Win for co-existence, eco-friendly products & Scarlett Johansson = BDS Fail

In light of news today concerning Scarlett Johansson’s stand against BDS bullies in stepping down as Oxfam ambassador, while refusing to resign from her position as global brand ambassador for the Israeli company SodaStream, we thought you’d enjoy this clip of an interview a colleague and I conducted with company CEO Daniel Birnbaum at their corporate offices in Lod.  

In the video, recorded a few months ago, Birnbaum responds to our question about pressure from BDS activists regarding their plant at Mishor Adumim which employs Jewish and Arab Israelis – and over 500 Palestinians.

We also spoke to an Israeli Arab production manager, by phone, at Mishor Adumim named Barhum Muhammed, and asked him about the working conditions there, and about a false charge leveled by a British reporter that there was a pay disparity between Jews and Palestinians.

Finally, just for fun, here’s SodaStream’s ‘banned’ Super Bowl commercial featuring Johansson singing the praises of the eco-friendly home soda-making product:

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  1. Great link above to interviews to people who work at at SodaStream at ” and over 500 Palestinians.”

    Worth watching the people working at SodaStream tell their stories – watch to the end about how one Palestinian worker has bought land in his village and built himself a house with one year of wages from SodaStream.

    Oxfam has joined the chorus of those who want to make 500 Palestinians jobless and aid-dependent.

    But that’s how the Oxfam top brass see their jobs – keep their executives happily employed by institutionalizing poverty elsewhere in the world.

  2. “refusing to resign from her position as global brand ambassador for the Israeli company SodaStream,”

    Hollywood Star Refuses To Not Take Money Shock ! Page 2 Keith Admits To Occasionally Recreational Drug Use Sensation !

    • The question you should be asking is how much the crooks at Oxfam paid her to promote their image, not whether a private company hires someone to represent them, based on her convictions about the good they are doing in a difficult part of the world.

      • Well. I feel that she has generated a publicity coup for herself and Sodastream. And a lot of people must be considering cancelling their donations to OXFAM.

    • Split infinitives aside, you just can’t seem to look at a story about the good an Israeli company does. Instead, you completely ignore it and launch into an ad hominem attack on an actor taking a principled position, impugning a purely financial motive to her actions. Have you proof? No, of course not. Is there concrete evidence that the company is doing good by its workers? Of course there is. Your comment was a knee-jerk response informed by own your bigotry. That’s what we’ve come to expect.

  3. I think Israel and Sodastream is another attempt to enrich the poor peoples in the colonies. It seems the tide is against those colonisers who have done so much to improve the conditions of the natives, including demolishing their sub-standard houses and yet nobody is grateful. Good riddance

    • Jane,
      Completely ignorant and hateful is no good way to through life. Speaking of life, maybe it’s about time you got one. Maybe go help Morocco pave over Western Sahara. The EU is with you.

    • One of the reasons for long term Palestinian/Arab/Muslim objections to Israel as a Jewish Zionist sovereign state is the dreadful realisation that a true Western Liberal Democracy can flourish near the heartland of ‘The prophet’ and generate a miracle state without the ‘application’ of Islam. Israel is building homes with money generated from its economy. And a real powerhouse of an economy too.

      While the Palestinians/Arabs live off money either donated by the industrialised world or stolen from them as compensation for them taking out of the ground oil which the Arabs have no use for anyway.

      AS to ‘substandard housing’, you have obviously never visited the West Bank. The Arabs that live there live in palaces paid for by the corruption of money from Western donors who think that they are helping ‘poor’ Palestinians.

  4. Congratulations to Scarlett Johansson for not allowing herself to be bullied by a vociferous group of mindless useful idiots.

    Such a pity that OXFAM, an organisation set up with good intent, has been taken over and turned into a job creation scheme for the indolent whose only desire is to find a seat in Parliament.

    • “Congratulations to Scarlett for not allowing herself to be bullied by a vociferous group of mindless useful idiots.”

      Rubbish, Gerald. Johansson jumped before she was pushed. Moreover she chose to stick to a very profitable deal with SodaStream over a pro bono arrangement with Oxfam. Her attempts to claim the choice was made on moral grounds stink of hypocrisy. In any other context I am sure you would see this very clearly.

      • “Rubbish, Gerald.”

        Brian that may very well be your point of view, clearly I do not agree with you.

        Fortunately for both of us Brian we live in the UK which for all its imperfections has a form of democracy which allows us to disagree. Because as you know if we lived in Gaza and dared to disagree with the ruling HAMAS terrorist regime there, we would be taken to the top of a tall building and ‘air-mailed’ off the top.

        • “we would be taken to the top of a tall building”

          Are there any left ? The pictures I saw wouldnt sprain your ankle if you were thrown off any of the piles of rubble .

          • you mistake your wit for outright stupidity, lies and hatred. You have no shame and suffer from a severe case of pronoia

          • ” The lying scoundrel is still allowed to post.”

            You hypocrite. I condemn any violence against Jews. I do this every day . I appeal to Muslims to consider dying before raising a hand against Jews….even those in uniform trying to harm them.

            I am hardly a terror supporter . Lighten up FFS

            • Fritz

              “Kick the **** ? ”

              Fritz I am not someone you can simply attack knowing that you can get away with it. I live in Scotland. If you tried it here you would be breaking the law. You have got to understand that in the outside world you are accountable.There are rules.

              I get that you are a dangerous man .

            • “I live in Scotland”
              Do you really Berchmans.
              So, if as you claimed in one of your posts, you have marched everywhere (including Malta) and according to you Scotland is a ‘haven’ against right-wing bigotry. Which of you is lying, you again or this survey?

              “50% of people agree that Scotland would begin to lose its identity if more Muslims came to live in Scotland, compared with 38% in 2002. (source: Social Attitudes Survey 2006: Attitudes to discrimination in Scotland)”

              Such a pity that more people in Scotland haven’t been on the same courses as you Berchmans, or perhaps they have and that is why there are so many bigots.

            • Gerald

              “50% of people agree that Scotland would begin to lose its identity if more Muslims came to live in Scotland, ”

              Big deal. Scotland would lose its identity if Christadelphians came here in numbers.

              Scotland has the least historical anti Semitism of probably any country in the world but it still has dreadful problems with other minorities. I realise that is absolutely the last thing you would ever consider . After all for some there is only one hatred that
              is worth considering.

            • “ still has dreadful problems with other minorities..”

              Berchmans so your claim that Scotland is such a ‘haven’ against Right-wing bigotry remember UKIP can’t canvas etc. is just the same as your other claims RUBBISH

              Once again you have shown yourself to be a liar living in his own fantasy world divorced from reality.

              Fly, fly little tit.

          • Are there any left ? The pictures I saw wouldnt sprain your ankle if you were thrown off any of the piles of rubble .
            Then you are obviously blind – or maybe just lying again?
            Take a look at“this. (Taken in August 2009)
            I really would be happy to make an experiment – your friends throw you down from one of these building and treat your sprained ankle afterward.
            BTW are you denying that these poor oppressed gentle fascist threw their opponents from roofs of tall buildings?
            let’s speak about own goals.
            And of course we have to understand these animals – the Israeli aggression and the Zionist occupation made them to do it for their own comrades…

      • “Moreover she chose to stick to a very profitable deal with SodaStream over a pro bono arrangement with Oxfam. Her attempts to claim the choice was made on moral grounds stink of hypocrisy. In any other context I am sure you would see this very clearly.”
        Scarlet Johansson spent eight years of her life traveling around the world for Oxfam dedicating herself to erasing poverty in some of the world’s worst hellholes. She didn’t have to, you know. She did so due to her idealism. She wants to make the world a better place. It’s doubtful that Oxfam would have fired her over her deal and support for SodaStream. She just came to realize that Oxfam tells lies about Israel. Of course there was the usual clamoring to fire her (and a smear campaign directed against her which you have gleefully joined) by the usual suspects whose dream in life is to be able to boss everyone around by emulating the third world anti-Semitic thugs they so admire (in the name of “human rights” of course!).
        Your comments are not only off the mark, but downright disrespectful and an effort to “other” Ms. Johansson. It’s your own comments that stink of hypocrisy and you owe an apology for them.
        P.S. You’re a creep.

  5. BDS Fail??

    With all the publicity this has generated? (Channel 4 News, BBC)

    If BDS had anything to do with it, the boys done well!

  6. Some celebrities have weak morals and give in to worldy temptations. It is good that Oxfam insisted that her role as an ambassador for Oxfam which supports poor communities acrosss the world is incompatible with promoting a company whose construction alone has made the lives of many Palestinians unbearable. It really does not matter that the company employs 500 Palestinians yet its existence within Palestine has dislocated many more Palestinians than the 500 the company employs. Some of the best adverts I have seen recently is with Sodastream and its new face with the background of the Wall, the fence or the checkpoint that keeps the Palestinians in their place

    • Some so-called Liberal Peace Lovers are really just Jew Hating Maggots who want to feel better about their Pissant Lives. Oxfam will reap what it sows in less money and less respect.

      Meanwhile, 100,000 dead in Syria and not one resolution passed in the UN condemning those actions. I can’t take people like you seriously except to point out how seriously lacking in character you happen to be.

      Scarlet doesn’t give a shit about your value system, and neither do I.

      • “Some so-called Liberal Peace Lovers are really just Jew Hating Maggots ”

        Well that certainly throws the argument for me. I was going to argue that , if wrong and misinformed, then at least the Peace lovers had a naive belief in non violence that some might respect.. But the ” Jew hating maggot” explanation certainly is a colourful departure from the normal points that are made as regards the ME.

        As for me as a child the only hatred of Jews I came across was with Americans with their jokes about them being tight fisted. I moved to Scotland where nobody thought these jokes were funny ! 🙂

  7. Mitigating circunstances my Lord in the previous case the murderer killed three I only killed 1 every year since my birth 60 years ago and the murderer gets a suspended sentence – I call that rough justice – I love your colourful language – I hope you enjoy that soda Kouf – Once again well done to Oxfam and all their staff who stuck to their moral standards and did not allow themselves to be ditracted by a minor celebrity

    • “..well done to Oxfam and all their staff who stuck to their moral standards..”
      Moral standards such as these exposed in the Commentary Magazine article of 30th January 2014.

      “It is possible that Oxfam’s decision wasn’t entirely based on the anti-Israel bias of its London-based leadership. One of the leading corporate donors to Oxfam just happens to be the Coca Cola Company that has given millions to the group. That tie between a company that can be linked to obesity and bad nutrition and a charity that promotes feeding the hungry is seen as a contradiction by some and only explained by the cash that flows from Coke to Oxfam. But the fact that SodaStream is a competitor that is already eating into Coke’s market share could account, at least in part, for Oxfam’s speed in denouncing Johansson.”

      Very moral.
      As I wrote above, it is a great shame that OXFAM has been turned into a job-creation scheme for the indolent whose greatest concern is their own futures as politicians and zero concern for those it was set up to help.

  8. I salute Scarlett Johansson for her principled support of Israel, and for revealing the ugly face of the BDS movement to the world. I hope other high profile people will follow Scarlett’s example, and tell Oxfam to suck on it.

    Go Scarlett!

  9. Andy your language is even more colourful – World needs Oxfam and not Sodastream or its newest pimp – Scarlett went as many of us expected her to – but she could have refused that fat cheque and would have won the respect of many more millions across the world – She has chosen to be on the wrong side of history for the sake of a few dollars –

    • Scarlet Johansson – smart, foxy and principled has Gerry Garfield and the rest of the bigots popping their veins.

    • “Wrong side of history”, sounds like some convinced Antisemites of past ages executed at Nuremberg.

  10. “Antisemites of past ages executed at Nuremberg.”

    The attempt to equate even gentle criticism of Israel with Mein Kampf has a long and interesting history on these pages.

    You can say

    No to any harm to Jews ….. ” Good ..fine so far ”

    I condemn the rockets …….” Good..fine so far ”

    Allow them some work even if it is Israeli controlled .. ” Good..fine so far ”

    Now what about the settlements ? ” Why you strutting , Goose stepping …”

      • Why is it a lie ? I have been called a Nazi many times here . Ask Fritz …ask Peter. Thats on a good day . Sometimes it is worse ! 🙂

          • ” you described yourself as a “howling Nazi”

            Yes Georgina Henry of CIF used to say that we cant see the expression on peoples faces so you dont know if someone is winking . Given that I am an outspoken anti Nazi and have marched all over Britain ( and once in Malta ) against the Nazis do you think I was giving away a piece of myself or I was ….living in the single most anti Nazi country in the world where not even the mild mannered UKIP can canvass …and Tories fear to tread…do you think I was being serious ?

              • “Nazis a source of really are sick.”

                There are some wonderful Nazi jokes..many written by Jews . Chaplin did an
                entire film about it . Mel Brooks did a great film about it. What’s it like to get gently wrong footed every post you send?

                Kind of used to it are we?

                • Berchmans I see you are back in your fantasy world, where your humour and shining wit triumphs.
                  The truth is that apart from being a liar, and a Racist you are a sad, boring little man with an over inflated sense of his non-existent talent.

                • “your humour and shining wit triumphs.”

                  Yes go back to sarcasm . It is safer. Im still enjoying you trying to sneer at Nazi jokes when all the best ones are by Jews. Stick to a low low form of wit that way you dont have so far to fall.


                • Berchmans your failed attempts to find a witty response would be amusing if they were not so pathetic.
                  But much the same as your other claims your claims to be a wit and humourist are empty. The more you try and hide your real character the more it shows through.

                  You might get away with your vile racist remarks aimed at your American Grandson, which you try to ‘defend’ as being a joke, he is not yet of an age to see what a sad and pathetic, invertebrate you are. But he will grow older and realise as the rest of us have that you are a lying, boring Racist, who in a typical cowardly fashion tries to disguise his Racism as humour.

                • Gerald

                  “much the same as your other claims your claims to be a wit and humourist are empty. ”

                  Look its not really my fault. I am not a strong person and am unable to stand up to public opinion.

  11. Oh deary-deary-me! You really don’t get it do you? As seasoned, well-paid, hasbara merchants you know there’s no such thing as bad publicity. The more you complain the more mention BDS gets, and the more people look into it to find out what all the fuss is about and start to realize what’s really happening in Israel, and some of them, like anyone who’s found they have been deceived will themselves become vocal advocates. I remember how students started by boycotting Cape fruit way before the public consciousness picked up on apartheid. History is repeating itself and you’re on the wrong side.

    • Try typing BDS into and see what the first entries are if you think this is just a back-water inconvenience that will eventually go away.