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Guardian Australia Edition fails to cover vicious antisemitic attack in Sydney (Update)

In May, the Guardian launched the media group’s third international digital edition, Guardian Australia, a venture – edited by Katharine Viner, co-creator of ‘My Name is Rachel Corrie‘ – which their editors characterized as an “endeavour to engage [readers] with up-to-the-moment reporting, investigations, commentary, blogging, in-depth analysis…chutzpah and fun.”

The Australian edition was further celebrated by the Guardian upon its launch as an effort to “cater [to] the 1.1million Australians who regularly read the Guardian’s global website”.


However, it seems difficult to reconcile their mission, to cater to all Australians, with their failure thus far to devote any coverage to the otherwise widely reported racist incident two days ago in Sydney in which five Jews were viciously beaten – an attack characterized as the worst incident of anti-Semitic violence” in the city in many years.

Jewish victim of Friday's antisemitic attack in Sydney

Victim of Friday’s antisemitic attack in Sydney

In addition to reports of the incident in the mainstream media abroad, major Australian dailies have also given prominent coverage to the attack, which occurred after a mob of eight teens taunted the group of kippah-wearing Jews with racist abuse as they were walking home from Shabbat dinner. Four of the victims were reportedly hospitalized, with injuries that included a concussion and a fractured cheekbone. 

Two 17-year-olds and a 23-year-old were arrested at the scene, but the rest of the alleged attackers managed to escape.

Interestingly, the Guardian Australia has, however, managed to devote space to other pressing stories out of Sydney since Friday:


Of course, such selective reporting isn’t anything new at the Guardian. As we reported at the time, in 2012 the Guardian bent over backwards to avoid characterizing the murder, by a French-Algerian Islamist, of four Jews (including three children) at a school in Toulouse as antisemitic in nature, and even managed to publish two editorials on the attack without mentioning that the victims were Jewish.

As we’ve argued previously, the stories the Guardian seriously downplays or even, as in the antisemitic attack in Sydney, avoids covering altogether, speaks volumes about their skewed, far-left ideology.

(Update: On Monday morning, Oct. 28, the Guardian finally covered the antisemitic attack in Sydney, here and here.)

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  1. This is an own goal by the Guardian and a missed opportunity to try to regain some support amongst Jews . Well spotted. Cowardly b*****s. ( the attackers)


    “the Guardian bent over backwards to avoid characterizing the murder, at a school in Toulouse as antisemitic in nature, ”

    To be fair the French Police Chief in Toulouse specifically stated that right wingers were responsible . The article is trying to link the two and would have been stronger if it had not done this.

    I repeat though what a bunch of cowardly bs.

    • Sorry, but i couldn`t resist.

      “The veteran Labor politician reportedly said during a debate in the British parliament last week that the greatest obstacles to peace between Israel and the Palestinians and her Arab neighbors are the “unlimited” funds available to Jewish organizations and AIPAC in the US, as well as Germany’s “obsession” with defending Israel.”

      “Straw, who is Christian and whose maternal grandmother’s father was Jewish ..”

      “Straw, who has noted that his Blackburn constituency has some 25,000 Muslim residents and 23 mosques, has made anti-Israel comments in the past. In June, on a BBC radio program, he declared that Israel “has no territorial ambitions apart from stealing the land of the Palestinians.” ”

      Not remotely – `cause of his grandma`s father? Why bringing that up? There are alot of well known idiots, bigots, antizionists and antisemites of Jewish Background, so what?

      Antizionism according to Woody Allen

      • The fact Jack Straw cited AIPAC as a reason to promote the Palestinian cause of, y’know, killing Jews with reason, is further proof that AIPAC had long ago reached buzzword peak of hate mongering dipshittery amongst debaters of the Middle East conflict.

        In other words, Jack Straw makes himself sound like David Duke, the KKKraziest KKKat of them all.

  2. You would expect this to be covered when a ministers is speaking against it.

    Though I wouldn’t take the suspect teenage arsonist’s arrest lightly i really believe there’s a place for the attack in a liberal paper!

  3. The omission is particularly revealing, because on 25th October, Cif published an article entitled “Why does the world think Australia is racist?”, about an Australian teenage girl who held a black-themed party.

    In Guardian-land, a violent racist attack against Jews is much less worthy of reporting than a tasteless party that offended some black people.

    There can be no doubt about the Guardian these days. It has become an intolerably anti-Jewish newspaper, and part of their policy is to minimize incidents of anti-semitism.

    • The Guardian has covered the attack in Australia in several reports.

      In Guardian-land, a violent racist attack against Jews is much less worthy of reporting than a tasteless party that offended some black people.

      Simply not true.

      It has become an intolerably anti-Jewish newspaper

      Hysterical nonsense.

  4. And while the G will not show how Aussie Jews are attacked unprovoked, maybe they will show how Jews safe guard Arabs from Syria while their own kill them.,7340,L-4446122,00.html

    And at the same time I’d like to say well done to Sergent Maayan from Kibbutz Tzuba!
    God bless for saving lives, and being a great soldier as well in a dangerous area.

  5. Amendment
    “This is evidence of growing anti-Semitism in Sydney, which is not limited to brutal physical assaults allegedly committed by morons. A crude loathing of Jews and Israel is also obvious in protests against the Max Brenner chain of chocolate shops, which is Jewish-owned.

    Protesters claim that they are motivated only by the chain’s support for the Israeli army, but a vile streak of pure Jew-hate emerges in their online comments. This reached a shocking level earlier this year when the Max Brenner chain announced plans for a store on the University of New South Wales campus.

    Things got so bad that the university felt moved to condemn “the virulent anti-Semitic comments made on social media” in relation to the store. “We are sure the University’s student body is also horrified and offended by such statements.”

    I wouldn’t be so certain. Young, supposedly educated student activists seem remarkably prone to opposing Israel, and this opposition can quickly dissolve into conspiracy theories and general dumb hostility. It isn’t a big leap from describing the entire Jewish nation as a “rogue state”, as Tanya Plibersek once put it, to slurring the entire Jewish people. “