What the Guardian won’t report: Arabs terrorize Jewish kids at Temple Mount

h/t Yisrael Medad and Elder

In watching the following video of Jewish children being chased off the Temple Mount by angry Palestinians, I’m again reminded of Menachem Begin’s recollection (during an interview with David Frost) of his youth in Poland when he asked some Poles why they beat up innocent Jewish kids.  Their reply: The mere presence of Jews is a provocation.  

In the five-minute clip filmed on Tuesday, we see a couple of dozen Jewish children touring the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, with their fathers.  Muslim men and women screamed, pushed, threatened, spit and even reportedly hurled shoes at some of the young children.

What was the crime these children committed? They are (religious) Jews.

Though the Guardian’s Peter Beaumont dutifully reported on the ‘shocking’ news relating to a few brief (security related) delays encountered by a small percentage of the thousands of Christians who visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher as part of Easter celebrations in Jerusalem on Saturday, we can be certain Beaumont won’t inform his readers about this display of Palestinian antisemitism – hatred so intense that the mere presence of Jewish kids on the Mount represents an intolerable ‘provocation’.


One final take-away from this incident is the undeniable fact that Israeli Jews attempting to visit the Kotel and Temple Mount in the absence of Israeli security personnel would surely be sitting ducks for angry Arab mobs, incited (as in times past) by the presence of Jews.  

There of course may be good reason, in the context of a final peace agreement with the Palestinians, for Israel to one day evacuate ancient Jewish communities (and even sacred holy sites), but let’s be honest and acknowledge that such withdrawals will inevitably render those places ‘no-go areas’ for Jews – forever Judenfrei.

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  1. It must be great comfort for the Palestinians to have an International Community proclaim their enduring innocence in the face of Israeli subjugation and oppression.

    Or to put it another way, now Peter Beaumont has a reason for why Gaza terrorists shoot missiles at Israeli school buses.

  2. What do you mean there may be good reason to abandon Jewish areas and holy sites? There is NO good reason. As long as Jews are mealy mouthed about Israel’s temple and this kind of nonsense , the Arabs will keep demanding more. There can never be a comprehensive peace until the Arabs understand attacking Jews will come with such a price that it’s not worth even thinking about. These are very young children being attacked by Arab adults. The police should be clubbing any of them that approached the children.

  3. Is it really wise to take religious children wearing in religious attire inside Islam’s third holiest site at a time when tensions are at their peak?

    • Why not wait a few months, once the tension has receded, to make them tour the Hrama al- Sharif / Temple Mount?

    • Why should it not be? Why are you acquiescing and absolving Palestinian thugs from guilt and blame for their violence and child like inability to control themselves?

      • There are three faiths in Jerusalem. Jews pray at the Kotel, Muslims at the Haram al-Sharif and Christians at the Holy Sepulchre. To respect the religious statu quo is the only way to maintain peace. Those who engage in provocation in other faiths’ holy places endanger security and stability.

        • Please explain why it is so hard for Muslims to accept that Jews have a place to pray in Jerusalem? Jews on the Temple Mount do not in any way threaten Muslims there – except in their (Muslim) propaganda.

        • The only reason why Jews pray exclusively at the Western Wall is because ISRAEL enforces a ban on non-Muslims praying on the mount, disgusting appeasement, do you want Israel to extend that to preventing non-Muslims from even stepping foot on the mount? You are aware that it is the holiest site in Judaism right?

          You disgust me to be honest; ” Those who engage in provocation in other faiths’ holy places” — how is the Temple Mount “another faiths holiest site”? It is THEE Jewish holy site, it is the Arabs who engage in provocation on it, not the Jews. There is something seriously wrong about you – lack of a backpone most likely – if you believe religious Jewish children visiting the holiest site in their faith (not even praying) is an issue in any way, shape or form as opposed to the Arab reaction.

          • The Haram al Sharif is the third, holy place in Islam. It is home to the shrine of the Dome of the Rock and to the al Aqsa mosque. It once was home to the Temple but that was more than 2,000 years ago. Rabbis forbid Jews to access the Mount because they might step into the Holy of Holiee. I wonder whether the people who took these children told them they would violate this long standing prohibition?

            Jews pray at the Western Wall, which is the Jewish holy site, just like Christians pray at the Holy Sepulchre. There are three faiths in Jerusalem and we need to accommodate all of them.

        • The Jews were not praying, merely visiting. That is not a provocation (at least not to any normal, civilised people). But, that said, respecting a “status quo” which came about because of Muslim violence and threats, is merely to surrender to a “hecklers veto”.
          The only reason Jews pray at the Kotel is because they have been prevented BY FORCE from praying on the Temple Mount. It is the Temple Mount itself which is Judaism’s holiest place, the Kotel is merely a remnant of the retaining wall built by Herod the Great to expand the Temple Mount area.

    • Of course it’s not wise. Perhaps in better days it will be a safe thing to do. It should be a safe thing to do. In the here and now it was reckless endangerment and those children should be removed from their parents for their own safety.

      Using children as political pawns, even in the small p sense, is no different than the Muslim reaction. Totally disgusting.

      Nutters all.

      • ” Using children as political pawns, even in the small p sense, is no different than the Muslim reaction. Totally disgusting. ”

        Pray tell how a religious child being taken for a visit to the holiest site in his faith (something which must be very exciting and important to them) is tantamount to them being used as a political pawn? Fucking madness, stop trying to draw a false equivilence – it’s ok to say it, doesn’t make you “racist” – the Arab attitude on this matter is 100% disgusting.

      • This is a case of using children? You put this on par with Palestinians shooting rockets from neighborhoods at Israeli schoolyards? Oh, silly me….. That’s a form of Freedom Fighting. Kind of like blowing up a pizzeria at mid-day because, really, where else can you find former, current, and future IDF than at a Sbarro pizza in the middle of the day.

        I realize it’s a boatload of craptastic fun to show the world how obtuse and downright pathetic you really happen to be, but let’s leave it at this. Israel exists. The Palestinians claim to want a state. And you are a basement dwelling loser with such little life that you decide to take it upon yourself to lambast Jews and their children while posting anonymously on message boards.

        There is a reason why the status quo paints you as a douche. That’s because it’s really hard to ditch reality. And the truth is, you’re a pathetic fuck with no point in life.

  4. I take my hat off to the IDF, they handled that situation with calm level heads.

    This video shows why there truly can’t be a peace agreement. Islam has made these people the most racist, violent, hateful, prejudice & intolerant people in the world.

    If the IDF wasn’t there I truly believe that these Israeli me and women would’ve been killed, or severely maimed…why? Just because of their faith.

    Is there any other religious doctrine in the world that teaches its followers to hate all people outside of its religion? Islam is the only one.

  5. As Golda Meir so wisely observed “Peace will only come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate ours.”

    This cowardly attack on small children shows the ugly face of a morally corrupt Palestinian society. The liberal establishment that controls the media conspires to hide the truth from the general public must take its share of the blame for sustaining the racist bile that runs through Palestinian veins..