Guardian amends Antony Loewenstein’s false claim that Israeli group tried to sue Stephen Hawking.

In July we called out ‘Comment is Free’ contributor Antony Loewenstein (a self-described Anti-Zionist Jew) for promoting the lie – at this personal blog – that there are ‘Jews-only roads’ in Israel, and his latest column at ‘CiF’ again demonstrates his casual relationship with the truth.  Whilst you can read our substantive critique of his commentary here, we recently noticed that the Guardian was forced to revise the following passage in his post:

The law firm [Shurat HaDin] tried to sue Twitter for daring to host Hizbollah tweets, former US President Jimmy Carter for criticising Israel and Stephen Hawking for damning the Israeli occupation.

However, the following now appears at the bottom of the column (‘To support the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is not antisemitic‘, Nov. 7):


Here’s the revised passage:

The law firm [Shurat HaDin] tried to sue Twitter for daring to host Hizbollah tweets, and former US President Jimmy Carter for criticising Israel. They also called on Stephen Hawking, who damned the Israeli occupation, to “pull out his Intel Core i7 from his tablet” because the chip was designed by a Israeli lab.

The link Loewenstein used in his original false claim that Shurat HaDin threatened to sue Stephen Hawkins [sic] takes you to the hate site, Mondoweiss.  Interestingly, however, the Mondoweiss post in question makes no such claim.

Finally, and quite tellingly, the original false accusation about Shurat HaDin still appears in the cross post of his ‘CiF’ column published at his personal blog.

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  1. Stephen Hawking “damned” the occupation? Interesting choice of word for a scientist. Did he damn it to hell?

  2. You are the last person to complain about inaccuracy, Levick. You claimed that Giles Fraser compared Israel to an autistic child, when he patently rejected the comparison. Tool korah…

    • Whilst you are right to point out inconsistencies the point is that Loewenstein must know that he will be subjected to the binocular treatment . “Self hating Jews” are in for special treatment .

      The comedy of this article is that there is no discussion that Carter , a man who might well know a thing or two about relations between the USA and Israel and who is a reactionary and thoroughly pro capitalist ex not allowed his say??

      • What’s funny about this article is that it has attracted to self-loving, Jew-hating idiots.

        And this one, he brings up Jimmy Carter. The guy who insists that Israel practices Apartheid in the title of his book AND YET CAN’T PROVE IT.

        Here’s the funny thing about this Jewish Supremacism you turds like to shine on about: WHY WOULD AN OVERTLY PROUD JEWISH SUPREMACISTS USE THE GERMAN LANGUAGE TO PROMOTE THEIR SUPERIORITY?

        Fucking morons. Seriously, you’re too stupid for anything BUT this never ending circle jerk drama y’all wring your hands and wrap your pointy sheeted heads around.


  3. Every single person who reads this needs to find out who the Guardian editors are who publish anti-Israel lunatic Antony Loewenstein, and CALL and EMAIL them to complain, and do research to find out who hired those editors, then CALL and EMAIL and complain to THEM about the decisions those disgusting editors make.