‘War On Want’ event hears calls for “an end to the Zionist project.”

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Jamal Juma, of Palestinian Stop the Wall Campaign.

On Thursday night 200 students crammed into Room G2 at SOAS (University of London – The School of Oriental and Asian Studies) where they heard a new phrase employed in order to accuse Israel; “apartheid ghettos“. “Apartheid ghettos” neatly combines the horrors of Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa. But this time, in sick role reversal, it’s Jews who are the Nazis (see photo above).

Meanwhile, Daniel Machover, a solicitor, called for “the destruction of the political system in Israel” and for “an end to the Zionist project“. All obvious code for the destruction of Israel, although he wouldn’t admit it.

This was all sponsored and organised by British charity War On Want, which, as has been well documented, is funded by Comic Relief. How ‘War On Want’ can still get away with wasting hard earned Comic Relief donations on hate campaigns where the ultimate objective is the destruction of a country, Israel, is beyond me.

Contender for chief hypocrite was Jeremy Moodey, Chief Executive of Embrace, a Christian development charity (formerly known as BibleLands), who worked as a banker for Rothschilds for 15 years. Moodey described how Rothschilds “financed many of the earliest settlements in Palestine in the early 1920s and 1930s”.

I asked him if he was a hypocrite for working for such a firm, but he claimed he only saw the light after he left. Here he is, along with Jamal Juma of Stop The Wall, addressing that Rothschilds point and my concerns about the panel’s desire to destroy Israel (Christian Friends of Israel may be interested in Moodey’s initial talk here):

Daniel Machover spoke about the recent Russell Tribunal held in South Africa. The Russell Tribunal is their charade where they put Israel on trial for alleged crimes and then, surprise surprise, the “jury” finds Israel “guilty”. In the tribunal in South Africa the “jury” found Israel “guilty” of fitting the legal definition of apartheid in the so-called occupied territories and in Israel itself.

Machover said countries must be persuaded to accept legal responsibility for this “apartheid” and called for sanctions and the severing of diplomatic relations with Israel. He said that although this would not be forthcoming through the UN due to the American veto the Palestinians should sign up to the Treaty of Rome and request that the situation of “apartheid” be subject to investigation by the prosecutor.

He urged that companies that “aid and abet Israeli war crimes” must be stopped. He alleged that waste company, Veolia, had lost business because public bodies can exclude a company from contracts if they are guilty of “gross misconduct”.

However, an embarrassed Machover admitted that his own council Brent is about to award Veolia a huge contract! Veolia has conducted a lot of business in Israel.

Rafeef Ziadah, a ‘War On Want’ employee, alleged that Israel boasts that the military equipment it exports is “field tested”, which means it is “tested on the bodies of Palestinians”.

Finally, it was time for Frank Barat, the comic relief. He said that he was still shaking from having drunk an extra strong coffee three hours earlier and he proudly announced the creation of the Palestine Legal Action Network.

PLAN will be working under the auspices of ‘War On Want’ concentrating on activism, legal actions and media work. Barat was very excited and went as far as to say that he loves War On Want.

From Israel’s point of view one couldn’t think of a better person than Barat to project manage PLAN. It was Barat, of course, who interviewed Norman Finkelstein about the Boycott Israel movement where Finkelstein called it, inter alia, “a dishonest cult” whose victories you can count on the fingers of two hands, if that. For some reason Barat then uploaded said interview onto the internet.

Observing PLAN with Barat in charge, therefore, should provide a lot of laughter.

In the chair for this nasty event was Brenna Bhandar, a SOAS law lecturer, who blogged about Fraser v UCU. And in the front row overlooking his minions was cult leader himself, John Hilary, executive director of ‘War On Want’.

Brenna Bhandar (Chair), Daniel Machover, Jamal Juma, Fafeef Ziadah, Frank Barat.

Brenna Bhandar (Chair), Daniel Machover, Jamal Juma, Jeremy Moodey, Rafeef Ziadah, Frank Barat.


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  1. Let’s not forget that SOAS has hosted both Shlomo Sands and Gilad Atzmon in one year. Three antisemitic events in one year, they really are trying very hard, pseudo-tribunals and all. Academia is more a full-blown nightmare for students outside the UK (which has a predictably imbalanced view) to be honest. Europe’s universities are gearing up for Round Two, sigh.

  2. By the way, can we all just agree that people like this who know nothing about the local context are prolonging any future conflict by instilling further divisions between people? Academic warmongering…

  3. I just checked to make sure and The University of London is a public university. They are in violation of law and need to be held accountable.

  4. Thanks for reminding us, Richard, of yet another charity which supports Palestinian terrorism.

    CiF Watch should publish a directory of those which do.

  5. Well going by their map they seem to be acknowledging that Jordan is the true ‘palestinian’ successor state for west bank arabs unable or unwilling to reside peacefully in the State of Israel.

  6. Any and all opposition to Israel again of any kind is doomed by the judgement of ADONAI wrath he has never changed His position concerning His oaths and covenants with Israel since Avra-ham, Itz-zak and Ya-ah-kov. I remind you it is written ” They that bless Israel will in turn be blessed likewise they that bring opposition or persecution upon Israel will be cursed saith ADONAI!”

        • Then, Gavriel Orvat, to whom I am commenting, I shall be less vague.

          Please do not write the euphemism we use in prayer for The Ineffable Name (which, like all euphemisms, has now acquired many of the characteristics of that which it euphemizes).

          I will now quote two places where you did so in your original post, but I will write “A***” instead of what you wrote.

          “…the judgement of A***…”


          “…will be cursed saith A***!”

          Instead you should have written “…the judgement of HaShem…” and “…will be cursed saith HaShem!”

          I hope that is now clear.

          Thank you.

          • Yes i see clearly what you are saying and agree with you , I humbly apologize forgive me and may Hashem do so as well. As an prophet and watchman I should have known better the Ruach hakodesh has stirred me to repentance on this matter.

  7. Are there any UK-based charities operating in the 3rd world (Amnesty, Oxfam, War on Want etc) that are not to be avoided like the plague because of their attitude towards Israel? And why doesn’t the Charities Commission investigate tem for breaching the no-politics rule?

    I know that when I was on the Executive Committee of my own Professional Association, registered as a charity, the Committee, under instructions from the then Chair of the Committee, refused to let a wholly-owned subsidiary state in a publication a pro-BDS view. Because of the charity rules.

    I suspect that the Chief Executive Officer had taken legal advice…which is more than these other charities do.

    So, who do I give my ‘good cause’ donations to, apart from Israeli ones, that is?

    • I’m sorry to sound cynical Brian, but it would seem that their anti-Israel politics don’t dissuade much support.

    • And why doesn’t the Charities Commission investigate tem for breaching the no-politics rule?


  8. “Moodey described how Rothschilds “financed many of the earliest settlements in Palestine in the early 1920s and 1930s”.”
    Settlements have been established over millennia. That includes Arab settlements which don’t seem to concern this group of losers.

    • Indeed. Moodey no doubt makes the assumption – for his audience – that financing Jewish settlements in Palestine was necessarily an evil thing.