Guardian quickly changes its mind, decides Israel is NOT ‘choking Gaza’

There are telltale signs when Harriet Sherwood doesn’t really want to cover a story.  A case in point is how the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent chose to cover news of the recently uncovered Gaza terror tunnel.  

Sherwood buried news of the 1.7 km long tunnel, recently uncovered by the IDF, in a passing reference (one sentence and an accompanying photo) in a 1200 word story about the economic woes in the strip due to Egypt’s recent clampdown on underground supply tunnels.  (And, naturally, Sherwood fails to connect the dots and doesn’t note that the tens of millions of dollars spent by Hamas to build the elaborate “resistance tunnel” could have been used to bolster their economy and improve vital infrastructure.) 

However, of greater note is the original title of Sherwood’s story – a report which overwhelmingly focuses on how Cairo has restricted the flow of goods into Gaza, and reduced the number of Palestinians allowed to enter into Egypt, while acknowledging that Israel has increased the number of permits granted to Palestinian exiting the strip, and has eased import restrictions.

Despite the fact that Egypt’s increased restrictions on Palestinians in Gaza is the focus of the story – in contrast with Israel’s eased restrictions – here is the original title per a cached page (before it was changed at the Guardian’s site).


The original title was classic Guardian, conveying an anti-Israel message not supported by the subsequent text.  Indeed, we were prepared to focus on the extraordinary misleading title (and complain to Guardian editors) when, roughly an hour later, editors revised it on their own, omitting the word “Israel.”

change after

Interestingly, there’s no acknowledgment of the revision as a footnote at the bottom of the article where they typically note such changes.

Whilst we’d naturally love to take credit for the improved wording in the headline, the revision was either prompted by another complainant, or by their own editors, perhaps realizing that the original claim couldn’t fairly be supported by the facts.   

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  1. No terror, no choking. But as long as Al Guardian and other at least moral corrupt mass medias of the west are supporting Arab/Islamist terror, eh, blood and soil-“resistance” against “the homeless people”, people there obviously prefer the status “choking”=”feeding by the world”, since sixty years.
    Sherwood is not a complete idiot, on the contrary,, as she gets paid for what she fabricates.

  2. This has to be the first time a G. article has properly emphasized the Egyptian role in the restrictions on Gaza – despite the original headline.

    They didn’t change the http name of the article, however. It still concludes with “gaza-chokes-israel-egypt-economic”!

  3. … the revision was either prompted by another complainant, or by their own editors, perhaps realizing that the original claim couldn’t fairly be supported by the facts.
    Yes of course…by their own editors… just a moment Adam, I can see a flying pig outside – I want to take a quick photo plus my real estate agent called from New York – The Dakota building is on sale for ten thousand bucks (cash strictly.)
    The Guardian editors in general and Harriett Sherwood in particular don’t give a tiny piece of Scweinsheisse about smearing Israel and spreading malevolent lies.

    • I assume they were responding to a complaint, and didn’t do it on their own, but you can’t dismiss other possibilities. Traif animals do, on occasion, appear to fly.

      • Traif animals do, on occasion, appear to fly.
        Yes there are many of them, flies, mantis, vultures etc. But pigs will fly only when the Guardian stops to publish outright antisemitic hate propaganda – ie never…