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Irish Times columnist ponders whether ‘rich Zionists’ control US foreign policy

We’ve previously written about Irish Times columnist Eamonn McCann, a Trotskyist activist and commentator who has employed the “chosen people” canard to suggest that Israeli attacks are arguably inspired by a belief in their own superiority, claimed that Zionism is racism and prophesized on the Jewish State’s ultimate demise.

In his April 10 Irish Times op-ed, the ‘truth telling’ radical expressed his disgust at Sheldon Adelson – or, more precisely, a recent episode involving New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in which the possible Presidential contender apologized to Adelson (a Republican donor) after giving a speech in which he referred to Judea and Samaria as ‘occupied territory’.

Here’s how McCann characterized the episode:

In a desperate effort to clamber his way back into the race for the Republican presidential nomination for 2016, New Jersey governor Chris Christie last week kowtowed to Zionism and apologised for telling the truth. 

Later, McCann wrote this in an attempt to contextualize Christie’s apology to Adelson:

There is a common view which this episode will reinforce that rich Zionists have captured US policy on the Middle East and use their financial clout to deliver uncritical support from the political elite for Israeli outrages against dispossessed Palestinians. There may be truth in this, but not the whole truth.

First, McCann fails to explain how the charge that “rich Zionists have captured US policy” is “not the whole truth”.  

Moreover, Adelson is Jewish, and it seems undeniable, given the context (as well as McCann’s previous expressions of contempt for ‘Zionists), that “rich Zionists” is a thinly veiled euphemism for “rich Jews’.  

Of course, saying outright that ‘rich Jews control the US government’ would represent the babbling of an anti-Semite.

And, we all know that editors at the Irish Times would never, ever allow such crude bigotry on the pages of their ‘progressive’ newspaper, don’t we?

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  1. When has a ‘Trotskyite’, from any country, ever made a concrete or logical analysis of any situation?
    The answer is between zero and zero.

    I have more faith in the ‘Horoscopes’ printed in the newspapers than any of the garbage written by McCann, and there is a greater chance that the ‘Horoscopes’ will be correct.

  2. [Moreover, Adelson is Jewish, and it seems undeniable, given the context (as well as McCann’s previous expressions of contempt for ‘Zionists), that “rich Zionists” is a thinly veiled euphemism for “rich Jews’.]

    I’ve little to no time for McCann, but I do not think this is necessarily the case. It might be truer to say that Christie qua Republican party is somewhat beholden to a significant source of funding from an individual (some might say) rather far from liberal sort of Zionist, who, so far as I understand it, objects a priori to the creation of a Palestinian state, for instance.

    I do not think that it is healthy if Republican politics is beholden to such as these, tbh, nor am I an antisemite for saying so, nor would be McCann, even if everything else he says is unreasonable (his characterizing an unseen, evil entity called ‘Zionism’ as equaling “Sneldon”, and vice versa, for instance, or conflating one individual ‘Zionist’ with ‘Zionists’ in general). Even a stopped watch…, as they say.

    There are not a few Zionists who can use, or will at least not object to, the ‘o’ word, if used in their presence, because they can call a spade a spade. Either because they endorse the current state of affairs, for whatever reason (admittedly rather more rarely), or because they think it is in Israel’s interest to end it as soon as possible (rather more common).

    • The clue lies in the wording. Ignorant haters substitute “Zionist” for “Jewish” and think we won’t pull them up about it, but the mask always slips because of the terminology and the phraseology which they can never desist from.

  3. In excluding a priori any Palestinian state, Sneldon is probably significantly out of sync with most Israeli opinion, though such as McCann is unlikely to say this because it ill suits his agenda to make ‘Zionism’ the most extreme definition of itself possible.

  4. A Trotskyist activist and commentator who has employed the “chosen people” canard to suggest that Israeli attacks are arguably inspired by a belief in their own superiority, claimed that Zionism is racism and prophesized on the Jewish State’s ultimate demise

    Good God. Sounds like a round of “nightmare dinner guests” on Jeopardy – or better still: Bullseye.

  5. If you are of the American political class, identify as Jewish and you do not want rabbinical law dismantled in Israel/Palestine and replaced with a completely secular democracy and with Palestinians given the full right of return, it is certainly fair to assume you are a Zionist. No matter if you wish to “liberalize” certain of Israel’s
    policies or give Palestinians a homeland (only bantustans are being proposed now, but still)–you are still a Zionist.

    • And if one wants a Jewish state, with a Jewish majority, for as long as possible, and one thinks the best way to achieve this is to end the occupation of most of the West Bank by reaching a Geneva Accord type of deal, or, in the event of that’s being impossible, by a unilateral withdrawal, one is also a Zionist.

    • [If you are of the American political class]

      All Americans who can vote are the ‘American political class’.


    • Who exactly defines that? You as what? You sound like the old stalinists at the time of the show trials in East Europe.

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