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The Guardian whitewashes antisemitism of Nicolas Anelka pal, Dieudonné

A major controversy erupted on Saturday at Upton Park in London after French Muslim footballer Nicolas Anelka used a gesture widely considered to be antisemitic and often described as “the Nazi salute in reverse”. After his first goal in the 3-3 draw at West Ham, “he celebrated with his right arm extended towards the ground, palm opened and the other one bent across his chest touching his right upper arm.”


Nicolas Anelka

Anelka is now under investigation by the Football Association for the gesture – which was almost certainly inspired by the gesture promoted by antisemitic French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala – and was swiftly condemned by the French Sports Minister as a “shocking, disgusting” display of antisemitism. 


Dieudonné M’bala M’bala (Left)

Dieudonne M’bala M’bala is a notorious racist “comedian” who, per Hope Not Hate, “has moved towards the antisemitic fringe of French politics”. The site notes that Dieudonne has become “increasingly marginal culturally and increasingly shrill in his antisemitism, denying the Holocaust, blaming Jews for the slave trade and more generally for the oppression of the Black and Arab peoples.” Dieudonne also traveled to Iran to meet with President Mohammed Ahmadinejad, and subsequently hailed Iran as “a place where anti-Zionists can meet and communicate and develop”.  

Additionally, Dieudonne had befriended the late far-right extremist Jean-Marie Le Pen, and also once invited Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson onstage at a performance, and asked the audience to applaud.

In reviewing UK newspaper coverage of the row, the Guardian naturally stands out in downplaying the episode and, more specifically, whitewashing Dieudonne’s antisemitism.

Guardian/Observer, Dec. 28: West Bromwich Albion’s Nicolas Anelka could face ban after arm gesture:

Relevant passage:

Dieudonné is a controversial figure in France, having been accused of insulting the memory of Holocaust victims. The quenelle is Dieudonné’s signature gesture, although he insists it is an anti-establishment gesture and not against Jewish people

Interestingly, other British papers were much clearer on Dieudonne’s antisemitic history, with some characterizing him as an “antisemitic comedian” or “antisemitic activist” without qualification:

The Independent, Dec.28: Nicolas Anelka gesture: Striker’s two goals overshadowed by controversial celebration after alleged anti-Semitic gesture

Here’s the relevant passage: 

His celebration was a mirror image of the gesture made popular by French, anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala…

The Telegraph, Dec. 29Nicolas Anelka’s ‘quenelle’ gesture in support of ‘racist’ friend Dieudonné causes outrage in France

Relevant passage:

In the last few years, Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, his full name, has become an anti-Semitic activist and campaigner…

Mail Online, Dec. 28: Anelka’s ‘Nazi’ salute storm: Striker could face lengthy FA ban for offensive goal celebration along with sanctions in France

Relevant passage: 

Dieudonne has been convicted six times in France for alleged anti-Semitic remarks. He was fined £6,000 in 2008 for describing Holocaust remembrance as ‘memorial pornography’.

Sunday Times, Dec. 29: FA acts over Anelka’s ‘race-hate’ gesture (pay wall)

Relevant passages: 

Dieudonne has been prosecuted for making antisemitic comments

Dieudonne has been convicted six times in France for alleged anti-Semitic remarks. He was fined £6,000 in 2008 for describing Holocaust remembrance as memorial pornography.

The Guardian stands alone in whitewashing the “comedian’s” clear record of anti-Jewish rhetoric – another antisemitic sin of omission at the “liberal” broadsheet which has, by now, achieved a well-earned reputation for such curious moral blind spots.

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    • I have a KONfusion about the meaning of the term antisemite. Apparently it was coined by a 19th century nazi German who wanted a “finer term” to describe jew hate… I know what anti means, and when i look up the word semite i see that it includes people who spoke/ speak ahmaric, hebrew, arab and even phoenician… so my question is this:
      The world has generally accepted as POTENT and still resonates the hatred and folly of a group of people ( Nazi) even 70 years after they are no longer in power or that something like the shoah could NEVER happen again under humanity’s watch (and also because the jewish community is somewhat powerful worlwide and unlikely to be mistreated ever again. )
      And now this pure German, Caucasian invention is being used to destroy the reputation and livelihood of anyone who would ever dare say any critic toward Israel a country that was created as a pay back to the Jews over Palestine that had nothing ever to do with Nazism. All jews can come from anywhere in Russia, Hungaria, US and have a land where their ancestors never even set foot because it has been proven that there was no exile, only a massive invasion. So today if you speak for Palestine, you are antisemite, if you are black and say fight and fuck the power you are antisemite.
      All that from the will of god knows who to crystallize the mythical hatred of jews and the indescribable idiotic creation of white germans as a burden for every single person on this planet… if that is not supremacy, hegemony and wrong, i don’t know what it is.
      Dieudonne is a hugely successful comedian today because he dares to laugh about everything and it gives people a platform to vent, air our frustration. A world, people that start taking itself so seriously that it stops laughing is dangerous and THAT is a form of Nazism if you want to use the same process… so unfair.
      LEAVE him alone LEAVE the quenelle alone

      • Jews never set foot in Israel than of course there was no exils Israe was created as pay back to Jews becaseu of the holocast
        Saying that which are all lies is what make you an antisemite.

      • Your post is so full of tosh it is hard to know where to begin. Let’s start with your analysis of the word “antisemite”. Using that principle, let’s analyse the word “carrot”. “Car” means a 4-wheeled motorised vehicle. “Rot” means decay. So therefore a “carrot” must be a decaying motor vehicle? Hmm. Something wrong there, don’t you think?

  1. Oy Vey!
    Dieudonne develops a symbol that distinguishes between the nation-wrecking zionists and other innocent jews and all jews clamp down insisting they are the one and the same.

    Then get surprised when those rightly opposing the zionists destroying their nations lump them all in together as one, after all they all collectively work to ensure the zionist tyranny never gets criticised in any way.

    Meanwhile every Christian European country is currently being destroyed by the zionists operating within their governments and media etc.

    • Thanks for the no doubt unintended comedy: “Meanwhile every Christian European country is currently being destroyed by the zionists operating within their governments and media etc.”

        • Poor Jeff. Doesn’t stand a chance against the international Jew.

          Dig the bunker, buddy. You’ll need a place to hide while chowing down on your self-inflicted bullet. Or is Hitler not good enough for you?

          • Is that a threat?

            I suppose only a privileged few are allowed to openly call for murder and wars without any comeback… or is that circle now closing too?

            • Apparently, you don’t read very well. Where in that “threat” is anyone but Jeff alone causing his actions? Of course…. it’s all in your head. Well, the International Jew is pretty spooky. What with Jew rays and media control.

              Funny how that works with people who can’t seem to follow another person’s thought. Oh well!

            • This Mark/Jeff is a dedicated follower of the Elders, don`t disturb his paranoic silence inside his head.

            • “I suppose only a privileged few are allowed to openly call for murder and wars without any comeback… or is that circle now closing too?”

              No. It’s apparently wide open. You are a little detached from reality, no?
              Speaking of which, notice how your last name, “Daniels”, is extracted from Hebrew, indigenous language of “Palestine.” “Borrowing” again?

      • “La quenelle” is not a nazi gesture man. There is nothing more to say.
        I’m french and dieudonné is the best comedian in France, he doesn’t give a damn about races and religions and everyone is laughed at in his shows (blacks whites chineses arabics americans chrestians jews muslims) but the only community that can’t stand being laughed at is the jewish community. That man got beat many times by jewish extremists in Paris (in a way he poke the bear yes but since when a man got beat in FRANCE for the liberty of speech ?), with his child and all. He provocates and it is his way of getting in the medias since he is banned by them, it is the only commercial that he can get and every year it works : everywhere he goes, it is full ! and with one show per year ! (the productivity of that man is incredible).

        You have to know too that in france there is a lot of the ministers that revandicate themselves Pro-Israel in public ! (Moscovici, Valls …..long list) and the lobbying has never been that strong in France, and It is good to ear a different point of view toward Palestine, sincerely.

        Excuse my english boys haha

        • lol Anelka is the best comedian manager of the world, this affair is making a lot of noise in France and the only thing that you ear on radios, TVs and all is that Anelka is antisemitic and that dieudonné has to be stopped hahahahaha.

          It makes me laugh to ear all these bullshit, and that English medias have the same point of view as the french.

          Just look at a survey in “Le Point” (very popular french journal)

          “Does anelka’s quenelle shocked you ?” : 79,3% NO

          Dieudonné is winning his fight against the medias, and they will have to at some point to stop harrasing him.

          “La Quenelle” (a kind of french sausage) is a gesture that means that you put your arm in the ass of someone and the hand on the arm is how far it goes and that it ! (not very great but funny)

          Example : dieudonné wins a trial against a city that didn’t want him to make his show, it is called a Quenelle in the ass of the mayor of the city

          Hope you understood better this fine gesture

          • by the way i am not a muslim but a christian, as I read behind that the french muslim community is anti semitic I want to say that

            • Funny, that you maintain that your belief is Christian and you are French, when you clearly define yourself at least to be a complete idiot, if not a believer in the Antisemite Dieudonnè.

              • Fritz , you smart a** (French irony) ! part of the meaning of the Quenelle is antizionist not anti-Semitic. Ignorant…!

                • So you’re anti-Jewish autonomy? That’s the definition of anti-Zionist. Unless, of course, you’ve provided your own definition for Zionism. Which would, y’know, make you a raging anti-Semite.

                  You’re already loud… why aren’t you proud? Do you think Hitler objected to being called an anti-Semite?

                  Today’s Jew haters are raging gang of pussies. A bunch of do nothings, don’t call mes, but let me tell you what you think asshats.

                  Morons and cowards. That’s you in a nutshell. Emphasis on Nut.

                • Another Antisemite without the balls to stand for his hate, even when anonymous. Such an easy prey.

              • also you talked about muslim antisemite further down! A question ? most of the muslims are Arabic people, most of the semitic are Arabic people? how can a muslim be antiarabic? 🙂

                • Another French.
                  “most of the muslims are Arabic people,”
                  You and Anelka shame France!
                  1.5 billion Muslims. 150 million Arabs.

                  you probably never passed the Math tests but somehow that doesn’t surprise me.

                  Anelka once said he doesn’t care about the supporters. It doesn’t surprise me.
                  He cost France the world cup.
                  Arrogant player with little tallent.
                  I bet you share these hobbies.

                • Proving the undereducation of Antisemites nobody has asked you for.
                  Well, logic and Antisemtes like you are mutually exclusive, as your false syllogism clearly indicates.
                  What an idiot.

                • “how can a muslim be antiarabic? :)”

                  They certainly spend a lot of time shooting each other. What do you call it?

                • The Iran- Iraq war was fought between Rastafarians and Arabs and the Syrian civil war is between Christan Saudis and Jewish Arabs Syrians.

            • What does it matter what religion you are? Another tell-tale sign of a blowhard who is too stupid to do much more than create issues that really don’t exist. The problem is denying Israel’s right to exist. The problem is lying about Jew Power and Media Control. The problem is that some people feel the need to live a life spreading only fear and hatred of others. Come on…. Shitwad. You ain’t worth the 5 minutes this response is taking.

        • “but the only community that can’t stand being laughed at is the jewish community. ”

          Oh come on, Come On…, with a line like that you’re surely the top comedian.

        • “but the only community that can’t stand being laughed at is the jewish community”.

          Yup, it was those pesky Jews that rioted when some cartoons of their prophet were published in a Danish magazine, wasn’t it?

      • The inventor of the salute and the player says it is not about Jews. What do you have to prove the opposite?

        • The inventor of the salut also share platforms with Neo Nazis and far right organisations who are clearly antisemitic.

          The salut has been used by various antisemitic people in places that have Jewish values as a mocking way.

          You do the math.

    • Not only Christian European, when we knew China lost Shanghai under the Cameron family’s Opium war comedy (Hong-Kongese Jewish from eastern Europa)…or the new UK’ princess Kate Middleton creating a league under Israel/Tsahal!
      Reading Antony Sutton, we learn more about the Hitler Jewish mother, or Joseph Goebbels (Jewish from Nederland like David Cameron)!
      God save Mgr Williamson!

      • Hitler Jewish mother, Kate Middleton, the Cameron family, the Jewish Goebbels…
        Thank you for your invaluable contribution. You should contact Berchmans Website – could be the beginning of a new beautiful friendship – the fellow never ever has met an antisemite – these are only the fruits of Jewish supremacists’ imagination…

      • Not forgetting of course the Protocole of the elder of Zion. The fact that jews control the world the media the banks and all your life.

        • ” jews control the world the media the banks and all your life. ”

          Such simplistic sarcasm seems to attach itself to many discussions of Jews or Israel . It tries to attribute lunacy to any attempt at balance. Jews do control some of the media , some banks and some lives and to hide behind hyperbole is weak and looks as though the poster is unable to address these issues in a sober manner.

          “Not forgetting of course the Protocole of the elder of Zion ”

          How could we forget it ? Every thread some extremist Zionist will bring it up in mock irony as if this is what motivates an opponents arguments.

    • Gee, Jeff, we’re not allowed to be critical of Holocaust deniers and their idiot friends? But you can “go on record” and regurgitate a buttload of crap that supposedly tells the story of the Middle East?

      Got it!

    • Well, for myself, the boundary between Jew-hatred and Israel-hatred is sufficiently blurred in most ignoramuses’ minds that I would need to be assured beyond doubt that they meant the latter rather than the former. Anelka failed to make the distinction.

      That, together with the context of Dieudonne’s contributions and because Anelka is a chum of his and like does tend to attract like, inclines me towards the belief that Anelka probably shares his views about Jews.

      Either that or he’s a rank and file ignoramus.

  2. I agree that the gesture, if not intended to be Anti-Semetic was in support of a man who clearly is Anti-Semitic. I am not sure though why it is necessary to report on the faith of the footballer in question. Surely “French footballer” should be sufficient for reporting purposes? The fact that he is Muslim has no material bearing on the story.

    • It has considerable bearing. There is a real problem of antisemitism among the French Muslim community which needs to be addressed. This is why Anelka’s filthy gesture has much wider resonance.

      • His nationality in the context of the story is significant. The vile comedian who he supports is also French and the reaction of the French Minister for Sport is included in the news story. I stand by my earlier remark though. Anelka has at best, sided with a racist and at worst, shown himself to be obnoxiously racist. The fact that he has converted to Islam is an irrelevance to this story. English football terraces are infested with anti-Semitic “fans” who amongst other things simulate the noise of gas being released into gas chambers. They are evil. Period. I am sure the cast majority if them would refer to themselves as Christians. Some may even attend midnight mass on Chrismas Eve, but as a Christian I would take exception to a news report that referred to “Christian” football fans engaging in cruel and racist taunting of Jewish footballers or of fans of clubs with strong ties to the Jewish community such as Spurs. I hope I have clarified my objection. I just feel that the commentary on this article is in danger of appearing just a little bit Islamophobic which considering the subject matter, is particularly inappropriate. I abhor racism against any group.

        • I am with Geary above as regards the Muslim influence on the rising antisemitism in France.

          Which makes Anelka’s conversion to Islam relevant. Perhaps he wanted to prove himself to his new co-religionists

        • Carl:
          “The fact that he has converted to Islam is an irrelevance to this story…”

          It is in my opinion.
          Many converts tend to be far more radical to the ones born in a faith.
          It is true in all religions.
          I guess the fact that he is a convert is more important than the faith he converted to, which happened to be Islam.

          The fact that many in the Muslim world and Islamic communities in the west share certain views about Jews or Zionists is another matter altogether.

          The Arab world’s political parties’ manifesto’s happen to have a lot of promisses of who hate Israel more.
          That in itself should tell you something.
          A car bomb in a shiite neighbourhood which is likely to be Syrian Sunni attack but who do they blame?
          A weather baloon falls in syria after a militery attack who do the Sunni rebels blame, Israelis.

          Shark attacks, Israel

          ‘Nuff said.

  3. Controversial figure a la Guardian:
    – Has been convicted six times in France for alleged antisemitic remarks
    – A friend of jean Marie Le Pen who called the Nazi occupation of France not particularly inhuman. Le Pen is the godfather of Dieudonne’s child
    – He calls Jews Shoananas
    – He threatened one of his Jewish critics: “When the wind turns, I don’t think he’ll have time to pack a suitcase. When I hear Patrick Cohen talking, you see, I think of gas ovens.”

    Could be the Guardian style guide…

    • Incredible, every point that you make is clearly OUT OF HIS CONTEXT. Well done mate, master in Desinformation.
      Where did you take all this man ? Did you see it by yourself ? Do you even understand french ???

      – He don’t “calls Jews Shoananas”, Shoananas is a song from one of his provocative show, and he got to pay a fee for that (convicted means jail right ? he never went in jail by the way)
      – At that time He needed Le Pen because at that time he did’nt know how to use internet and needed marketing for his show
      – Patrick Cohen , Mr Patrick Cohen. first, this is a quote form one of his sketch and of course when you read that, it is not fun at all, you have to see ant ear it on stage, et la : HUMOUR
      That guy called him a “sick brain” and can’t stand the fact that Mr Frederic Taddei (host of a talk show on french public tv) hosted dieudonné. And when you tell Mr Patrick Cohen that people have the right to think what they want that guy just say “NO”. From a man that is nearly the CEO of Europe 1 (big french radio) it is not normal. see by yourself your great Patrick Cohen

      Freedom of Speech Bunch of dummies, I don’t embrace dieudonné’s ideas at all, (if there really are ideas behind that and not only provocatives talks like negacionism etc) ! But that guy just make me laugh that’s all.

      Please anyone can explain me what kind of website this is ? I am a bit trouble to read these things from people who don’t even know the context and can’t even understand a word of french.

        • daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn i just looked up the banner of the site “monitoring and combating antisemitism”

          How did i ended down here 😦 a scheduled lost fight

          Well now i better understand why there is such intolerance around here. By the way, Anti zionism : Hate of those who fought for isreal and murder Palestinians
          Antisemitism : hate of all jews

          At least this is my definition of the terms.

          Victims 4ever, Good luck

          • Intolerance?!!

            Because the sane contributors here have given Anelka the drubbing he deserves for behaving like the ignoramus he is?

            I know what the difference between anitsemitism and anti-Zionism is, but I question whether you do.

      • Any remark indicative of Jew-hatred does not need a context, you muppet.

        And I don’t give a monkeys whether he paid for insulting Jews, it didn’t reform him in the slightest, did it, therefore the Shoananas use is entirely in context with his Jew-hatred.

        As for “.. At that time He needed Le Pen because at that time he did’nt know how to use internet and needed marketing for his show..” Why LePen?? Why not join a class or employ a computer specialist?

        As for the rest of your post, I can’t be bothered to translate it to myself.

        • a comic show, here is what I call a context, where what is said as the only goal of advertising and make people laugh. It’s not like he was on stage like a Political extremist in front of some silly partizan.
          At the time of his Le Pen marketing “coup”, internet was not as developped as today, I mean there was no facebook and he could not have done a decent publicity.
          Everything that guy does is provocating, politicaly-incorectman, pushing the limits (and he does that with every “races” and religions) I don’t even think that the guy is anti semitic ! antizionist for sure but not antisemitic !

          More than everything, you have to understand that the “quenelle” works with everyone, not only with jewish, which make it everything but some “nazi” gesture.

          • last post i’m getting tired of this shit, everyone knows, especially in france, that Anelka is a big dummy, and he may be critized for a gesture that is like “giving a finger” in some sort, but in no way for an antisemitic gesture. This is a non-sence,

          • Come On…:
            “More than everything, you have to understand that the “quenelle” works with everyone, not only with jewish,…”

            Funny, so did the Nazis.
            People like Anelka would be sent to the camps in no time.

            You right about one thing, Anelka is a debile!

      • Your post says everything I need to now about your amazing intellect. My favorite:
        – At that time He needed Le Pen because at that time he did’nt know how to use internet and needed marketing for his show
        Even website berchmans couldn’t make this up…

      • Come On.
        Defending Jean Marie now?
        What next, will you be defending the murderers of Ilan Halimi as misunderstood youth?

  4. I am glad CIFWatch has noted this as I learned a lot about the guy… but the article is trying to be a “gotcha ” and it is not. The article is premised on the word ” controversial ” which is exactly the right word given that the guy is so loved by extremist right wingers. The Guardian printed the quote from Dr Moshe Kantor and thus it is balanced and fair.

    It is a little disappointing that the Guardian article is selectively quoted, however it is always superb when CIFWatch attacks right wingers who have ,after all ,done the overwhelmingly huge proportion of attacks on Jewish people through the last century.

  5. I disagree. It’s relevant in the context of recent surveys on antisemitism in Europe by the Fundamental Rights Agency which demonstrated that Muslim antisemitism is an especially serious problem.

    “Of the Jews in the survey who reported experiencing negative statements about the Jewish people in the previous 12 months, 51% identified the perpetrator as Muslim. Of those who reported serious cases of harassment in the past five years, 40% identified the perpetrator as “someone with Muslim extremist views”.

    It’s not Islamophobic to simply note these statistical facts

    • ” vMuslim antisemitism is an especially serious problem. ”

      Im sorry I should have been clearer .There is indeed a horrendous problem with Muslims who are anti semitic. However the overwhelming number of deaths ..probably 99 %… of Jews over the last hundred years have been killed by right wing non Muslims

      • Website:
        “However the overwhelming number of deaths ..probably 99 %… of Jews over the last hundred years have been killed by right wing non Muslims.”

        What about over the last 68 years instead of the last 100?

        Makes a bit more sense if you remove WW2 from the equation.

        • Yes Itsik. It’s like saying “cancer scientists are copying the anti-cancer strategies employed during the years 1939 to 1945, as these were the years with record low percentages of deaths caused by cancer worldwide.”

      • Is it anti-semitic to simply know what jews are up to?

        Then that makes a very dangerous precedent considering every single human being alive is now waking up to what is really going on.

        • it’s OBVIOUSLY antisemitic to portray Jews as hive-minded nation wreckers, who try to destroy the White-European-Christian people. As if Jews were the arch-enemy of White Christians in the world. And, of course, using flimsy evidence and logical fallacies to “prove” it.
          No wonder why that disgusting judeophobic gesture is becoming popular: the “longest hatred” still pervades our world.

        • Is it anti-semitic to simply know what jews are up to?

          You know shit. But I want to help you to study the subject.
          See this asshole – we Jews control the Christian world and with the help of MEMRI we will rule the Arab world too. Be prepared to be circumcised…
          Apart from the clip you always can turn to berchmans website – the expert on Jewish matters..

        • “Is it anti-semitic to simply know what jews are up to?”

          When you say it that way the answer is an emphatic “yes!.”

        • To obsess about Jews as you appear to, smacks of inclination towards off the wall conspiracy theorist, emotional thinking which precludes reality testing. Your first sentence above shows you to tick at least one of the boxes – how, for example can such a one as you know what “every single human being alive” is now allegedly waking up to?

          You may like to read the article at the following link and take it with you to show to your psychiatrist:

        • Mark Daniels:

          “Is it anti-semitic to simply know what jews are up to?”

          Why are you interested about what my kids are up to?
          Why are so interested about how my daughter’s studying for her GCSE tests or my son’s CATS exam?

          Are you a Pedophile?

  6. Apologism for nazifasists. But isn’ t this what we’ve come to expect fron Britain’s self-styled leading liberal newspaper.

    Of course, has Dieudonné and Anelka been white …

  7. It’s shameful to see how many antisemitic trolls have invaded this blog. The “evil Jew”, unfortunately, has not disappeared as a stereotype. Not to mention, portraying Jews as a hive-mind-esque conspirators, who are enemies of the WASP in the entire world.
    Shame on those imbeciles, for demonizing human beings.

      • The worst part, judging by the “Quenelle” phenomenon, is that they can get mainstream. They’d present his Jew-hatred as an “edgy”, “cool” symbol of “resistance” against the “evil Zionist”.
        We’re failing to learn from the past if this becames more and more mainstream.

  8. Sorry for the deflection but reading the Algemeiner an article states that Huffington Post publishes a person closely connected to the Iranian Regime of Death.
    Well, sympathy or money, or both?

  9. I’m not sure I agree that the Guardian was alone in failing to point out the antisemitic background of Dieudonne M’bala M’bal. Not one of the radio reports about it made any reference to Dieudonne M’bala M’ba at all, while most of the newspapers said very little about his background. Also not one of the reports pointed out the most obvious problem with the ‘defence’ used by both Anelka and Downing. See:

  10. By the way, is it just me or the ADL blog is recently being plagued with racist, antisemitic trolls?

  11. Who gave this blogsite the authority to determine how any british paper describes the quenelle? The Guardian described it as insulting to holocaust survivors. Is that not enough?
    Whatever next? A demand that they sing Hatikva and the Betar hymn? Be’dam ou beyeza nakim lanu geza… or perhaos shtei gadot leyarden. Tossers

    • ” Is that not enough? ”

      Unfortunately that is not enough. You have to follow the narrative to the letter or risk being attacked as seething in Jew hatred.

      You can support the birth of Israel , condemn any violence against Israelis , condemn the US /UK / Russia as more murderous historically and presently than Israel yet still be an anti-Semitic Jew hater ….some of us have been called such names here maybe a hundred times. ( 84 times by one poster alone )

      • “You can support the birth of Israel”
        How very kind of you, and how many thousands of years have you been on this planet to have supported that event?

        “..condemn the US /UK / Russia…..yet still be an anti-Semitic Jew hater”
        Indeed you can.

        Have you ever heard of Adolf Hitler?
        He, also, condemned the US/UK/Russia and was without doubt an ‘anti-Semitic Jew Hater’

        Logic, like the truth, is not one of your strong points is it Berchmans
        Remind me again why you were thrown off ‘Comment is Free’?

      • Website: “some of us have been called such names here maybe a hundred times. ( 84 times by one poster alone )”

        A real martyr to the cause. Such heroism in the face of the evils of Zionism. But a complete lack of self-reflection, with an inability to understand why anyone – ‘extremist Zionist’ or otherwise – would find you to be such a self-serving, sanctimonious bore.

      • You know what’s funny, Webshit? Somebody who whines about Jews and makes public statements about hating Jews, then complains about being labeled a Jew hater by Jews. And yet you still come to this website complaining about your complaints about Jews not being well received by Jews?

        What a life you lead.

        • Actually, that’s very typical of racists and bigots. They love to express their prejudices and hatred, but when people call them out, they play the victim card and the freedom of speech card, and try to shift the blame.

      • YOu are defin when you lie about the Jews and Israel and that is what make a Jews hater. If you were criticizing with true facts no one would call you a Jews hater.

    • Off topic, but is “trumpet in the wadi” suppose to be a spin for fiddler on the roof?
      If so where’s the connection?

      Palestinian have not really any connection to brass instruments, if anything a flute will be better word.
      Also the Wadi replacing a roof is not exactly good choice of word either.

      Now, for your point.
      This blog raises a point which you can agree or disagree with.
      It does not determine, or even attempts to determine, or decides what UK papers write, as you suggest.

      If you read the article you will see it is more about the inventer of the quenelle than about the actual motion.

      I wish you a happy new year and hope you learn to calm the feck down!

        • It’s a book by Sami Michael, an Israeli author
          Itsik shame on you not to know a poor out of it date narcissistic (and nowadays totally senile) author who never could forget that he didn’t succeeded to be in the first league in Israeli literature, became a far leftist (was one of the first members of the CP of Iraq) and now hardly manages to remain in the headlines with the help of declarations in anti-Israeli media like: Israel is the most racist state in the developed world.
          Your lack of literary knowledge simply unbelievable.

            • Joe you should find some new bullshit, let leave mommy alone. And I know you were the most decorated soldier of the Shekem division. No need to repeat every details of your heroic carrier….

          • I should have known it but for some reason Trumpet in the Wadi didn’t click the H’atzotzra Ba’Vadi name…
            i apologise trumpet man…
            My mum would probably be cross with me for not making the connection as she is an Israeli librarian…

        • Sorry Trumpet man, I should have recognised it but not in the English translation…
          I studied it for my bagrout.
          Why shouldn’t I know about Israel?
          I have to admit I leg behind the recent reality shows and I actually find it to my advantage…

    • Who gave raging anti-Semites the authority the determine the “true” meanings of Apartheid or Zionism?

      Flippant dipshit. 3000 years of hatred hasn’t made you very smart.

  12. ,a href = “”>No more worries Analka – everything is OK now.

    Nicolas Anelka agrees not to repeat controversial celebration
    West Brom striker Nicolas Anelka has agreed not to use the “quenelle” gesture again when celebrating goals.
    Anelka, 34, made the sign – described as an inverted Nazi salute – after scoring his first of two goals in Saturday’s 3-3 draw at West Ham.
    France’s sports minister accused him of a “disgusting anti-Semitic” gesture.
    A statement from West Brom said: “The club has asked Nicolas not to perform the gesture again. Nicolas immediately agreed to adhere to this request.”

    Thank you EU brothers for nothing.

  13. Foreign newspaper are copy/ pasting the extremists english speaking jews news. The gesture is anti system, not anti semitic. Dieudonne fights PEACEFULLY all the racisms, even when they come from the zionists. A poll made by the French newspaper “le Point” says it all: to the question: “are you shocked of Anelka’s gesture being dedicated to his friend Dieudonne?” from an extraordinary 45000 votes, 75 PERCENT of the French replied “NO”. Freedom of speech will win. No matter how hard the elites will try to prevent it.

    • One of his hacked followers. 75% of 45ooo are Antisemites? No, the lying creep of an Antisemite Adam should kick in the back cites wrongly, the poll being 33000, and the question was if they were offended by the quenelle.

    • The gesture is anti system, not anti semitic
      Naturally anti-system. Done in Auscwitz, in front of Jewish institutions.

      A poll made by the French newspaper “le Point” says it all: to the question: “are you shocked of Anelka’s gesture being dedicated to his friend Dieudonne?” from an extraordinary 45000 votes, 75 PERCENT of the French replied “NO”.
      The French must be proud really.

      • Dieudonne is talented but he cannot be behind every single stupid people. Look, If they were racist, why would they not say it? The answer is because they are NOT.
        Obviously, the meaning of freedom of speech is different from your culture than ours. It’s not good or bad. It just is. Let’s both of us think about it and chill. Would love talk about it around a beer with you and see where we can find a common ground. Because we are talking of the same thing: peace.

        • Obviously, one can not possess freedom of speech if speaking up for Israel in the face of a rampant anti-Semite who claims to be talented and funny. I guess I should be sent to jail, or better yet, shot, for proclaiming that all Nazis and their sympathizers are tiny dicked pansies who could never make it outside their echo chamber. And you wonder why there are so many Jewish lawyers….

            • Really? Freedom of speech means debate? I guess when you make up your own definitions of Apartheid and Zionism so that you can politick about how mean and powerful tohse Joos really are, then anything ought to go, as long as you say it ought to. Got to love that dipshit brain of yours.

              And you wonder how we can keep making it in this world? Here’s a hint: You’re not bright enough to do anything more than insist on victimization while fighting the most inane so-called neverending battles. 3000 years, dude, and you haven’t figured it out yet.

              Says a lot more about you then about me and world Jewry.

              • Ok fine, I may be not bright enough….can you enlight me? I want to know why so much passion and fire inspires you!

              • BTW yes, I consider anyone should be able to express their opinion. Voltaire said “I do not agree with what you say but I will fight to death so that you can express it”.

                • well as some pampered middle class mislabeled liberal/progressives shouting down pro-Israel demonstrators, disrupting musical concerts, boycotting countries, and in some cases censoring unpopular opinions at CiF.

      • Dieudonne is talented but he cannot be behind every single stupid people. Look, If they were racist, why would they not say it? The answer is because they are NOT.

          • If I was I promise I would tell you. Why would I lie on that?…Also for your own sake please have a conversation instead of insulting people.

            • Let’s see…. You lie about le quenelle…. You lie about Dieudonne and his intentions… You probably lie about the true meaning of Zionism…. I say, you lie because you really, really want to. And because you’re an idiot.

              • Zionism is seriously dangerous and extremely powerful. That is what I believe. But I am willing to talk to any zionist…not insulting them. And AGAIN the over all quenelle, I promise you, is to laugh at society, at the powerful ones of all types. It is fun and peaceful. Dieudonne laugh at the blacks, the USA, the chineses, the Eco friendly, the jewish, muslims…EVERYONE.

                • Alexa, I don’t mean jews, I mean the zionists of all kind. I have nothing against jews AT ALL. Nor Muslims, or Christians, or Buddhists etc. I am for people living in peace.

                • The peace nazi has nothing against Jews, only against Jews who are Zionists. Well learned selection, nazi.

                • Can you define Zionist, just so we know what you’re talking about. If it’s so strong and powerful, and all encompassing, you can most definitely define it. Don’t be broad; be specific. Otherwise, you will come off as the charlatan we all presume you to be.

                  Now what if I tell you all my insults to you is simply criticism of your existence? Personally, I feel that people named Willo are okay; it’s that people who hide on the internet posting as Willo that are the problem. They must eradicated, y’know?

                  Just an example of how pathetic you really happen to be. If Dieudonne is your hero, and you see as such a great talent, then surely you are a hate mongering idiot who dabbles in sheer and utter idiocy. Fucking ingrate.

        • Willo, since you defend Dieudonne so much, how come he still doesn’t feel the need to defend himself by saying all those “stupid people”, I believe you called them, are racists and should not use his gesture.
          The answer is simple.
          He appreciate them.
          He, like anelka, need those cameras focused on him.
          He knows half of what he says is wrong but he needs the attention on him.
          There’s a word for this…

      • Ok fine, I may be not bright enough….can you enlight me? I want to know why so much passion and fire inspires you!

          • I’m using my freedom of speech by not talking to you. I’m using my freedom of speech to castigate you as a dipshit who serves no purpose on this planet and am willing to remark further that you might as well kill yourself because World Jewry isn’t going away. In fact, no matter how many times you decide to rewrite the history of Israel’s creation, Israel is still not created because of World War II, still wasn’t created for Jews only, and that Israel still has and protects its Arab citizens.

            Why do you want to keep talking? Do you need more attention from me, is that it? Do you want me to invest more time with that pea brain of yours so as to massage it and make you feel good? Sorry, ugly and moronic hate monger with a 3 inch dick. So very, very sorry.

            • So because the quenelle is a laugh at the system and at the zionists, it makes me rewriting Israel’s creation ??? There is obviously a geopolitical & religious view of yours that prevent yourself of chilling and take this with a distance. Because you cannot understand my point you throw your hate at me…who is hating who here? You must be quite young to spend so much aggressiveness toward someone that doesn’t go in your way. But as you grow old you will see that respect will lead you much far up than fighting everything that doesn’t suit your thoughts.

              • Considering Zionism as a part of the System — when there is no connection other than teh supposed Joos in those supposed circles — makes it not a laugh but rather a smear. Which is funny because Dieudonne isn’t much of a comedian, but rather a butt smear. Just like you. Shit stains in the toilet of life. Ain’t that hysterical?

                • ” joos ”

                  This is so comical. No one in the UK uses this slur it is an Americanism .

                  “. Shit stains ”

                  Again with the references to body emissions . Was there a stage in your early development that was disrupted ? You can talk.. you are amongst friends.

  14. Anelka should not have made this gesture. Dieudonne peddles racist and inflammatory slurs in the guise of saying the unsayable and being a shocking contrarian.

    If Dieudonne is a comedian then his routine is as funny as cancer.

    Hopefully Anelka will face a lengthy ban from the game for doing this.

    But why call Anelka a ‘French Muslim footballer’? I’ve no idea if he is a Muslim or not. Even if he is, it isn’t relevant at all to this story and suggests prejudices of your own.

      • It shouldn’t matter what the religion is of the person who likes Dieudonne. I don’t know if Tony Parker is a Muslim. I just want him to take his role in doing something stupid on camera with a hate monger seriously.

        • To know at least most of the constituting factors is basic for analysis and research, for evaluation, for politival and social practises.

      • Why do you want to deny and to conceal muslim Antisemitism?

        Why do you want to deny why it arises? You will know that compared to the Christians the Muslims ” protected us for 50 generations ” to quote Avnery . I wonder what could have happened to change these people into Jew haters …could it be 3 generations of humiliation ?

        • I see, Anelka, Dieudonné and so on are all humiliated by Jews. Thanks for the cooperation, Antisemite.

        • “I wonder what could have happened to change these people into Jew haters …could it be 3 generations of humiliation ?”

          How igorant. muslim hated jews for so many years before anyone heard the zionism.
          You can just google “Islam and antisemtisim ” and see how for centuries muslim hated Jews. And it has nothing to do with humiliation becasue the one who were humiliated were the Jews who lived in Isalmic coutnries which bside living as dhimmis they had to suffer Massacares Forced conversions and all the nice things you want us to belive only christians did.

          • you are a scum liar …you are a liar ..go and read your history …idiot if it wasnt for the muslims you’d have been be long gone …beside who were the slave traders wasn’t it you …you the racist stop playing the victim …who are you kidding …go back and read your history …hypocrite

              • poor moron arab Osman trade where did you hear that…so what you are saying is that the arabs /muslims went to Africa enslaved other muslims let me remind you that the whole of west Africa was muslim im sure you didn’t know that you are telling people that they were savages ..aren’t you ??? shame that most blacks in the western world and in parts of the carabian and south America are in the dark when it comes to their ancestors ( they were muslims ) from what you are saying is that the arab /Osman empire sent the African to the new world ( nothing new about as the muslims /arabs knew about b4 the so called discovery by a certain Christophe colombus ( go and check on the famous sailor /explorer ibn batouta ….amongst other ) HA HA HA I COULDNT STOP LAUGHING THE WEST ABOLISHED THE SLAVE TRADE you are really sad

            • Liar? Hypcorite? why ? did you google Islam and antisemitism and the site say any one who say Muslim hate Jews is a liar?
              Google it ,dont trust my word. What are you afraid of that it just might be true.

              • by the way lets say that the muslims hate the kazhars/the gipsies ( what you call jews …nothing to do with the Hebrews sure that you know that the word jew was invented / concocted /created about 500 years ago …now tell me why shouldn’t the muslims hate you ???? didn’t you steal their lands didn’t you betray them when they were invaded /colonised by the Europeans/Caucasians and you the jews …)
                didn’t you massacre ,burn ,kill ,them didn’t you divide ,their ;lands into countries …aren’t you still killing them now as we speak aren’t you spraying the muslims in Palestine with white phosphore / chemicals aren’t you stealing their water supply aren’t poisoning that water ARENT YOU STILL OCCUPAYING THEIR LAND SINCE 1948 ( im talking about their land the land of Palestine and not the bullshit you coming up with such as the west bank and gaza )
                now tell me why should we hate ADOLF HITLER ???? he didn’t kill us !! YOU DID he didn’t burn us !!! YOU DID he didn’t steal our ressources !! YOU DID he didn’t insult our religion !!! YOU DID he didn’t kill MUSLIMS /AFRICANS OR /AND NON WHITE !!! YOU DID AND STILL DOING IT ….he didn’t invade Afghanistan and Iraq and flattened them !!! YOU DID AND DOING IT STILL DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY AS ALWAYS LET SOMEONE ELSE DO YOUR DIRTY WORK NOTHING NEW THERE LETS GO BACK TO THE PAST …ADOLF HITLER didn’t steal PALESTINE !!! YOU DID
                so now this is to all of you kazhars ( gipsies/jews ) I challenge anyone of you to prove me wrong and to tell me that we should hate HITLER ….I challenge you
                after all you’ve done to the muslims and the Africans YOU DARE TELL ME TNAT HITLER WAS EVIL …….!!!! SO TELL ME IF HE’S EVIL WHAT SHOULD WE CALL YOU

                • Your tiny mind isn’t as impressive as you insist. The Kaxhar bullshit is proof that your’e completely incapable of a logical thought. The idea that there never WAS a Palestine solidifies your moniker as the sure sign of a blithering twat.

  15. the jews are not semite …as they are not Hebrews they might be speaking Hebrew but they are not Hebrews we all know that they came from eastern Europe and they are called khazars and they have no link or whatsoever with the religion of the prophet moussa /moses or /and issa /what you call jesus ….most of all they have no link with Palestine that land that was stolen by the same khazars / jews back in 1948 .
    beside why should we give a shit about jews and what supposedly happened to them why is it that their so called suffering is better / more important than the rest of other people suffering ..didn’t they commit a holocaust in Palestine by killing ,murdering raping destroying and displacing a whole population …bloody hypocrite hiding behind that bullshit sentence anti-Semite
    beside what so bloody special about jews ???? keep your so called suffering to yourselves and do not bore us and harass us with it …
    now tell me what are you going to do about Palestine that land that you stole when are you going to go back to eastern Europe were you came from
    death to racism = Zionism and its racist followers

    • And you are not a sane individual. You may be a person, but you are not somebody worthy of oxygen or much concern. Because, after all, you are a hate preaching dipshit.

      • why am I not surprised no replies or whatsoever always the same bullshit …anti-Semite anti-Semite stop hiding behind that pathetic façade and excuse …come on answer my questions I challenge anyone of you with a tiny knowledge of history to give me a convincing answer …I know none of you will …THE FRENCH WRITER AND POETE VICTOR HUGO said …””jew talking mouth lying …”” do you want ,me to mention what other famous scientist ,writer ,politicians and American presidents said about you …I can assure that if you read what they say you would ask all the European and American banks to change all their money notes … for the love of the creator stop bullshitting yourselves and the world ..that pathetic line don’t work no more ..please come up with something that the rest of the world would actually believe or try to believe…you are all pathetic

        • You know what’s pathetic? Insisting that Zionism is racism despite all the evidence and previous debate that points to the contrary. But go ahead and make yourself feel good. Keep telling yourself that the only peace is what you’re willing to accept. And never, ever give an inch. Because compromise only means failure.

          Cry on, Palestinian Soldier. Ignore your past and paint the present as only you see fit.

        • Funny on one hand you say ” the same bullshit …anti-Semite anti-Semite ” And later you quote ””jew talking mouth lying …””and your other examples. It is about demonzing the Jews isn;t that antisemtisim?

    • Looks like we got here an antisemitic martyr, beside being a complete idiot. Well, that`s for what idiots are made.

    • Half of the Israeli population are from arab countries. should they also go back to eastern Europe? Different names same lies and hate

      • THSIN NO ISRAELI NO ISRAEL GET IT PUT IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL IT IS ONLY MATTER OF TIME WERE PALESTII E WILL BE FREE…….FREE FROM SATANISM ( WHAT YOU CALL ZIONISM ..) IT WOULD TAKE 10,20,30 60 100 YEARS BUT IT WILL BE FREE AND YOU KNOW IT .you have been living with a lie for the past 70 years you invented all sorts of deceiving reasons you’ve been making so many films and documentaries you bribed politicians you wage wars you sarted wars ( by the way letting the goyims the NON kazhars /jews ..what you racists call sub humans ..fighting those wars ….) you got weapons from every western nations to prove that Palestine wasn’t stolen and yet you are still struggling to convince the world that Palestine belong to you …how sad and pathetic !!!! you know that you are hated by most nations most religions ( including the religion of our beloved prophets MOHAMED ( SAW) ISSA THE MESSIAH WHAT YOU CALL JESUS DO NOT KNOW WHERE YOU GOT THAT NAME FROM AND MOSES ( MAY PEACE AND BLESSINGS BE WITH THEM….) those religions warned about the imposters ,the traitors and the false prophets …
        please just tell me one thing for the past centuries everywhere you went you were hated and still are … why is that are you telling that everyone hate you for no reason everywhere you went you caused misery mayhem destruction hanger crisis poverty bankruptcy broken families ..impoverished 100,000’s of people by stealing their savings ….tell me why are you surprised that you are hated ???? aren’ tyou the cause of every evil on this planet ..( DO YOU WANT PROOFS LET ME KNOW BUT IM SURE YOU KNOW OR ARE YOU GONNA PLAY IT STUPID / HYPOCRITE AND PATHETIC AS USUAL …..WHAT SOME CALL ACTING .

          • they should return to eastern Europe didn’t you read my comments ..didn’t you read your history of the khazars ……im sure that by me mentioning eastern Europe you are expecting that the khazars would be classified as CAUCASIAN …so once again the jews that lived in the muslim/arab land did immigrate from place to place or land to land …..this is my answer ..any other question

    • Adam, you got an outspoken antisemitic terrorist on your website, with a nazi-like blood and land-ideology.

      • wooooow I can see that fritzell have an issue with the truth and cant bear the fact that someone is challenging his boring /false /pathetic point of view … now let me see …
        whats the meaning of anti-Semite ???? and what has it got to to do with you you’re not a semite ( I am one so im anti myself deuuh !!!!) you are a khazar your book if you are religious is the Talmud and not the holy torah ……you know that Talmud that filthy racist vomiting book …are you gonna tell me that im talking crap I can read few passages if you want me too ….tell me aren’t you caliing the non jews GOYIMS or in a common language SUB HUMANS / ANIMALS / LOWER RACE /BEING …
        you said that I was a Nazi like how ironic first of all im not Caucasian im not GERMAN and most of all what is a definition of a Nazi …you telling us they killed people because they were the superior race ..aren’t you the same read your Talmud you are doing it in Palestine ,Iraq ,Afghanistan ,in Syria ( OH ! OH! OH! SORRY your reply’s gonna be but we are not involved …….directly for sure but indirectly you are everywhere like parasites and you know it ( need proof let me know …)
        are you less guilty than a Nazi ( having said that the Nazi / german was defending his land against traitors / inequality …remember when the jew was living a lavish life the life of the riches when the germans couldn’t find the most basic form of food ..the jew was buying pieces of art or what you call paintings at ludicrous prices when germany was in the hands of the Zionist jew and their allies / the rest of Europe for more than 20 years ….the value of the deutshmark was equal to ZERO and the germans were so poor that they were dying like flies at the same time the jew wasn’t even concerned or didn’t even bothered to help of find a solution( they were supposed to be germans !!! …NOT ) but then again why aren’t we surprised a jew will never belong to a race ( although they are telling us that ….jew is a race …) .to a nationality or swear allegiance to any country HEY FRITZELL CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG …but I don’t think you’ll be able to as you fully know that’s the truth .
        one more point the Nazi didn’t invade / steal other lands and he did once again he was defending his land gainst the same people that wanted to attack him or should I say attack him for 20 years prior to the second ZION /Caucasian war WHAT YOU ALL CALL SECOND WORLD WAR …by the way whats so world war about it ??????
        now you called me terrorist ……really I didn’t know …WHY ????? and whats your definition of a terrorist ???? is it someone that is telling the truth and fighting injustice is it someone that is fighting for his land …….YOU METIONNED BLOWING so far the blowing is done by you ……the bombing is done by you the killing is done by you !!!! so please tell me how am I a terrorist ….so far all I read is nothing … people are shallow nothing to show for as I said in my previous comments once you corner a jew and challenge his views ……you have nothing but BLA BLA BLA BLA ….
        oh and anti semite this anti-Semite that ( and they are not semite …..pathetic )
        so fritzell who are you kidding ????? not me for sure because I know your likes don’t forget ….
        by the way as you said we’re killing each other !!!! deuuuh !! first what has it got to do with you ???? secondly you said you gonna be around for a while …oh yeah for now but as I said itr would take 10,20.40,60, 100 years but time will come when we gonna have our word ….free palestine and the ,muslim world NO RUSH we’ll clean our mess first ….and we will …
        so now before I finish are you gonna have a reply for me or is it gonna be the boring /pathetic ..vomiting replies such as TERRORIST /ANTISEMITE ( WHO GIVES A SHIT ) …..POOR PEOPLE IF YOU ARE LYING TO THE HUM,ANS RACE MAKE SURE YOU ‘LL HAVE WAYS TO BACK IT UP
        SAD !!!!!!!!!!!! PALESTINE FOREVER /JUSTICE FOREVER / FREEDOM FOREVER long live the jews ( sadly a minority but nevertheless ) ,the christians and the non muslims that are fighting for Palestine fighting for the truth and fighting injustice
        now moron get a life if you have a convincing reply for me get back to me otherwise please don’t be pathetic you are embarrassing yourself

        • you are a khazar your book if you are religious is the Talmud and not the holy torah ?
          LOLWhen you write this do you mean all the Jews all over the world or just zionist Jews. Does this include Neturei Karta?

    • hey poufaxmitzvah why am I not surprised !!! every time you corner a jew you wont get a straight reply …I NEVER SAID THEAT THERE WERE NO PALESTINE MORON READ BACK WHAT I WROTE .all I got from you is the usual bullshit meaning nothing why aren’t you answering my questions ……you know why because you know im right and I go a point ….I TOLD YOU PEOPLE YOU ARE PATHETIC SHALLOW who are you kidding