Richard Silverstein’s racist abuse of Chloe Valdary continues: calls her a ‘house slave’

It is impossible to understand how anyone at this point can defend Richard Silverstein from charges of racism.

To quickly recap:

Five days ago, Silverstein posted the following on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, referring to a young black Zionist named Chloe Valdary who had published an op-ed at Times of Israel critical of Judith Butler.

Not only did Silverstein fail to apologize for, in effect, accusing Valdary of betraying her race by supporting Israel, he actually defended it in the following Tweet.

Then, after Valdary penned an essay at Times of Israel responding to Silverstein’s vile comments, they engaged each other on Twitter – a series of exchanges which include this Tweet today:

So, Silverstein, a Comment is Free contributor, has now called Valdary a ‘Negro Uncle Tom’ and a ‘House Slave’!

This blog has previously exposed Silverstein’s defense of Hamas, his suggestion that Israel behaves like Nazi Germany (and, of course, his faux scoops), but after his latest racist outburst is there really anyone who can honestly claim that the Seattle-based Jewish blogger represents anything resembling liberal values?


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  1. Those who have seen the film “The Caine Mutiny”, will know what I mean when I write that Silverstein is having a ‘Captain Queeg outburst’.

    The only difference being that I had some sympathy for the Captain Queeg character and none whatsoever for Silverstein.

  2. This man argues like a pimple faced 15 year old in a school yard. He shows himself to be so stupid and clownish, I can just imagine the following he attracts.
    Gerald sees him as Captain Queeg, I would liken him to Eric Von Zipper from “Bikini Beach. “

    • The character I thought of is Allen, from the ’98 movie “Happiness.” Played by the late, great, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Allen is one of the creepiest film characters in recent memory. He makes obscene phone calls to his beautiful neighbor Helen (played by Lara Flynn Boyle) in the hopes of attracting her. She rejects him, and he goes into a depression. Among other things, he masturbates and uses the proceeds to pin photos on his bedroom wall. Sounds just like Silverstein.

  3. Free speech for racists like Silverstein, that´s demonstrating a basic misconception of racism by the postcolonialists and their heirs, internet activists, by NGO activists and the other ilk.

  4. Silverstein is an idiot with a poisoned mindset that draws him into confrontations that he is not likely to achieve anything for Jew or Arab. He’s dug himself a hole deep enough that guarantees him eternal (well maybe not internal, but certainly repeatable) condemnation.

  5. “but after his latest racist outburst is there really anyone who can honestly claim that the Seattle-based Jewish blogger represents anything resembling liberal values?”

    I’d replace the word liberal with either Jewish, Israeli or Zionist.

    He most certainly lost every bit of Jewishness he may have possesed.

    • Yes, he has lost his Jewishness , and he has tried to take the concept of Tikkun Olam along with him. This is a major tenet of Judaism,whereby we recognize we have come into this life to repair the world. Richard Silverstein, you cannot hijack sacred Jewish principles and then abuse them in public, that is called a shonda. These rants of his just reduce him to a caricature of a person,an alter kaka with a bad attitude. Chloe is an astute , educated, principled woman who is brave enough to stand for freedom, for the Jewish people as well as her own. We are lucky to have her. If Jews had to rely on people like Richard Silverstein,we’d be halfway to another holocaust by now. BH for all your work Chloe.

  6. you should all read ” more bad news from israel” and then judge your twaddle in light of this, your vile propaganda war is winning but you cant let up for a minute because the truth will out , this analysis shows clearly the game your playing and ,at the moment still winning, to all those who dont really care too much about the truth about israel and palestine.

    • ‘noam’ when did YOU read this book?

      And what exactly does the book you mention have to do with the subject of this thread?

      Try answering the questions put to you for a change ‘noam’

      • it completely and utterly demolishes your whole argument from top to bottom, it makes all you say impotent and vile. a fairy story with no grounding in any reality except your own i suggest you read it gerry

        • You read a book that supports your point of view, so it must be correct. You read the facts (and there are many, if you care to look) presented by this blog and some of its BTL contributors, and decide that they are all lies …. and you have the cheek to accuse others of “confirmation bias”?

          • Labenal you should know by now that just because ‘noam’ and his ilk cite a book it does not always follow that they have actually read it.
            Indeed based on the state of his incomprehensible posts it is highly doubtful that ‘noam’ could read a book, unless it is composed of cartoons or he has an adult to read it to him.

          • It’s a study actually , an analysis , very compelling, they have looked at reporting regarding Israel Palestine , I don’t know how you can dismiss it , the evidence and argument is very strong please read it and get back to me you may agree with its conclusions

            • ‘Noam’ still waiting for an answer to my questions?

              By the way make up your minds, your other self has a problem with capital letters and does not use them even for your name.

    • I don’t mean to be harsh, but…you don’t have some kind of mental disorder, do you? It’s not clear between the combination of of your spit-flecked ranting and the simple fact that your posts tend to ad hominen to the point of having no connection at all to the articles they’re attached to.

      • Your entire arguments stem from the premise that you are a nation slandered by the press, constantly having to defend yourself against the anti semitism of a Jew hating world. This study reveals quite the opposite is in fact true, you are in fact reported favourably in the media, most of the time,your actions disguised by propaganda that the Germans would have been proud of. In fact it should be the Palestinians who have a site like this, is there one, there should be, for balance ha ha, for the analysis shows they are victims of propaganda on an Orwellian scale. If this comes across as a rant or anti Semitic I am sorry but name calling by defenders of the faith here is so common you get used to it. As anyone here ever read anything ?

        • Yeah, I’m going to have to unforunately go with “has some kind of mental disorder” based on your last post.

          • Can’t refute the evidence so slag off the messenger, why don’t you state that their research is flawed or they are anti Semitic etc etc or say they are mentally ill, oh you clever clever people . Laughable pathetic but very very dangerous. How will it all end

            • ‘Noam’ when are you going to answer the questions I put to you earlier?

              In case you have forgotten they are;
              ‘noam’ when did YOU read this book?
              And what exactly does the book you mention have to do with the subject of this thread?

        • “In fact it should be the Palestinians who have a site like this”

          If it is so lacking and necessary then perhaps you would be so good as to put your money where your mouth is.
          We’ll be waiting with baited breath I’m sure.

        • Yes, “Noam,” the Guardian is an entire encyclopedia of well wishing toward Israel.
          I’ll sleep well tonight now knowing how wonderfully favorable the media is toward Israel. Thanks to you and your wonderful book I will no longer have the need to read newspapers. By the way, how does the book’s author feel about all this favorable coverage?
          I noticed some of the reviews:

          “This superb study … is extensive in scope, and scrupulously fair. It will be a landmark.” –Edward S. Herman, co-author (with Noam Chomsky) of Manufacturing Consent

          “[The book covers a lot of ground in a clear and readable manner and is particularly good at airing different views about the Arab-Israeli conflict.” –Professor Avi Shlaim, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford


        • Noam

          You are nothing more than a demented evangelist, preaching fire and brimstone on your un-repenting congregation. A primitive, ignorant and semi-articulate conspiracy theorist who confirms his own bigotry by swallowing the latest ‘progressive’ bullshit that demonises the’Jews’, believing they have discovered the path to world redemption. Why don’t you try reading ‘A Lethal Obsession’ by Robert Wistrich?

    • These are some of the things which are written in this book. “Most did not know that the Palestinians had been forced from their homes and land when Israel was established in 1948. In 1967 Israel occupied by force the territories to which the Palestinian refugees had moved. ”

      By writting this the writer ignore the reason and the reality of the 48 and 67 war. Not only ignoring it but lying about it by failing to show historical facts . So why am I not surpirse that you like this book. no wonder you write what you do.

        • So not only do you deny the existence of the Israeli nation, but also that wars took place in 1948 and 1967.

          Perhaps you deny that Winston Churchill was a real person, or perhaps that the Earth revolves around the Sun?