Chloé Valdary: ‘Israel is the great cause of our time’ (Video)

As the Algemeiner wrote about the inclusion of Chloé Valdary (the founder of CCAP-supported Allies for Israel at the University of New Orleans) in their annual Jewish 100: She’s young, black, Christian and southern, and is one of the most articulate pro-Israel advocates around.

The following video was created and presented by Valdary, who recently launched a project entitled,“Once And For All,” which aims to combat antisemitism through film and other mixed media.

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  1. American supports Israel …tell me it aint so ! American non Jew can find Israel on the map..tell me it aint soer !!!

  2. Wow. This lady is something special. Her message is uncompromising and uplifting.

    What a contrast to the miserable old leftists, assorted neo-Nazis, and swivel-eyed beardies who are conspiring to crush Jewish self-determination. She is right. The fight for Israel is the great cause of our time, because it is there that the fight against Islamofascism will be won or lost.

    Just as our forefathers fought and defeated European fascism we today are tasked with defeating its Islamic successor..

    • ” Just as our forefathers fought and defeated European fascism ”

      Those of us whose actual fathers fought European fascism …not in some vague and emotive spiritual sense, but by ruining their youths , losing their friends and relatives and watching our beautiful country bombed flat in areas think you have a flipping cheek comparing a criticism of Israeli intransigence with Nazis.

      • Oh that horrible Israeli intransigence! We absolutely refuse to accommodate household Euro-snots by marching into the sea!

      • My father and my friends fathers did fight European fascism in a real military sense, even though none of them lived in Europe (by the way, you’re welcome!). This was made possible by the blinders worn by certain Europeans at that time to the advancing danger and being replicated today through their myopia, amnesia, and mindset of denial.