Catherine Philp names a suspect in the Passover attack on Jewish family: The ‘settlements’

On Monday night a Palestinian sniper fired multiple rounds from a Kalashnikov rifle at a Jewish family travelling on Route 35 to their Passover Seder in Kiryat Arba, killing 47-year-old Baruch Mizrachi and wounding his pregnant wife and one of their young sons.

Though the IDF is still hunting for the perpetrator, the Times Middle East correspondent has already pronounced a likely suspect. Yes, you guessed it, ‘Israeli Settlers’.

Catherine Philp’s story on the lethal attack, quite callously, never names the victim – referring to Mizrachi alternately as “a policeman”, even though he wasn’t on duty or in uniform at the time of the attack, and “the driver” – and focuses almost entirely on news from the day before regarding four Jewish families who moved into Hebron consistent with a Supreme Court ruling determining the property was purchased legally.  

The narrative focus is already evident in the headline:


The April 16th story (pay wall) begins thusly:

An Israeli policeman was shot dead near Hebron on the eve of the Passover festival as Jewish settlers celebrated their return to a disputed house in a Palestinian area of the West Bank city.

Three families moved into the building on Sunday evening, protected by Israeli soldiers, hours after Moshe Ya’alon, the Israeli defence minister, granted permission for their return — six years after their initial eviction.

The first apparent retaliation for the return of the settlers came on Monday night when a man opened fire on a car outside Hebron.

Remarkably, by the third paragraph Philp already establishes causation between the two events, without one iota of actual evidence and before, let’s remember, the culprits have even been apprehended or interrogated.

Philp continues, adding a bit more information on the nameless driver/policeman.

The driver, an Israeli policeman, was killed and his wife wounded. A nine-year-old boy in another car suffered light injuries.

However, the final ten paragraphs all deal with the broader story of the “provocation” of the continuing Jewish presence in Hebron, the oldest Jewish community in the world.

In total, only three out of fourteen paragraphs are devoted to the terrorist attack on a Jewish couple and their young children.

Mizrachi was laid to rest on Wednesday night, and left behind five young children, the youngest of whom recited Kaddish (the prayer recited by Jewish mourners) as the funeral began.

Baruch Mizachi

Baruch Mizachi

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  1. This attack did took place in the wake of settlers moving into a new urban settlement in Hebron, a move which was interpreted as a provocation by the international community at a time when the government of Israel is asked to come back to the negotiation table. This attack did take place close to a settlement located in the West Bank, in the Palestinian territory. Everything Philp tells is true.

    • Ken, please tell me at what point in Israeli history Palestinian terrorists needed a reason to murder Jews.

      • See how Ms Philp sneaks in the word ‘apparent’ in paragraph 3. ‘Apparent’ to whom?

    • Ken tries to justify the murder of innocents with vague appeals to an imaginary august authority.
      I suppose that for Ken, Philps, and the serial human rights abusers so abundant in the “international community” this would represent some sort of victory for human rights.

    • Right, Ken. And the people who were blown up in the Sbarro pizzeria were current, former, and future IDF so all is good! Bless your heart, and that of the sweet, understanding International Community.

      • Sbarro pizzeria was located in West Jerusalem, Israel.

        The settlements in Hebron and Kyriat Arba are located in the West Bank, Palestinian territory.

        • I know you can’t understand this because there is a douche permanently affixed between both ears, but the justification for blowing up the Sbarro in West Jerusalem was that current, former, and future IDF were to die in the incident.

          I feel real sorry for your mother. To think she has to look at you and say that she created such a blatant asshole of zero worth.

  2. Ms Philp has form. I already commented on the story in the online edition as set out below:
    On re-reading this story it strikes me that Ms Philp could not have known the real motive of the terrorist.
    Three vehicles were shot at several miles outside Hebron by a masked assailant using an AK47. There’s no causal link with Hebron except that suggested by Ms Philp.
    My suggestion is Ms Philp made the connection so as to somehow give the terrorist a motive and excuse an act of random barbarism. It also allowed an expansion of the story critical of Israeli settlers.
    Clever, I suppose but not journalism. More opinions than facts from our resident Hacktivist.

  3. Philp seems to have set her agenda by becoming the surrogate terrorist (until they catch the real one(s)) with a prepared pretext to give to the real terrorists if and when they are caught. Will Philp deny writing the offensive points and claim this time, as she did before that it was one of the editors that had something to do with adding the offensive bits, or will she this time, claim the story as her own?

  4. The Times’ headline misdirects the average reader into believing that a policeman was shot while confronting a rioting mob.
    I’m guessing that they’re editors aren’t easily embarrassed.

  5. Just another sad example of how badly “mainstream” media types can lose their way and slip into blatantly dishonest reporting, when so slavishly pursuing a very skewed political agenda.
    It’s symptomatic of what’s happened in general to the mostly Left leaning media–by their blind embracing of political correctness and highly politicized reporting of “facts”, they’ve lost much of their respect and credibility (e.g. check circulation figures for Times vs. NY Post, MSNBC vs. Fox News, etc., etc.).

    As for Catherine Philp, she’s nothing more than a mindless tool of this terminally biased media cabal, and such a pathetic sack of feces.

    • The job of a journalist is to explain what happened based on facts. This tragic attack did not happen in Israel. It happened in the West Bank, which is Palestinian territory under international law. It happened on a road used by settlers going to settlements located in and around Hebron, shortly after the Government announced it would let settlers take over a Palestinian house in the heart of the city. All these facts are what journalists will include in their stories because it is what their job is about: to report on facts.

      • You are not the first bullshitter here Ken using false references to “international law”. Would be very useful to state which of these “international laws” define the West bank of the Jordan river as Palestinian territory where shooting Israeli civilians is a legitimate answer to “provocation”?
        And I really like your use of the so called “international community” expression for your special purposes. Who are the representatives of this “international community”? The OIC? The EU? The UN? The Zionist controlled world media?

      • You and international law. In the same thread where you ponder the legitimacy of murdering Jews because they traveled a certain road. Ken is the Klan man wearing the poop stained sheet.

        • The international community considers that all settlements in the West Bank are illegal. End of story.

          • Sorry, Pete. First of all, it doesn’t work that way. Second of all, you haven’t really defined the International Community. As far as I’m concerned, I’m a person on this planet. I am part of a nation. But you’re saying my voice doesn’t count because you have untold (more like unproven numbers) behind your hate monger bullshit.

            Stop being a belligerent asshole, Pete. Either that, or come up with something YOU can do to save lives rather than try to destroy them.


          • Not exactly Pete. This is only the end of the credibility of the so called “international community” comprising your kind of shit of humankind – a small minority.

  6. To be more accurate:
    The terrorist was shooting at 3 Israeli cars (lsraels · yellow license plate, could be
    Israeli Arabs}The first car was not hit. The second car had Baruch Mizrachi as driver,
    He was hit in the neck from behind and died. His wife Hadas was injured.
    4 of their 5 children were at the back seats and none of them were injured.
    The third car had a mother driving with two children, and one of them was injured.
    Not clear who was in the first car, but the other two had one man, two women
    and 6 children who could all be dead as a result of this attack.

    I just wonder what all the experts on “international law” have to say about that.
    also, you can bet your last pound , that if this murderer will be caught ,
    and jailed, He will be released in a gesture to “the peace process”
    get a hero’s welcome from the PA , and get EU funding for him and his family.

      • Because you are an ignorant asshole Pete. Not speaking about the many Israeli Arabs working on the West Bank, or simply travelling on the road in cars with Israeli plates.

  7. I think we should get used to bullshitters. The world is full of them. They include the International Community, the UN, the Arab League, The EU, Human Rights organisations the list is endless. Perhaps sometimes it is easier to list those not included in the list of bullshitters.

    I blame the terrorists who killed the Folke Bernadotte in 1948. Since then the international community, apart from the US has been gunning for Israel for some reason.

    It is definately confirmed that the death of an Israeli policeman in Palestine had nothing to do with the another Israeli settler family taking over another Palestinian house. After all, why should anybody complain about the returnees claiming their rightful place in the Holyland.

    • The Arabs who have a “rightful place” in Israel are Israeli Arabs – those who remained in ’48 and their descendants, now numbering about 1,3 million, representing 20% of Israel’s population and with full rights as Israeli citizens. They stayed while their brothers fled, convinced either that the Jews would slaughter them or that the Arab armies would be victorious and that they would be able to return and claim all the land.

      There is no “rightful place” in Israel for that category of Arabs. To be fair, there were also Arab civilians killed by Jews and Arabs who were expelled by the Jews in those turbulent times but it’s nonsensical to claim now that every Arab who can hold a big key up in front of BBC and CNN propagandists and claim it’s for his grandfather’s house in “Palestine” therefore has a right of return to Israel.

  8. True Too not as nonsensical as claiming a return two thousand years after your parents left that house in Palestine just because you hold devine papers asserting your ownsership to the house. .

  9. No Jew left a house in Palestine, as there was no Palestine. Some ahistorical idiot.

  10. Fritz I think logic is not your strong point. If the Jews did not leave Palestine. How come they demanded a right to return to Palestine. If you did not left a place you could not return to it. Therefore, it follows, you are not returning to yourr place but usurping somebody else’s place. Which is what the Palestinians have always argued is the case. So, the Palestinians have a genuine right of return and the so-called Jewish right of return is merely a myth. Thanks Fritz,

    As for Palestine not existing, here are, what you would call deluded Zionists, affirming the exitence of Palestine in US in November 1936. Perhaps, history of the Zionist movement is also not your strong point. What is your strong point Fritz. Abuse, I suppose?

    • What is this Burden? Some new app for the mentally retarded Jew-haters and their kids? Very impressive depth and logic…

  11. Quote from the 1936 November conference of the Zionists in the US.
    “Three hundred Zionist leaders, emphasizing American Jewry’s stake in Palestine’s future, today addressed a resolution to the Royal Commission investigating recent disorders, insisting on complete fulfillment of Great Britain’s obligation to establish a Jewish homeland.
    The resolution, adopted by the National Council for Palestine at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel after a session devoted largely to discussing expansion of the United Palestine Appeal drive, declared American Jewry “committed to the role of guardian for those helpless Jews who have no protector other than America.”

    Read more: http://www.jta.org/1936/11/30/archive/zionist-leaders-demand-britain-fulfill-jewish-homeland-pledge#ixzz2zSjhpA1A

    • “Is abuse a zionist trait Hungarian?”

      That line has been used before, although last time it was by someone using a different name.

      In a spirit of Christian charity and to stop you wasting time inventing new names for yourself, just sign in as what you are. Which is a scum-sucking piece of anti-Semitic dogshit! Far more accurate than all these names you keep inventing for yourself.

  12. Gerald are you a shit zionist or you sit together on the same heap. Christians were prevented in Palestine from visiting their Holy places by you friends. Not very charitable is it?

    • ” Christians were prevented in Palestine from visiting their Holy places by you friends..”

      Really Drek.
      Which Holy Places?
      Why were they prevented from visiting them?
      Which of my friends prevented them?

    • Christians were prevented to kick the shit out of each other in their Holy places. I agree with you Burden that the police should have let them to do it without any disturbing intervention.

  13. Gerald you do not know who your friends are. You do not know what the holy places are. You do not why they were prevented. And you claim to be a zionist. Are you a robot? Please use the fourth alias to answer this one. You made a mistake you repeated the same alias twice. Not very IDF is it?

    • Drek would you like to answer the straightforward questions put to you?

      You can, as you usually do, duck and dive even run away to avoid answering the questions.
      But you cannot hide.

      So what is it to be Drek, are you going to answer the questions or run and attempt to avoid them like the snivelling coward and liar you so clearly are?

  14. I love the Zionist everything is clear to them and every evil thing they do is their God given right to do as. Except of course all this is the fiction of their evil mind. Ethnic cleansing, preventing other people to enter their own homes or Houses of their God is not sanctioned by God. Besides who appointed the IDF guardian of humanity as they lack any humanity.

  15. No Jew ever left Palestine, as it never existed.
    Natzie Pampers is known for his stupidity and ignorance.
    But let`s ask the idiot a simple question: Where in the Tannakh is Palestine mentioned?

    • Fritz thinks that Palestine never existed.

      He has never read or even heard about Herzl it seems.

      “Zionism demands a publicly recognized and legally secured homeland in Palestine for the Jewish people.”

      Theodor Herzl

      • Pete this is for you about the existence of Palestine as an independent entity and about the Palestinian people directly from the mouth of Azmi Bishara

      • Now, poor idiot, show me the proof for a state of Palestine at that time.
        Or is it only in your poor little head?

  16. Is it just under the top left hand corner of your deeds to that house you use to live in 2000 years ago. Of course you cannot read it, even though it is in Hebrew but even Hebrew was very different two thousand years ago even though the house is the same.