CiF Watch prompts Guardian correction: Evidently, Jews didn’t ‘storm the mosque’

On Sept. 22 we posted about a false and incredibly propagandistic photo caption at the Guardian in a Sept. 21 story titled Life in Palestine 20 years on from the Oslo accord – in pictures‘. Here’s the photo in question:

Here’s the original caption:

We contacted Guardian editors, pointing out that – in addition to their comical, extremist-inspired narrative that Jews had ‘stormed the mosque’ – Jews weren’t even at the mosque compound on the day in question because Yom Kippur was on Friday, the day every week the site is closed to non-Muslims. Additionally, we demonstrated that the Palestinians seen in the photo (in Gaza City) were actually protesting security restrictions imposed at the mosque compound which were unrelated to Yom Kippur.

They agreed to revise the text, and here’s how it now appears:


We’re thankful that Guardian editors belatedly (if only implicitly) acknowledged the fantastical nature of the claim that Jews were ‘storming the mosque’ “for Yom Kippur.” 

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  1. This is just embarrassing for them; are ‘volunteers’ writing their webpages? Are they seriously labelling Jewish worshippers ‘settlers’? What an out-of-context dig.

  2. How many more errors will we see before someone will be sacked?
    We want the name of the person researching those original captions because it is beyond belief!

    • It is a very interesting and useful site. A shame that it missed Rouhani specifically condemning the holocaust. I am sure that will be in tomorrow.

      In the words of Thatcher Rejoice Rejoice !

      • Did he now?
        For real?
        He said that every crimes against humanity and every murder should be condemned.
        And that’s from someone who was part of the government that carried out a bombing of civilians in Buenos Aires….
        That’s rich.

  3. This is absolutely shocking – the original caption. When you consider that the media in general bend over backwards to avoid any remark that could be construed as anti-Muslim or anti-Palestinian, even when the most outrageous acts are perpetrated; but here they have actually FABRICATED news that is anti-Israel! I am not Jewish but I am dismayed to see the awful attitude the media have toward Israel, and how this adds to the insidious anti-semitic attitudes displayed by some people in this country (England) that should know better. I will never, ever go on the Guardian web-site and certainly never buy the paper; it is an evil propaganda-pushing rag masquerading as an enlightened publication. It is infinitely worse than the juvenile pranks of the Sun, for instance, because nobody takes the Sun very seriously. People who read the Guardian, and who haven’t realised its true agenda, would trust captions such as this to be factual. It may be that they will get into severe trouble one day playing with fire as they do, I certainly hope so.

  4. This was exactly like the famous NYT picture of a Palestinian being beaten by Jews – except that it turned out that the “Palestinian” was a Jew, and the people doing the beating were Palestinians.

    Well done in catching this!

  5. Forgot to add a link:

    Tuvia Grossman is a Jewish American man who was wrongly identified as a Palestinian when the caption of an Associated Press photograph of an Israeli police officer defending him from a violent Arab mob, was publicized. The photograph, taken during the Second Intifada in 2000, publicized in The New York Times, The Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, and other newspaper publications worldwide, suggested that the Israeli police officer brutally beat a Palestinian recently.