Guardian improves original headline to story on ALLEGED ‘Israeli tear gas’ fatality

The Guardian published this Reuters report today:

headlineThere’s one big problem. As you read the report it’s clear that, at this point, there are only “claims” by Palestinian “witnesses” that “an 85-year old Palestinian died after inhaling teargas fired by the Israeli army”.   The Israeli military is investigating the incident, and the allegation has not been corroborated.

Indeed, if you read reports elsewhere which cite the same Reuters story, you’ll see that a significant qualification was included:


Even Al-Arabiya noted that the report was only based on Palestinian sources:


Later in the day, Guardian editors changed the headline, adding quotes around ‘after inhaling tear gas’ and revising language in the strap line (“Villagers say…”) to indicate that the allegations are only based on what some Palestinians are telling the media.


Finally, as past claims about Palestinians allegedly killed by Israeli tear gas demonstrate, responsible media outlets would be wise to follow this story closely and not base their reports merely on Palestinian sources.

Editor’s Note:  We were recently contacted by Guardian editors to explain that CiF Watch did not prompt the correction, and that their staff caught the error and made the change on their own. The title of this post has been amended accordingly.

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  1. Yes another victory for CIFWatch .

    Whilst the IDF have been used to support the demolition of many homes including attacking and killing hundreds of civilians in ham fisted retaliatory action this century they did not definitively kill an old guy with gas.

    It is only alleged by a Palestinian and we all know what that means.

    • Yes, it means the same as any claim made by any source who has proved unreliable in the past would (as the word of the “Palestinian street” has many, many times) – it needs corroboration. These are normal journalistic standards I would expect from any serious news media outlet. To abandon them is the mark of a propaganda sheet.

      • So Palestinians are unreliable ? Is that what you are saying?

        So how did the guy die ? He killed himself? His neighbour killed him? I think when you start to see these people as individuals rather than part of an anti-Semitic gang of cutthroats you will be welcomed into the modern world .

        Yes the paper should have said “alleged ” but you seem to be missing the larger picture …an old guy is dead ..ah feck whats the use you wont get it.

        • He was 85… My father died naturally at 82.

          Was my father’s death also had some sort of conspirecy attached to it?

          Point is journalists need to investigate and leave the forensic sience to the proffessionals and not to “hear say” by neighbours.

          Surly you agree with this?

          Sadly we have had several PA law makers and governers caught lying on camera.
          Example can be found in the Jenin “Massacre”.

          These are very serious allegations which serious journalists should have pursued and humiliated the person in charge of spreading them, naming and shaming the involved parties.
          Any one caught lying and abusing his official duties by spreading lies should be removed from his / her post.

          Do you disagree B, or does this only apply to Israelis, Zionists or even Jews?

          • ” Example can be found in the Jenin “Massacre”. ”

            Yes this was a gift for Israel. We are talking about the misuse of the word “massacre ” rather than the fact that a superbly armed IDF killed 53 guys as retaliation for the spate of bombings …hundreds injured. I suspect that the ” Palestinian sources ” that claimed 500 deaths maybe meant casualties if indeed they could ever be traced.

            You know in the more famous Glencoe massacre only 40 were killed. The more I read this site the more I realise that such hyperbole from the Guardian and ” Palestinian sources ” are an essential part of the narrative …only 53 dead…no massacre. No need to negotiate with liars ?

            • “Yes this was a gift for Israel.”

              A gift?
              People died as a result of these lies!
              Keep your gifts you sick puppy.

              You want to know what is a massacre.

              “Thirteen reserve soldiers killed in Jenin ambush
              By The Jerusalem Post Internet Staff
              Palestinian gunmen killed 13 IDF reserve soldiers in a well-planned, multi-stage ambush in the center of Jenin’s refugee camp early this morning.
              Reserve troops on patrol in the Jenin refugee camp ran into a well-planned Palestinian ambush, possibly carried out by members of Islamic Jihad in a small area in the center of the camp.
              The gunmen detonated a number of bombs alongside the reservists, killing a number of them outright. Palestinians located on surrounding rooftops and other high positions subsequently opened fire on the Israeli force.
              According to Israel Radio, a number of soldiers were also killed when Palestinians detonated an additional bomb, collapsing a building on the troops.”

              There was no intention to take hostages or capture anyone.
              The intention was to ambush and kill whoever you can from an elevated position.

              How many of your colleagues were in Jenin awaiting the command to storm the camp in 2002?
              Thought as much…

              They sat in the surrounding hills till mid day giving the Arab “defenders” all the time in the world to prepare and inflict as much damage as they can.

              Fact – Jenin was a hotbed for bomb makers and suicide bombers.
              Fact – most of the dead in Jenin died while taking part of battle.
              Fact – The PA lied about Israelis commiting massacres in the camp.
              Fact – Jenin there are hardly any refugees in Jenin but it is still call itself a refugee camp.

              Fact – Berchman believes Zionism has no place in what was once the British mandate of Palestine.

              Refute this B.

              • .

                “Fact ..Zionism has no place in what was once the British mandate of Palestine.”

                How can you say it is a fact when I believe exactly the opposite you plank ? I believe in a strong state for Jews in pre 67 Israel. You like many others prefer to see people as Nazis who even gently criticise your stance.

                The comedy is you don’t see yourself as a maniacal extremist . The fact that 95% of the world is against you doesn’t seem to matter . Good luck when the US goes tits up by the way .

                • Everybody is a maniacal extremist who defends Israel against the “gently” critic of an Antisemite, bold to be part of an imagined 95%.
                  Poor pervert loses his grip on reality.

                • This is why I hinted for you to refute it.
                  Which you have.

                  Thank you.

                  Glad to see we are on the same side.
                  Shame you believe we are maniacal extremists though.
                  And if we are, I dare not ask what you believe the Ayatollas, Taliban, house of Saud, MB members, Combat 18, Baruch Goldstein’s followers, IJ, etc, are….

              • Fritzy

                “defends Israel against the “gently” critic of an Antisemite, ”

                Your English is better than my whatever language you normally threaten Muslims with… but you are trying to take on a paper that is notoriously high brow and bullet proof as far as your attempts are concerned .

                Leave it to those whose first language is English otherwise it is embarrassing.

            • “Indeed any “war crimes” committed in Jenin were likely committed by the Palestinians. The Geneva Conventions prohibit “the feigning of an intent to negotiate under a flag of truce or of a surrender” and “the feigning of civilian, non-combatant status” by fighters. The Palestinians themselves claim to have done both. This is how Al Ahram tells the story of the Jenin ambush that killed 13 Israeli soldiers: ” ‘They were lured there,’ [the bombmaker] says. ‘We all stopped shooting and the women went out to tell the soldiers that we had run out of bullets and were leaving.’ The women alerted the fighters as the soldiers reached the booby-trapped area. ‘When the senior officers realized what had happened, they shouted through megaphones that they wanted an immediate ceasefire. We let them approach to retrieve the men and then opened fire.’ “

        • Not only have the Palestinians proven themselves to be unreliable news sources, but you have proven yourself to be little more than a mentally unstable dipstick who brings nothing to these discussions.

          In case you were wondering.

  2. That Israel bashing is truly out of control.
    No wonder why an asshole like Dieudonné can make such odious shows: European press sets a very bad standard.

  3. Great job by Israeli forces arresting the Palestinian mass murderers trying to slaughter old Jews on a bus. These are the Islamo Nazis the Guardian supports.
    Security forces nab Islamic Jihad members suspected of planting Bat Yam bus bomb

    Shin Bet arrests 4 suspects accused of perpetrating attack, 10 more suspected of aiding them; Netanyahu: It’s time Abbas stopped celebrating with freed murderers and led his people to peace. Bat Yam bombing suspects.
    Bat Yam bombing suspects Photo: Shin Bet
    Security forces have arrested 14 members of an Islamic Jihad terrorist group from Bethlehem who is suspected of blowing up a bus in Bat Yam last month, it was cleared for publication on Thursday.

    The passengers of the bus narrowly escaped the December 22 bombing when an alert passenger informed the driver of a suspected package on the bus. The driver evacuated the bus while another passenger looking inside the bag found what he said looked like a pressure cooker with a red wire coming out of it.

    According to the Shin Bet, during their interrogations, the detainees admitted that in recent months the group decided to carry out a mass killing in Israel.

    The four central suspects arrested are Yosef Salamah, 22, Sahaha Tamari, 24, his brother Hamadi Tamari, 21 and Sami Harimi, 20.

    The bomb was created by the Hamadi brothers and Yosef Salamah. They used 2 kg of improvised explosives, nails and screws and attached it to a cellular operating system for remote operation.

    The bomb was delivered to Harimi, hidden inside in a black handbag. On the morning of December 22 Harimi traveled to the southern Hebron hills and illegally crossed over the border to Israel.

    Harimi then got into the car of a Bedouin Israeli citizen and was driven, along with other men that had crossed with him, to Jaffa. After praying in a mosque, Harimi got on the Dan bus line 240, put the bomb in the center of the bus and got off the bus. A few minutes later he called the cellular device attached to the bomb to set it off.

    During his interrogation Harimi, who was arrested in Bethlehem on December 26, stated his intention to commit a larger act of terror in the Tel Aviv area around the same time period. His arrest prevented him from doing so.

    During the interrogation of Hamadi, police uncovered 20 kg of explosives near his home.

    The investigation is still in progress and more arrests are expected.

    Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu commended the Shin Bet, IDF and the police for acting quickly to capture the terror cell that planted the bomb on the bus in Bat Yam.

    “One of the members of the cell was a policeman in the Palestinian police,” Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page.

    “This is another proof to the direct involvement of the Palestinian Authority in terror. It is time [PA President Mahmoud] Abbas stops celebrating with released murderers and led his people to peace,” he added.

    • Of course they won’t.
      They only send their kids against us cause they know 2 things:

      1) We rarely kill their kids and their kids get a better treatment in our detention centres than they get in any other arab state or Arab state wanabe.

      2) They know the world is a racist place.
      How so?
      The world axcuses Arab brotality while is appalled by Israeli one.
      The world sees Arab brutality as a natural thing the same as a childish attitude.

      Ken, Me and you know that Arabs are not children and behave in the way they do because the world expects them to and hands them a carte blanche to do so.
      This is the cycle that must be broken.
      Crack down on Arab AntiSemitism first!
      The European one is but a smear in front of it.

      • “We rarely kill their kids ”

        At least one hundred children died in Operation Cast Lead. Muslim kids . I guess your idea of rarely is different from those with half a brain

        • The Antisemite remembers the death of muslim chidren, who are precious to him, while Jewish chidlren are murdered by terrorist youths he moans.
          Thanks for your cooperation by showing your bigotry in such an extreme way.

          • “remembers the death of muslim chidren..not Jewish children ”

            You half wit . It was your post that talked about Muslim children . What are you like with your infantile attempts to score points when you show every post that you are incapable of it.

            You said the deaths were rare.I simply said that a hundred dead kids just 5 years ago doesn’t seem rare. You will know of the astonishing intellectual and literary contribution the Jews have made to the world . Are you sure you weren’t adopted?

            • Poor Antisemite, that explains all, your adoption fantasy, that ia. You are adopted, but nobody wanted to keep you and now you are in search of a lost childhood hating happy Jewish children.

              • ” a lost childhood hating happy Jewish children.”

                You are so strange. I will give you that you keep coming back at me even though ,like Cool Hand Luke there is nothing at all there.

          • For webshite Jewish children’s lives don’t count. Only mass murderers, islamofascists, and the deaths of other than Jewish children could provoke his sympathy.

            • ” Jewish children’s lives don’t count ”

              I condemn any attack on any Jewish child. If I only condemn this a fifth as much as I condemn the death of Muslim children is it because

              I love Muslim children five times as much OR is it because there have been 5 times the number of Muslim children killed this century ?What do you think?

              • …there have been 5 times the number of Muslim children killed this century ?What do you think?
                I think that pappy and mummy should have accepted a compromise a long time ago, shouldn’t have elected leaders who don’t give a half shekel about their children’s well being and put them in harm’s way, that they should have used the billions of bucks they got from the world to educate them not to hate and to martyrdom but peaceful cooperation and finally I think that if you are really pissed off due the high number of dead Muslim children then you should post on the Hamas/Hezballah websites demanding from the comrades not to launch rockets at Israel from schoolyards and kindergartens and begging from daddy and mummy not allow the kids throwing stones on motorists. Simple enough pervert?

        • Because those kids weren’t located where the missile silos were.

          Since we’re talking about kids, you have so little concern for the children of Sderot. Because you’re not a clown.

          • ” You have so little concern for the children of Sderot. ”

            I will today go to Sderot to act as a human shield if you would help with the fares . You guy are hilarious.Its like you missed a vital stage in evolution. . It is possible to have grown up not hating Jews you simplistic balloon.

            • You’re really bad at snark. That said, if you don’t want me talking about the kids of Sderot, then you shouldn’t bring up the kids killed in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. If you want to talk about dead Palestinian children, then you ought to get ready to hear one of the reasons — including the MAIN REASON — as to why those children may very well be dead.

              But you’re the type of Middle East chatterbox that wants to know EXACTLY HOW an 85 year old man died if not by the hands of Israel. Because you’re a flippant genius posting with his 7th moniker since I’ve regularly joined this website.

              Webbshitforbrains, I blame ALL Middle East violence on your sorryassself. Congrats, Big Man.

      • They also know the PA and Hamas will gladly pay their families stipends for fighting the Zionist Presence and fighting against Assad brings them, sadly, nothing.

  4. A hasbara perception of Palestinians – did Cifwatch any prizes at Haifa
    “probably end up being lynched in Bethlehem by hostile Palestinians,”