Harriet Sherwood wants Israeli Jews to feel the ‘pain’ of exclusion

A few hours before the Israeli government was set to approve a new deal with the Palestinians to extend peace talks till 2015 – which involved the release of the final batch of pre-Oslo prisoners,  hundreds of additional prisoners and a partial curb in construction beyond the green line – the Palestinians signed letters seeking acceptance to 15 UN treaties and conventions, reneging on their agreement of July 2013 to refrain from making unilateral moves. 

The last-minute breakdown throws the possibility that talks will proceed past the April 29 deadline into serious doubt, and was followed by additional Palestinian demands. These include Israeli recognition of the pre-1967 lines with east Jerusalem as its capital, the release of 1,200 more prisoners (including Marwan Barghouti), a complete cessation of settlement construction, the imposition of PA sovereignty over Area C, a halt to Israeli anti-terror operations in PA-controlled territories, and a lifting the arms blockade on Gaza.

Anyone who’s been closely following negotiations would understand that Palestinians were counting down the days until the April 29 deadline when they would be free to execute what Jerusalem Post correspondent Herb Kenion refers to as their Plan B – waging diplomatic warfare against Israel to isolate it, delegitimize it, and eventually force it through international pressure to give in to their maximalist demands.

Such a plan of political warfare is largely inspired by what’s known as the Durban Strategy, a declaration adopted in the 2001 NGO Forum of the UN’s Durban conference. The Durban campaign – itself the political successor to the Arab boycott launched in 1945, three years before Israeli statehood – featured numerous expressions of antisemitism, focused on labeling Israel an ‘apartheid state’ guilty of ‘ethnic cleansing’, ‘genocide’, and ‘war crimes’”, and adopted a resolution calling for the “complete and total isolation of Israel…the imposition of mandatory and comprehensive sanctions and embargoes, [and] the full cessation of all links between all states and Israel.”  

What’s known today as the modern BDS movement – which singles out the Jewish state, alone among the family of nations, for a coordinated campaign of boycotts, sanctions, divestment and social exclusion – was essentially born on that day.

Though the Guardian’s coverage of the region has consistently legitimized, amplified and provided succor the BDS movement, an op-ed published at ‘Comment is Fee’ (A boycott can jolt Israelis from their somnolence on Palestine, April 4) explicitly endorsing BDS was noteworthy in that it wasn’t written by an anti-Zionist activist, but rather by one of their ‘serious journalists’ – their outgoing Jerusalem correspondent Harriet Sherwood.

To those of us familiar with Sherwood’s brand of activist journalism, it is not at all surprising that she has expressed her support for BDS, nor that – despite glaring evidence attesting to Palestinian refusal to budge on vital topics such as the long-term final agreement issues of refugees, mutual recognition, or even the demand that a final peace agreement include an end to all Palestinian claims against Israel – would be ignored.

What largely stands out in her polemical attack is the contempt she seems to possess for average Israelis.  While she has eloquently expressed her affection for Palestinians, Israeli Jews – even after all this time in the country – clearly seem to stand beyond the limits of her imaginative sympathy. 

The op-ed – illustrated with photo of privileged Israelis “soaking up the sun on a Tel Aviv beach”, oblivious to “the daily grind experienced by more than 4 million Palestinians” – begins by citing a few recent BDS victories before contending that BDS, in protest of its “47-year occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza”, is gathering steam.  Sherwood repeats a quote by Israel’s prime minister which attacked Europe and its “dark history” and demanded that “the boycotters must be exposed for what they are… classical antisemites in modern garb”, to which the Guardian journalist responds:

“This is a serious charge, and one that causes deep discomfort to many who want to bring pressure to bear on the Israeli government over its policies towards the Palestinians, but who also vigorously oppose antisemitism in any form. Opposing the occupation does not equate to antisemitism or a rejection of Jews’ right to, and need for, a homeland. The repeated accusation of antisemitism does not make it true, however frequently it is leveled by those who defend Israel unconditionally.”

Of course, Sherwood – who has never, in nearly four years of covering the region, addressed the issue of the extreme (and quite real) expressions of Judeophobia within Palestinian society – fails to explain why precisely the “accusations of antisemitism” against boycott advocates who often defend Palestinians unconditionally, are unfair.  And, though she draws a distinction between BDS advocates who merely support boycotting ‘settlement’ goods and those who call for a complete boycott of the state, she doesn’t acknowledge that those who support the latter approach largely reject the right of the state to exist within any borders.

Finally, Sherwood writes about the increasing frustration felt “by Israel’s intransigence…and the failure of the international community to back up critical words with meaningful actions”, before concluding that “only when Israeli citizens and institutions feel the consequences of their government’s policies will they force change from within”.  She argues that Israelis are “shielded from the [daily grind] of occupation”, before reaching the conclusion that “economic pain, isolation and global opprobrium” will surely force Israelis “to take notice”.

First, like so many journalists covering the conflict, Sherwood seems to take as a given the benign nature of Palestinian intentions despite so much evidence to the contrary, and doesn’t acknowledge that Israelis overwhelmingly support two-states for two peoples while refusing to ignore the failure of previous ‘land for peace’ guarantees and, therefore, remaining skeptical that the creation of a Palestinian state will actually bring peace.

More pertinent to the theme in Sherwood’s op-ed, Israelis – and most Jews around the world – indeed view current calls to exclude Israeli Jews from the international community in the context of the dark history of such measures.  Such Jews naturally question the motivation of sophisticated (putatively progressive) Europeans who see the unimaginable violence and brutality meted out to Arabs by other Arabs in the Middle East – which includes the systemic violation of the rights of women, gays and political dissidents, and (in some cases) industrial-scale killing and torture – and yet believe that the only country whose citizens deserve to be boycotted just so happens to be the only one with a Jewish majority.

The duplicity of pro-Palestinian activists is represented not merely by the manner in which they gain support from the liberal-left despite the decidedly illiberal nature of the Palestinian national movement, nor the way they promote an understanding of the dispute which conflates cause (the more than 70 year Arab war against the Jewish state) with effect (the territorial dispute which only came about as the result of that war).  No; their supreme deceit relates to how they manage to convince so many within the opinion elite that – unlike every other time in history – this time those campaigning for the exclusion of Jewish professionals, academics and artists are morally justified; that this time a small community of Jews can truly represent an organic obstacle to peace and progress; that this time it truly is malevolent Jewish behavior that brings about measures singling out Jews for opprobrium and sanction.

However, though many Zionists are secular, most thankfully are imbued with a rich and edifying tradition which explains that ‘What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; and there is nothing new under the sun’.  Try as they may, no degree of sophistry employed by boycott proponents can possibly convince us to accept the supremacy of the au courant morality over the ethics of our fathers, to not see this latest political attack through the lens of Jewish history, nor to avoid reaching the conclusion that – as in every generation – resistance to their assault will be fierce and, in time, succeed.

‘This too shall pass’. 

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  1. An excellent riposte Adam. Please continue to highlight the bigotry, hypocrisy and failures of the BDS movement.

  2. “only when Israeli citizens and institutions feel the consequences of their government’s policies will they force change from within

    We felt the consequences of our goverment;s policies after Oslo. The hundrads that were killed in suicde and terror attacks. We also felt it after we left Gaza in the shape of tousands of rockets. Only someone with zero understanding of the Israelis can write a sentece like that.

    • “Only someone with zero understanding of the Israelis can write a sentence like that.”
      And a complete lack of empathy. Let’s face it, Sherwood was a hard-wired Pal-bot before she ever had her nails done.

    • And doesn’t she know that, far from being “shielded from the daily grind of occupation”, (almost) every Israeli citizen either is, was or will be a member of the IDF and/or has siblings/children/cousins who are, and therefore will have seen the “occupation” first hand, and most will either know or be related to someone (civilian or not) injured or killed in the battle Israelis have had to fight for the nation’s survival since day 1 or simply on buses, in restaurants, markets, hotels, nightclubs…

      Has she not, in all her years in the country, ever turned on an Israeli TV station, listened to an Israeli radio station, read an Israeli newspaper, visited an Israeli blog – or even spoken to an Israeli citizen or politician (had her ID checked or bag searched as she entered a hotel or restaurant etc), and noticed that the “occupation”, its manifestation, causes and effects are a daily part of every Israeli’s life?

      • Labenal:

        “Has she not, in all her years in the country, ever turned on an Israeli TV station, listened to an Israeli radio station, read an Israeli newspaper, visited an Israeli blog…”

        Are you mad!
        This will betray the ever successful Iranian formula to defeat the evil Zionists…
        Never interact with the “infected ones”.
        Just look how many times Iranian swimmers has defeated Israeli ones in the swimming pool for example… 🙂

    • Alexa:

      “Only someone with zero understanding of the Israelis can write a sentece like that.”

      Heroic Harriet will fight until the last drop of Palestinian blood…

  3. …it wasn’t written by an anti-Zionist activist, but rather by one of their ‘serious journalists’ – their outgoing Jerusalem correspondent Harriet Sherwood.
    But it was written by an ‘anti-Zionist” activist. Obviously the Jerusalem correspondent of the world’s leading liberal voice was an “anti-“Israel” BDS activist.
    That she doesn’t consider herself an anti-semite has no relevance at all, she is the spiritual/ideological successor of those who incited boycott against the Jews in Europe only 80 years ago. Publishing her hate speech the Guardian makes itself the successor of any Nazi and/or antisemitic rag.

  4. As Isi Leibler said, the US policymakers also fail to appreciate that the differences between the PA and openly genocidal Hamas are primarily tactical. The PA believes that its strategy of diplomacy and the dismantling of Israel in stages is a far more effective tactic than terrorism (to which they repeatedly threaten to revert). But both the PA and Hamas share the same goal – the elimination of Israel.

    It is now time for the Obama administration to accept the reality that the PA has evolved into a criminal society. How else to define a regime which brainwashes kindergarten-age children into believing that Israel and the Jews are evil parasites, and continuously calls for the elimination of the Jewish state? This demonization of Israel is reinforced daily by the mullahs in the mosques, and by the PA-controlled media.

    In addition, terrorists are sanctified, treated as heroes and awarded state pensions. There are obvious similarities between the Nazi brainwashing of the German people and what Arafat and now Abbas have imposed on the Palestinians.

  5. Everyone should read this article by Frimet Roth who lost her daughter in the Sbarros massacre.
    She describes everything right on the money.
    Guardian readers don’t have to worry, cause Harriet Sherwood thinks you can talk to Palestinian terrorists who blow up Israeli kids at Sbarros pizzerias.
    Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere: A Mother’s Plea
    Frimet Roth
    April 2, 2014

    One oppressively hot August morning, my daughter Malki set off with her best friend Michal to decorate with welcome signs the bedroom of another friend returning from vacation.

    Afterward, Malki called me to say that she and Michal were heading to the city center. There she would catch a bus to a summer camp counselors’ meeting in another Jerusalem suburb. “I love you” we told each other – as we usually ended our conversations. It promised to be a day of giving and sharing like every day was for Malki.

    Thirteen years later, I still love her and pine for her dreadfully. But now, the only way for me to express that is to seek justice for her murder.

    Because that same hot August morning another young woman, Ahlam Tamimi, set off on a very different type of mission. A twenty year old self-described journalism student, she took two weapons – a 10 kg. bomb and an eager suicide bomber. They proceeded to the Sbarro pizza restaurant which Tamimi had scouted days earlier. Jewish women and children frequent it at lunchtime and Tamimi liked that. As this embodiment of evil would later brag, she hungered for child victims and the more the better.

    Malki and Michal had detoured from their intended route to eat there too. They were among the fifteen men, women and children who perished in the explosion.

    Today, Malki and Michal lie buried side by side, while their murderer, who smiled happily to learn her tally of dead children, is free and thriving in Jordan. She frequently travels in the Arab world to incite adoring crowds to follow in her footsteps.

    In my country, my husband and I are not welcome to decry this. Parents of murdered children are hailed as heroes when they declare that they want the murderer to go unpunished. Whether for the sake of a prisoner “swap,” to prolong the negotiations with the PA or, as the cliche goes, “to promote peace.” Waiving our right to justice is considered the noble, patriotic thing to do.

    Our quest for justice, for a life sentence for Tamimi – there is no capital punishment here – has invited accusations that we are merely vengeful.

    Yet nothing will convince us that freeing murderers is an acceptable, integral part of any peace process.

    Malki’s murderer was released in October 2011, the beneficiary of another terrorists-walk-free deal. Some would say we should have learned to live with that reality.

    Yet, with each release of terrorist murderers – tried, convicted and unrepentant – my government thrusts a fresh dagger into my heart and conveys the message again and again: ”Your child was not really murdered. And your child’s killer does not really deserve to be punished.”

    True, my leaders have been subjected to inordinate pressure to free terrorist murderers from the West, and in particular, from the US. Threats and rewards have been dangled before prime minister Bibi Netanyahu to elicit from him a travesty of justice that they themselves would never consider.

    We saw that hypocrisy in sharp relief when terrorists who had not even been tried yet but were strongly suspected of murders of American soldiers were recently released from Afghani prisons. The United States government was outraged. The US embassy criticized the releases as “deeply regrettable,” a move that could lead to further violence in Afghanistan. The US military in Afghanistan warned that “release of these dangerous individuals poses a threat to U.S., Coalition and Afghan National Security Forces, as well as the Afghan population”.

    It is a tight spot into which our prime minister has been rammed. Still, that is a lame excuse for releasing murderers imprisoned in Israel. Netanyahu holds the keys to their cells and the decision to use them is his and his alone. For a politician who has cast himself as a tough talker, Netanyahu has, in this instance, chosen the softest route available.

    But it was a carefully-made choice.

    He is a seasoned and savvy politician who knows his constituency well. In both the left and the right camps, these releases are ‘acceptable’. Terrorists are deemed currency for him to dole out whenever he sees fit.

    Unspecified calculations, secret strategies, and the deepest wisdom have been attributed to Netanyahu by his supporters to rationalize his odious actions. And so it has been left predominantly to the victims themselves to take up the fight.

    It has been a fruitless challenge.

    Our prime minister has neither deigned to meet with any of us nor even to respond to our written pleas, although he did say publicly in 2011 that he had sent all of us personal letters of explanation. Surprisingly none of those personal letters ever reached any of us.

    The media have played no small part in pressuring Israel. We have all been subjected to sob-stories about ex- prisoners who either maintain their innocence or their rehabilitation to garner favor. Gullible journalists like the New York Times’ Jodi Rudoren are ready willing and able to oblige with sympathetic pieces. Her most recent specimen, “Remaking a Life After Years in an Israeli Prison,” was particularly abhorrent.

    Where are the pieces about the terrorists like Ahlam Tamimi who declare “I have no regrets” and who return to terrorism – as nearly 50% of them do?

    Many families of victims are incensed, pained and fearful of the consequences these releases entail. Some of us have noted that the conduct of the PA, of its chief Mahmoud Abbas and of the entire Palestinian people does not justify a gesture of this sort. They have pointed out that the celebrations and glory that are lavished on released murderers contradict their claims of a desire for peace and rejection of terrorism. They remind us of the high rate of recidivism.

    But those are not the strongest arguments.

    There is really only one constant, immutable, irrefutable flaw in these releases. They are unjust. Plain and simple: undeniably unjust. They isolate one category of murders from the rest and declare them less significant, less tragic, less criminal, less intolerable.

    Justice, as we all know, is blind. Or at least it should be. It should be blind to the race, religion, creed and gender of both the murderer and his victim.

    These releases contravene a basic tenet of any democratic state. It is time for Netanyahu to regain his moral compass, turn back the clock, and reinstate the inviolability of Israel’s judiciary.

    This time, Netanyahu needs to show some spine and say ‘no’ to the impending prisoner release.

    Frimet Roth, a native New Yorker, is a freelance writer in Jerusalem. Her daughter Malki was murdered at the age of 15 in the Sbarro restaurant bombing in 2001. With her husband Arnold, she founded the Malki Foundation ( in their daughter’s name. It provides concrete support for Israeli families of all faiths who care at home for a special-needs child. The title of this op-ed is derived from Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963

  6. I sometimes wonder with all the support Harriet Sherwood gives to Palestinian mass murderers, is Harriet getting any of the 6% the PA pays these Palestinian murderers.
    PA spends 6% of its budget paying Palestinians in Israeli jails, families of suicide bombers.
    Hamas terrorist who orchestrated 2002 Park Hotel massacre, in which 30 Israelis died, gets $3,000 a month, Channel 2 reports; bomb-maker jailed for 67 killings gets $1,000
    September 3, 2012

  7. Camera exposes Harriet Sherwood for the Pallywood liar she is.
    Hopes for a two-state solution fade as Palestinian official says ‘If we had nukes we’d use them on Israel tomorrow.
    Harriet Sherwood in Jerusalem Monday June 17, 2013.

    The story reflected in the fake headline above is based on a very real report by Palestinian Media Watch, and covered elsewhere in the media:

    A official, Jibril Rajoub…praised the use of violence against Israel. During an interview on a Lebanese TV channel [on May 2], the host referred to “the negotiations game” with Israel, and Rajoub expressed the view that negotiations are held because the Palestinians lack military strength: ”I swear that if we had a nuke, we’d have used it this very morning.”

    The Los Angeles Times, like the Guardian, completely ignored Rajoub’s statement saying he’d use nukes against Israel if he had them. Nevertheless, it found space for a 800-plus word story yesterday about the statements by Bennett, Danon, and Ya’alon. Batsheva Sobelman and Maher Abukhater report that Bennett’s:
    comments are the latest in a series of remarks by members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government against the two-state solution, raising doubts about the prospects of peace talks the United States is trying to renew. . . .
    But Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian negotiator, accused the Israeli government of intentionally undermining U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s efforts to restart peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

    “These are not isolated statements but a reaffirmation of political platforms and radical beliefs,” Erekat said of the spate of downbeat remarks. “Israel has officially declared the death of the two-state solution.” . . .

    Nabil abu Rudaineh, a spokesman for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, described the statements, particularly Bennett’s, as “dangerous.”

    “These statements are not only a message to President Obama’s administration, which is exerting nonstop efforts to revive the peace process, but also a clear rejection of efforts to save what could be saved,” Abu Rudaineh said.

    But Rajoub’s incitement is not dangerous? The Palestinian Authority’s honoring of three terrorists serving 166 life sentences do not raise doubts about the prospects of peace? And none of these incidents, what most Israelis consider “a clear rejection of efforts to save what could be saved” are worthy of Los Angeles Times coverage?
    Whether you say “double standard” with a British or American accent, it means the same thing.

  8. This is all you need to know about The Guardian.
    Different Standards For Different Rocket Attacks
    MARCH 31, 2014

    Terror supporting, genocidal regime launches rockets at the territory of a liberal democracy. Sound familiar?

    South Korea returns fire after North Korea shells land in disputed waters.

    In this case, however, South Korea “returns fire” when attacked by its neighbor according to the above headline in The Guardian. It is clear that South Korea is responding to an act of aggression.

    But what happens when Israel returns fire in response to Palestinian rockets from Gaza?

    This is a more likely headline when Israel fires back:

    Israeli planes pound Gaza targets after rocket attack.

    Why is it that even when Israel is fired upon, the headlines still manage to portray Israel as the aggressor? Or at a minimum the moral equivalent of the terrorists who fired the rockets in a so-called “cycle of violence”:

    Casualties on Both Sides as Israel and Gaza Trade Fire.

    But then Israel couldn’t possibly be judged by different standards to other democracies under fire. Could it?

    All part of the phenomenon we call “it all started when Israel fired back.”

  9. Harriet Sherwood should know, the Palestinians will never experience a civilized culture or community as long as their corrupt, racist, religiously intolerant leaders and elders promote terrorism and hatred towards non-muslims.

    BDS is BS. Expose Barghouti.
    September 29, 2013

    Omar Barghouti, the Qatari-born, Egyptian-raised Jordanian citizen and founder of the anti-Israel BDS (“Boycott Divestment Sanctions”) movement, likes to lie and claim that BDS is about fighting “oppression”.

    He likes to lie that slandering Israel, the only liberal democracy in the Middle East, is somehow helping “human rights”. He likes to hide the fact that Israeli Arabs and Palestinians under Israel have far more rights than he will ever have in Qatar, Egypt or Jordan — or any Arab state. But sometimes, he exposes his real agenda:
    “We oppose a Jewish state in any part of Palestine…

    No Palestinian… who is not a sell out… will ever accept a Jewish state in ‘Palestine.’” — BDS Founder, Omar Barghouti

    BDS’ goal is to destroy the indigenous Jewish right to self determination. It is about destroying the democratic rights of all the Arabs, Jews and other ethnicity that today enjoy Israel’s democracy.

    BDS’ goal is to destroy Israel and replace it with another Arab state, and to make Jews as “safe” as the Christians being exterminated in Egypt and Syria and Gaza — the “One State” final solution.


    As pointed out by Rabbi Richard A. Block in a recent editorial published in the Huffington Post, “the BDS movement exercises the right to remain silent: Zimbabwe, Iran, North Korea, China and Russia, where dissident teachers and students are targets of violence, the ruling regimes’ ideological opponents are imprisoned or worse, elections are rigged, the media are state-controlled, homosexuality is banned, and the freedoms of speech, press, assembly, and religion are denied.”

    Yet the BDS movement ignores their atrocities – horrific human rights violations – setting their sights on the only democracy in the Middle East that permits freedom of religion, speech and equal rights for women and homosexuals.

    Such hypocrisy raises the question, why? Yet the answer couldn’t be more obvious.

    The BDS agenda has nothing to do with human rights nor is even the least bit interested in improving the lives of Palestinians. It’s about racism – bigotry – wholesale enmity on so grand a scale as to have resulted in one of the worst atrocities in human history.

    Unless rational people realize the true intent, history will ultimately repeat itself.

    • My country imports
      Zimbabwe – 0%
      Russia – 0%
      Iran – 0%
      North Korea – 0%
      China – 2%
      Israel – <1%

      Countries under legislated (at least partial) sanctions
      North Korea

      Countries I personally boycott

      Pleadings for special privilege, whataboutery and ignorance of what other countries do, screaming victimhood despite the actual reality, and while oppressing millions of humans
      Israel 100%

      • Oh a personal thanks to Adam and this site for making me aware that Novopharm was bought (not built or developed!) by Israeli interests. No one needs Israeli knock offs.

        • You definitely don’t need anything from Israel. I would check that computer of yours because the last thing you need to be reminded is how much of a hypocrite you happen to be.

        • Quite right. Meanwhile the Rolling Stones are going to play Sun City (oops, sorry, Yarkon Park)

        • Glad we could help you out, smegma! I think there is an Israeli app that turns brain-dead postings into intelligent commentary. It’s a shame that I don’t need it, but would happily use it if I did, while you certainly need it, and won’t try it. Keep up the, um, work.

      • “Really” complains of moral inversion. He (and Harriet Sherwood) would probably describe the plot of Lord of the Rings thus:

        “Races of the world gang up on indigenous Mordorian people, brutally and indiscriminately ethnically cleansing and massacring millions of orcs, trolls and nazgul simply because of their racial background.”

        Here’s the thing: That’s not UNtrue, but it’s a hell of a twisted way of seeing the world.

        P.S. before I am accused of anything, I am NOT using LOTR as a direct analogy, I am NOT comparing Palestinians to orcs or trolls etc, I am just taking a story that everyone knows, and using it to demonstrate how some people will twist history, ignore inconvenient facts and latch onto some elements of fact in order to give a view of cause and effect that is wildly out of step with that of any reasonable objective observer, and yet retains just enough “truth” to be defensible.

  12. “No; their supreme deceit relates to how they manage to convince so many within the opinion elite that – unlike every other time in history – this time those campaigning for the exclusion of Jewish professionals, academics and artists are morally justified; that this time a small community of Jews can truly represent an organic obstacle to peace and progress; that this time it truly is malevolent Jewish behavior that brings about measures singling out Jews for opprobrium and sanction.”

    And that’s not even anything new. The smell of arrogance and accompanying sanctimony are nauseating. Sherwood’s “thoughts” and the Durbin strategy belong more properly in a septic tank.

    Adam’s bullshitometer is well-calibrated and dead on balls accurate.

    • A small community of Jews does not represent an organic obstacle to peace and progress. The racist settler movement does though.

      • Comments like yours are as obtuse as can be. Nice to know that those who hate Israel couldn’t tell history if came up and slapped them in the face.

        Oslo. Agreements. Camp David Accords. We’re still waiting for the counter-proposal.

        It sucks when History is owned by the Jews, doesn’t it?

      • Actually the (racist) Arab rejection of the Jewish State is really the single biggest obstacle to peace. Really. You probably really don’t notice because of the really dizzying effects of all the mis- and disinformation at your post-modern fingertips.

        The Arab League really went to war with the newly and really legally established State of Israel in 1948 in order to really reverse its establishment. That was really illegal. They really made gains in that war. They captured what through din of repetition became later known as the West Bank, really starved and really ethnically cleansed Jews from their homes in “East Jerusalem” and created the Gaza Strip, really. They had 19 years thereafter really to create a “Palestinian” State from those land grabs So, really, where is it, really?

      • Organic – a term used by fascist and nationalsocialists when outlaying their political programs, contrasting artificial, used as synonym for Jews.
        In this sense this poster calls for the annihilation of Jews, whether knowingly or due to his stupidity, ignorance of history and personal meanness is of no relevance.

      • Really – represents the arrogance of a contemporary British imperialist, the delusional arbiter of universal justice, a self-serving bigoted moraliser, parading their European superiority over ‘Zionist’ criminality. What could give your parochial life a greater sense of moral purpose, than leaving Israeli satsumas on the shelf at Sainsbury’s?

    • Is the BDS movement calling for a boycott of products from Jewish Brits, Americans, Australians or Argentinians?

      Of course not. Stop talking nonsense.

      • They do if they happen to be Dual national and operate from within Israel or even happen to lecture abroad…

      • Not yet Pretz, because officially it’s not yet PC to be openly anti-Semitic, but it’s not far off.
        You enjoy being contrary for the sake of it, but it doesn’t make you interesting. It rather exposes you for the unoriginal bore that you are.

        • It’s almost PC to be openly anti-Semitic?!?! Do you genuinelty believe this or are you consciously smearing people like Sherwood? If the former: I can assure you this is not the case.

          Oh btw: leave out the juvenile insults. They only put you yourself in a poor light.

  13. Marwan Barghouti should be taken out and shot, and when people ask where he went, say he escaped.

  14. A Ghetto for Israel, that`s what is meant, and where medieval thinking people meet, like Sherwood, the folks of BDS, but for the BDS supporting PLO and Hamas this is just a phase before the complete destruction they hope and work for. The only real work they do.

  15. Harriet Sherwood is a nasty piece of work. Her casual dismissal of anti-semitism is a dead give-away.

    • This is a serious charge, and one that causes deep discomfort to many who want to bring pressure to bear on the Israeli government over its policies towards the Palestinians, but who also vigorously oppose antisemitism in any form. Opposing the occupation does not equate to antisemitism or a rejection of Jews’ right to, and need for, a homeland. The repeated accusation of antisemitism does not make it true, however frequently it is levelled by those who defend Israel unconditionally.

      To be fair, it looks like Sherwood vigorously supports antisemitism against Israeli Jews, but doesn`t vigorously oppose antisemitism in any form.

      Many Israelis are shielded from the occupation. To those soaking up the sun on a Tel Aviv beach or working in a hi-tech hub in Haifa, Gaza and the West Bank feel like another planet. The daily grind experienced by more than 4 million Palestinians living under military occupation just a few dozen miles away barely registers.
      A boycott – whether it’s the ending of academic links; the refusal of artists to perform; the divestment of international companies for reputational reasons; or a consumer rejecting Israeli produce in the supermarket – has the potential to jolt Israelis from this somnolence.

      Should its citizens demand an end to policies that have brought them economic pain, isolation and global opprobrium, their government will surely be forced to take notice.

      But to reproach Jews who live with daily Arab terror since the twenties, with non registering of the military occupation, with having not learned of centuries of ghettoization in Christian and Muslim countries, is pure antisemitism, not directed against only Israeli Jews.
      Sherwood is an antisemite, a hypocrite, a bigot and lowlifer. That`s why al Guardian sent her on duty at Jeriusalem, perfectly fitting to the mentality of Hamas, PLO and Al Guardian.

  16. The blogger is forgetting that while, the PA has acted in several respects with requesting permission from their occupiers, the occupiers themselves have taken unilateral actions in the same period without requesting permission. For instance the Knesset has met many times without the approval of the PA and has passed laws.

  17. The failure to recognize superiority of the European races is the biggest obstacle to racial harmony.

  18. Fritz I agree it is Nazi ideology that insists the colonized must seek permission before breathing. But hey, the the colonized always choose to ignore it so get used to it.

  19. Itsik a daily occurrence at Checkpoints all across occupied Palestine. What can be done with these fascists you think? I am sure if the soldier was not a Druze he would have been transferred in no time PA or no PA – besides PA may be an Authority but has no authority as you know full well and that is why it needs permission to breathe.

    • a daily occurrence at Checkpoints ?

      On Friday, IDF forces manning the Hawara checkpoint just south of Nablus caught a suspicious Palestinian youth carrying a fully loaded pipe bomb. The youth, age 17, arrived to the checkpoint from the direction of Nablus. He was stopped by Givati Brigade soldiers and a Military Police unit that were stationed at the checkpoint. The forces ordered him to halt all movement until they had detonated the pipe bomb in a controlled manner. Afterwards, the Palestinian youth was taken by security forces for questioning.

      This was the fourth pipe bomb uncovered by IDF forces at the Hawara checkpoint over the past month.

  20. Itsik That is because the West Bank is occupied and the PA has no authority to issue checks. The fascists are controlling the West Bank.

    • Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
      (start, wakes up) Oh, I feel asleep for a bit there, to the soothing sounds of drivel. Appreciate help in providing all of it yourself.

    • JD:

      “The fascists are controlling the West Bank.”

      I think Mr. Kerry and Mr. Abbas will object to that term describing the PA security forces and interim govt.
      On the other hand had you said Gaza they’d probably both agree with you.

  21. Having come across the Sherwood article as a paid-up Hasbara agent by chance timing, I was able to post the very first comment. It went along the lines of: “So the author has been the Guardian correspondent to Jerusalem for years, and it turns out she’s a champion of BDS against Israel. Oh dear, oh dear.”

    I kept it short and simple, for some supernatural reason suspecting it might be deleted …

    • Spot on Pretz.
      She might excuse herself by saying I wasn’t aware at the time yadi yada….

      Something about her reminds me of Maria Miller…