The Guardian has absolutely no idea why a Jewish man was murdered near Hebron

To understand the latest report by Peter Beaumont (the Guardian’s new Jerusalem correspondent), it’s necessary to comprehend the Guardian’s view of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, in which Israelis represent privileged Western colonialists, and are almost completely the guilty party, while Palestinians are the weak, the dispossessed and colonized – and are almost entirely the victims.

Since their journalistic ethos seems inspired by a desire to, as one Guardian journalist phrased it, ‘comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable’, even the most brutal Palestinian terror attacks will necessarily be framed in a manner which robs Israeli victims of their humanity, and obfuscates the malevolence of the Palestinian perpetrator.

To wit, a April 14 story by Beaumont on a deadly terrorist attack near Hebron, on the eve of Passover, in which a Jewish man (Baruch Mizrachi) was killed, and his wife (Hadas) and children injured by Palestinian sniper fire, is notable for the absence of the words “terrorist” or even “militant”, its subtle attempts to downplay the deadly assault and the suggestion that the motive for the attack is ‘unclear’.  

The story, titled Israeli man killed and family members hurt as car fired on in West Bank, begins thusly:

One Israeli was killed three others injured after their car was hit by gunfire as they travelled through the West Bank on the eve of the Jewish Passover holiday.

The dead man, aged 40, was understood to be the father of the family while his pregnant wife, aged 28, and two children – one of them a nine-year old – were injured.

At least one man armed with an automatic weapon and apparently wearing a helmet opened fire on several cars travelling on route 35 near the city of Hebron, according to witness reports.

Note the passive language in the title and the opening passage, in which the victim’s car was hit by “gunfire”.  It isn’t until the third paragraph that “an armed man” makes an appearance.  However, the identity or likely motive of “the armed man” is not explored.

Beaumont continues:

The family in the car that was hit was understood to be en route from their home in Modi’in – an Israeli town split across occupied Palestinian and Israeli territory – to visit the mother’s family for the traditional meal that commences the Passover religious festival. The shooting was the second incident in the past two days on the West Bank.

This paragraph represents the first attempt to impute ‘settler’ status upon the victim.  However, Beaumont gets it wrong. Modi’in does not extend into “Palestinian territory”. (The Maccabim section of the greater Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut municipality – encompassing a few zip codes – are in what’s known as No Man’s Land, which refers to land between Israel and the West Bank whose sovereignty was never fully clarified after the War of Independence in 1948.)

Beaumont continues, and fails to properly contextualize additional information which clearly indicates a terror attack had taken place.

A traveller in another of the cars relayed the incident to an Israeli news agency describing the man as armed with a Kalashnikov and wearing a helmet. “He opened fire but didn’t hit us. He kept firing at the cars behind us,” the man said.

Israel‘s Channel 10 quoted another witness describing the man as dressed in black.

Beaumont then adds information which could easily be read as possible motives – if not justifications – for the shooting, which is curious in that, up until this point, he hasn’t so much as hinted that the attack could be nationalist (or political) in nature.

The shooting comes amid increasing tensions following a stalemate in peace talks.

It also comes hard on the heels of permission by the Israeli army on Sunday for three settler families to move into a building in nearby Hebron, after a long legal battle and culminating on Sunday with the authorisation by Israel’s defence minister, Moshe Ya’alon, of the first new settlement in Hebron since the 1980s.

Then, in the penultimate paragraph, Beaumont descends to the absurd, feigning ignorance as to the likely motive:

However, with no immediate claim of responsibility the precise motives for the shooting remained unclear.

Finally, there this closing paragraph:

In the last 12 months five Israelis have been killed in attacks on the West Bank. According to figures collated by the Israeli NGO B’Tselem between January 2009 and the end of February this year 82 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli security forces or civilians on the West Bank and 20 Israelis.

Note that, per Beaumont, Israelis have been killed by “attacks” perpetrated by faceless perpetrators, while Palestinians have been killed by “Israelis”.

Finally, in light of Beaumont’s callous, agenda-driven report, here’s a first-hand account of the shooting (per the Israeli media) which will humanize the victims:

“We left our house in Modi’in and headed to the Seder,” Hadas Mizrahi told Ynet. “We passed the Tarqumia checkpoint and a traffic circle, and then Baruch saw a terrorist. He told me, ‘they’re shooting, they’re shooting, they’re shooting. There’s a terrorist.’ Baruch put his foot down on the gas pedal.

“I felt a pain in my back. I told the kids, ‘take off your seatbelts and lie down on the floor’. I took the steering wheel, shifted into low gear and used the handbrake to reduce the speed. I used a rag to wipe up the blood; I saw that Baruch was dead. When the soldiers arrived, I told them to dress my wounds and put the children in a protected vehicle, so that they didn’t see their father lying dead.”

The initial investigation into the attack found that the terrorist fired dozens of rounds from a Kalashnikov at vehicles, hitting the car in which Baruch and Hadas Mizrahi and five of their children were travelling. The children, aged between 3 and 13, did not suffer any injuries, in no small part thanks to Hadas’ quick thinking.

I’ll be strong for the children, because that’s what Baruch would have wanted. We should also be thankful for the miracle that my children and I survived. We will stay strong and God willing, my children will grow and succeed, and that will be my victory against the terrorists,” said the mother, whose condition is defined as moderate. “I have two bullet wounds and a fractured rib.”


(This post was revised at 19:30 Israeli time to more accurately explain the boundaries of Modi’in.)

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  1. The Guardian’s view is that human beings are not individuals if they are Israelis instead they are part of a paradigm in which “there are two points that must always be borne in mind with the Palestinians: they are the aggrieved party; and they are by far the weakest(sic) party.”

    This gives Palestinians huge leeway, which they take, so that someone who deliberately aims a rifle at the cars of civilian Israelis, whether or not they are carrying children, is automatically granted freedom because he is ‘aggrieved’ and ‘weaker’ and so his rifle is apparently also aggrieved and not condemned.

    So, Abbas, always willing to learn from the good example of the west and those hugely principled Guardianistas, has failed to condemn this shooting and presumably would not help in the search for the murderer or indeed, consider him a murderer when caught.

    Haniye positively rejoiced, seeing in this murder a resurrection of his hopes.

    Such are the peace partners we are expected to embrace.

    • When a nation like arabs have 21 States + Eastern Palestine and still want more and want to deprive Jews of their sole State in Western Palestine,I call them IMPERIALISTS and colonialists. Those who speak of “comforting the afflicted” simply miss their target probably in a voluntary way just to be on the side of the masses which is a cowardly attitude. The guardian’s attitude is COWARDLY as well as stupid and dangerous.

      • Europeans have many States. However I doubt very much that Italians would agree to be expelled from Italy and and told to move to another European country.

        • Italians are not French, unlike an invented people like the so-called Palestinians, who didn’t even start calling themselves as such until 1967.

          • Israelis did not call themselves Israelis before 1948, does not mean they are an ” invented people”. Same goes with the Palestinians.

            You also seem to ignore the fact that Mandate Palestine was called just that, Palestine.

            • The independent Kingdom of Israel had existed thousands of years before anyone heard of “Palestine.” Furthermore, Jews have referred to themselves as Am Yisrael since Sinai.

              • Israelis are JEWS it is just new political word for jews living in Palestine. They are ENTITLED and have the right by international law cif San Remo,Sevres,art;80 of un’s chart etc to live in Palestine which is not the case of fake “palestinians” who usurped this term since they are arabs and arrived mostly from neighboring countries. Mixing up everything is a MYSTIFICATION.

            • The so called imperialist age chose to call the region Palestine, according to their Christian tradition, which considered the destruction of Israel and Judea as God`s punishment, and to the Roman province which was installed instead of Judea.
              The British mandate of Palestine when plainly called Palestine remains the British mandate whatever you hallucinate.
              The denomination of the region as Palestine was of Christian and European origin, nothing Arab or Islamic. Funny that those Arabs who call themselves Palestinians voluntarily bow to the white, colonialist and imperialist denomination.

              • Propaganda IS a mystification: changing the nature of truth is a mystification and that is what propaganda does!

            • Ken (I am trying to reply to ken) : If you equate jews and those arabs you call “palestinians”(this name was given to them in 1967 by the kgb…) then tell me who were the KINGS of those “palestinians”? what battles did they win? arabs became moslem In the 7th century,who the heckle were they at Biblical times? who was in Palestine first jews or moslems? you see this is balderdash! You chreistians want to give Palestine to arabs and are looking for a lot of TRASH to “justify” or cover your vile,cowardly swindle into a fake History,fake int’l law, fake reasons such as negociations which are NOT needed to prove Palestine and not just Western Palestine belongs to Jews ie Israel. Israel’s only political mistake is not to expel arabs so the whole matter is OVER once and for all.

        • “However I doubt very much that Italians would agree to be expelled from Italy and and told to move to another European country”

          Really ‘Ken’, so how do you explain the Treaty of Turin 1860 and the subsequent plebiscite?

        • “palezstinians” are ARBS and belong to the arab nations where ,they came from :egypt,syria,lebanon etc. Anyway they will not be asked whether they want to leave and stop harassing Israel. And antisemits will not be asked neither!

    • Havazzelet, this is a tragedy, made especially sad in the time of Pessah, but it was not a shooting at random civilians in Israel. This attack took place in the heart of the Palestinian territory, close to a settlement. The vast majority of Israelis have never been to the settlements and never will because they think it is not safe to go there.

      • Just like the Guardian, trying to justify the attack. There is no such thing as Palestinian territory and there never will be until a final status agreement. Hadas Mizrahi has shown her strength against individuals like you.

        • The Palestinian territory is composed to the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza. The entire international community agrees on this. Whether you and Hadas agree or not will not change international law and the need for a two-state solution that is supported by most Israelis.

          • A state called Palestine has never existed and will not exist until a final status agreement is reached. It does not have any territory and won’t have any until that agreement is reached. There is no such thing as an international parliament so it does no matter how some sanctimonious libero-fascist, who has appointed himself world spokesman, interprets the opinion of “the international community.”

          • Ken, you might be surprised by the number of people in the International Community who consider you dumber than horseshit. Now knowing this, I expect your future messages to officially make note of that.

            • Michael : a negociation or a final status is definitely NOT need. The final status was given by San Remo which is anterior to un’s rantings. If SERIOUS negociations were to take place then their content should be quite different from what is is now : Israel could recognize Jordan iez Eastern Palestine provided arabs from W.Palestine are transferred over there. Since there is little chance they accept then Israel should it do it in a unilateral way basing its action on San Remo’s ANTERIORITY which is totally LEGAL. Netanyahou should take a lesson fromPutin!

              • I should qualify what I’ve said Robert. I completely agree that Israel is right in annexing Judea and Samaria, but I also think that there should be a two-state solution.

                I don’t believe in exiling anyone from the land of his birth. At the same time Israel cannot absorb all of Arabs. They should have a state of their own with caveats:
                1. demilitarized
                2. They don’t get all of Judea and Samaria
                3. They, at most, share Jerusalem.

          • You are entirely and doubly wrong : 1. what you and lefeter nazis call “int’l community” is lefters +moslems not the “entire ncommunity” whichis not made of nazis lefters and moslems”.You simply do not want to see them! 2. DETERMINATION can change everything! sometimes a mere grain of sand can block a huge machinery which anyway the nazi left is NOT!

        • This territory would be safe if arabs did not squat it! They should be expelled from Western Palestine and Israel could in this case accept arabs squat Eastern Palestine as long as tey stop thgeir terror policy. Normally arabs should not even squat Eastern Palestine under international law.

          • Arabs HAVE already a state it is Eastern Palestine which was part of Palestine when it was transferred ILLEGALLY to arabs by the British. Anyway an arab state in W.Palestine is IMPOSSIBLE because 1. It could not be viable or vice versa it is Israel which would not be viable 2.Arabs do NOT really want it all they want ,is destroy Israel. If you had 1 billion dollars would you FOCUS all your energy on the little house oif your neighbour worth 2 kopeks? that is not logic unless you understand the billionnaire does not want the house to make his home but wants to RAZE it to make a larger garden! This is IMPERIALISM nothing else Israel would have no future with a “Palestinian” State inside its small territory and would be respected by no one geo-politically speaking. And this IS a geo-political matter!

    • Right ” so called “world opinion” which in fact is only leftist opinion does NOT make international law and still less ad posteriori! Should a bunch of moslem and leftist gangsters in the un make international law??? on top of that they transfer their rattlings back to 1948 or 1967 etc.? This is trash not int’l law!

  2. Hiya Adam I hope you are well .A fair article . However you will have heard the Guardian won the Pulitzer and is clearly not the extremist rag you try to brand it as, hence I suggest a change of strategy. Give up ! 🙂

    Only kidding but I still cant get it out of my head that you call US atrocities in Vietnam ” alleged ” . This explains a lot about your supine attitude to any alleged misactivities of the IDF.
    Here is a challenge ..a discussion on these pages..that the Jews who worked for peace in Vietnam before 67 suddenly saw the value of war post 67 and because of their prominence left the movement weak and toothless. I make the point because I read this in a biography of MLK where it was suggested. Brave enough ? I know no details and will have to read up about it but it is clear from your word ” alleged ” that you dont read a lot either. Berch

    • This was meant for you, Berchie:

      The award of a Pulitzer to the Guardian has cheapened the Pulitzer

      • If the guardian earned a pulitzer it is another proof of their antisemitism. Being an antisemit helps…

    • Berchman’s latest moniker is Orsonwills.

      Here is one of his recent offerings:

      “There is enough evidence to be suspicious about the events of 9/11. If you think people linking a possible Israeli involvement to it is fascistic then you either do not know what fascism is or you are being disingenuous.”

    • Berchmans I see you are still unable to understand the purpose of this website.
      If you need reminding it is clearly written at the top.

      You have miserably failed in your past attempts to divert this website away from its purpose and will continue to fail, obviously you are used to living life as a failure in all you attempt.

      Here are two challenges for you…
      1) Start your own website, then you can clutter it up with your own garbage as much as you like.
      2) Crawl back up Rusbridger’s backside and then maybe they will lift their ban on you and let you post again, but I doubt if even “The Guardian” is that desperate that they need a low life like you who makes racist comments about Americans and his own Grandson to foul up their site.

      Fly, fly little Tit you are boring me already.

    • You know the best way to overlook the sheer audacity of the Guardian and their gleeful joy of dismissing Israelis as humans who have the right to enjoy their lives? Why, that would be the return of our blathering, blithering Belgian dickless jerkoff who, amazingly, blames Israel for Vietnam. And why not?

      A moron does what a moron do, and Berchmanns, why, he knows his doowopdiddydoo-doo ain’t too impressive. But it sure stinks a lot.

      It must suck being a Berchmann.

    • The standard of the Pulitzer, like that of the Noble Peace prize has plummeted. How else could al-Grauniad even be considered, let alone win it?

  3. The use of language in this column is indeed very revealing.

    Normally, when a person is hit by gunfire, the term used is “wounded”. But the editors and Beaumont select other words to describe the fact that Hadas was hit by a bullet:

    “family members hurt

    ” three others injured

    • So when an Israeli is shot, the style guide apparently recommends using the words “hurt” and “injured” to describe what happened.

      But when a Palestinians are hurt by rubber bullets and stun grenades, after rioting in an attempt to inflict their racist views on Jews and keep the Temple Mount Judenrein, then the appropriate word is, apparently, “wounded”:

      Dozens of Palestinians were wounded in clashes with Israeli police that erupted when the al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem was opened to Jewish visitors.

      In fact, even when Palestinians are injured in a training accident, they are not “hurt” or “injured” – they too are “wounded”:

      In a separate incident in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday three Palestinians were killed and five wounded in an explosion training camp belonging to Hamas’s armed wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, east of the city of Khan Yunis, witnesses said.

      • AKUS, language influences thought which influences language and behaviour. The Groan is sloppy about many things, including language, the distinction between thought/supposition and hard fact which can be proven.

        They dare not allow naming things for what they are. Once we can name what is going on then they cannot mess with our perceptions as they can with the rank and file of the ilk of Berchmans (why is he still posting here, by the way?) and press us to believe their distorted versions of it. That is why the Groan cannot countenance anything which undermines the house of card which constitutes their “reality.”

      • A simple “yes” would have sufficed.

        It’s question nobody else seems interested in – despite the accusations made by the article.

        • I guess I’m just in the mood to calling this Beaumont as I see him. As far as I’m concerned, the Guardian probably has an inside source with IJ in that they pal around and trade jokes about how much they hate Israelis.

  4. ‘Note the passive language in the title and the opening passage, in which the victim’s car was hit by “gunfire”.’

    Exactly. Just like rockets ‘fall on Israel’.

    They just fall. From nowhere. Nothing to see here.

    • The real question is this : arabs received 21 States at the treaties of San Remo and Sevres(1923) the Jews only one ie Historical Palestine of which the british took off Eastern Palestine. Now arab imperialists want also Western Palestine. Not only they will NOT get it but they will soon lose the 21 others in a 3rd ww.

  5. Well at least he reported the incident. The Guardian doesn’t usually do Palestinian terrorism.

  6. What was the family doing in Palestine? Did they have the visa to visit Palestine? It is a pity that a tourist was killed so callously. Surely, as he was an Israeli national they should demand that the government of Palestine take all necessary measures to bring those responsible to account.

    • Israel is sovereign from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea until a final-status agreement is reached. Learn to cope with reality or get another hobby to occupy your pathetic life.

    • The PA – the so called government who should be responsible for the security of the population according to the signed agreements – is actively supporting these terrorists and lionize them as freedom-fighters. And visa? What visa? Only sovereign states have the right to grant visas or deny entries. The West Bank is not a sovereign state and the Israelis living there are not more tourists than most Arabs who immigrated there in the twentieth century.

  7. “The shooting comes… hard on the heels of… Israeli army… Hebron…”

    The implication being it’s justified. Not that any justification is needed since we Guardian readers know the Jews have stolen Arab land and until they hand it all back and allow 5 million Palestinians to return to their ancestral homes in Israel it will be OK to keep killing more Israeli civilians until they give in.

    Yes, the Pulitzer Prize was cheapened just as much as the Nobel Peace Prize was cheapened when it was awarded to Arafat or Obama…

    • A final status agreement is not necessary. Israel is sovereign as all its predecessors ande Art.80 of un’s chart called the “jewish article” states no new nation can be set up in Palestine on top of the fact a second state has already been granted ILLEGALLY in Eastern Palestine by name of Jordan(which is a river not a land…)
      These negociations are ridiculous and will never bring peace to that region,just perpetual war until a 3rd ww breaks up. The real solution is EXPULSION,eviction whatever one calls it politically correct or not.

  8. Beaumont ably demonstrates how stupid and ridiculous “journalists” can look when trying to spin news through the prism of their very distorted political agendas.
    In other words, Beaumont is a pathetic asshole.

    • Wait a little and you will know what immanent justice means! arabs will lose everything and islam will vanish from the face of earth!

  9. .”…..a Jewish man (Baruch Mizrachi) was killed, and his wife (Hadas) and children injured by Palestinian sniper fire,….”

    According to the Israeli media “first hand account”-

    “The children, aged between 3 and 13, did not suffer any injuries….”

    Which version is correct?

      • Call it pettifogging if you like but I hope the kids are (physically) OK. Apologies for rattling your cage..

  10. Since Beaumont reported that the dead man was “understood” to be the father of the children in the car, I think it’s fair to understand that Beaumont didn’t do any fact checking before handing this in. Ergo, I wouldn’t trust that dipshit to give me directions.

    • And what is your ilk? extreme right or extreme left? you will end up as your islamic friends!

    • Has the possibility not occured to you that the report was filed soon after the attack, when precious few facts were known?

      • pretzelberg you ask a fair question.

        However it does call into question the level of professionalism and ethics displayed by Peter Beaumont if he is going to file reports without checking the facts, and making sure he is aware of all the vital background material beforehand.

        After all he is a correspondent for, what some people call, a ‘newspaper’ not a reporter for a 24 Hour TV News Channel.

      • From reading the excerpts, he’s seemed to have mastered the hyperbole of avoiding telling it like it is. He doesn’t keep it simple. More from him is less.

        I can tell right away the guy is a terrible writer who happens to be an underling of that truly misguided idiot getting to replace. No fresh start at the Guardian. Just a dumber sense of veracity.

      • Pretz you have leapt to Beaumont’s defence in haste. Whether he knew or did not know all the facts when he filed his report is irrelevant. He has adopted a strategy in the way he wants readers to understand his report: Israel is always wrong or to blame for what befalls them. The callous ambush on a car with civilians in it is not looked upon as murder. But that is exactly what it was and the reader is being misinformed and continues to be brainwashed.

  11. To understand the latest report by Peter Beaumont (the Guardian’s new Jerusalem correspondent), it’s necessary to comprehend the Guardian’s view of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, in which Israelis represent privileged Western colonialists, and are almost completely the guilty party, while Palestinians are the weak, the dispossessed and colonized – and are almost entirely the victims.

    I am having difficulty understanding why Guardian’s view is wrong.
    So one by one, Palestinians are the weaker side by a thousand miles if we look at the armaments.

    Israelis are privileged. They administer the West Bank and Gaza through occupation. The Israelis living in Palestine are protected by the Israeli Defense Force. The Palestinians even in Palestine, let alone in Israel, have no such protection.

    The Israelis have a right to return to their homes they inhabited some two thousand years ago. Palestinians have no right even to return to their own homes. Call it whatever you want but, if what you say about Guardian is true, I do not see why it is wrong? Perhaps you will elucidate. .

    • You’re an ignoramus.

      1. Many Israeli children go to bed hungry.
      2. The land is disputed. “Occupation” is a myth invented by Arab leaders and serviced by their dhimmi henchman, left-wing media.
      3. Arabs in Israel enjoy the same rights as Jews. When there are rocket attacks, they share the same bomb shelters.
      4. Palestinians are the only people in the world to inherit refugee status. There’s your “privileged status.”

      • To understand this policy one must first undestand it is a political MYSTIFICATION whereby the left is fighting a “vendetta” a veangeance against Israel whom they blame for choosing democracy instead of communism. As to socialist governments apart form vengeance they also have sold Israel to islam as an appeasement gesture as they did many times in the 30s with Dantzig,Austria and above all Tchekoslovaquia which was not even a german speaking nation! This is merely COWARDICE which they try hard and at all costs thru their media to cover up with all the balderdash they can think of!

        • It think it’s something additional Robert. Leftists, like the ones we’re dealing with here, feel some sort of guilt for living in privilege, but they don’t want to have to make sacrifices e.g., the US giving back all the territory that it occupies from Texas northwest to Oregon, including California. They want a proxy to make those kinds of sacrifices for them so that they can feel some sort of sanctimonious morality.

      • You cannot put on the same footing fake palestinians who are REAL arabs with 21 States better ,protected than Israelis. You are saying the millionnaire who has 21 houses has the same rights on the 22nd house as the poor who has only one house! That is a SOPHISM! Let us share what is yours not what is mine etc. Those “palestinians” can go to Eastern Palestine and several other places where they would enjoy better conditions but they are squatting Judea,Samaria,Gaza for only ONE reason which spells IMPERIALISM. They are like soldiers ready to even die to add up more territories to their empire. And people like you are helping them either by stupidity or antisemitism!

          • Michael NO that was not directed to YOU but to someone who was equating “palestinians” with Israelis,I think Stewart maybe,I do not remembrer exactly now. You have approximately the same ideas as I do except that you want a “palestinian” state which is a very very bad idea because it would never make Israel a geo-politically acceptable state to the world at large let alone lefters and arabs who understand only the language of struggle power. And this means perpetual war!

            • Ok. In the e-mail, it listed the message in response to me.

              Concerning the Palestinian state, that’s exactly the reason that I assert that it has to be demilitarized.

              • Yes I know the messages are not always directed right,I amin France so we have a time lag,it does not work properly! Re demilitarization is a GIMMICK,it is of absolutely NO value,arabs do what they want,they do not give a damn for agreements or treaties! With a state they will ask for help to arab or moslem states such as iran or pakistan and they would have legally the RIGHT to do that! Although presently they have NO right whatsoever most nations are with them(of course all of europe is governed by leftist governments) so you can imagine the MESS in which Israel would be when they have a few rights legally…States have lots of rights which no treaty can cancel!

  12. Berchmans
    Stop to think about your legacy once you’ve slipped this mortal coil . Not very inspiring is it .

    • How about YOU stop stop thinking of your legacy and give…England your bloody “palestinian” friends?

    • Right but we are not so cabbage as we look! The guy has still not replied to my questions and has not been able to cite names of fake, “palestinians” kings,towns, the wars they may have won etc. Funny for these mighty warriors invented by the kgb in the 60s… I am mad against netanyahou who actually HAS all it needs to stop this CIRCUS and expel arabs from Western Palestine before “palestinians” expel Jews with the help of moslem and christian gangsters! That would cost only a few shells which is far less than 3rd ww these morons will bring about sooner or later!

  13. Shows had badly quasi-respectable “journalists” can lose their hold on truth and credibility, when so driven by a skewed political agenda.
    It’s just 1 more sad example of how and why the mainly Left-leaning media has lost so much credibility through their blind embrace of political correctness–because it often amounts to a bunch of lies.

    • Do you think that the Right Wing doesn’t have their own chosen terminology of which they demand others to use? Obamacare vs. Affordable Care Act for one. Nothing PC about a terrible Guardian writer incapable of finding out the information of the moment for sake of making shit up to legitimize the bad actions he’s supposedly reporting.

      • You are absolutely right about what lefters call the “int’l community” which is merely a mix of moslem and lefters opinion worth less than bullshit! arabs want to destroy Israel for imperialist reasons and lefters’ reasons are about the same,their imperialism being communism and probably revenge over Israel who chose Democracy against communism. However Democracy is noadays making more havoc than sense because it is becoming a synonym of suicide. Israel should exper arabs to avoid being expelled themselves or bring about 3rd ww. If netanyahou does not seem to care what happens to Israel in 10 years but only what happens to HIM in 1 or 2 years.

          • Absolutely NOT! I say the truth and I MEAN what I say. Provocation is bullshit,it is of no interest whatsoever. I would have no interest doing so. I try to help Israel make a NATIONAL policy taking care of its own interests not those of…”international community” ie lefeters and arabo-moslems. Only cowards and fools would care for what these people say and if you are among them,I would not bother reply to you in future.

            • Then why you are posting here, if you don`t care? Looks like logic is your foe, not the only one, I assume.

              • What the hell are you ranting? I did not say I do not care I said I am not provoking ,you talk a lot but do not say anything! Why the heckle are you talking about me,I am talking politics.

              • “Wunderbar” : I assume… you are using french words you do not know the meaning of! Agent provocateur does not mean…”donnez moi un baiser chéri-bibi”!

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    of time. Believe about what improvements you will want to make to your new property appropriate following you get ownership of it when deciding your finances.
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  15. All these people want is toblaclmailand pressure Israel to give in to arabs demands and hand out its territory to create a 22 nd arab state. All they say and do is blackmail. If we want these pressures stop,Israel should not give in as netanyahou does accepting a 3rd state in Palestine. netanyahou should go and “palestinians” not the israeli provinces.

  16. beaumont understands nothing to the mideast and his editor still less and on top of that they are in bad faith. They are incompetent liars and tfore must be prohibited to stay in Israel. Arabs are IMPErIALISTS OUT TO TAKE iSRAEL’S LAND WHICH IS SUPPORTED BY INTERNATIONAL LAWS such as San Remo Treaty and Art.80 of un’s chart prohibiting a new state in Palestine. Since these”journalists” don’t respect int’l laws,their sojourn should be stopped,and this is the kind of arguments they understand,not morality. In fact their lies turn them into spies and they should be sent to jail.