Guardian images highlight freed terrorist; ignores Holocaust survivor he murdered

After the first round of 26 Palestinian pre-Oslo prisoners were released by Israel in August, as a concession to renew peace talks, the Guardian published three celebratory photosin their Picture Desk Live series, all showing the prisoners being reunited with their families. The captions used for the photos all failed to even mention the Israeli victims of the crimes committed by the freed Palestinians.

Now, as Israel begins the painful process of releasing the second group of 26 pre-Oslo prisoners, the Guardian’s coverage continues to highlight the released terrorists while all but ignoring their victims.

Today’s edition of the Guardian’s Picture Desk Live includes the following:


The Guardian also added a video of Palestinians celebrating the prisoner release (to accompany an AP story they published today) that included an image of what appears to be the same man in the photo above.


Though both the caption and video failed to identify the freed Palestinian, other sites indicate that he is Shabbir Hazam (aka, Shabir Kassam Taher Hazam). Shabbir Hazam, born in 1974, was a member of Fatah and a resident of Gaza who was arrested in 1994 and sentenced to life imprisonment for (along with an accomplice) murdering a work colleague – Isaac Rotenberg from Holon – with an axe.

Here is a photo of Rotenberg:


Isaac Rotenberg

As we’ve noted previously Isaac Rotenberg, born in Poland, was a Holocaust survivor.  Most of his family was murdered in the Sobibor death camp, but Isaac managed to escape and joined the partisans. After the war he tried to make his way to mandate Palestine, but was interred by the British and sent to a detention camp in Cyprus until 1947. After his release Isaac arrived in pre-state Israel and fought in the War of Independence. He continued his work as a plasterer even after pension age and in March 1994 was at his place of work in Petah Tikva when he was attacked by Shabbir Hazam (and another Palestinian worker) with an axe.

He died, aged 67, two days later.

Whilst the Guardian’s coverage of the prisoner release continues to highlight the joy of the freed terrorist and their families, the Jews (and Palestinian ‘collaborators’) they murdered continue to largely remain nameless and faceless.

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    • “where many view the men as terrorists who killed Israelis.” Such mealy mouthed, mean-spirited words. Do they mean by that to call into question the objectivity of the Israeli justice system (a system which enables a panel of judges including an Arab judge to convict a President)? To suggest that these murders did not happen? Or to suggest that the deliberate murder of Israelis by non-nationals is somehow NOT terrorism?

      They ought to explain which.

    • That same article includes the following gem of a paragraph:

      “Hazem Shubair, who was jailed in 1994 for the death of an Israeli, according to the Israeli Prison Service, was overwhelmed upon his release to Gaza. “I am speechless,” he said. “Thanks to God. God is greater than the aggressors.” Earlier his brother Tayser called Hazem a “freedom fighter”.

      So he was jailed “for the death of an Israeli” (translation: he hacked to death an eldery man who had surviced the death camps) “according to the IPS” (translation – perhaps he was REALLY imprisoned for his political beliefs?). He was called by his brother a “freedom fighter”. I may be wrong, but to me a freedom fighter is someone who bravely stands up to an oppressor. I am not sure I can agree that this term is apt for a man who toojk an axe to the body of a 74-year-old work colleague.


      • Further: “God is greater than the aggressors”. Just who is the aggressor here? The 74-year-old plasterer and Holocaust survivor? The man who hacked him to death simply because he was a Jew? Or the state that tried him in open and independent court and convicted him to a long term of prison as punishment for that crime?

        I know which of those I would call the agressor, and it isn’t the first or the third!

        • “God is greater than the aggressors.” This statement really says it all about this brainwashed axe murderer. Men who talk this way and act on it simply shouldn’t be walking around free.

  1. He is obviously in very good physical condition too, thanks to Israeli prison-life. I know the same cannot be said of his victim who survived the Nazis, only to be brutally murdered in his homeland.

  2. Antisemitism is everywhere in the mass media – Sometimes it is relatively subtle… – How The Economist [British magazine] Attacks the Jews, by Francisco Gil-White, June 3, 2006

    ” There is of course a great deal of blatant antisemitism in the mass media. But it is also good to be aware of the subtle ways in which antisemitism is pushed by the major media outlets. Why? Because, once it dawns on you how carefully antisemitism is inserted into the smallest details, you will realize that it is everywhere, and that it is there by design.

    “What you see to the right is a recent example of ‘News Summaries’ that the well-known British magazine The Economist regularly sends out.

    “In this news summary, The Economist writes:

    ” ‘Violence flared on Israel’s borders. Israel and the Lebanese militia, Hizbullah, fought their fiercest border duel for years. And Israel sent special forces back into the Gaza Strip to kill Palestinians firing rockets into southern Israel.’

    “What is the problem with what The Economist writes? Everything. …”

    The modern “Protocols of Zion” – How the mass media now promotes the same lies that caused the death of more than 5 million Jews in WWII, by Francisco Gil-White

    Anti-Semitism 2.0, by Mudar Zahran

    “The concept of the ‘evil Jew’ has made a well-disguised comeback: Criticizing Israel and Zionists, is now deemed a legitimate option to cursing Jews and Judaism. Not only is it open, socially acceptable and legal, but it can actually bring prosperity and popularity. This new form of anti-Semitism 2.0 is well-covered-up, harder to trace and poses a much deeper danger to the modern way of life of the civilized world than the earlier crude form of it, as it slowly and gradually works on delegitimizing Jews to the point where it eventually becomes acceptable to target Jews, first verbally, then physically — all done in a cosmopolitan style where the anti-Semites are well-groomed speakers and headline writers in jackets and ties; and not just Arab, but American and European, from ‘sanitized’ news coverage of the most bloodthirsty radicals, to charges against Israel in which facts are distorted, selectively omitted or simply untrue, as in former President Jimmy Carter’s book on Israel.

    Why would a Palestinian[*] be writing this? The answer is simple: …”

    Note: * “Palestinian”: ‘Palestinian’ Arab

  3. The convergence of the racially motivated cold-blooded murder of Isaac Rotenberg with the barbarism of Nazi crimes that devoured the rest of his family in Europe is lost on the Guardian and Britain’s liberal intelligentsia.

    Playing down, excusing or just simply ignoring the former is an indictment against those progressive minds who do not see the present as a development of the past, and are themselves a product of the moral black hole that lies at the heart of a continent that brought us the Holocaust.

    In other words, for Rudsbridger and co. the murder of defenceless Jews in the name of a brighter future is something to empathise with rather than condemn, and where appropriate, join in the celebrations.