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Guess who endorsed Max Blumenthal’s ‘I hate Israel handbook’?

‘Goliath’, the new anti-Zionist book written by Max Blumenthal – a Mondoweiss blogger who wants the Jewish state to disappear – is replete with odious chapter headings such as “The Concentration Camp” and “How to Kill Goyim and Influence People”, and was recently attacked by (among other writers) leftist commentator, and frequent Israel critic, Eric Alterman. (Both Blumenthal and Alterman contribute to The Nation, which published ‘Goliath’.)

Alterman condemned the book in a review for The Nation titled ‘The I hate Israel handbook’ for “analogizing of the behavior of Israeli Jews to that of the war criminals who led Nazi Germany”, and wrote the following:

It is no exaggeration to say that this book could have been published by the Hamas Book-of-the-Month Club (if it existed) without a single word change once it’s translated into Arabic. (Though to be fair, Blumenthal should probably add some anti-female, anti-gay arguments for that.) Goliath is a propaganda tract, not an argument as it does not even consider alternative explanations for the anti-Israel conclusions it reaches on every page. Its implicit equation of Israel with Nazis is also particularly distasteful to any fair-minded individual. 

Not surprisingly, Antony Loewenstein, an Australian ‘Comment is Free’ contributor who similarly opposes the Jewish state’s existence, has promoted Blumenthal’s book on his personal blog, and recently wrote the following in a ‘CiF’ piece titled ‘To support the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is not antisemitic‘, Nov. 7:

Also absent from the debate is the reason BDS exists. It is growing due to a complete lack of faith in US-led peace talks. American journalist Max Blumenthal recently published a book, Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel, which shows in forensic detail the reality of the Israeli mainstream’s embrace blatant racism against Arabs and Africans.

But, that’s not all.

If you go to and use the digital ‘Look Inside‘ feature, you can see the endorsements on the back of the actual print edition – which includes one by the Guardian’s former Middle East correspondent David Hirst, and another by a “journalist” we’ve commented about quite often:


It’s of course not surprising that the former Guardian columnist – whose history of engaging in antisemitic tropes is well-documented – endorsed a book by such a hateful anti-Zionist.  However, in light of Greenwald’s star status within a segment of the progressive media, it’s important to continue documenting his propensity to sympathize with commentators who characterize Jews and the Jewish state in a manner indistinguishable from the rhetoric of decidedly illiberal extremists.   

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  1. Not in the least surprising coming from a so-called “journalist” who once used his “column” (use those terms in the loosest way possible) to attack Israel by linking to a terrorist propaganda video. He did it without doing the slightest bit of research to see if the video was what it purported to be. And It wasn’t of course. To add insult to injury, he never issued a retraction, as real journalists are supposed to do. For more on this exercise in knee-jerk anti-semitism (oh hell, self loathing), I strongly recommend A. Jay Adler’s very insightful piece, “Vice of the Extremes.”

    • Akiva Eldar is still influential within Haaretz.

      Expect perhaps even worse “made in Israel” antisemitism from this diseased organ.

      • Yep.
        It’s just that between our “Nazi-like ideology” and “murderess nature”, you would think he is at least rotting in a secret jail somewhere under Givat –Shmuel…

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    Ignore this book and read Malcolm Gladwell’s new book “David and Goliath” it will give you hope for the future. It will also hopefully inspire you to stand up for what you believe in, that should be everyone’s goal.

  3. Another of this gang, obviously they already infiltrated organisations and institutions of remembrance

    Wolfgang Benz, longtime, but now retired head of the so called Center for Research on Antisemitism (ZfA) at Technical University in Berlin, published and supported studies about Islamophobia, equating it to anti-Semitism, but regularly denied Muslim Antisemitism, rejected the definitions of the New Antisemitism and was apologetic about anti-zionism.
    Well, you couldn`t find a better man for such a position in Germany, could you?

  4. Me thinks thou dost protest too much. Why all these vehement denials about Blumenthal’s work and these ad hominem attacks? They suggest that Blumenthal is revealing an ugly reality of racism, ethnic cleansing, and brutality that lots of people do not want to acknowledge because it conflicts with their fantasy notion of Israel. They suggest that these are facts that lots of people just don’t want to face because it goes contrary to what they want to believe about Israel. Face up to the reality and deal with it. Denial is for cowards and only perpetuates problems.

    • “Why all these vehement denials about Blumenthal’s work and these ad hominem attacks? They suggest that Blumenthal is ….”

      That may be what they ‘suggest’ to you Matto, but have you considered that it could also be anger and frustration that distortions and lies have been put into print?

      Of course it could be that Blumenthal’s work does not ‘suggest’ anything to you but confirms your distorted beliefs, and that is why you have galloped in to defend his book.
      In which case be careful you don’t fall into your own horseshit on the way out.

      • Resorting to ad hominem attacks demonstrates an inability to refute the facts, an attempt to distract from the real issues because they are unpleasant and inconvenient to acknowledge. You call Blumenthal’s book distortions and lies. Prove it. Go to the places and observe and investigate honestly the people and issues he investigated in Israel/Palestine and prove your allegations, instead of spewing slander and the same old pathetic denial in the face of overwhelming facts.

        • Matto clearly you believe the contents of Blumenthal’s book.

          You suggest “Go to the places and observe and investigate honestly the people and issues he investigated in Israel/Palestine…”

          What is your evidence that this is what he did?
          Or Matto are you just confirming that the contents of Blumenthal’s book must be true because they support your own view?

          • What is your evidence that he didn’t? Are you gonna impute some motives to Blumenthal for creating “this work of fiction”? Are you gonna call him a self-loathing Jew like supporters of Israel always do to Jews who have the integrity and courage to disagree with the official positions of the American Jewish establishment and the Israeli state regarding the brutal treatment of the Palestinians? You are starting from the position of deny, deny, deny. “This is information that does not conform to the notion of Israel that I like, so deny, deny, deny.” I invite you to have an open mind and get beyond the emotional ties and manipulation vis a vis Israel and look at historical and contemporary facts, which include continued dispossession of people from their lands, that is to say ethnic cleansing. Many people support the further ethnic cleansing of Palestine– note all the Jewish colonies and colonists in the West Bank and Jerusalem. If that is your position, then just come out and say you support ethnic cleansing and the removal of Palestinians from Palestine. We would disagree, but at least I would be able to respect your honesty.

            • Are you gonna call him a self-loathing Jew like supporters of Israel always do to Jews who have the integrity and courage to disagree with the official positions of the American Jewish establishment and the Israeli state regarding the brutal treatment of the Palestinians?

              In which parallel universe is this then?

            • Matto so your answer to my question “What is your evidence that this is what he did?”
              Is that you don’t have any.
              I thought not.

            • “Are you gonna impute some motives to Blumenthal for creating “this work of fiction”?”
              His motives are well-known. Good scholarship is not among them.

        • “Resorting to ad hominem attacks demonstrates an inability to refute the facts”
          You haven’t presented any.

          “an attempt to distract from the real issues because they are unpleasant and inconvenient to acknowledge. ”
          Great description of anti-Zionism.

          • The unpleasant and inconvenient facts which Israel-supporters wish to ignore and deny are the historical dispossession of the native inhabitants of their lands, the violence perpetrated upon these people by the zionists who have coveted the land of the native people, violence which was necessary to dispossess these people of their lands as they did not want to be “relocated” to use the propagandistic term for ethnic cleansing, and the continuing subjugation and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and now Bedouins from the lands they have been living on since before the existence of Israel. These are all results and policies of the zionist enterprise. You see, the founding slogan of “Land without people for a people without land” was a lie. There were people on the land. Leave behind the denial and stop clinging to propagandistic and fantasy histories regarding the establishment of Israel, and acknowledge it, acknowledge the many crimes committed against them, and seek justice and atonement.

            • ““relocated” to use the propagandistic term for ethnic cleansing,”

              That’s an “interesting” claim to make in a paragraph that is entirely an exercise in propaganda.

    • “Denial is for cowards and only perpetuates problems.”

      Dear me, you sound just like a medieval pursuivant, witch-hunter or Inquisitor or a McCarthyist. “No matter whether you are in fact guilty of the appalling calumnies written about you, you have been accused, so you may as well fess up or it’ll go the worse for you, my boy!

      • I see, so the best you can do is call him a liar with no evidence to the contrary and take refugee in denial so that you can cling to your version of events in Israel and Palestine and deny your support of racist ethnic cleansing and brutal subjugation. Same old same old. People deny the Holocaust. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

        • Matto do you realise what you have written?
          “..the best you can do is call him a liar with no evidence to the contrary..”

          If you dispute that he is a liar it is for you to provide ‘evidence to the contrary’.

          But as we can see, when you are asked for evidence you fail to do so.
          You just rehash pre-set pieces from the same old ‘hymn sheet’ we have seen so many times before.
          Oh dear the ‘Mattobot’ is in need of upgrading.

          • Gerald, you can continue on denying the brutality perpetrated by Israel on others, you can deny the racism, you can deny the apartheid system and the “Jews Only” roads in the Palestinian territories, you can deny Israel killing Palestinian children with white phosphorous, you can deny Israel systematically throwing Palestinian women and children out of their homes and demolishing them, you can deny that 500 Palestinan villages were destroyed to ethnically cleanse the land, you can deny the recent racist actions by the Knesset to ethnically cleanse the Bedouins from their ancestral lands to give that land to Jews, you can deny Israel’s attempt so prohibit discussion and commemoration the Nakba, and you can delude yourself into thinking that you are not supporting racist policies of ethnic cleansing, subjugation, and brutality. And maybe you will actually believe it. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening and that you are not complicit. Just like denying the Holocaust doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The questions for you to consider deeply are: do you realize you are supporting ethnic cleansing and are you comfortable with that? and are you comfortable with your role as modern-day-holocaust denier?

            • Mattobot you have just proved my point about your re-hashing the same old point instead of answering questions put to you, or providing any evidence to support your claims.

              Feel free to come back when you have something new to say, or when they have changed your pre-programmed script.

              • I think Goebbels is begrudgingly admiring the effectiveness of the Israeli propaganda machine from the grave. You guys are good and persistent with your denials and alternative histories, and you’ve managed to repeat the lies so often that you’ve got lots of people believing them. But in the end, Gerald, you are supporting ethnic cleansing and apartheid. If you’re happy doing that, well then I guess you will continue to do that. If you get satisfaction from removing Palestians from their homes and lands, if you enjoy putting Bedouins in concentration camps, then I guess you are gonna keep on supporting those actions through continued spewing of propaganda, lies, and denial. That’s your choice, Gerald, but remember, in another time or another place, future or past, it could be you and your family getting ethnically cleansed and brutally treated because you belong to a group that the ethnic cleansers want to do away with. I am done with this discussion as you are too invested in denial, have swallowed too much of the propaganda, and cling too much to a false notion of Israel for this conversation to be fruitful. Nonetheless, I wish you enlightenment and courage to confront the facts, and courage to then work for justice.

                • Bedouins in concentration camps? Ethnic cleansing of Palestinians?! matto are you sure that the nurse took your temperature this evening correctly?! But keep up posting please, it is always very amusing to read the delusional screaming of a halfwit Jew-hater masquerading as a human rights advocate…

                • Aaah Mattobot as I read your comedy script,
                  “Gerald, but remember, in another time or another place, future or past, it could be you and your family getting ethnically cleansed and brutally treated because you belong to a group that the ethnic cleansers want to do away with..”

                  I could hear Vera Lynn in the background singing “We’ll Meet Again”

            • It is Israeli only roads which make your statement about aparthide a lie . Because it is arabs and Jews Israelis
              Bedouine are not being ethnicly cleansed. They can;t prove in court that they have any legal claime to the land. they are being relocated in the Negev. They will be compensate by land or money. There will be investment to develop infrastructure in Bedouin localities. So all your lies will not hide the fact that they are only lies the same way this book is . Lying.

              • They will be “relocated.” Germans “relocated” lots of people in Europe in the 1930’s and 40’s. The people the Germans “relocated” didn’t want to be “relocated.” In South Africa, the whites “relocated” lots of black people who didn’t want to be “relocated.” The Bedouin do not want to be “relocated,” but the Israelis are going to “relocate” them? Why? To take their land and give it to Jewish people– a fundamentally racist enterprise– to cleanse the area of that ethnicity, those pesky non-Jews. The Bedouin have been there since before the existence of Israel, and you say they have no “legal” claim to their land. The people who are stealing their lands are the people who decide what is legal. This is ethnic cleansing, only dressed up with such language as “relocate” and “compensate” and “infrastructure improvements” and a rigged court system to make it sound pretty, to make it sound like they are doing the Bedouin, whose land they are stealing, a favor, to convince people that it is not ethnic cleansing. It appears to have worked with you and you seem to really believe it is not ethnic cleansing. It is. So there you have it, ethnic cleansing, though they give it a different name, is official policy of the State of Israel.

                • The land are not Bedouine lands. They are state lands that the Bedouine are stealing. Someone saying it is his land is not enough you need to provide proof so far they didn’t, as many courts desicions showed. Bedouine are going to be relocate in the same area they are living now. not in a different area.

                  • Those who steal the land make the rules about what is legal or not. In Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s, the Nazi government made laws that made it “legal” to “relocate” Jews, Roma, and others and to dispossess them of their property. It was all legal, just like it is “legal” for the Israeli government to destroy families’ homes, destroy orchards, and steal land from people, and it’s all “legal.” In South Africa it was legal to “relocate” black people into bantustands. It is “legal” for the Israeli government to concentrate Palestinians into camps. Such “legality” is a sham, and is merely an attempt to legitimize the injustice and brutality being perpetrated, and to provide the supporters of the regime a justification and a way to assuage their guilt, so that they can say “our ethnic cleansing is legal!”

            • “you can continue on denying the brutality perpetrated by Israel on others, you can deny the racism, you can deny the apartheid system”
              The whole effort of you and your peers, I must tell you, is a denial of the brutality and savagery perpetrated on Israel and the Jews by Arabs, especially Palestinian Arabs for the past 100 years and more. Among your tools of denial are such fictitious items as “Israeli Apartheid,” “Jews Only roads,” white phosphorous “bombs” that don’t exist, etc. When are you going to own up to the savagery, brutality and outright visceral anti-Semitism which motivates and animates the groups you support?

              • Well-known denier strategy: ignore the tremendous inequality of the violence perpetrated– thousands of Palestinians killed and maimed by Israeli state forces and colonists. Thousands of homes of Palestinian families destroyed by the Israel state, thousands of acres of Palestinian land “confiscated” (Israeli propagandistic term for stolen by the state) from Palestinians by the Israeli state to be given to Jews. Let’s see, in Operation Cast Lead, the Israelis killed 1400 Palestinian children, women, and men. How many Israelis were killed? Thirteen, four of whom were soldiers killed by Israeli soldiers. How many Israeli homes and have been destroyed by the Palestinan state? How many Israeli families have watched on as bulldozers operated by the Palestinian state destroy their homes? How many acres of land from Jews have been confiscated by Palestinians? So you can play the victim card- a very common approach among Israel supporters– but it’s bullshit.

                You are so invested in the idea of Israelis being victims and blinded by it that you put forward these absurd arguments, and you seem to really believe it.

                Your second strategy, to call someone who opposes policies of the Israeli state an anti-semite, is old, tired, profoundly unoriginal, and doesn’t work. Get it through your head: A great deal of opposition to the Israeli state is due to its racist policies of ethnic cleansing and subjugation of people. Perhaps this will help you understand: Opposition across the world to the apartheid regime of South Africa, with which the Israeli state collaborated closely, was not due to the fact that the perpetrators of apartheid were white, but rather because of the cruelty and injustice they inflicted on others, blacks and other non-whites. In Israel/Palestine, opposition across the world to the Israeli regime is because of the cruelty and injustice they inflict on others, primarily the Palestinians, not because they are Jews. Get it? So, if you want to go on perceiving of yourself as the poor victim, etc., well I guess you will if it fits into your fantasy narrative of the Israelis being the good guys with white hats, and it helps assuage your guilt for the ethnic cleansing and subjugation of others which you support, but it doesn’t change the facts of the racist and brutal policies you support and your complicity in those crimes.

              • It’s hard to call reclaiming land stolen form you as “stealing”, but then, I suppose that’s in the eye of the beholde. It’s a fact that the Ottomans colonized and occupied both the Maghreb and the Levant over a period of a hanful of centuries, extracting tribute from their subject states and repressing local sovereignty. A quite fitting comparison with the modern state of Israel. I’m glad you brought it up. Israel hardly “stopped” “theft” by Arabs, but rather continued the exploitation of a relatively indigent native population.

                I don’t like the format of this website, which seems to turn argument into a popularity contest, and it is easy to see which point of view is “popular” here. That’s slightly bothersome.

    • “Me thinks thou dost protest too much.”

      Tell me, oh master Matto, just how much protestation of innocence is permitted to us pesky Jews? Or is freedom of speech only available to those who allege guilt?

      • There is plenty of freedom of speech, and the propagandists who support Israel take full advantage of every opportunity to put forward their versions about the dispossession of the Palestinians of their lands and denials of the brutality of the racist occupation (the propagandists even have their ways to explain away the Jews Only roads in the occupied West Bank as not being part of an apartheid system), as in this forum. So, to answer your question, you are permitted all the protestation of innocence you want, but it doesn’t mean the crimes and brutality and dispossession of land held by Palestinians and now Bedouins– the most recent target of racist removal from ancestral lands by the Israeli state– are not continuing. A protestation of innocence is not the same as innocence. But as the propagandists know, and the Third Reich propagandists knew this too, if you repeat lies enough, people begin to believe them. So many Jewish brothers and sisters have swallowed the propaganda hook, line, and sinker, that they believe it. Then when people offer perspectives that do not conform to their propagandistic versions of Israel and Palestine, if they are Jews, they get called self-loathing. If they are not Jews, they get called anti-semitic. Again, part of the propaganda strategy– attack those who disagree with the “official” propagandistic version of Israel and the territories it brutally occupies. I wish you the courage to investigate these matters honestly, to confront the truth, and do something about the brutality that the Israeli state is perpetrating on so many human beings. Good luck to you!

        • again Israeli only roads arab and jews. Bedoine are being relocated in the Negev. Ethicly cleansing them would mean sending them to sanai where they came from . it wasn;t their ancestor land they havn;t lived in the negev for tousands of years.
          There is a difference between criticzing Israel and lying about it to make it look bad. YOu are not criticizing you the same as the Blumenthal’s book are a haters becuase you lie about Israel.

          • Ethnically cleanse means remove people of an ethnicity from an area. That is what Israel is doing to the Bedouins. They don’t have to have lived there thousands of years for their removal to be ethnic cleansing, nor do they have to be “relocated” to the Sanai for it to be ethnic cleansing. You have very strange ideas about what constitutes ethnic cleansing. It is a fundamentally racist enterprise, being perpetrated by the Israeli state. It takes people’s lands away from them, disrupts lives, destroys communities, destroys cultures. Gee, I wonder if destroying cultures indigenous to Israel/Palestine is one of the aims of Israel’s ethnic cleansing….

              • Or when families were relocated due to the TVA flooding areas to create electricity in America in the 1930’s. Is that also “ethnic cleansing?” Or are you just another obsessed Israel hater? (I think we know the answer.)

                • I see you have a lot invested in the idea of victimhood and that if anyone who disagrees with you must be an anti-semite. If that’s what you need to assuage your guilt for supporting ethnic cleansing and subjugation, well I guess you are gonna keep on playing the victim and the race card. Your comparison to the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from their lands because Jewish people covet them, to the removal of people from the Tennesse Valley to make way for a reservoir indicates your desperation and an emotional investment in the fantasy notion of Israel that does not allow you to see straight. No, it was not ethnic cleansing because the people weren’t removed by the TVA because they belonged to the wrong race/ethnicity/group. In Israel/Palestine people from one ethnicity are removed from land because people from the other ethnicity covet their land and resources. We have made progress! Now you understand that Israel is engaged in ethnic cleansing, a racist endeavor. You must now decide if you are going to be complicit in those crimes. People had to make those decision in Europe in the 1930’s and 40s when there was lots of ethnic cleansing going on there.

                • “I see you have a lot invested in the idea of victimhood”

                  Au contraire! One need only to peruse through YOUR posts on this thread to find a case study in projection.

              • Point is these people do not want to be relocated from the lands they have occupied for generations, since before the state of Israel existed. So to say it is state land, well that’s the justification for stealing anybody’s land, because the state and just go around and say this, “This farm of yours that your family has farmed for two hundred years, it is on state land. It’s not yours. You must leave.” And the authorities wave papers of a court decision to make it seem legitimate, and they send in the storm troopers to evict the family, demolish the house, and steal the land. Shit like that happened in Germany a lot in the 1930’s and 40’s. Ethnic cleansing is accomplished in many ways, including through sham legal procedures, so common in Israel. It is a forceable relocation. They are non-Jews, and they are being targeted by the Israeli state for removal/ethnic cleansing. The question is not whether or not it is ethnic cleansing. The question is do you support Israel’s policies of ethnic cleansing? If so, acknowledge it to yourself. If not, I wish you the courage to stand up to the establishment and oppose it. Good luck to you on that endeavor. Courage!

                • “Point is these people do not want to be relocated from the lands they have occupied for generations, since before the state of Israel existed.”
                  True, Arabs occupied lands, but bearing in mind the Arab immigration into the mandate it can`t be for generations.
                  Only for thieves Ottoman state land didn`t and doesn`t exist.
                  We see this uneducated and others like him are denying basics since the effendis left the tenants alone: the difference between property and ownership, tenacy and property rights.
                  Equating the exercise of property rights to the Nazi measures is typical for a murderous anti-Semitism. “Matto” is a fan of Hamas, an affiliation of the Muslim Brotherhood. a sometimes ally of the nazis.

          • koufaxmitzvah if the Mattobot is going to shoot itself in the brains it is going to have to be a bloody good shot to hit such a small target.

    • Matto: “Denial is for cowards and only perpetuates problems.”

      Did you just admit you are a coward cause you sure as hell pepetuate your problems.

      • Classic Holocaust-denier strategies– attack the man who tells the truth the deniers don’t want to hear. Distract from the issues, distract from the ethnic cleansing and brutality. Predictable yet unfortunate. Wishing you all courage to confront the truth! Peace and enlightenment to you all!

        • I think the next sentece describe you quiet well
          But Blumenthal proves a profoundly unreliable narrator. Alas, his case against the Jewish state is so carelessly constructed, it will likely alienate anyone but the most fanatical anti-Zionist extremists, and hence do nothing to advance the interests of the occupation’s victims.

    • Perhaps you could clarify two things. 1) If the Holocaust never happened then why do you guys worship Hitler? Wouldn’t that make him a piker a loser? And 2) Since you’re a Nazi why are you and people like you so loathe to say it? Isn’t proudly saying you’re a Nazi a big part of being one? I mean what good’s being a brownshirt if you can’t wear it?

      • You are a stereotype of the ignorant, blind defender of Israel. You are in denial and ignore the reality of the ethnic cleansing and brutality perpetrated by the Israeli state when these issues are put forward, and you spew nonsense about nazis instead of addressing the horrendous crimes that Israel is perpetrating on the native inhabitants of Israel/Palestine, the reason why so many people across the planet are in opposition to Israeli state policies, thus demonstrating your inability to defend those racist and brutal policies because they are indefensible. Face that reality.

  5. says the cliche of the deny-the-ethnic-cleansing-and-brutal-occupation-of-Palestine-no-matter-the-facts Israel supporter

    • Just an example of the book you so admire
      The most bizarre episode in the book occurs when Blumenthal is granted a rare interview with the deeply admired left-wing Israeli author David Grossman, who lost his son in the 2006 Lebanon war. Grossman rejects Blumenthal’s proposal for “the transformation of Israel from an ethnically exclusive Jewish state into a multiethnic democracy,” not for the obvious reasons—that it is a pipe dream, given the hatred between the two sides—but because of his understanding of 2,000 years of Jewish history, in which restrictions have kept Jews from fully participating in the life of the societies in which they’ve lived. This inspires Blumenthal to lecture him that his own personal experience as the son of a White House “insider”—Clinton adviser and former journalist Sidney Blumenthal—and the experience of other “insider” Jews in the United States leads him to “have a hard time taking [Grossman’s] justification seriously.” The Israeli author and champion of its peace movement soon thereafter ends the interview and asks Blumenthal to please tear up his phone number. Here, our author attributes the response he receives, yet again, to Israeli myopia and lack of understanding of the way the world really works.

  6. ..”Goliath’, the new anti-Zionist book written by Max Blumenthal – a Mondoweiss blogger who wants the Jewish state to disappear ”

    Overall not an unreasonable article but clumsy right from the start. The swift move from the use of the words ” anti Zionist ” to “Jewish state” the very first sentence of the piece was preachy and meat and drink to those who claim the terms are designed to fog argument.

  7. The Mandate of Palestine was occupied and ethnically cleansed? Sort it out with the then mandatory power.

    • Denying the Armenian genocide doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Denying the Holocaust doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Denying the ethnic cleansing and dispossession of the Palestinian people of their lands by Jewish forces since the 1940’s through the present doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and that it is not continuing to happen.

      • Which Palestinians?? The Jews in the provinces, now Israel, of the Ottoman Empire were habitually called Palestinians by the West at that time.
        Land possessing effendis sold their land, especially when the Mandate was imposed.
        The Ottoman state land was administered by the mandatory power, and afterwards by Israel. Only some rich notable families like the Nashashibi and the Hussaini were also and are still land owners.
        So you are a representative of these feudal families??

        • You are parroting propaganda and distortions of history in an apparent attempt to convince yourself that the native people of Palestine were not violently and unwillingly dispossessed of their lands, that some 500 Palestinian villages were not destroyed by the Jewish forces. You appear to have convinced yourself. There are people who have convinced themselves that the Holocaust didn’t happen. Doesn’t mean it didn’t. Get it?

          I understand why people feel the need to deceive themselves about the history of Israel and its brutal treatment of the native inhabitants, because they have strong emotional ties to the idea and the fantasy notion of Israel, and they cling to it so desperately because they have so much invested in that idea emotionally, that they simply can not accept the reality of the racism and brutality of the state they cherish. Well the reality is a racist, brutal occupation, killing children with white phosphorous, demolishing the homes of families, destroying orchards, and many, many more crimes. You can close your eyes to that and deny it all you want, and try to fool yourself into righteousness, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Just like denying the Holocaust doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

          • A lot of villages were destroyed by the mandatory power during the uprising 1936-1939. Sort it out with it.
            A Holocaust denier like you naturally resorts to belief, not to facts, as he is adverse to science and knowledge.

          • If you reapeat a lie often enough people will begin to belive it. However reality was a bid different

            PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas:
            “The [Arab] Liberation Army retreated from the city [Safed in 1948], causing the [Arab] people to begin emigrating. In Safed, just like Hebron, people were afraid that the Jews would take revenge for the [Arab] massacre [of Jews] in 1929. The 1929 massacre was most severe in Safed and Hebron (Note: 65 Jews were killed in Hebron, 18 in Safed). Let’s mention the 3 men from these cities who were executed (by the British Court, for “brutal murders”): Ataa Al-Zir, [Muhammad] Jamjoum and Fuad Hijazi. Hijazi from Safed and the other two from Hebron. The people (of Safed in 1948) were overcome with fear, and it caused the people to leave the city in a disorderly way.”

      • Well, Matto, when you start boycotting America, let us know. Until then, you are walking and talking proof that anti-Semites are bound double standards that single out Jews and the State of Israel. Me thinks thou hast no brain worth poking with a stick.

        • Classic denier strategy: somebody disagrees with the policies of the Israeli government which are responsible for the brutal occupation and the ethnic cleansing being perpetrated by the Israeli state, and an Israel-supporter pulls the anti-semite card. Predictable, pathetic, and ineffective. Get this straight: Brutality and ethnic cleansing are objectionable, whether it is Turks doing it to Armenians, Germans doing it to Jews, or Jews doing it to Palestinians and now Bedouins (now that the Knesset just passed a law to ethnically cleanse them out of their ancestral homelands so that Jews can take even more land from the native inhabitants— no doubt you and the propaganda masters have a propagandistic denial/response for the latest, newest version of Israeli racist ethnic cleansing). Face the reality. Perhaps you will find it liberating rather than all the energy you invest in denial. Good luck to you, wishing you courage to confront the truth from which you wish to hide. Be brave!

          • The brutal occupation by dumbness and the cleansing of any signs of intelligence in your brain you already documented. Take a rest in your brown swamp, anti-Semite.

            • Classic denier: When information about Israel and its brutal policies are presented, the denier resorts to the race card “Anti-semite” because he has no reasonable response. It doesn’t work anymore pal. Stop playing the victim and face the facts: Israel practices ethnic cleansing. You are a supporter of ethnic cleansing and apartheid. You are a racist, and yet you dare to call me a racist. You live in denial. You live a lie. I wish you courage to face the facts and to change. I have nothing more to say to you as you are a racist promoting racist ideology and racist ethnic cleansing.

                • Weren’t Nazis proud of being Nazis? I guess Matto and his ilk are part of the dumber (if that’s possible), more self-disgusted (again, if possible) Neo-Nazis of today.

                  Hitler ate a bullet rather than see a world full of Jewish lives. Hello….. That was guts of der Fuhrer, Matto. A quick bang to the back of the head, and VOILA… Adios, Yiddies.

                  I say, Matto gives it a go.

              • If Israel practice aparthide than do explain how do arab doctrs treat Jewish sick people. .How do jewish and arab people lie in the same rooms in the Israeli hospitals.

                • Of course the system of oppression in one country won’t be exactly the same as a system of oppression in another country because historical, geopolitical, cultural, geographical, and other factors are different. It is worth noting that during the apartheid regime, the Israeli state worked closely with the South African state.

                  In South Africa, black people had to carry identification and were subjected to numerous check-points and restrictions on travel, as are Palestinians. Black people were concentrated into bantustands. In the West Bank, the Israeli colonization plan, as they continue to dispossess Palestinians of their lands, is to concentrate Palestinians into bantustands. There’s a big wall ostensibly built to keep Palestinians out, to keep them apart (“apartness” is the idea behind apartheid) from Israelis, though of course another function of the wall is to take more land from Palestinians. There are many similarities between the two systems of oppression, the most important being that they are both based fundamentally on racist ideology with one group of people, which has overwhelming power and can and does enforce their unjust policies with state violence, making laws and systems that favor one group of people and subjugate another. For example: laws and systems that allow for Jewish colonist in the West Bank to have access to water which allows them to have swimming pools and lawns, while the Palestinian communities nearby do not have access to that water. You might not call that apartheid, but it is the intentional unequal allocation of resources by the state based on race.

                  I know that the very comparison of Israel to the apartheid state of South Africa is very upsetting to lots of supporters of Israel because we now recognize apartheid as an evil, and those who support Israel don’t want to even consider that they could be supporting a system which is so cruel and unjust, and so many respond with denial. Yet when the apartheid regime was functioning, the propagandists who supported the apartheid regime called Nelson Mandela a terrorist, asserted that the people who were struggling for liberation were communists and terrorists, etc. That’s another similarity we see between apartheid South Africa and Israel– the supporters of the regimes are engaged in tremendous propaganda campaigns to hide the brutal reality and injustice of the system and to deny it. But just as in South Africa, denying the brutality and injustice doesn’t mean it isn’t being perpetrated by the Israeli state. And so the supporters of Israel need to ask themselves if they really want to be complicit in a racist system of oppression. It can be a difficult truth to confront.

                • After ethnically cleansing of Jews in the Westjbank and Gaza, Apartheid was not necessary for the Arabs living there. Since 1967 the issue is back for the so called Palestinian organisations aka terror cells, from Arafat and Al hussaini to Abbas (who studied at the Lumumba university), ar-Ranitisi, Ahmad Sa’ada aka Yassin

                  Your lies and your Holocaust denial are quite similar to those of the dead Hamas terrorist ar-Rantisi.
                  You are close to the Hamas, or even a member of this terrorist gang.

          • There’s no denial on my behalf. Israel’s minority population have the same full rights as all Israeli citizens. What is there to deny? You, on the other hand, deny Israel’s right to exist, Israel’s right to self-defense, Israel’s right to repopulate, Israel’s right to self-determination, and of course, any Jewish person’s right to call you part of the walking scum of the Earth you happen to be. With all your pointy sheet aliases, you make yourself an extremely ineffective circle of jerks.

            What a moron. Seriously, you’re dumber than the corn in my dogs poo.

              • Said the anti-Semite who has no life other than create new monikers on a website he knows he will elicit the same responses he always gets.


                Said the silly, tiny dicked man with a keyboard attached to his noggin in the hopes that one, someday soon, of course, the State of Israel will no longer exist.


                Said the reality denying, Israel-bashing autobot bought and paid for by such supreme civilizations as Backwoods Nazi Freaks of Idaho or The Sultan of Saud or Come On Kids and Die For Us Brigade.


                ALL 3

                I go with all 3. Not because you’re talented, but because you’re a desperate, little man in a tiny shell, with a super tiny dick, who has no life whatsoever.

                I suggest a night out, Matto, but really am not surprised to see you’re here.

                And before we get all cray-cray (as you kids like to say), it’s 5:30pm where I’m at.

                Adios, Dipwad.

            • Leave your victim complex behind. Leave your racist hatred behind. Leave your sheep-following-the-herd mentality behind. Stop being a holocaust denier. It is bad for the world and humanity.

              • You are a stereotype of racist hatred and denial. You lash out with ad hominem attacks, strategy of the weak who have no substantial argument. Your hatred and desperation are apparent. Gonna go kill some children in Gaza now to feel better?

                • Actaully you are the racist and the denial.. the killing in Gaza we leave for the Palesitniain or Egyptian. they do it so well themselves.

                  • Well actually you do it– killing Palestinian– much better, and you kill a lot more. in 2008 in “Operation Cast Lead” you killed almost 1500 Gazans, including 100’s of children and women, some of whom you killed with white phosphorous. You also destroyed schools and lots of infrastructure. So no, don’t sell yourselves short, and don’t fool yourselves, you are really good at killing Palestinians, and you kill lots of them.

                  • Racists can both be stereotypes and stereoptype. On this forum we see examples of the stereotype of a blind supporter of Israel who parrots propaganda, plays the race card, plays the victim card, ignores the brutality of the occupation, the ethnic cleansing, tries to promote a false image of Israel, etc.. That stereotype often stereotypes the subjects of his/her racism: they’re all terrorists, they want to kill us all, they’re lazy, they don’t deserve to be on the land, etc., etc. When one group of people oppresses and subjugates another, they dehumanize them and come up with racist stereotypes, and the case of Israel/Palestine is full of examples of that. Because if you recognized their humanity, it would be harder to carry out the ethnic cleansing and oppression. I mean the founders of Israel had to justify in their minds ethnically cleansing the native population from their lands, and the contemporary leaders in Israel have to justify their continued ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Just like in Europe in the 1930’s and 40’s– the ethnic cleansers had to come up with stereotypes and negative images of the people they were ethnically cleansing. Makes it a lot easier to perpetrate that cruelty. Same thing is happening in Israel/Palestine now.

                • “Of course the system of oppression in one country won’t be exactly the same as a system of oppression in another country because historical, geopolitical, cultural, geographical, and other factors are different.”

                  Of course, the Jews in all their supremacy would use the same words to describe their racist society as Germans in Africa. Because Jews who exercise supreme superiority over others REALLY LOVE USING GERMAN WORDS AND THAT’S HOW WE CAN TELL MODERN DAY ISRAEL IS JUST LIKE SOUTH AFRICA OF YESTERYEAR…..


                  Matto, shouldn’t you send some threatening emails to aging rockers who know they want to play in Israel during the springtime? I bet 70+ year old Tom Jones would love to beat the shit out of your skinny threat-lobbing ass.

              • “…sheep-following-the-herd..”
                Either whoever is typing out your responses is now exposing their ignorance of sheep as well as their ignorance of fact and truth, or the Mattobot is malfunctioning.

                Now I suppose they will have to send in a new model with a different name.
                Oh well new day, new name, same old shit.

              • How am I a racist, Matto. I go after you, and I don’t know what the fuck you are. You could a white man having sex with his sister in Idaho. You could be some Brit twit goose-stepping with some UK nationalistic brigade. You might very well be some Middle Eastern individual raised to raze all others just like you. Because, see here, chap, I AM ATTACKING YOU. Not all of your family and those who are bred like you. But YOU. Mato, the disgusting dipshit who carries no worth on this planet or this web site.

                I know. You’re your own race. Well, consider a hate monger of petulant assholes. Yeah, petulant assholes, of which you are major league version, are scum of the Earth and should eradicated.

                How does that sound?

                • The herd mentality I refer to is the herd mentality that goes along with the ethnic cleansing and brutality of the Israeli state perpetrated on Palestinians. I am standing up against it. You, on the other hand, are trying to defend it. Therefore, you are among the sheep, walking in lock step with the official propaganda line and promoting that version. I mean are you serious, trying to say the forced relocation of the Bedouins from their lands is not ethnic cleansing because they are not being forced to to the Sinai, and justifying it because they don’t have “legal” title to the land? C’mon Alexa, you gotta do better than that. You can’t really believe that can you? Surely you recognize that as propaganda justification. Face the harsh reality and work to change it, rather than deny it. Good luck to you.

                • That wouldn’t be the Nietzschean critique of the herd mentality, would it? If so, you have completely misunderstood it.
                  At least you do have one thing in common with the man: you’ve ended up talking to yourself.

          • ” the anti-semite card. ”
            You have to admit, Matto, that you are an anti-Semite as well as a bit of a card.

  8. It makes sense. Greenwald openly espouses Nazi beliefs. He did quite often on Salon when he was a fixture there. He often spoke about wishing to help the Nazis march in Skokie. He often talked about his legal work defending Matt Hate convicted Nazi hate crime antisemitic murderer. He often defends holocaust deniers and other people like him who freely talk about wishing for a new holocaust a new genocide. And when called on it he sends his minions forth the say that it’s just free speech. Of course it is but he’s defended the free speech of anyone BUT Nazis. And then his minions sally forth and tell you he’s “Jewish”. But so is Max Blumenthal, hell Chaim Rumkowsky was a collaborator with the SS. Being ‘Jewish’ in this context is like me being Russian because my Grandparents were. It’s nonsense. So when you see Greenwald endorsing something it’s generally because it reflects a Nazi point of view.