guardianista could assault.

    • Tohse dastardly Joos with all their power…. Such an imbalance! Because when folks speak of controlling America, they yell and scream about AIPAC while nary a mention regarding OPEC.

      Suck it, Jasshole. You’re a pathetic hate monger hack.

      • ” Those dastardly Joos with all their power ”

        I have often noted the prevalence of posts here that use American expressions in their attempt to imply anti Semitism towards Brits. You are attempting to denigrate a Brit paper. Nobody but nobody here uses such stupid language. In fact the only time I have ever heard such an expression is when it is used here sarcastically.

        Come back when you have a real argument . The Guardian is in some respects a dreadful paper. It openly supports war when it is the British army but condemns Israel.

        CIFWatch is a potentially valuable resource spoiled by the half wits who see anti-Semitism through every window.

        • Yes, Jasshole, I have heard from you uncouth it is that an American SOB such as myself dirty you with such lingo. But here’s the thing, Champ; and I’ve mentioned it before, so I’m not surprised, y’know, you repeated your wonder, but the term Tohse Joos is similar to Teh Joos which is Jewy, interwebz speak for Unoriginal Whiny Anti-Semitic Psycho Babble, which is what you do. Ergo, I do my Tohse Joos or Teh Joos when you do your Whiny Anti-Semitic Psycho Babble.

          I wrote that really slowly for you, Jasshole, so just sit for a while and let it soak in. YOU ARE A MORON. Okay?

          Toodles, Poodles.

    • Yes, if only those Palestinians had more weaponry just think how much peace we could have!
      Right now there’s terrible imbalance in this respect, being that giant goliath Israel lords all its weaponry over poor Palestine on that little island they share out in the middle of nowhere thousands of miles from the nearest belligerents.
      Let’s forget that in reality Israel is surrounded by enemies breathing down her throat with armies, air forces, and missiles, and would like to annihilate her if they only thought the odds were in their favor. There’s a jasper dystopia waiting for her over the rainbow.

  3. There is quite an imbalance, between the worship of Palestinian or Islamist terrorists as resistance fighters for only supposed social and economic goals (in reality fighting for superiority of their miserable view of reality) by the left liberal media from NYT to Al Guardian and the media agencies of the dictatorial regimes from Russia to Iran, supported by a lot of corrupt UN agencies and the antisemitic demonisation of Israel by those when defending itself against Palestinian, Arab and Islam terror.
    While Israel is constantly decried for alleged warcrimes crimes against humanity or against a non existent international law, the mythology of blood and soil is back, when it comes to a non existent Palestine, or critic of the USA ( remember “No blood for oil”?), pure terror, a warcrime, crime against humanity and internationally forbidden is featured as resistance.
    It is crazy, the left and the ‘humanist right activists’ from official churches to obscure NGOs are defending reactionary politics of religion and of blood and soil under the pretext of multiculturalism, relativism, individual and religious freedom, human rights, perverting their meaning, turning terrorists into fighters for socioeconomic equality ba depicting them as victims of socioeconomic structures believed to be inherently racist, islamophob, white, and so on.
    But the imbalance of capital and oil/gas between Israel and the oily world of Russia, Iran, Saudi-Arabia, Libya, Qatar, UN, OIC, Arab League, OPEC etc.pays off for these lunatics and anti-rationalists, averse of causalities, lovers of mythologies. Well, that payoff is something which also convinces liberals and conservatives, business and science alike, see Khaddaffy and die LSE scandal, the multiple cooperations of British and US-American universities with Oil/Gas universities of the Arab world.
    Orwellian times, Orwell who knew why he depicted the hate figure as Jew in his Brave New World. Here we are.

    • The imbalance between Israel and the Arab/Islam world is the decisive point why the interpretation in the Arab/Islam world of the continuing existence of Israel despite overwhelming Arab/Islam forces of land, resources, manpower, money, oil, influence, .. leads directly into antisemitic conspiracy fantasies. They are quite common in this world, daily rejuvenated in the mass media, `cause only something very powerful behind the scenes, the hidden hands can explain them their defeat by this tiny land, tiny minority of the world, after the experience colonialism and the fall of the Osman empire.
      Israel in an Islamistic interpretation is the prove for the existence of the devil on earth, it is denying the almightyness of allah and therefore has to be annihilated according to these metally deranged.
      The demonization of the victorious Israel under conditions set for its defeat is a consequence of the religious and man dominated view of the world, not coming to terms with realities. Israel became the amalgamated continuation of the judeophobic picture of the Jew as devil in Christianity and in Islam, the enemy of God/Allah and the antisemitic, albeit with pagan undertones, view of the Jew as Untermensch and Übermensch at the same time. Pagan in the sense of the animal god/ godlike animal.
      This is the main difference between racism and antisemitism, while antisemitism oscillates between good and evil, animal and god, racism only deals with animals, ‘untermenschen’ by categories, not devils and sets the racist as absolutly on the top of the pyramide.
      In the past the abstract term Jew with certain attributes was central for antisemitism and conspiracy, when emancipation religion and name changing of Jews turned them unidentifiably unlike in medieval and feudal societies, nowadays it is the empiric existence of the state of Jews, Israel, depicted with the same attributes

  4. … suggested that Jews who even visit such holy sites – prohibited for Jews when controlled by the Jordanians – was an act of extremism and an example of “the settler mentality”

    But Fraser said nothing of the kind.
    There’s enough in his article that deserves criticism without the need to distort the man’s words.

    • @ pretzelberg

      You wrote that ‘Fraser said nothing of the kind’, referring to “the settler mentality” quote. But he did! Here it is, from the concluding paragraph of his Guardian article.
      ‘But the settler mentality is now increasingly focusing on what is politically the most explosive site on the planet.’ (Giles Fraser)
      You owe Mr Levick a grovelling apology!

      • Nowhere did Fraser say – as claimed by Adam – that Jews visiting such holy sites is a) an act of extremism and b) an example of “the settler mentality”!

        I find it amazing that you bother to post the above comment. Is it your bias that perhaps blinds you – and the people supporting your comment – to the truth?