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The dangerous mainstreaming of Max Blumenthal’s antisemitism

Anti-Israel activists who promote BDS campaigns and smear the Jewish state as uniquely evil were provided a gift when Max Blumenthal’s book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel was published last October.

Max-Blumenthals-Goliath-197-X-298The book, which strongly suggests parallels between Zionism and Nazism, was attacked as supremely dishonest and hateful by one well-known leftist commentator, derided as a work of fiction by another and included on the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s 2013 list of “Top 10 Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Slurs”.

So, we were glad to hear that Petra Marquardt Bigman just published a Research Article at The Louis D. Brandeis Center (LDB) examining Blumenthal’s book, which (as we’ve noted previously at this blog) has been praised by Jew-haters such as Gilad Atzmon and David Duke (and, of course, by Glenn Greenwald).  

The paper by Marquardt-Bigman highlights the danger posed by the mainstreaming of such hate: Blumenthal is an occasional ‘Comment is Free’ contributor, and his book was promoted at an event hosted by the mainstream “liberal” think tank New America Foundation in December.


Blumenthal at the New America Foundation book launch

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  1. It’s quite obvious the only thing Jews (and I use that term VERY LOOSELY) such as Blumenthal, Atzmon, Weiss and Greenwald loath more than Israel is the fact that they are Jews.

    Profound, abiding and deep self-hatred go a long way. Why they despise themselves so strongly is something for the psychological analysts to figure out, but nothing more need be said except that they’re all complete, utter, and total morons. And that gives a bad name to morons.

  2. Antisemitism. That’s the only cry you have to defend the indefensible. You’ve used these false allegations to smear people who do not want to be associated with and ethnically-supremacist, apartheid, nuclear-armed occupying force. You’ve used the word unjustifiably so many times that it no longer carries any force. Keep it up! The more you scream antisemitism against just criticism of certain actions of the state of Israel, the less effect it has. If you highlight Blumenthal’s book (bet you haven’t read it) that means that despite all efforts of the press to ignore it, it will enter the mainstream as surely as BDS is now doing. Bet you never expected to see THIS in the NYT!!

      • That’s it. Use some fancy name. “Ooh! It’s called the ‘Livingstone Formulation’. That sounds complicated! it *must* be right.” I’ve got an -ology. Does that make me a scientist?


        • Alex “Ooh! It’s called the ‘Livingstone Formulation’.

          Being an expert on what does or does constitute anti-Semitism, you should have heard of – and be aware of its meaning by now. Don’t quiet understand why Harvey’s comment caused such a hissy fit.

            • “to defend the indefensible,” “ethnically-supremacist, apartheid” claptrap from Alex.
              Nothing pseudo about Alex’s claptrap. 100% genuinely absurd, nonsensical, …and malicious.

            • Alex

              Pseudo science and degenerate art is what the Jews are good at. Just ask any full-blooded European chauvinist worth their salt. Is that the extent of your bigotry-free intellect?

    • Alex:
      “You’ve used the word unjustifiably so many times that it no longer carries any force”

      When is it justified? Do you think it only applies to people wearing brown shirts and jackboots? Do you think that you are far too progressive and intellectual to be affected by Europe’s most visceral bigotry?

      These are not rhetorical questions. I’d be interested in your answer.

        • “Godwin’s Law” is not really a law, is it now? It’s more like a quip for dinner parties, and in this case, an inappropriate deflection by you of a relevant question.

            • Your the asshole who referenced it inappropriately and tried to use it to deflect a question which you have yet to answer.
              Having read more than just a few of your posts here, questioning the intellect of others is not playing to your strong suit, i.e., emotion filled charges based on ludicrous slanders and an anti-historical, fact poor disinformation campaign.

    • I’m impressed with your ability to present a shitty book and news coverage that’s neither particularly supportive (critical reporting and a very divided pro-anti BDS comments response) with some kind of overwhelming victory. You should honestly head over to Mondoweiss, and I’m not saying that just because you’re stupid; you need to be around people who don’t know what “success” is and claim they’re heading for ultimate triumph. Just not today, you know?

  3. What turns a Jew into an antisemite ?
    That’s a good question Kibbutzer . I’m sure someone has written a paper on the subject .

    Meanwhile this may go someway into explaining one individuals voyage into darkness . A home grown variety (UK )

    And an extract from

    With all this discussion about Jewish identity these days I thought maybe I should also chip in! I am fairly unusual among anti-Zionist Jews in that I come from an Orthodox Religious Zionist background. I had broken effectively with Zionism by the age 16, but maybe the formative break with my father was when I was 14 I declared I was an atheist, not something that goes down too well with the Orthodox, of whatever faith.

    It would be pointless to say we were close, having seen each other relatively little over the past few years. We had argued ferociously when I was younger and I left home at 18. Nonetheless I shed some tears seeing what had been a strong, aggressive man lying so weak and helpless on his bed. I also couldn’t help but wonder why it was always impossible to pierce beneath the exterior.

  4. Blumenthal is just another pathetic insecure self-hating Jew,desperate to have the non-Jewish world accept him by bashing his own people incl. Israel.

  5. The book, which strongly suggests parallels between Zionism and Nazism

    It reminds of Lenni Brenner and other left extremists of Jewish origin, in case of Brenner of orthodox Jewish background who denounced Zionism by comaparing or equating it to Nazism.
    The strong identification with marxism/stalinism/trotskysm/maosim was conditioned not only by dissociating from the background, but by proving the loyalty to marxism/stalinism as secular religion of relief and complete refusal of any connection to Jews and damnation of especially Jewish nationalism.
    What`s left over from marxism/stalinism/trotskysm/maosim is this hate of Zionism as identification marker of the left and a potential way to reach out to the public, to gain political influence by using anti-Semitism, directed against Israel.
    To equate or to compare Zionism and Nazism demonstrates an absolute dissociation with Israel and an absolute loyalty to whatever:

    Some left extremists like the one I mentioned here think anti-Semitism doesn`t exist anymore, it`s all the fault of right wing governments in Israel and what is politcally allowed in Israel, to smear the opponents in the viilest ways, like the equation, in Israel can be extended and publicised to the world stage, mainstreamed.

    During the cold war, when Israel was denounced as puppet of the USA and stronghold of western colonialism in the Middle East, the Soviet bloc propaganda always smeared Israel by comparing or equating to Nazi Germany.
    During the student riots of 68 German students demonstrated by chanting slogans like Israel=SS, the Maoist Godard in France fabricated a sort of film of a footage for Palestinian/marxist revolutionary propaganda which the cultural twaddle left, heir to the New Left, still cherishes.

    A second trait is the way how pacifism, pacifist organisations changed the last twenty years since the demise of the East bloc, a lot of them were already instrumentalized by the Soviet union, and communist parties during the cold war, injecting their specific targets into the pacifistist mentality. What was left over, are a virulent anti-Americanism or anti-Imperialism, who can appear as pacifism or radicalism, and the belief that Israel endangers the world peace.

    The third is the internet which since the times I am present there (around twenty years) was and is spreading conspiracy theories, most of them anti-Semitic, willingly believed by nerds, pirates, hackers, people dissociated from real life, with no political education besides an eclectical compilation of right and left extremistic tales of political economy, personalising the evil, the devil, the demon, as the USA, as Israel, as the Neocons, as the Elders, condemning capitalism, but worshipping fresh capitalists like the founder of Megaupload and the robber economy of the hackers which is close to the right of the stronger.
    Pirate bay f.e. was founded by a right extremist
    As postmarxists, as postmodernists they have no difficulties with contradictions, `cause they are not able to understand and to recognize them.
    Civil rights are often propagated, but more often neglected, private ownership is considered as theft, unless it is their own property, therefore hacking is no theft, big business is bad, but private profit by hacking/stealing is considered as quite rightly, private
    A survival of the fittest mentality blended wit a subventionist mentality . To define this as a weird mentality is an understatement, it produces people like Assange and his anti-Semitic supporter in Sweden Donald Boström and Johannes Wahlström (son of Israel Shamir), Snowden and Greenwald.

    The best way of mainstreaming is to let Jews make the work of delegitimisation, denounciation and demonisation.Israel.

  6. Corr.
    by hacking/stealing is considered as quite rightly, private privacy they demand and protection of the privacy against the state by law, but neglecting everybody`s privacy and preferring lawlessness of the net, they demand freedom of speech, but no hate speech, except anti-Semitism, which according to them is not anti-Semitism, but the truth.
    A world of self learned craftsmen in a highly industrialized world and their limtied view of a political organisation, mistaking the world of seven milliard people for a town meeting of free and landed men.

  7. The films of the Matrix series exemplify the self image of the nerds, hackers, etc.where most of the people are sleeping/exploited and they are the ones awakened and free who can manipulate the matrix. Simple films for simple minds.

  8. One point which angers many of the cultural left (some are working on the rehabilitation of communism/stalinism like Zizek, Losurdo, Badiou, ..) is how did it happen that the mighty Worker`s paradise collapsed, a failed and misled, but still important experiment of and contribution to mankind they believe, but this bad little Israel still exists and flourishes against all odds, two religions (after the third secular one collapsed), thirty states and one/two milliard people.
    This situation recommends an anti-Semitic conspiracy belief as relief.
    The new formed political coalition of cultural twaddle left, leftovers of the Old and New Left, “Islamist resistance” apologists and multicultural immigrationists with NGOs as embodiment of “civil society” has little in common and nothing to offer as symbolic order, besides hate of Israel which doesn`t feed the body, but obviously the soul.
    The lack of symbolic order cannot be filled in by slogans like diversity and multiculturalism in an socioeconomic situation where middle class is crumbling, state is retreating amidst infight of socioeconomic lobbies for their share of the budget, declining industries, solidarity is diminishing and it`s dog eat dog, where the survival and self help is again structured around family, neighborhood, color, ethnicity, religion, blood.

  9. Referring to the nerd culture and its blossoms, there is a strong mental connection to the tea party, anti-Imperialists and the libertarians,,776-nsa-violations-are-no-big-deal.aspx

    A common basis could be a sort of weird anarcho-capitalism aka right of the stronger, founded by a mises adept, Murray Rothbard. If anyone knows this classic bible of the subculture, The Illuminatus , he can easily identify the name of a key figure, Hagbard Celine, as a hommage to Rothbard.