Guardian headline fail: Zionist expansionism edition

Did the Israeli government just back the annexation of the Jordan Valley?!

Well, if you were to read the Guardian’s original headline yesterday accompanying a report by Harriet Sherwood, you’d be forgiven for believing that such an extreme policy was indeed backed by Netanyahu’s coalition.

Here’s a cached page of the original:


However, as Guardian editors evidently soon realized, the text of Sherwood’s article doesn’t support the sensational title.  All that had occurred was a symbolic vote in favor of annexation by eight ministers within the Ministerial Legislative Committee.  Dissenting ministers will appeal the vote, which places the matter in the hands of Netanyahu, who opposes the resolution and has reportedly agreed to dismantle all Israeli settlements in the Jordan Valley.  Indeed, the legislation will almost certainly be killed before it even reaches the full Knesset.

A few hours after the Guardian article was published, the title was changed to more accurately reflect reality:


Despite the improved headline, it’s still remarkable that the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent devoted an entire article (and over 700 words) to a symbolic vote on a resolution which will almost certainly never be voted on, yet alone become law.

If Sherwood wanted to focus on actions which undermine trust between the two parties, she could have devoted a column to the hero’s welcome offered by the PA for the 26 newly released terrorists – and Mahmoud Abbas’s characterization of such murderers as Palestinian role models.

But, of course, stories on Palestinian incitement and the glorification of terror – actions which are clearly inimical to peace – would not serve to advance the Guardian narrative of the conflict.

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  1. “All that had occurred was a symbolic vote in favor of annexation by”

    Good article… the Guardian again shoots herself in the foot.

    Good for CIFWatch as well , as we are now talking about a slanted and unprofessional Guardian article …rather than the fact that 8 Cabinet Ministers are middle- fingering , war-mongering lunatics in one of the world’s most fragile situations.

    • In the ME, being strong and assertive is conducive to peace, not war. War only happens when there is no clear ruler and people fight for the position.

      • “being strong and assertive”

        Hilarious. Threatening to destabilise the situation to deliberately destroy any tiny chances of peace and it is seen as noble .

        Lord is there any ghastly thing that these racist cretins would do to which there would be a complaint on these pages?

        • No, we don`t complaint that you Antisemite are posting here. You only prove the necessity of Israel. Therefore thanks for your cooperation

          • I love you Fritz you are exactly what I imagine a sour and fixated man in the area to be like. I guess when people hate Muslims so badly they need to project their insanity on to others.

            • Well, we know that Antisemites like you are perverts, obsessed by the idea to post at Jewish websites with the goal to teach them a lesson.

            • It has nothing to do with muslims hatred and everything to do with the fact that you don;t think Israel has a right to exist .

  2. Facallen you are right these Semites only understand power and if you are weak they will devour you – put them in cages and it will work out trust me – Remember Israel represents the last bastion of civilisation in the Orient, now that the Blacks have taken over in South Africa –

  3. Can’t understand why Netanyahu would agree to dismantle the Jordan Valley settlements. Why would Israel cave to pressure from Kerry and Obama, who obviously have a strong dislike for Israel and its interests?

  4. “Kerry and Obama, who obviously have a strong dislike for Israel ”

    . I can see why Obama hates Netanyahu. I well remember their first press conference when a seasoned Bebe wiped the floor with him using the phrase “wipe off the map ” leaving Obama faffing about looking like a first year student at school.

    Given that Israel is kept alive by the rapidly sinking US and still just does what she wants regardless of the US ( and did you read what Kissinger said ? )

    Israel will be welcomed back when she starts to behave herself and accepts the 67 lines . Unfair to all sides but the only solution acceptable to the world.

    • “Israel will be welcomed back when she starts to behave herself and accepts the 67 lines . Unfair to all sides but the only solution acceptable to the world.”
      Quite an old antisemitic reproach that Jews don`t behave, Antisemite. Be a little more creative when posting here your hate.

      • ” Jews don`t behave”

        I said ” Israel ” not Jews. One of the markers of an anti semite in CIFWatchs blurb is that they blame Jews for Israels transgressions.

        You are doing this. You are not only a Muslim hater but you are anti semitic as well

        • Now, obsessed pervert, are you telling Jews that they are not Jews, that the Jews are the real Antisemites, are you selecting and defining like a nazi?
          Well, you are either a nazi or a complete idiot, obsessed by your pervert desire to teach Jews a lesson at a Jewish website.
          In the first case you are a subject for police and bar, in the second for medical treatment, but both will end in confinement.
          Peace to your poor, martyred soul.

          • “obsessed pervert,”

            I resent this . I am not obsessed ! 🙂


            “Isn;t Israel the Jewish state”

            It is “the Jewish State” when it is attacked. When it is on manoeuvre it reverts to ” Israel ” . You never ever hear the guy who redesigned the building in Qana refered to as anything other than a member of the IDF . In fact the very act of asking which religion he was is enough for Fritz to call one a Nazi. ( Actually saying “good morning ” without condemning Muslims would probably do the trick as well.)

            Peace to is to a safe powerful Israel behind the 67 lines.

              • ” you prefer pervert to nazi? ”

                Why not a combination? A who accepts their country’s narrative when common sense should tell them that their country is run by super rich folk/arms people/ religious extremists .

                One who is suffering from not having a philosophical/ moral/ economic analytical ability worth a damn. I think you know who I mean

                • Besides admitting that you talk about Jews when speaking of Israel albeit defamed as religious extremists, in come the Elders. Thanks for your cooperation.

    • That’s right Israel, under international law you’re not required to accept the “67 lines,” but the law can’t protect you from the mob of idiots and their representative here, Website, so forget the law and your inherent rights and do as you’re told or they’ll make big trouble for you.

  5. And the Zionist Anti-Semites I understand visit Semite homes in West Bank to practice torture all done to ensure the tortured feel at home as the Zionist practice torturing their semite cousins – This is what civilization looks like in the only democracy after over 60 years of occupying the barbarians. I fully understand the IDF that they are only doing this to protect their citizens without unduly disturbing the civilians. A perfect example of the most moral Army in the world.

    • Nice try, Natze boy and thanks for the cooperation to legitimate the state of Israel by presenting your hate of Jews.

    • Thanks for getting that “Zionist Anti-Semites” bit in at the start of your post. Saved me reading what is no doubt further deranged bullshit.

    There is no legal barrier to Israel Defense Forces training inside Palestinian villages in the West Bank, according to a document prepared by the IDF’s Military Advocate General.

    Maj. Harel Weinberg, the MAG’s deputy prosecutor for operational affairs, wrote that the legality of training inside Palestinian villages is anchored in the principles of “belligerent occupation,” by which the military commander, who is the sovereign authority in the area, is obligated to maintain security and public order in the West Bank, and so must hold occasional training exercises in populated areas.

    Still, Weinberg wrote that troops taking part in such training were required to “avoid putting the population at risk, damaging their property or causing unreasonable disturbance to their daily routine.” The document was written in response to a complaint filed by activists of the Yesh Din NGO following a series of incidents involving IDF training in villages.

    In one incident last May, troops held an exercise in the middle of the village of Amatin. In another case three months ago, during Ramadan, the army held a training exercise at Tel Rumeida in Hebron while a family there was eating breakfast in their yard. According to a report by family members, about 15 soldiers broke into their yard without permission, scattered throughout both floors of the home, and practiced breaking into a home using special equipment — all while family members were inside.

    The IDF Spokesman said: “After looking into the matter, the Military Advocate General found that there was no legal obstacle to holding training in inhabited areas as part of maintaining security in the area. The orders issued for the drills that take place in populated urban areas include a statute requiring coordination with the ones doing the drill. It will also be made clear that as part of the training exercises, the soldiers must avoid putting the population at risk, damaging their property or causing unreasonable disturbance to their daily routine. Anywhere that there are deviations from these rules, the Military Advocate General will order that clarification be given and will take the appropriate measures.”

    • Natzie boy in despair, how to defame. Thanks for the coperation with the effort to legitimate the state of Israel.

  7. Fritz I agree with you state of Israel needs to legitimze itself – but today it is illegitimate – I am glad we both agree on that – and if you review the world as you do today – it is doubtful that attempts to legitimize are working – In the last century Guardian would have been sing praises of the Kibbutzim today it is abusing the settlements –