Guardian fails to reveal that Brit arrested for terror is ‘Comment is Free’ contributor

As we first learned from Guido Fawkes, Moazzam Begg, a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner who became a spokesman for the “human rights” group Cageprisoners, was arrested by British police on Tuesday morning for terror offences which he is alleged to have committed in Syria.

Begg is widely believed by American intelligence officials to have been a jihadist involved with Al-Qaida and reportedly attended terrorist training camps in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the UK “so he could assist in waging jihad against enemies of Islam.”  Begg reportedly assisted several prominent terrorists, recruited young operatives for jihad and provided financial support for terror camps.

AdditionallyBegg is believed to have been associated with the radical cleric Anwar al Awlaki, the senior al Qaeda recruiter who was involved with planning operations for the group, and later killed by U.S. forces.  Al Awlaki helped motivate at least three terrorist attacks inside the U.S. (Begg’s group actually lobbied to free Al Awlaki from Yemeni custody after he was detained in 2006, broadcast his live messages and reproduced his propaganda on their website.) 

Begg – who, you may recall, was promoted by the NGO Amnesty International – is also a frequent contributor to the Guardian’s blog ‘Comment is Free’, having penned 20 essays at the site since 2006, most of which were aimed at casting himself as an innocent victim of US and British intolerance and Islamophobia. 


Interestingly, the Guardian’s report on Begg’s arrest by  (Moazzam Begg among four arrested in Birmingham terror raids, Feb. 25) didn’t even note this extremely inconvenient relationship.

While we don’t yet know the details of Begg’s alleged terror activity in Syria, if it turns out that he was fighting for jihadists it wouldn’t be at all surprising.  

As we’ve demonstrated previously, the Guardian is a media group which often promotes and defends Islamist extremists, and frequently welcomes into their ‘ ‘liberal’ salon ‘demopaths‘ such as Begg – those who cynically exploit the language of democracy when it serves their interests, and demand stringent levels of human “rights” of the West yet don’t apply these basic standards to their own behavior.

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  1. the amnesty international connection is interesting here too. Once upon a time, when amnesty was founded and for many years afterwards, it prided itself on standing up for “prisoners of conscience,” those who were jailed for what they believed and said but not for those who had committed acts of violence and terrorism. That principle was eventually discarded but amnesty somehow managed to keep its non-violent halo nevertheless. Nowadays amnesty is not ashamed to defend the worst, the cruelest, the most murderous terrorist murderous.

  2. Whether this is another fail of The Guardian to resocialis(t)e an Islamist by giving him public space or a tacit support of anti-Americanism of whatever background which reach out even to terror, we will see.

  3. Begg – who, you may recall, was promoted by the NGO Amnesty International – is also a frequent contributor to the Guardian’s blog ‘Comment is Free’, having penned 20 essays at the site since 2006, most of which were aimed at casting himself as an innocent victim of US and British intolerance and Islamophobia.

    Says everything about the Guardian and especially about Amnesty International faked fight for human rights.

      • Where did you learn calling strangers baby Noam? Every Jew-hating colleague of yours worth his Nazi memorabilia or keffiyeh could tell you that this is a noun used by parents addressing their small children or by lovers when speaking with each other. The lover option can’t be counted because I love you as I love the dogshit on the sidewalk but… do you want to be my daddy? Maybe my mommy? Then tell the nurse and you will get your black-out shot in no time.
        An other thing next time before you are going to pollute the cyberspace try to familiarize yourself with basic ideas like freedom of speech – I have to inform you that my post has nothing to do with it.

      • Freedom of speech and incitement to commit murders have such a fine line people like you Noam just can’t resist the crossing of it ever no and again.
        When Jews are involved it is even the more tempting.
        Grow a pair of balls and drop the mask, Jimbo.

  4. A few years ago I went to a meeting in Hampstead London hosted by Jews for Justice for Palestine with Begg as their guest speaker . I asked a few pointed questions of him in the Q+A session . The look of disgust registered on the faces of the audience at my suggestion that Begg was a ‘ wrong un ‘ and had only been released by the Americans in order to take the heat off of Blair who faced a back bench revolt over British citizens being held in Gitmo .
    I think Begg mentioned being in Afghanistan as part of some project to provide sustainable water sources . Yeh right . Now this comes out .
    It says everything you need to know about the bunch of left wing Israel hating ‘ As a Jew ‘ bien pensants and Hampstead luvvies who organised that meeting .

  5. The Begg-Amnesty International connection deserves wide circulation. Amnesty need to be exposed just as much as the Guardian, particularly after their disgraceful treatment of Gita Sahgal, who now of course is completely vindicated.

    Amnesty are now in a tricky position. If they support Begg, they will be rightly seen as terror-apologists. If they don’t they will have to explain why they have now changed their minds. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to expose Amnesty’s shocking hypocrisy, and I hope Gita Saghal tears them a new one.

  6. Agree that his CiF activities deserved a mention, and agree that CiF Watch has frequently shown the Guardian is a media group which often promotes and defends Islamist extremists,


    The West Midlands police counter-terrorism unit confirmed to the Guardian that Begg was one of those arrested.

    Police stressed that arrest does not imply guilt. Police said: “We can confirm that Moazzam Begg was arrested this morning.

    “We are confirming this name as a result of the anticipated high public interest to accredited media. We would take this opportunity to remind you of the requirement to report responsibly, that this is an arrest, not a charge, and that our naming does not imply any guilt.”

    So let us stay with the concept of innocent until proved guilty please.

      • And the reason for not mentioning that the arrested ‘innocent until proven guilty’ man has written 20 pieces for their paper is….?

        • Jeff if you were sitting on a jury and the guilty, whoops sorry I mean accused, man in the dock admitted to writing for “The Guardian”, would it prejudice your views of them?

          It would mine.

          • Gasp!
            Gerald, how could you!
            For all you know Begg might accidentally sent some of the pieces to the Guardian while digging for water with his AK-4… Oh damn! I’ve done it again.

            BTW, off the record, France let you win on saturday… 🙂

            • “ the record, France let you win on Saturday.”
              Apart from the game was played on Friday night not Saturday, the technical response to your remark is B*llocks!

              Itsik I guarantee that the Welsh Football (Soccer) team will not be as generous when they beat Israel TWICE in next year’s UEFA qualifying matches.
              Which will be Sat. 28th March 2015 Israel v Wales, then the return match
              Sun. 6th Sept. 2015 Wales v Israel.

              • Friday it was.
                Got mixed up with the Irish game.
                Watched both to the protest of my kids…
                Been a long week and even longer weekend… 🙂

                As for your suggestion that Wales will win in Ramat Gan, well, we shall see.

              • Actually my first thought on seeing the UEFA draw was: Israel should finally qualify! – in 3rd behind Bosnia and Belgium. The rest of the lineup are just for extra goal diff.

                • pretzelberg if Israel beats Wales
                  I will be polite to you for a whole hour.

                  Which is 61 minutes longer than I can normally manage.

    • Correct Kevin!
      For all we know Begg might have been in Syria to help with a project getting sustainable water sources!
      Being such a great bloke he wouldn’t want contaminated water ideas from next door Israel so he went himself to try dig wells with an AK-47… Ooops retract that statement.

  7. Thanks for the balanced discussion everyone. The thing is, if the allegations are confirmed in open court, then we are entitled to ask the editor of the Guardian in no uncertain terms what he has been doing. But it is better not to jump the gun.

    • how much do you want to bet he is found innocent, i bet he is, how many so called terrorists talk to M15 about their reasons for leaving the country to go to syria, he was there looking for british involvement in rendition and torture, according to the guardian. good this site made me buy the paper cheers

      • Drug our country for more foreign involvement in a blood bath war like the Lebanese civil war which has no right or wrong sides.

        And then you ran around and cry that the Jews and Zionist infuence this govt foreign policies.


        I wonder if Mr. Begg will do the same thing when and if the Sunnis will start slaughtering the Shiites, Druze and Allawiites.

        • Learn to read Gerald , I do not say who arrested him but that he spoke to M15 BEFORE he left for Syria , you must read more carefully for your money gezza

  8. Yes innocent until proven more evidence of confirmation bias well done to those who agree with the former statement

    • “Yes innocent until proven more evidence of confirmation bias well done to those who agree with the former statement”

      What are you waffling on about ‘Noam’ ?

      • He learnt a new word last night after watching about confirmation bias in Horizon.

        Funny he actualy watched a programme based mainly on a Jewish Noble prize winner and his Israeli counterparts…
        You got to love the Israel haters.

  9. Anyone who isn’t a complete imbecile or wilfully blind can tell from Begg’s trajectory that the guy is a total ringer.

    When Begg next pops up at the Graun I’d like to ask why KSM never gets a name-check in his pieces there?

    KSM is the world’s most renowned CagePrisoner and his ‘plight’ is a regular lament at the CP blog — as is easily verified using Google’s ‘site:’ query tag.

    Assuredly this would earn a slap-down, deletion or banning from the Mods, but the question should be put.

    • Isn’t it terrible that the Guardian gives a platform to those who defend the murderers of journalists.

      “..(my) the family is Zionist. My father is Jewish. My mother is Jewish. I am Jewish. My family follows Judaism.” Daniel Pearl – murdered by KSM for being Jewish.