Want the Jewish state wiped off the map? Guardian approved NGO has an app for that!

Ian Black, the Guardian’s Middle East editor, wrote the following in a May 2nd article titled “Remembering the Nakba: Israeli group puts 1948 Palestine back on the map‘:

In a run-down office in the busy centre of Tel Aviv, a group of Israelis are finalising preparations for this year’s independence day holiday. But their conversation – switching between Arabic and Hebrew – centres not on celebrating the historic realisation of the Zionist dream in May 1948, but on the other side of the coin: the flight, expulsion and dispossession that Palestinians call their catastrophe – the Nakba.

Maps, leaflets and posters explain the work of Zochrot – Hebrew for “Remembering”. The organisation’s mission is to educate Israeli Jews about a history that has been obscured by enmity, propaganda and denial for much of the last 66 years.

Next week, Zochrot, whose activists include Jews and Palestinians, will connect the bitterly contested past with the hi-tech present. Its i-Nakba phone app will allow users to locate any Arab village that was abandoned during the 1948 war on an interactive map, learn about its history (including, in many cases, the Jewish presence that replaced it), and add photos, comments and data.

It is all part of a highly political and inevitably controversial effort to undo the decades-long erasure of landscape and memory – and, so the hope goes, to build a better future for the two peoples who share a divided land.

Further in the article, Black alludes to the fact that Zochrot’s plans to “build a better future” in the region include an unlimited Palestinian ‘right of return’:

Zochrot’s focus on the hyper-sensitive question of the 750,000 Palestinians who became refugees has earned it the hostility of the vast majority of Israeli Jews who flatly reject any Palestinian right of return. Allowing these refugees – now, with their descendants, numbering seven million people – to return to Jaffa, Haifa or Acre, the argument goes, would destroy the Jewish majority, the raison d’être of the Zionist project

Black’s use of the term “Zionist project” is of course quite telling.

As David Hirsh noted in an essay at Fathom, though in the decades prior to 1948 opposing the ‘Zionist project’ (anti-Zionism) was debatable even among fierce opponents of antisemitism, after ’48 such a position became a “programme for the destruction of an actually existing nation-state”.

Indeed, Zochrot (an NGO heavily funded by several European governments) quite openly seeks a one-state solution through the ‘right of return” for millions of Palestinians who claim to be descended from refugees from ’48.  Even more disturbingly, the group’s founder has written the following about his vision of the future:

When the refugees return, Jews will become a minority in the country.  Israel as a Jewish state will change radically, and it will no longer be defined as such.  Jews will no longer be able to determine their future…by themselves…. There may be Jews, most of them of European origin, who won’t be able to adjust to a non-Zionist reality, and prefer to use their other passport to move elsewhere…”

One of the more troubling elements of the Guardian’s coverage of the region is their propensity to legitimize one-state advocates – editors, reporters and commentators who’ve learned nothing from the dark history of antisemitism in the 20th century and somehow reconcile their putatively ‘liberal’ politics with plans to render 40 percent of the world’s Jews powerless, and dependent upon the whims and wishes of a hostile Arab majority.

Or – the argument goes – they can ‘move elsewhere’.

Though the Guardian may not typically trade in crude Judeophobic tropes, they can’t cry foul when accused of at least abetting antisemitism for continually endorsing reactionary political actors who seek to annul the fundamental Jewish right to self-determination and thus jeopardizing millions of Jewish lives. 

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  1. ” Jews and Palestinians,” Interesting how Israelis are defined strictly by their religion while the Arabs are called “Palestinians”. There is distortion in the very terms in which the two peoples are designated: Religion versus nationality. Religion is understood to be subject to and superseded by nationality. If you approach the Jew as only a person of a certain religion, you de-facto deny him any national rights. This is how Islam views Jews and Ian black adheres to this formula. So in this article what he is in effect saying, without actually saying it explicitly, that there is no right of existence to Jewish Nationalism (Zionism) while Palestinian nationalism is taken as an a priory, indisputable and natural premise. Following from which it is only logical that any Zionist project is predestined to destruction and annihilation.

    Hard not to get a sense of the anticipated schadenfreude contained in the piece, written by someone who presumably seeks justice based on the principle of “human rights”.

    • So in this article what he is in effect saying, without actually saying it explicitly, that there is no right of existence to Jewish Nationalism (Zionism) while Palestinian nationalism is taken as an a priory, indisputable and natural premise.

      The self loathing radical extreme left have a constant problem with Jews. On one hand, Jews played prominently in liberation ans anti racial movements all over the civilised world. Many of these Jews were also self loathing radical extreme leftists whose ‘Jewishness’ was an embarrassment to themselves and their families. The the original Zionist state which emerged in 1948 was socialist in nature which gave these radicals pause after the well published excesses of Stalin and Mao, Israel seemed like a perfect example to hold up to the world as an example of true socialism succeeding. Then, sadly, Israel woke up to the many advantages of the free market and market restrictions were removed. Foreign currency restrictions too. Israel flowered and became much more aligned to the ‘Great Satan’, the United States of America. Now Israel is in a symbiotic relationship with the US and the self loathing radical left are horrified.

      Here we are today and for the self loathing radical left, nothing Israel can do is good. All that Israel does is bad. These are sick people that we are discussing here. Their hatred of all their perceived enemies is very tangible. They obsess about the smallest thing and have lost all sense of proportion. They allied themselves with reactionary Islam because they see Islam as a constant, replenishing wall against ‘Westernism’. The same Westernism that refuses to elect a self loathing radical left wing government in any democratic state.

      The Guardian is, as we speak, trying to ferment revolution in its newest target. Australia. It is stoking social unrest especially relating to Muslim immigration into Australia and remaining bias against ‘indigenous Australians’.

      This is what The Guardian has become today. A self loathing radical left wing platform trying to bring about world revolution while presenting itself as a newspaper.

  2. The so-called “better future” that these advocates are envisaging is a bloodbath in reality. Perverse euphemisms are given to obscure the likely result of putting into effect those intentions. “Better future” indeed! And for no one.

    • Their delusion of grandeur: their introduction of the clip:
      “Natali Cohen Vaxberg in a video that shook the foundation of the Israeli society.”
      They didn’t realize that the only shaken foundation was the witnessing visitors’ belief in abolishing the death penalty.

      • That revolting personage was from Zochrot? Tells me all I need to know about them…

        By the way, there are plenty of Arab villages and towns that once upon a time were Jewish. Shfar’am, Sachnin…. and how about Bethlehem and Hebron?

        • peterthehungarian — I’ve just watched this video on your link. Thanks, because I hadn’t heard of it.
          Apart from being the most obscene anti-Jewish video I have ever seen (and I haven’t exactly led a sheltered life) I think it shows someone who appears to be not merely mad, but obviously mad, mentally sick, and hideously ugly in every sense of the word. This creature is the nearest thing to a rat both physically and spiritually I have ever seen in human form.
          Yad Vashem on Holocaust Memorial Day….this presumably is how the Arabs will commemorate the Holocaust at Yad Vashem if there ever comes a ‘One State solution’.

          • In Europe – and in any other place in the Western world when somebody gets his/her satisfaction and comfort by hurting and torturing a living thing – human or animal – the authorities will close him/her either in a closed psychiatric ward or in a prison. But there are certain exceptions as we can see – some of those are supported and paid by the EU. (clue: the victims of their sadism are elderly Jewish survivors of the Holocaust).

  3. “Have you ever seen a holocaust shit?”
    …and other equally memorable lines. This one is a candidate for shock therapy followed by a strict diet of sedatives.

  4. “There may be Jews, most of them of European origin, who won’t be able to adjust to a non-Zionist reality, and prefer to use their other passport to move elsewhere…”

    Is that why Avraham Burg wants Israelis to all get foreign passports?

    • Based on the combination of his personal views and professional fortunes, my conclusion is that A. Burg wants Israelis to have foreign passports for these reasons:
      1. He feels very much at home with the European anti-Israel Left and can’t imagine anyone would not find the same warm reception as he has.
      2. He doesn’t have any political or other future in Israel, unless the one-state garbage becomes reality, and he sort of gets that.
      3. He, much like Phil Weiss, has one sort-of redeeming nod to truth in his work: he knows that there’s no scenario that involves the terms “right of return” or “one-State” where Israeli Jews are either slaughtered en masse (like people he knows who remain in Israel) or left as powerless non-entities in a world with no interest in having anything to do with them (like he would be). Whether he cares about this knowledge is unclear.

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