Hatikvah sung at Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, April 23, 1945

To commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2014, we bring you the following clip of a radio transmission from April 23, 1945 (by BBC reporters Patrick Gordon Walker and Richard Dimbleby) at the recently liberated concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen. 

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    • History, facts and eye-witness testimony shows that you are wrong, therefore you are either ignorant of the truth or a deliberate liar. But to ‘post’ such a deliberate lie on this day is done for the purpose of not only insulting the memory of those murdered, but also causing hurt and wounding the family, friends, and descendants of those who were murdered on an industrial scale.

      It would be nice to imagine that even a low-life such as you could one day learn the truth and acquire some human decency, but it would be more realistic waiting for a prawn to whistle.

      Now slither away back into the swamp of excrement and poisonous vomit that you and your anti-Semitic kind infest.

      • There were many eye witness accounts of gas chambers in Belsen, but now every historian (even the jewishvirtuallibrary) admits there ere none. Shows how reliable eye witness accounts are.

          • Yes, the eye witnesses of gas chambers at Belsen are proven liars. The liberating troops said there were no gas chambers.

            • My late father-in-law was a soldier in the British 11th Armoured Division which liberated Bergen-Belsen on April 15, 1945 . A memory which haunted him until the day he died.

              There were no gas chambers at Bergen-Belsen, as the mass killings took place in the camps further east. The soldiers claimed there were approximately 50,000 prisoners, most of whom were half-starved and seriously ill. There were thousands of corpses laying all around the place.
              No wonder 60 years later he still had nightmares.

              • I have no reason to doubt your father-in -law, except that he would have no idea what happened further east. Auschswitz was liberated by the Russians. What of the many eye witness accounts that there were gas chambers at Belsen. And that lamp shades were made from Jewish skin. Now proven to be a lie. Shame on the liars, it disrespects the real victims.

                • I beg your pardon. Who the hell do you think you are? Don’t judge people by your own standards by insinuating they are not telling the truth.
                  The British were the first into Bergen-Belsen.
                  **As it drove into Germany, the 11th Armoured Division occupied the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp on April 15, 1945, pursuant to an April 12 agreement with the retreating Germans to surrender the camp peacefully. When the 11th Armoured Division entered the camp, its soldiers were totally unprepared for what they found. Inside were more than 60,000 emaciated and ill prisoners in desperate need if medical attention. More than 13,000 corpses in various stages of decomposition lay littered around the camp. **

                  How about the BBC? Do you believe them?
                  **1945: British troops liberate Bergen-Belsen
                  British troops have entered the German concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen.

                  Inside the camp the horrified soldiers found piles of dead and rotting corpses and thousands of sick and starving prisoners kept in severely overcrowded and dirty compounds. **

                  **While Bergen-Belsen contained no gas chambers, more than 35,000 people died of starvation, overwork, disease, brutality and sadistic medical experiments. By April 1945, more than 60,000 prisoners were incarcerated in Belsen in two camps located 1.5 miles apart. Camp No. 2 was opened only a few weeks before the liberation on the site of a military hospital and barracks.**

                  DO I HEAR SORRY !!!

                  • I have no doubt about the atrocities at all concentration camps to all prisoners. I was only.talking of the claims about gas chambers at Belsen and lampshades. You have some new evidence on that. You can say sorry yourself.

                • Peter aka Patel, the Antisemite?
                  A typical nazi who alleges victims something he cannot provide, and then calls his own allegation a lie.

                  • Try to speak English, calling names makes you look foolish. Deal with the issues. Try to prove your argument in a civilised manner,

                • Patel Antisemite, why can you not provide what you alleges the victims? Because you only want to smear the vicitms, nazi.

        • Why did the Nazis were so busy destroying Treblinka if everyone died of Typhus?

          “The newly arrived Jews were beaten incessantly with whips after undressing to drive them towards the gas chambers; hesitant men were treated particularly brutally. Rudolf Höss, the commandant at Auschwitz, contrasted the practice at Treblinka of lying to the victims about the showers with his own camp’s practice of telling them they had to go through a “delousing” process.[73] According to the postwar testimony of some SS officers, men were always gassed first, while women and children waited outside the gas chambers for their turn. During this time, the women and children could hear the sounds of suffering from inside the gas chambers, and they became aware of the fate that awaited them, which caused panic, distress, and even involuntary defecation.[71] According to Stangl, a train transport of about 3,000 people could be “processed” in a matter of three hours. In a single 14-hour workday, 12,000 to 15,000 people would be killed.[74] After the new gas chambers were built, the duration of the killing process was reduced to an hour and a half.

          In late July 1944 Soviet forces began to approach from the east. The surrounding villages (Poniatowo, Prostyń, and Grądy) were destroyed by the departing Germans along with most direct evidence of genocidal intent; 761 buildings were burned to the ground and many families were killed.[149] The fields of grain that once fed the SS were scorched.[150] On 19 August 1944 the church in Prostyń along with its bell tower were blown up as the last German defence centre against the Red Army in the area.[151] By the time Soviets entered Treblinka on 16 August, the extermination zone had been levelled, plowed over, and planted with lupins.[32][120] What remained, wrote visiting war correspondent Vasily Grossman, were small bits of bone in the soil, human teeth, scraps of paper and fabric, broken dishes, jars, shaving brushes, rusted pots and pans, cups of all sizes, mangled shoes, and lumps of human hair everywhere.[152] The road leading to the camp was pitch black. Until summer 1944 human ashes (up to 20 carts every day) had been regularly strewn by the remaining prisoners along the road for two kilometres in the direction of Treblinka I.”


          • Rudolf Höss, the commandant at Auschwitz was beaten into admitting 5 million Jews were gassed. This has now been proven impossible and the plaque has been changed from 4 million to 1 million.

              • Very little proof. Eye witnesses claimed there were gas chambers at German camps, not this has been disproved. The camp in Auchswitz has doors that open inwards, windows, and no Zykoln B residue. If they were to exhume the remains of victims and test for Zyklon B this would put the matter to rest.

                • I haven’t encountered you previously and I certainly hope I never do again.
                  You are a prize idiot and if you have nothing better to do with your life than to attempt to refute proven facts, I actually feel sorry for you. I VERY STRONGLY suggest you get a new life because you certainly could use one about now, if not sooner.

                  • Name calling is very childish. These are not proven facts. Read “The Holocaust Industry” by Norman Finkelstein, whose parents were in Auchswitz. Try to vent your hate in positive ways.

                    • Well done!! Kol hakavod. You have just shown yourself to be less credible than ever. Fancy quoting Norman Finklestein.
                      You are beyond pathetic and not worth wasting my time and energy on. Shalom

                    • yes fancy quoting , Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish man who lost all his family apart from his parents who were Auschwitz survivors. He would be really biased . lol

                    • You definitely were born yesterday. Get a new life pal. You haven’t a clue what you are talking about.

                      Next you’ll be quoting Jeff Halpern, Mondweiss and the Electronic Intifada.!

            • peter even for an anti-Semitic piece of garbage you really are stupid.

              Now off you go before Mummy and Daddy find out you’ve been using the computer again to annoy the adults.

              Whoops sorry, I forgot you don’t know who Daddy was do you. The question is does Mummy remember which one of her ‘clients’ your Daddy was?

      • It is important that those who defend the outrages against Jews both historical and verbal insist of truth which is a potent weapon, for eventually it will out, whereas lies catch out. There were no gas chambers at Belsen and there was a dreadful epidemic of typhus which killed many already crippled inmates, wasted, helpless and hopeless in their distress.

        • “..those who defend the outrages against Jews..”
          If you want to defend the outrages against the Jews then why not join your colleague above, unless of course you are one and the same person, in the swamp of filth that ALL anti-Semites belong in.

          • I spend my time defending Israel against the malice of the media and insist that when truth is known it is not hidden so that when revealed the odious anti zionists cannot profit by claims of habitual mendacity. I know the details of the liberation of Belsen and its subsequent medical disasters, their management, the mistakes my colleagues made in treatment and the lessons learned. My father in law went in on the first days.His memories were heartbreaking.

            • “..the mistakes my colleagues made in treatment..”

              Are you really claiming that your colleagues took part in the liberation of Belsen?

              • “Are you really claiming that your colleagues took part in the liberation of Belsen?”

                Why such angry replies? Of course not .My father in law was passing with British forces and was told he had to divert and see this dreadful place. My ‘colleagues’ refers to those that shared my profession and military medicine. All the Jewish sources I rely on insist there were no gas chambers at Belsen.Were there any?

                • “Are you really claiming that your colleagues took part in the liberation of Belsen?”
                  “Of course not”

                  Thank you for confirming that my doubts about the veracity of your post are well founded.

              • “Thank you for confirming that my doubts about the veracity of your post are well founded.|

                You do make it difficult. I expect vituperative replies from the usual subjects, but not from amongst friends. I’m sorry if I have offended you. It was not intended.

        • Out of 21.000 soviet POWs 14.000 died due to hunger, cold and a lot of different diseases in the Stalag between autumn 1941 and spring 1942. 5000 died during the following years, other interned were Italian and Polish military personnel.
          Malnutrition, forced labour and lack of hygienne were the normal, and prescribed by the nazi – whether Wehrmacht or SS, whether Organisation Todt or Siemens, Börsig, etc. – camp rules.
          1943 a part of the camp was turned over to the SS and became a civil internment camp, later a so called holding camp for Jews for exchange for Germans.
          Cynically in 1944 a part of this ss concentration camp was redefiend as recovery camp for interned of other concentration camps. Most of those deported into this recovery camp died due to diseases, mulnutrition, lack of hygiene, cold, starvation, exhaustion.
          With the beginning of the evacuation of the eastern concentration camps Bergen-Belsen began to incrase, in numbers of interned, of dead, in size, in monstrosity.
          The completely overcrowded camp with no medical treatment, no hygiene at all, litttle to drink and eat, brought on the death for these victims the nazis envisaged, by starvation, by cold, by forced work, y diseases, not only typhus, but tubercolsis, dysentery and more.
          Of the 60.000 fredd by British troops more than 14.000 died in the coming days and weeks.
          So better shut up.

    • The ones throwing themselves on the fences also died of typhus?

      answer this smart arse, what was the need to segregate the Jews, Roma or any other “non desirables”?

      Why deliver them there from all over Europe?
      Why impose these means on other nations that didn’t want to hand over “their” Jewish citizens?

  1. Europe remembers the Holocaust
    In Paris 17,000 people demonstrate against Hollande screaming Jews get out of France, in London one of the speaker at the City Hall Holocaust Remembrance day event was an admirer of Hitler, Lady Ashton’s in her statement put out on this occasion meticulously avoids the word “Jews” and speaks about “victims of racism” etc.
    Obviously Europeans haven’t learned a f*cking thing.

  2. “Obviously Europeans haven’t learned a f*cking thing”

    A vile and truly horrific thing to say . This was a gentle and understated piece which I congratulate.

  3. Adam, I recommend to find out the clear name of the revisionist Peter or to ban that nazi. Whether he is Patel or not, this is not free speech, but hate mongering, denigrating the victims, I oppose letting him continue his hate work..

    • Mightn’t be easy to find out who this ‘creature’ is, but Adam has his IP address. In this country only the police can find an address via court order. I have no idea if it can be done elsewhere. Though I am sure any IT person worth his/her salt could find out.

      I use WP on my site and have the ability to moderate or block by IP address, name and/or email address