Sally Idwedar ‘forgets’ to mention the H-word in her Indy essay on “life in Gaza”

Sally Idwedar is just your average girl living in Gaza.  


She’s also a blogger who, at some point in her life, acted “on impulse”, quit her corporate job in Washington D.C. and made “Aliyah” to Gaza to start her life anew. 

Idwedar also just published an essay at The Independent describing life in the Palestinian controlled territory. 


Her polemic on the difficulties of life in the Strip as the result of Israeli villainy includes the following passages:

I was thinking about how I would start to write about life in Gaza – how I would lay the words out with eloquence – when suddenly an explosion boomed close by and those thoughts fled my mind.I didn’t know the source; maybe it was internal training or perhaps another air strike.

The UN issued a report last week saying Gaza is becoming uninhabitable and the humanitarian conditions are deteriorating – sadly that is true.

Two weeks ago the sewage pumping stations stopped working in many areas – they simply did not have the fuel to work. Raw sewage leaks into the streets. Fathers carry their children to get to school and most cars won’t venture into it. The sludge reeks and brings mosquitoes in swarms.

There is fear it will end up in the water supply as well…


This is life in Gaza now: a constant struggle to find the bare necessities.

As Elder of Ziyon observed today in his post on Idwedar’s ‘meditation’, she oddly doesn’t use the word “Hamas” even once.  

This omission is even more glaring in light of her own Twitter battle with Richard “faux scoop” Silverstein (richards1052) in October (as noted by the blog Israellycool) where she was much less reticent about using the ‘H-word’.  Indeed, Idwedar’s exchange with the evidently pro-Hamas Jewish blogger is especially revealing in light of her complaint about Gaza sewage noted above.  

Who needs to take action?

Who could import needed parts?

Finally, just in case there’s any doubt as to who precisely she’s criticizing:

Yet, for some reason, Idwedar indeed “tried to hide” her opposition to the Islamist group in her more than 1100 word first person account of the “constant struggle to find the bare necessities” in Gaza.

I simply can’t imagine why.

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  1. Richards1052 is probably Dickie Silverstein. His anti-Israeli bias speaks for itself.

    meanwhile, the Egyptians are revealing their anti-Hamas bias by revoking Egyptian citizenship for members of Hamas. I wonder what he will have to say about that?

  2. My piece was on life in Gaza- not on blame and not on politics. It is odd you would attack me for telling the truth on how life is here. Why do you want to silence me and turn this into a blame game? Surely you can see how normal civilians are struggling here and that our desire is to merely live in peace.

    • Isn’t there some connection between the quality of your life in Gaza and the government that is ruling you?

      I mean, there appears also to be some connection between life in Gaza and your government’s relations with next door Israel – I’d hope and expect you to discuss that.

    • No-one has any problem with “normal civilians”.

      However, hamasniks are terrorists, not normal civilians.

      leave Israel (and Egypt) alone, and they will leave you alone.

  3. That is Sally”Let’s be rude to Israelis in case we find out they’re human or have a point of view” Idwedar, isn’t it?

    Time that you learned to relate to people as human beings. It is odd that you attack Israelis on Twitter just because they are Israelis. Our desire is to live in peace though your government does not recognise us as people. There is no need for you to adopt the same attitudes.

    • I don’t attack anyone simply because of their nationality but I do respond to people making false claims about life in Gaza. Maybe you should heed your own words dear. Peace

      • Calling people ‘Occupier’ because of their nationality might be regarded as an attack, ‘dear’.

        Oh, yes, Peace.

          • I have read your tweets, and you are wishing Margie what you yourself should adopt and accept – a sort of projection on your part.

            Can you tell us, please, when YOU YOURSELF heard the last sonic boom in Gaza? You are queering your own pitch rather because most of what is on the internet (apart, that is, from your article) is dated around 2005, and among it is emotion as facts by Eyyad al-Saraj a Palestinian psychologist who once said: “I’ve asked myself: ‘Are they evil by nature, these Jews? Or are they stupid, born mentally subnormal? Why are they doing this?’ It’s unbelievable. And I found after long, long thinking about it that they are not born evil. And they are not stupid. They are psycho-pathologically disturbed.” (source: )

            Oddly enough (or perhaps not, given the emotional nature of his argument) he, too, has accused Israeli of causing sonic booms which he says may cause death. Have you any statistics?

              • How much do you think that might have to do to the constant rocket attacks on Israeli towns and cities? Or the road side bombs?

                Do you think that might have some bearing?

              • You know Sally, I remember when there were no sonic booms in Gaza, no drones, no sewage in the streets. What happened? Hint, it’s called Hamas, Iran,Islamic Jihad, Homicide bombings and thousands of rockets.

                Can you show us if there has ever been even ONE protester, Gazan or International that stood outside the offices of Hamas decrying them for firing rockets at civilians which is a war crime and obviously invites retaliation? In Israel there are protests all the time against the government for actions in Gaza and the West Bank.

              • From the source Btselem
                “During its operation in the Gaza Strip following the abduction of Cpl. Gilad Shalit, on 26 June 2006, Israeli air force jets have carried out low-altitude sorties over the Gaza Strip in which they intentionally cause powerful sonic booms. ”
                “The sole purpose of these sorties is to prevent the residents from sleeping and to create an ongoing sense of fear and anxiety. Regarding the sonic booms, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that, “thousands of residents in southern Israel live in fear and discomfort, so I gave instructions that nobody will sleep at night in the meantime in Gaza .” The clear intention of the practice is to pressure the Palestinian Authority and the armed Palestinian organizations by harming the entire civilian population.”

                Interestingly the PLA is adressed, as the terror organisation Hamas was part of the government in 2006. Calling terror organisations as armed Palestinian organisations tells a lot about the political extremism and personal wickedness of Btselem`s staff.

            • I have read your tweets, and you are wishing Margie what you yourself should adopt and accept – a sort of projection on your part.

              Do you have any idea how pompous you sound?

              Plus: would you ever address such a patronisingly arrogant comment towards Margie? I doubt it.

        • Calling people ‘Occupier’ because of their nationality might be regarded as an attack

          Did she do that?
          Was it in the same sense as people on this website referring to all Palestinians as terrorists?

      • … about life in Gaza
        “I didn’t know the source; maybe it was internal training or perhaps another air strike.”
        Internal training? Of whom? By whom?

    • That is Sally”Let’s be rude to Israelis in case we find out they’re human or have a point of view” Idwedar, isn’t it?

      Is this some past statement you’re alluding to?

    • No, it just shows that there are intellectual shortcomings. When things getting too complex, simple people with a missing sense of self responsibility turn to conspiracy mistaking prejudices as education. Simple and antisemitic people blame Jews.

  4. The Arabs’ problems are never their own fault – always someone else’s. This is how their grievance culture works. The latter, in turn, is the product of bottomless cruelty, incorrigible indolence and outrageous dishonesty. Gaza ain’t no Singapore, that’s for sure.

    • That reminds of an exchange I once read on al Jazeera’s blog between “Kareema” and “Tom.”
      Kareema: how many Americans does it take to change a light bulb? None, they’ll invade your country and destroy all the light fixtures. Ha ha.
      Tom: Oh, very funny Kareema. How many Arab Muslims does it take to change a light bulb? None. They’d rather sit in the dark and blame everyone else for the darkness.

      Kareema didn’t have a reply.

  5. What I find interesting is that people like Sally decry sonic booms because it makes life unbearable, yet they ignore the entire impetus of the conflict emanating from Gaza: rockets and mortars that land in Israeli territory.

    Up until Iron Dome was installed, people in Sderot could not live normal lives with the incessant attacks. That wasn’t a problem for individuals like Sally, they just dismissed it as “the rockets hardly kill anyone.” Well, I can say in just the same way that “the sonic booms” hardly kill anyone. And the rockets still do fall and cause injury. If you live in a rural area, you’re still in danger at any second of your “life.”

  6. I just love how that shmuck Silverstein admonishes her for not supporting Hamas. She lives there you moron. Then again, par for the course with him, rant all day about things he knows nothing about.

    • Being admonished by Silverstein is a) probably a sign you’re thinking along the right lines and b) akin to being savaged by a dead sheep.*

      * h/t Denis Healey

  7. So sarcasm aside, Adam: what do you think is the reason for the big “H” omission in her article?