CiF Watch prompts correction to Economist claim about American Jewish views on Israel

We won’t bore you with the nitty-gritty of what it took to get the Economist to correct a false claim about Jewish American attitudes towards Israel, but suffice to say that the word “begrudging” seems apt in characterizing their willingness to acknowledge error.

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As we noted in a post on Nov. 27, in an attempt to support their conclusion – in a story (Israel heads for a terrifying split, Nov. 25) about Israel’s opposition to the nuclear deal with Iran and the P5+1 – that Jerusalem may find itself  “at loggerheads with a large fraction of American Jews”, there was this passage (which we took a screenshot of at the time):


However, when you actually open the hyper-link embedded in the text it’s clear that the ADL poll gauged the views of all Americans, NOT specifically American Jews.  


If the Economist’s intent was to show that American Jewish support for Israel – in the context of the current crisis – has diminished, the poll cited (on the views, again, of ALL Americans) clearly did not demonstrate this.

Today, after a series of emails to editors at the magazine, the passage has finally been amended – and now reads:

An earlier poll by the Anti-Defamation League found that if Israel were to carry out a military strike against Iran, 48% of Americans think their country should take a “neutral” position, while just 40% would favour supporting Israel. 

The bottom of the article now also includes the following:

corexWe commend Economist editors on their decision to finally revise this unambiguously false claim.

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  1. Yes well done for prompting a change but the fact that many Jews favour attacks on Iran is avoided. You dealt brilliantly with the tiny issue whilst…….

    • It must surprise you that Jews make up less than 2% of the American population. I mean, that voting block alone is enough to drive your peanut-sized brain into convulsions. How can 2% of the population control America? Well, they don’t, Asswipe.

      • “Asswipe.”

        They might only make up 2 % but they make up a disproportionate number of the song writers, authors and the people whose use of beautiful language have left us an incredible list of fabulous memories.

        You must be a convert ! 🙂

        • I bet I KKKnow how all those Jews make it in Hollywood: NEPOTISM!

          That must be the case. Because Jewish people are never funny, or talented, or simply just driven to work on their dreams. Why would a Jew concentrate on the world around them when they can, instead, lash out at that world, demand that the conspiracies in our heads are actual realities, and as a result, mumble to ourselves and our children for decades with a goal of poisoning future generations for the stories of long ago stolen land and/or money that only exist in our feeble minds?