With Ariel Sharon’s Death, Expect the Usual Falsehoods

The following report was written by Alex Safian and published at CAMERA

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon died [yesterday] at a hospital in Israel at the age of 85, eight years after a debilitating stroke left him in a near coma. When Sharon, considered by many military experts to have been one of the leading generals of the twentieth century, suffered the stroke in 2006, Op-Ed writers and reporters published numerous retrospective pieces trying to sum-up his career.

Some, by Saree Makdisi and the late Christopher Hitchens, for example, were nothing but anti-Sharon screeds, while others, though somewhat more responsible, repeated many of the same discredited allegations that have long been used by polemicists to unfairly malign the Israeli leader.

Already CNN has posted stories distorting Sharon’s and Israel’s history. For example Ariel Sharon: Hero or butcher? Five things to know claims that:

Sharon long insisted that a controversial visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, one of Islam’s most holy sites, in 2000 was not a provocation.

But it is considered among many to be one of the flashpoints that sparked the Second Intifada, a Palestinian uprising that followed a failed round of peace talks with Israelis. During the visit, Sharon walked through the mosque’s compound. Within hours, protests over his visit turned violent.

The mosque and its compound sits on Temple Mount, a holy site for Jews, that is known to Muslims as Haram al Sharif, “The Noble Sanctuary.”

Of course, and contrary to CNN, the Temple Mount is not just a “holy site for Jews,” it is the holiest site for Jews, equivalent to what Mecca and Medina are for Muslims. Indeed, its holiness is exactly why the Muslim conquerors of Jerusalem built their mosque there, on the site of the Jews’ ancient temples. And contrary to the impression left by CNN, Sharon never entered the Al-Aqsa Mosque or the Dome of the Rock. Furthermore, as detailed below, Arafat had promised US leaders before Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount that he would prevent any violence, then, in the words of Dennis Ross, he “didn’t lift a finger.” And, of course, the “failed round of peace talks” resulted from Arafat’s walk out following Israeli PM Barak’s acceptance of the Clinton Parameters.

Read the rest of the report, here.

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  1. ” Hitchens link shows him falsely suggesting that Ariel Sharon masterminded the 1982 massacre of Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila ”

    Hitchens was one part brilliant one part upper class twit and should not be seen as important in this debate. Rather than accept the catastrophe that the incident should have been for Sharon.. the writer finds the over bearing Hitchens’ hyperbole more an issue than the hundreds of dead Palestinians.

    He did not mastermind the massacre, he merely went out for a pint with the lads whilst the Christians got on with it.Lets just hope there is no violence when he is buried.

  2. Sharon had nothing to do with the killings. Elie Hobeika was the person who ordered the killings and not Ariel Sharon. What you didn’t tell people WEbbsite , after Sabra and Chatilla, Hobeika was put under protection by Assad Sr in Lebanon.

    After Syria invaded and took over Lebanon in 1990. Hobeika was rewarded by Assad for his actions in Sabra and Chatilla and put in the Lebanese parliament for 10 years.

    It was then learned by Hobeika’s bodyguard, (Roger Hatem), Elie Hobeika was a Syrian agent in the 82 War. Hatem was Hobeika’s bodyguard for 10 years. Roger Hatem wrote a book called, from Israel to Damascus. You can read the book online. Just google, From Israel to Damascus.

    Hatem documents, how Hobeika ordered the killings at Sabra and Chatilla to make Israel look bad, so Syria could control Lebanon. The only reason why the Christians went along with Hobeika’s orders, was to avenge the thousands of Christians, who were killed by the PLO in Damour Lebanon and because the Lebanese Christian President Gamayel was just killed.

    2nd, in 1985, the Syrian backed Amals Shiites, attacked the same Sabra camp and killed 650 Arabs. Ofcourse when Arabs kill each other, no one cares. What Hatem documents in his book. Sharon told Hobeika only to go after the armed PLO gunman in Sabra. Sharon made very clear to Hobeika not to target any civilians. Hobeika agreed to the orders. Then Hobeika gave his own orders to his men. Kill anyone they see in Sabra. Hobeika did this, to make Israel look bad, so Syria could control Lebanon .

    If the Arabs were so concerned about the people killed in Sabra and Chatilla, why did Syria and Lebanon protect the person who ordered the killings.
    (Elie Hobeika).
    Why did Assad put Hobeika in the Syrian controlled Lebanese parliament?
    What you had in Sabra and Chatilla was Arabs killing Arabs.
    Not one single Israeli killed any Arab there.
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    • ” Sharon had nothing to do with the killings. ”

      I didnt say he did. I specifically said he was off with the lads celebrating the birthday of a friend.Well not a friend really more an acquaintance.

      The Israelis who said he should never hold office again and then voted him in as PM following the stunt that helped kickstart the 2nd intifada ..what are they like eh ?

      Pretty forgiving bunch .

      • Forgiving bunch? it wasn;t sharon who murderd 1000 Israelis in the 2nd intifada.Blaminig was just an exuse. He went on the temple mount? How dared he? Didn;t he know that Jews have nothing to do with the temple mount only muslim do?
        It just go well with the fact that Palestinain say there was no temple there and nothing holly to the Jews
        .I voted for him and there was nothing to forgive him

        • ” it wasn;t sharon who murderd 1000 Israelis”

          I didnt say it was. All I am saying is that the investigators found he had other things to do as they Palies were slaughtered ..other places to be.Any other society might shun or run away from such a man ..there would be a shuffle of embarrassment if he came into the pub.

          But in Israel he got voted PM ?

          • “But in Israel he got voted PM ?”

            The current leader of the PA was the mastermind behind murdering 11 Israeli athletes and coaches at the 1972 Munich Games, Dipshit. Gee, you think that’s one reason Abbas won’t even produce a counter-proposal to 2000, 2004 and 2008?

            May your journey return you to Uranus.

              • “You are a true vulgarian.” He may be, but you keep raising allegations (or at the least inferences) of terrible wrongdoing by Sharon and then when being argued against, you say “I didn’t say he did” and then throwing up another smear.

                Now, I was no great fan of Sharon (if I had had a vote, I wouldn’t have voted for him) but you’ve really got to do better than that, webby.

                • ” then when being argued against, you say “I didn’t say he did” and then throwing up another smear.”

                  Another smear ? …so the neglect of duty proven by Israelis themselves ..this is a “smear” is it ? I thought him being asked never to enter the cabinet again unless as the maintenance man would be more a catastrophic and murderous career blunder but lets bury the man first.

                  He was way less damaging for the world but especially the ME than Blair way less died under him and he has excuses for his actions …direct attacks on his people what the hell excuse did Blair have ?

    • Israel’s Phalangist allies may have committed the atrocity at Sabra and Shatilla, but it was the Israeli Army which provided the tank and artillery cover and the lighting.

  3. http://www.israelnewsagency.com/arafatterrorismisrael123115.html
    During the 12 year Civil War in Lebanon, caused by Yassir Arafat’s assuming power through terror, his terrorists committed mass murder. Whole villages of Christians like Damour were massacred, chopped into pieces with machetes. Out of the 30,000 Christians, 10,000 were slaughtered by Arafat’s PLO. The town was then occupied and kept as Arafat’s stronghold.

    David Shipler of the New York Times wrote the story of Damour June 21, 1982. There were individual murders.! One horrific, but typical, example is when the Muktar (leader) of a village refused to be cooperative with Arafat and his terrorists. The Muktar’s teenage daughter was abducted and raped. Her breasts were cut off and she was delivered to the doorstep of her father in a sack.

  4. and the lies continues

    Legal findings
    The investigative Kahan Commission (1982) found the Israeli Defence Forces indirectly responsible for the massacre, as the I.D.F. held the area, and that no Israeli was directly responsible for the events which occurred in the camps.
    The Commission determined that the massacre at Sabra and Shatilla was carried out by a Phalangist unit, acting on its own but its entry was known to Israel and approved by Sharon. Prime Minister Begin was found responsible for not exercising greater involvement and awareness in the matter of introducing the Phalangists into the camps.
    The Commission also concluded that the defense minister (Sharon) bore personal responsibility “for ignoring the danger of bloodshed and revenge [and] not taking appropriate measures to prevent bloodshed”. It said Sharon’s negligence in protecting the civilian population of Beirut, which had come under Israeli control, amounted to a dereliction of duty of the minister.[3] The commission recommended in early 1983 the removal of Sharon from his post as Defense minister and stated:
    We have found … that the Minister of Defense [Ariel Sharon] bears personal responsibility. In our opinion, it is fitting that the Minister of Defense draw the appropriate personal conclusions arising out of the defects revealed with regard to the manner in which he discharged the duties of his office—and if necessary, that the Prime Minister consider whether he should exercise his authority … to … remove [him] from office.”[35]
    Sharon initially refused to resign as Defense Minister and Begin refused to fire him. After a grenade was thrown into a dispersing crowd of an Israeli Peace Now march, killing Emil Grunzweig and injuring 10 others, a compromise was reached: Sharon agreed to forfeit the post of Defense Minister but stayed in the cabinet as a minister without portfolio.

    And lies will continue – or is it a lie?

    • Seeing as how there is absolutely no context to the voice of the report you ripped from some website without reference (a tactic also known as Plagiarism and, loosely, lazy bullshit) I have no idea what the point is you’re proving. Who is saying what about huh?

      Anti-Israel dipshits are the biggest losers ever.

  5. As an other poster wrote on an other blog:
    “I have already started reading the cheers of sick minds and Israel haters. To them I say “You will never be priveiliged to be represented by someone as powerful a leader in the political and military battlefield as Sharon. You words of denigration simply highlight your impotence. He defeated those you support with grit, determination and a talent that your side can never match.”

  6. I seem to remember another country not far from Hungary(to the West) that had the fortune to be lead by a very powerful political and military leader – or was that their misfortune? It certainly was a great misfortune for the minorities in their midst.

    • Jim you mean France and Napoleon.

      Only, as usual, your knowledge of history is faulty. Napoleon was very good for ‘the minorities’ in France and Europe.

    • “No I meant Brutus You idiot – go learn some geography”

      Jim, France is to the West of Hungary and without any doubt Napoleon was a political and military leader.
      As for Brutus, if you mean the one from the Roman Republic, you will find that Rome is to the South-West of Hungary not the West.

      Now what was that about needing to learn geography Jim?

  7. Gerald Travel West out of Budapest and continue doing so until you get to the borders you get to Austria and if you continue further West you get to Munich – Now go and do as I suggest = perhaps geography is not your strong point – if you steer a bit south you might end up in Brutus country –

    • Dear Dim Jim go get a full length mirror and see if you can find your own arse and elbow.
      I very much doubt it, because you certainly can’t read a map.

    • perhaps geography is not your strong point


      Anyway: so who is this mystery leader based in Munich? The “Fairytale King” Ludwig of Bavaria – most famous for building Neuschwanstein castle?

  8. Assad was behind Sabra Shatila

    Whalid Phares:

    “Hafez Assad behind the Sabra Chatila massacres, not Ariel Sharon…NGOs

    More testimonies coming from Lebanese sites and NGOs about the responsibility of the Assad regime in the Sabra and Chatila massacres. Today the World Council for the Cedars Revolution WCCR has published a note with historian Franck Salameh article who found that it was the Assad regime who actually was behind the shootings to indict Israelis and Lebanese Christians.”


    • Amazing report thank you I had no idea. Shows even the best .song writers can drop the pipe and pick up the drum without breaking sweat. Except Lennon of course.God he seems even more of a loss now that Ive read that.

      • Is that the Lennon who donated money for protective gear for NYPD who were under-protected and outgunned by the criminals they were trying to protect society from, so they could “stop the bullet?”

      • Webbsite, you seem to forget who attacked who in 1973 and how many Israelis lost their lives in the first days of the Egyptian Syrian onslaught.

        Cohen was in Greece and the war events must have been felt.

  9. And contrary to the impression left by CNN, Sharon never entered the Al-Aqsa Mosque or the Dome of the Rock.

    What “impression”? The report talks only of him walking through the mosque COMPOUND.

    Is the author really that over-sensitive that he mis-reads articles? Or is it just an attempt to paint CNN as biased?

  10. Somehow Suha Arafat doesn’t think that the second intifada was provoked by Ariel Sharon. But why should facts influence an anti-Israeli propaganda rag masquerading as a newspaper?