Video: Chloe Valdary discusses her passion for Israel and her battle with Richard Silverstein

Before viewing the following interview of Chloe Valdary, filmed at the AIPAC convention in March, you can first get up to speed on the racial abuse hurled at the African-American Zionist by Richard Silverstein (a blogger and ‘Comment is Free’ contributor) in CiF Watch posts here, here and here.

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  1. Related: Julius Lester was thrown out of the Black Studies Dept at Amhurst when he converted to Judaism. Was he no longer “Black?”

  2. I was very uncomfortable with the tone and the questions of the interviewer. The interviewer put Ms. Valdary in the position of being the spokesperson for the Black Community, and exhibited a deep-seated skepticism toward anything positive emanating from blacks regarding Jews and Israel. Ms. Valdary handled herself with poise and was more than willing to answer anything that was asked of her.

    • I agree Terry. Some of the questions were completely inappropriate and rude. I still thought it was valuable however to hear Valdary talk about her reaction to Silverstein’s attack, and her passion for Israel.

  3. She is a treasure. Intelligent, articulate, calm in the face of some idiotic questions, and refusing to be directed into giving a particular answer.

    May she go from strength to strength.

  4. What is it with Jew-haters and their obsession with money and people supposedly getting paid to express opinions to which they do not (in the opinion of the haters) actually subscribe?

    A truly bizarre pathology any way you look at it.