Guardian book review includes throw-away line about Israeli ‘ethnic cleansing’

Though we haven’t read the book by Arun Kundnani (a Soros Fellow who’s appeared at events sponsored by the Khomeinist Islamic Human Rights Commission) titled ‘The Muslims Are Coming!‘, A Guardian review by Robin Yassin-Kassab suggests it comports perfectly with the Glenn Greenwald – Guardian Left view that Islamist terror isn’t caused by radical ideologies, but by legitimate grievances against Western foreign policy. 

However, in addition to the author’s passionate endorsement of even the most risible excuses for extremism, there was this characteristic swipe at Israel.

Culturalism’s best-known proponent is Bernard LewisDick Cheney‘s favourite historian, who locates the problem as Islam itself, a totalitarian ideology-culture incompatible with democratic modernity. So Mitt Romney explains the vast divergence between Israeli and Palestinian economies thus: “Culture makes all the difference” – and decades of occupation, ethnic cleansing and war make no difference at all

Without revisiting the quote by the former U.S. presidential candidate, it’s important to note the causal manner in which Yassin-Kassab charges Israel with “ethnic cleansing” – an accusation, as we’ve noted previously, that has absolutely no basis in reality, and can be easily refuted by a few population statistics.

  • The Palestinian population in the West Bank increased from 462,000 in 1949 to more than 2.5 million today.
  • The Palestinian population in Gaza increased from 82,000 in 1948 to more than 1.7 million today.

Additionally, to add further context:

  •  The Jewish population in the Arab Middle East has decreased from over 850,000 in 1948 to less than 5,000 today.

So, while the Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza has increased over 700 percent since Israel’s establishment, the Jewish population in the Arab Middle East has decreased by 99 percent – dry data which demonstrates that though Arab governments have quite ‘successfully’ ethnically cleansed their Jewish citizens, Zionists remain the most ‘incompetent’ ethnic cleansers on the planet.

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  1. The Israeli Arab population has also increased even if you take away the 750000 refugees into account.

    • Noam:

      “Stealing the land they live on is ethnic cleansing”

      No it’s not, and either way it didn’t happen on grand scale as you seem to suggest.

      Nothing in the sentence you made suggests anything about ethinicity, nationality or grouping of any sort.
      For example if 1 Palestinian family lives on a small patch of land and run into trouble with another Palestinian family who happen to be a bad family.
      The bad family behavse badly towards the other family “stealing the land they live on” and evicts them.
      Is this Ethnic cleansing?
      If this is ethnic cleansing how come there’s so many Arabs in Israel?
      How come so few Jews in Arab countries?

  2. As you say 750,000 Palestinians were made refugees making some 75% of the Palestinian population of what now constitutes Israel. If they had remained and given that a quarter of those who remained now constitute 1.5 Million Palestinians, the current population of what is Israel would have included 6 Million Palestinians. Demographic time bomb or what?

    • Asshole,
      If they had accepted the UN Partition Plan instead of going to war with Israel they’d have retained a lot more territory for a “Palestinian” State where the ethnically pure bred, authentic, and mostly unheard of “Palestinian people” would have lived. (See UN partition plan, Arab rejection of). No one would have needed to flee, as most of the Arabs, later referred to as THE Palestinians, did. As it turned out Egypt, Jordan nor any other Arab power saw fit to create an independent Palestinian (aka Arab) State out of any of the land they grabbed from the remainder of the Mandate in their violent effort to nullify Israel and divide the spoils. They simply held onto the land. It’s an Arab kind of love. So, yes, there would have been a demographic time bomb, but in an Arab state called whatever, like many other Arab states where they can’t seem to feed or educate their people and guide them toward productive lives.
      Yes, the Arabs possess 99% of the M.E., but want more Judenrein land. Keep telling us about the greedy, racist Jews.

    • JD:

      “If they had remained and given that a quarter of those who remained now constitute 1.5 Million Palestinians, ”

      But I thought you said the IDF are all baby killers and starve the Palestinians to death and that the Palestinians are living in ghetto conditions.
      How on earth would they have grown from 750000 to 1.5 millions?
      Surely you would agree that the evil Zionists would slaughgter most of them right?

      I mean they must be far better in the “wonderland camps in places like” Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait or Egypt?


  3. Now, if as it seems might happen, Israel is to absorb the rest of Palestine, that makes the Jewish and Democratic Israel even more untenable without a robust ethnic cleansing process. Do you not think Dave?

  4. Yes there was what could be called ethnic cleansing of Arabs in the turmoil of Israel’s war of independence. But a) it was war not of Israel’s choosing, and b) claiming “decades” of ongoing ethnic cleansing is ridiculous. At least Yassin-Kassab did not go to the extremes of those idiots who accuse Israel of genocidal XYZ against the Palestinians.
    And note he also includes “(decades of) war”. If he means the civilian population: were Israelis not likewise affected by the conflicts?

  5. It is an extraordinary concept to call colonization a war of independence. Now, who was it who said things turn into their opposites but even he would not have thought colonizers ever calling their colonization project a war of independence and ethnic cleansing one of those awful things that happen in the context of the war of independence.

    • “It is an extraordinary concept to call colonization a war of independence.”

      It most certainly is.
      No one here is calling colonizationg a war of independence, but someone calls the 1948 war of independence colonoziation.

      While we’re on the subject of the war of Liberation, perhaps you’d like to clarify on the war crimes commited by the Iraqi and Jordanian armies against the Jewish people of Jerusalem and the medical convoys headed to the besieged Jerusalem?

      Oh, you’re only good complaining when Arabs are the besieged.

  6. Natzie supports the pogroms, the killing and the ethnic cleansing when it comes to Jews. A miserable lowlifer, bigot and antisemite, like Sherwood.

  7. A lot of the Arabs are also called refugees. Over 4.5 million Palestinians are registered refugees with the UNWRA. Many of the European Jews migrated to Palestine from Europe and some continue to do so even today, particularly from Eastern Europe.

    • JD:

      “Over 4.5 million Palestinians are registered refugees with the UNWRA.”

      UNRWA = make believe organisation for the “chosen ones”. The one who happen to be backed by powerful lobbies. And no, they are not Jewish or Israelis…

      “Many of the European Jews migrated to Palestine…”

      You mean to the British mandated Palestine don’t you?

      “particularly from Eastern Europe.”

      Funny, I believe George Galloway was blubering about something stupid like that with relation to Ukraine revolution on Press TV.
      Most Eastern Europen Jews tend to migrate to Western Europe these days.
      It’s the Western European Jews that tend to go to Israel.

      Can you actualy say the name of that country?

      go on, you’ll feel better.

    • Because Palesinian are the only refugees in the world that get citizentship in other countries and still remain refugees.

    • “Over 4.5 million Palestinians are registered refugees with the UNWRA.”
      Even though they’re not refugees.

  8. The ethnic cleansing of Jews in Arab countries is another neglected crime of Arab terrorism. Maybe the defenders of this terror who call themselves peace activists giving peace a bad name consider crime against humanity as something cultural inherent or as normality.

  9. Yes, but there was migration to Palestine before the British occupied Palestine and after they left migration continued at the point of a gun. But hey, mandate was never recognized by the inhabitants of Palestine of any religion. Just as colonization has no mandate from the colonized.neither did the British mandate had any mandate from the Palestinians the rightful owners of Palestine.

    • Most Palestinian Arabs are descendants of the 1845-1947 Muslim migrants from the Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, as well as from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Bosnia, the Caucasus, Turkmenistan, Kurdistan, India, Afghanistan and Balochistan.

      Arab migrant workers were imported by the Ottoman Empire and by the British Mandate (which defeated the Ottomans in 1917) to work on infrastructure projects: The port of Haifa, the Haifa-Qantara (1918), Haifa-Edrei (1905), Haifa-Nablus (1914) and Jerusalem-Jaffa (1892) railroads, military installations, roads, quarries, reclamation of wetlands, etc. Legal and illegal Arab laborers were also attracted by the relative economic boom, stimulated by the annual Jewish immigration beginning in 1882.

      The (1831-1840) conquest, by Egypt’s Mohammed Ali, was solidified by a flow of Egyptian and Sudanese migrants settling empty spaces between Gaza and Tul-Karem up to the Hula Valley. They followed in the footsteps of thousands of Egyptian draft dodgers, who fled Egypt before 1831 and settled in Acre. The British traveler, H.B. Tristram, identified, in his 1865 The Land of Israel: a journal of travels in Palestine (p. 495), Egyptian migrants in the Beit-Shean Valley, Acre, Hadera, Netanya and Jaffa.

  10. The British never occupied Palestine as it didn`t exist before as a country, only as geographical denomination of a region. The Ottoman provinces which partly cover nowadays Israel are the Vilayet of Beirut, the autonomous Sanjuk of Jerusalem and a part of the Sanjuk of Maan, a district of the Vilayet of Syria. The Arab immigration into the provinces increased threefold between 1900 and 1930 due to Jewish investitions into the economy
    Maybe Natzie is not a Natzie, just a complete ignorant mislead by haters of Jews?

  11. Britain was never a colonial power places it occupied never existed before except as geography. How else are they supposed to exist? Any way, do the Brits know this? They have a tendency to celebrate their colonial conquests and now you are denying them their past glory. What cruelty?