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News that Bugs Bunny may be Jewish sends Gilad Atzmon into a rage

CiF Watch contributor Gidon Ben-Zvi broke the news yesterday for the Algemeiner that a noted Jewish-British cinematic historian has claimed that Bugs Bunny may in fact be Jewish.



According to film scholar David Yehuda Stern, Bugs Bunny was created by a Jewish producer, lived in a Jewish neighborhood, has a distinctly New York/Jewish accent and uses his wit and sense of humor to avoid all attempts to eliminate him.

Stern, who watched thousands of animated shorts that feature Bugs Bunny, noted in his presentation that there are Jewish fingerprints all over the smart aleck cartoon character, including the very voice of Bugs Bunny – Jewish actor Mel Blanc.

The New York neighborhood Bugs grew up in is teeming with obviously Jewish characters, such as ultra-Orthodox Jews and other stereotypically Eastern European figures from the turn of the 20th century.

The Algemeiner’s cheeky Christmas ‘revelation’ about the “Wascally Wabbit” was shared widely yesterday on social media sites such as Twitter and, in fact, this writer’s link to the story on Facebook garnered more than few comments by Jewish and non-Jewish friends alike, all eager to dissect this animated genealogical controversy.

However, there was at least one antisemitic extremist who didn’t find the news at all amusing.


Writing at Veterans Today, an aggregator for conspiracy-oriented and right-wing extremist websites, Atzmon wrote the following:

On Christmas Eve the ultra Zionist Algemeiner decided to break out the news to the world -“Bugs Bunny might be Jewish”

The Jewish outlet reported today that, ‘a noted Jewish-British cinematic historian has claimed that the world’s most famous rabbit displays prominent Jewish characteristics.” According to the Jewish scholar David Yehuda Stern, Bugs Bunny was “created by a Jewish producer, lived in a Jewish neighbourhood, has a distinctly New York/Jewish accent and uses his wit and sense of humour to avoid all attempts to eliminate him.”

I guess that when we talk about Hollywood’s indoctrination in the context of Jewish Power, we should feel free to refer to the Zionist outlet as well as the ‘noted Jewish cinematic historian’.

Of course, Atzmon’s response to Ben-Zvi’s article wouldn’t come as a surprise to readers of this blog. As we’ve noted previously, Atzmon is a prolific anti-Semite who has engaged in ‘Holocaust Revisionism’ while simultaneously arguing that, if Hitler’s genocide did occur as historians “claim”, the mass murder of six million Jews can at least partly be explained by Jews’ villainous behavior.  On this latter note, he’s claimed that Hitler’s views about Jews may one day be vindicated.  

Atzmon also has explicitly charged that Jews are indeed trying to take over the world, and has endorsed of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, arguing about the antisemitic forgery that “it is impossible to ignore its prophetic qualities and its capacity to describe” later Jewish behavior.

He also once accused CiF Watch of being a “Jewish Supremacist” site after we influenced the Guardian to remove his book, The Wandering Who?, from their online bookshop.

Interestingly, Atzmon ends his piece at Veteran’s Today by posting the following YouTube clip of Bugs ‘shilling’ for what he terms the “USA propaganda machine”.

And, really, what self-respecting Jew hater wouldn’t be outraged by such an insensitive and stereotypical portrayal of Nazi mass murderers.

Finally, in light of Atzmon’s political sympathies, we did some research and found what we believe to be a suitable alternative to the dangerously Semitic toon – a rabbit who definitely could not be accused of being part of the Jewish power structure:


Naturally, the Jews who control Hollywood (and the Zionist lobby) would never allow American TV to air such marginalized genocidal voices.

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  1. Atzmon is a rabid racist and bigot, what does it say about a person who dedicates his entire existence to hate?

  2. Bad scholarship all around on this one. Bugs Bunny’s “neighborhood” was a hole in the ground in the forest; his arch nemesis was Elmer Fudd.
    As for Atzmon, his need to even respond, and respond in the way that he did with his ridiculous, psychologically unhinged reaction is that of a pathological Jew hater. The man doesn’t need a publisher, he needs a shrink.

    • Calling Bugs Bunny Jewish – or not – is a joke. He is a cartoon character, a rabbit, who has no religion or ethnicity despite the fact that many of his creators were Jews. They either consciously or subconsciously gave him many “Jewish” traits, perhaps more than they did for some other characters, but they never made him explicitly Jewish:

      Anyway, who cares whether somebody thinks Bugs Bunny is Jewish? Evidently that self-hating Jewish antisemite Gilad Atzmon does. He really does need a shrink. Better yet, a deprogrammer.

      Antisemitism really is a form of mental illness, one that can apparently affect self-denying Jews like Atzmon as much as anyone. He really is a very ill man. To paraphrase Duke Ellington – and I’m sure if you’re out there reading this Gilad, you’ll hate this too – he’s got it bad, and that ain’t good.

    • By the way, how the hell can Atzmon have some sympathy for nazism? That man destroys logic and reason whenever he says or writes anything.

  3. He must hate Israel and Jewishness with absolute devotion, poor guy, ’cause of his treason. A sortie some choose to come to terms with themselves without committing suicide. It is not for sure that it lasts a life.

    • Like “race traitor” or “pharma shill”, is a way to attack and discredit people who doesn’t buy some idiotic statement (ie. conspiracy theories, racist pseudoscience and “alternative medicine”).
      Like any of those cases, to be an “ultra-Zionist” means to think rationally, to have an informed opinion and to question idiotic statements. In other words, most rational folks are “ultra-Zionists”.

  4. Atzmon got his hissing fit very prematurely. He should have waited for some statement from Bugs Bunny itself regarding its opinion on Zionism and Israel. Maybe it is an as-a-bunny, maybe a BDS activist even a supporter of Bunny Voice for Wolves, a proud member of Bstreet and a vicious Bunny hater itself?

  5. If the news about BB sends Atzmon into a range, imagine his reaction to the ultimate Revelation: Superman, Man Of Spiel …

  6. I love how Atzmon writes for the obviously anti semitic “Veterans Today”.
    Whoever says “antizionism” is not antisemitism is an idiot or ignorant.

  7. On the question of Bugs Bunny’s identity, scratch one piece of evidence from the argument– his accent. To many British ears, all New Yorkers sound Jewish. There are plenty of Irish-Americans, Polish-Americans, etc — as well as Jewish Americans– who speak like Bugs Bunny. He does not have a Yiddish accent, which would have been definitive, and which he very easily could have given the era he was created. He has a New York accent– not a “Jewish accent.”

    If the creators of Bugs Bunny were like most Jewish immigrants and children of immigrants from that time, their key goal was to be American. They may have unconsciously put some “Jewish” characteristics into Bugs Bunny, but his main character trait was that he was a wise-cracking trickster, a clever person with an urban sophistication, in contrast to “greenhorn” immigrants and hicks from the countryside. This 1930s-40s streetwise identity was shared by Jews, Irish, Poles etc. It was a New York identity.

    • Well put, Dan S. I was thinking of this very history, but didn’t have the patience to write about it, so thanks. Of course, it’s not just some Brits who conflate New York with Jews.

  8. It is very likely that Gilad Atzmon is psychologically disturbed. The depth and breadth of his hatred are exceptional. Fortunately he is as also as thick as pig-shit, and cannot see that he is an object of ridicule, and God’s gift to opponents of anti-Semitism.

    Florid and raving anti-Semites like Atzmon are much easier to counter than the sly Jenny Tonges and Jeremy Corbyns of this world, who hide their hatred under a mask of concern for the oppressed.