Murdered Israeli fails to evoke the Guardian’s sympathy

As we noted in a post yesterday, the Guardian’s Harriet Sherwood evidently believes – contrary to all evidence – that Palestinian terrorist attacks in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) are rare.  

However, the only thing truly rare is substantive coverage by the Guardian of ubiquitous terror attacks (and attempted attacks) on Israelis inside and outside the green line.  A case in point is their “coverage” of the murder of Eden Atias, the 19-year-old from Nazareth Illit who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian teen on a bus at Afula’s central bus station.  

Their sole piece on the lethal terror attack consisted of a generic video they posted on Nov. 13 (with NO accompanying text) which has since been removed.  When you open the link to Harriet Sherwood’s “report”, all you see is the headline and a message below inserted by editors which notes that the content has been removed.

The Guardian’s tendency to downplay Palestinian attacks on Israelis was again on display following the death on Sunday of 31-year-old Master Sgt. Shlomi Cohen, from Afula, who was killed (while driving an army vehicle) by cross-border gunfire from Lebanon.  The following morning, the Guardian published a story on the incident by Conal Urquhart titled ‘Lebanon-Israel border shooting sparks tensions‘.  

orig headline

(It was in the strap line where we first learned that an Israeli soldier was killed.)  

Though the precise details of the shooting are still being investigated, reports confirm that the gunman was a member of the Lebanese Armed Forces and that he fired several bullets from Lebanese territory at Cohen, who was on the Israeli side of the fence.

The Guardian chose to illustrate the story with the following photo of the Israel-Lebanon border.

Lebanon-Israel border shooting sparks tensions

Several hours after the shooting, the IDF reportedly fired shots in the direction of Lebanese soldiers in the same area where Cohen was killed, after spotting “suspicious movement” – though there are conflicting reports as to whether any Lebanese soldiers were actually wounded in the incident.

Roughly 12 hours later (and 14 hours after Urquhart’s original story), Harriet Sherwood published her report on the day’s events in a story titled ‘Israeli troops shoot two Lebanese soldiers in border skirmish‘.

headline(Again, the fact that the shooting took place only after an Israeli soldier was killed is relegated to the strap line.)

The photo Guardian editors used to illustrate the incident was an unrelated photo of Israeli soldiers which dates back at least five years.

Israeli troops near Lebanon

Whilst the report itself is relatively fair, it’s nonetheless troubling that in two stories devoted to an incident which clearly began when an Israeli soldiered was killed by a Lebanese soldier, neither the titles nor accompanying photos convey any information about the Israeli victim.  Additionally, in looking back at prior Guardian reports on lethal Palestinian terror attacks over the past two years, we weren’t able to find even one which included a photo of the Israeli victim.  

The Guardian’s failure to humanize Israeli victims of terror stands in stark contrast to their often fawning coverage of Palestinian terrorists and their families.

Photo of Shabbir Hazam used to illustrate Guardian story: He was a member of Fatah who was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering a work colleague – Holocaust survivor Isaac Rotenberg – with an axe.

Here’s one of the photos of Shlomi Cohen used by other media outlets, which the Guardian passed on.


Here’s his final Facebook update:


Cohen leaves behind a wife and seven-month-old baby girl. 

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  1. The BBC too reported the Israelis firing shots before mentioning the Lebanese had murdered an Israeli soldier. As usual, a story is only a story if Israel can be painted as the aggressor.

  2. Headlining the wounding of two Palestinians while not headlining the killing of an Israeli does seem a deliberate attempt on the part of the minimize Palestinian terrorism. Where it cannot hide the incident, the Guardian’s strategy is to dehumanize its victims by rendering them faceless.

    This sort of creepy news management is rather stomach-churning. Still, it’s good to see the Graun’s circulation is still falling, and the Indy is propping up the table with a 20% fall from last year.

    The cachet that comes from being a national newspaper will have completely deserted the Guardian in 5 years time, and I doubt the Indy will even exist then.

  3. I was on a kibbutz near Afula back in the 80s.
    My deepest condolences to his family and friends and wishes of peace to Israelis living in their Homeland.

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  5. There is nothing worse than having full sight but remain BLIND to the truth – This is indicative of the “GUARDIAN” behaviour on matters events relating to Israel. An observation Scotland and the USA have had a memorial service for the 25th year since the LOCKERBIE plane crash – Sure It is respectful emotional to remember those who who have

  6. (Contination) lost their lives to this horrible attack on civilian – but this attack was the doing of an Arab Muslim state (Libya) One of the many attacks the west have had to endure at the hand of these people and the GUARDIAN does not see it – I regret to say that we are at fault until we open our eyes and realsie that we do face a scurge we shall bereality and do something to eradicate once and for all this problem – So Israel has every right to defend and prottect the life of its citizens.