Sounds Israeli: Tom Jones – Delilah – Tel Aviv – BDS Fail

Tom Jones shrugged off an especially anemic BDS campaign, and performed in front of a packed house at the Nokia Stadium in Tel Aviv last Saturday, fifteen years after his last show in the Jewish state.

Here’s the ‘Welsh wizard’ performing his hit, Delilah. 

Just for fun, here’s the original recording of his song in 1968:


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    • Jeff the best way to answer your question is with a verse from a poem.

      “To be born in Wales,
      Not with a silver spoon in your mouth,
      But, with music in your blood
      And with poetry in your soul,
      Is a privilege indeed.”

  1. He’s amazing. His voice has hardly changed over 4+ decades. If anything, he’s improved with age. I just find it amusing that Tom Jones looks more like a little Rebbe with his white beard than an elegantly ageing pop star. 🙂

  2. Good for Tom Jones.

    The Creative Community for Peace is a group of creative artists and their fans.who support artists being bullied and threatened by the BDS, and expose BDS disinformation. They are doing a great job.

    Let’s hope that more and more performing artists refuse to be intimidated by this spiteful little neo-fascist gang of Israel-haters.

  3. I wasn’t a huge Tom Jones fan when I was younger, but I really admire him now. And yes, I agree with all the comments above–he can still sing!