Is the Guardian unmoved by the recent terror attack on a 9-year-old Israeli girl?

As most mainstream media news sites and wire services have reported, a 9-year-old girl named Noam Glick was shot Saturday night in Psagot – an Israeli town located north of Jerusalem, adjacent to Ramallah, al-Bireh, and Kokhav Ya’akov – in a likely Palestinian terror attack.

Noam had stumbled upon a man, believed to be a Palestinian terrorist, as he was about to break into her home. He shot her from a very close distance and then fled the scene. The girl was apparently saved because the bullet that hit her in the neck didn’t move two centimeters to the left or the right, her father, Yisrael Glick, told reporters.

According to her father’s account, per the Jerusalem Post

Around 9:20 p.m. on Saturday night Noam returned home from a Bnei Akiva event. She walked by her front yard, which was littered with bicycles and a tricycle. As she started to descend the outside back stairwell, she saw a figure on the bottom landing with a masked face and eyes that peered out into the darkness, her father said.

“At first it went through her head that maybe this was a guest, but then she understood that it was not,” Glick said.

Based on his daughter’s description, Glick said, the man saw Noam, stood a meter away, aimed his gun and fired three shots.

Noam later told her father, “Abba [father] he aimed a gun at me and then there were three [explosions], bomb, bomb, bomb.”

Then she yelled, “‘Save me!’ as loud as she could,” Glick said. He added that he believes her scream scared the man and caused him to flee.

IDF soldiers are still searching for the terrorist who they believe fled to the nearby Palestinian town of El Bireh.

Thus far, the Guardian has not devoted any coverage to the attack on Noam.

Their dearth of coverage regarding the attempted murder of a little Israeli girl stands in contrast to their coverage, in July, of a 5-year-old Palestinian boy who was briefly detained by Israeli troops after throwing rocks at cars near Hebron. Here’s a snapshot of the Guardian video report on the incident:


Guardian, July 12

The father of the Palestinian boy was briefly questioned and then the two were both released.

The Israeli girl remains hospitalized at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center following surgery which was performed on Saturday night. 


Noam Glick enters a Jerusalem hospital after being shot by a terrorist on Saturday night.

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  2. If the police do arrest the terrorist, rest assured that then The Guardian’s staff will leap into action deploring the brutal arrest of a gardener or baker or something of the sort.

  3. Needless to say the Guardian doesn’t report every individual casualty in Middle East conflicts; nor does any other news source.

    Another recent omission from Guardian reporting was the loss of an eye by 6 year old Mousab Sarahnin. He was getting off a bus with his mother outside Fawwar refugee camp near Hebron on 27 September when an Israeli rubber-coated steel bullet hit him in the face. He was referred to a specialist eye unit in East Jerusalem as a matter of urgency only to be detained at a checkpoint for 5 hours, subsequently losing his eye.

    • Quite surprising that Al Guardian missed that. Normally your Leibblatt, BNP-man, doesn`t miss a piece of shit on Israel`s street if a Palestinian treads into it.

    • Maybe the Guardian didn’t report this because even according their standard of truthfulness it is clearly pure and unadultered bullshit for suuplying only the needs of sencar like haters on websites like the EI.

  4. Psagot is not “an Israeli town located north of Jerusalem”, it’s a settlement built in the West Bank, in the territory of the State of Palestine, in violation of international law and it is considered illegal by the international community, USA included.

    This kind of misinformation helps explain why ‘CIW Watch’ bloggers could not get a job at a respectable, mainstream media outlet.

    • There is no such thing as the state of Palestine and there never has been. There is no violation of international law because international law is made between countries, not by the Guardian or libero-fascist bloggers. There is also no spokesman for the international community.

      What makes you think that CiFW are looking for jobs in the mainstream media? If any of us did, it would be for respectable media outlets, unlike the Groan and Biased Bullocks Confabulation.

    • “Psagot is not “an Israeli town located north of Jerusalem”, it’s a settlement built in the West Bank, in the territory of the State of Palestine, in violation of international law and it is considered illegal by the international community, USA included.”

      No such state has ever in history possessed that territory.