Lyn Julius replies to the Guardian’s whitewash of the ethnic cleansing of Jews

On May 4th we posted about an article by Guardian Middle East editor Ian Black that whitewashed the radical anti-Israel agenda of the NGO, Zochrot.  However, what we didn’t address at the time was Black’s characteristic whitewash of the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Arab lands in the following passage of the article:

Zochrot’s focus on the hyper-sensitive question of the 750,000 Palestinians who became refugees has earned it the hostility of the vast majority of Israeli Jews who flatly reject any Palestinian right of return. Allowing these refugees – now, with their descendants, numbering seven million people – to return to Jaffa, Haifa or Acre, the argument goes, would destroy the Jewish majority, the raison d’etre of the Zionist project. (Israelis often also suggest an equivalence with the hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees who lost homes and property after 1948 in Arab countries such as Iraq and Morocco – although their departure was encouraged and facilitated by the young state in the 1950s.)

We were going to comment on Black’s historical revisionism today when we learned that Lyn Julius – one of the more knowledgeable commentators on the issue of Jewish refugees from Arab countries – had submitted a letter to the Guardian in response which (unsurprisingly) the paper declined to publish.  

Here’s her letter:

Ian Black’s article (Remembering the Nakba: Israeli group puts 1948 back on the map) promotes a fringe Israeli NGO’s sick objective: the destruction of the state of Israel through the Palestinian ‘right of return’, while virtually ignoring the ‘Jewish Nakba’ of 856,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries at the same time.

Wringing their hands about depopulated Palestinian villages, Zochrot remain ignorant, silent and unmoved by the depopulation of scores of Arab cities of their age-old Jewish communities.

There are almost no Jews living in Baghdad, Alexandria, Tripoli, Sana’a and Damascus  today. While the Palestinians were the tragic by-product of a war their leadership launched and lost, a larger number of Jews became refugees through an Arab policy of scapegoating and ethnic cleansing.

The mass airlifts of these persecuted Jews to Israel were in fact rescue missions.

Antisemitism prevents any possible return of Jews to Arab countries.

Imagine if a Zochrot equivalent operated in Baghdad, where Jews were once the largest single ethnic group.

On second thoughts, don’t. The Jews would be run out of the city and would be lucky to escape with their lives.

Finally, here’s a graph by the group ‘Justice for Jews from Arab countries‘ quantifying the extent of the forced Jewish exodus.

main facts

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      • Many Arab Jews left their home countries and moved to Israel willingly, after campaigns of the Jewish agency. Some did not leave willingly and were forcibly expelled but they were only a part of the Arab Jews who moved to Israel. Ask any Moroccan Jew, they will tell you how the Jewish agency put pressure on their communities and sent buses to bring them to Israel, where they often found themselves resettled in the inhospitable Negev or in Jerusalem neighbourhoods located dangerously close to the Green Line with Jordan. Many Iraqi Jews also believe that the Mossad organised fake attacks against their communities to convince them to leave Iraq and go populate the new State of Israel at a time when the Government was desperate to expand the population.

        • Lies. “Many” means a few ne’er-do-wells. The Mossad organized the Farhud? You should read the blog jewishrefugees, which is full of eyewitness accounts of extreme persecution by Arabs preceding the 1948 war, including large pogroms in Morocco before 1920. The Jews of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya were subject to persecution by the Nazis and the Vichy, which were often (with notable exceptions like the Muslim mayor of Algiers) assisted by the local Muslim population.

          You are repeating Arab propaganda.

        • Ask any Moroccan Jew, they will tell you how the Jewish agency put pressure on their communities and sent buses to bring them to Israel…
          I asked many of them and they refused to believe that anybody could be so ignorant thinking that in the fifties and sixties there was possible to travel from Morocco to Israel by bus, crossing Lybia, Tunisia and Egypt.
          Achbal you know the history of the Iraki and Moroccan Jews and their forced expulsion from their countries as you know anything else.

        • Left their home countries? you mean where ethnicly cleansed. Nothing to do with the Jewish agency because not all Jews moved to Israel. Close to the Green Line?Most Israeli lived close to the green line not only near Jerusalem.In the Gallile in the Negev In center Israel . israel being so small almost everywere was close to the cease fire line . what ignorance.
          The arab themselves show you for the liar you are.
          In 1947, the Political Committee of the Arab League drafted a law against the Jews .
          . This law had already been approved by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, provided that, “beginning with a specified date, all Jews – with the exception of citizens of non-Arab countries – were to be considered members of the Jewish ‘minority state of Palestine,’ and that their bank account be frozen and used to finance resistance to ‘Zionist ambitions in Palestine.’ Jews believed to be active Zionists would be interned as political prisoners and their assets confiscated. Only Jews who accept active service in Arab armies or place themselves at the disposal of these armies would be considered ‘Arabs.’
          New York Times article by Mallory Browne, dated May 16, 1948.
          Browne reported:

          Already in some Moslem states such as Syria and Lebanon there is a tendency to regard all Jews as Zionist agents and “fifth columnists.” There have been violent incidents with feeling running high. There are indications that the stage is being set for a tragedy of incalculable proportions.

          In Syria a policy of economic discrimination is in effect against ;Jews. “Virtually all” Jewish civil servants in the employ of the Syrian Government have been discharged. Freedom of movement has been “practically abolished.” Special frontier posts have been established to control movements of! Jews. .’

          In Iraq no Jew is permitted to’ leave the ‘country unless he deposits f5,000 ($20,000) with the Government to guarantee his return. No foreign Jew is allowed to enter Iraq even in transit.

          In Lebanon Jews have been, forced to contribute financially to the fight against the United Nations partition resolution on Palestine. Acts of violence against Jews are openly admitted by the press, which accuses Jews of “poisoning wells,” etc.

    • While you whitewash Amos Oz calling settlers Neo-Nazis with your silence. I thought you would be all over him like a rash. Obviously I didn’t take into account CifWatch’s hypocrisy.

      • Is that what’s happening? I thought you had whitewashed your brain to complain about Israel in 10,000 ways, still awaiting its impending implosion as it grows stronger both economically and militarily. You, a dipshit without a clue, telling us that you read Amos Oz? Riiiiiiiiiight. Sure thing, Moron. Whatever you say, Champ.

      • Alex, why bother with addressing your own hypocrisy when you can come here and have another crack at the yids by belittling and ignoring the history of their disenfranchisement, robbery, persecution and murder?

  1. It’s important to also recall the almost forgotten offer Israel was making at the Lausanne Conference in 1949 that Israel was prepared to accept back 100,000 refugees, contingent upon Arab agreement to a comprehensive peace and if its (extended) territory remained the same (Post 1948 war).
    The ME conflict is replete with details, facts and continued terrorism, that people like Ian Black (and even some Israelis) delete from the narratives to pave the way to argue an untenable position for Jewish people.
    As for the Jews leaving/expelled/murdered by the Arabs, Lyn Julius’ summary and figures speak volumes. Sudan had a community of 350 Jews that disappeared in the 1960s when they all left, not on the list.

    • It is important to recall that 780,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes in British Mandate Palestine when the state of Israel was founded in 1948. They were never compensated for the loss of their homes, lands and livelihoods.

      • It is important to racall that most of them were call by their leaders to leave .
        Time Magazine of May 3, 1948, reported of Haifa:

        “The mass evacuation, prompted partly by fear, partly by orders of Arab leaders, left the Arab quarter of Haifa a ghost city. More than pride and defiance was behind the Arab orders. By withdrawing Arab workers, their leaders hoped to paralyze Haifa. Jewish leaders said wishfully: “They’ll be back in a few days. Already some are returning.”

        According to the Egyptian newspaper, Akbar al Youm of October 12, 1963, on May 15, 1948, ” the Mufti of Jerusalem appealed to the Arabs of Palestine to leave the country, because the Arab countries were about to enter and fight in their stead.”
        A report by Habib Issa in the Lebanese newspaper, Al Hoda of June 8, 1951, stated:

        “The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Azzam Pasha, assured the Arab peoples that the occupation of Palestine and Tel Aviv would be as simple as a military promenade. He pointed out that they were already on the frontiers and that all the millions the Jews had spent on land and economic development would be easy booty, for it would be a simple matter to throw Jews into the Mediterranean.

        “Brotherly advice was given to the Arabs of Palestine to leave their land, homes and property and to stay temporarily in neighboring fraternal states, lest the guns of the invading Arab armies mow them down.”

  2. Levy makes a very good point all those who left their homes in the countries of the Middle East whether they were forced or out of fear have every right to return to their homes. If it is not already enshrined in international law. Ut should be.

    • “If it is not already enshrined in international law.” It isn’t.

      “Ut should be.” Why should it?

  3. I think Lyn makes a good point. All those who left their homes and their descendents in the Middle East after the second world war whether out of fear or were driven out have every right to return to their homes.

    • Why draw a line at WW2?
      What about those massacred and robbed of their homes in, let’s say, 1929?
      For example the Jews of Hebron?

      It appears the current Palestinian Arab leaders do not want them there, whether Hamas or Fatah.

      In fact the vast majority of Arab leaderships, from Syria to Libya do not want Jews in their midst, or will not guarentee their safety or grant them equal rights.

      The Arab and other minorities of Israel currently have greater rights than many Arabs in other parts of the ME.
      Why is it?

      Speaking to Palestinian refugees who managed to flee Lebanon camps to the UK I can’t say that many in those camps feel resentment to their host countries.
      Let’s call a spade a spade.
      It is those host countries who want to see the Palestinian move out en masse from within them just like they kicked the Jews out.

      • Or like the Jews of Gaza who left in 1929 after living there for centuries becuase according to the british Jews leaving Gaza would appease the arabs.

        • Well let’s tell the descendants of Palestinian Jews who lived in Gaza they can go back, and that in exchange all the descendants of Palestinians who were expelled from their homes in 1948 (80 per cent of Gaza’s population) can go back there. Hamas is bound to accept. Sounds like a fair deal. Thanks Alexa for the brilliant idea.

          • i was just showhing more example of Jews being ethnicly cleansed by arabs before 1948. Seeing as arabs where told to leave by their leader there is nothing similar,

          • Why would any sane individual want to go and live under Hamas or in any arab coutnry. Jews don;t want to go back to arab coutnries or Gaza and for good reason. arabs however want to come to Israel .

      • Jews were killed by Palestinians in 1929, and Palestinians were killed by Jews that same year. The violence was on both sides.

        • Jews were killed by Palestinians in 1929, and Palestinians were killed by Jews that same year. The violence was on both sides.
          Jews were killed by the Nazis and nazis were killed by Jews. The violence was on both sides.
          Abu, Geoffrey, Briton, Anna – are you ready to follow your own shit Achbal?

  4. @ Geoffrey Howe: If you would give the ‘right of return’ to descendents of people who lost their homes due to the WWII (BTW the Palestinians left when Arabs lost 1948 war which was defensive for Israel, during WWII their leader, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, was residing in Berlin as a close ally and friend of Hitler) why limit to the Middle East? We have millions of displaced Poles, Checks, Hungarians, Germans, Romanians, Croatians, Serbs, Russians, Tatars, Ukrainians and on and on and on. With tens of millions of their descendants. Maybe Germans could use suicide bombers in (their former) Wroclaw or Szczecin (Breslau, Stettin) or Poles in their former Lvov or Vilno or Hungarians in their former so called Slovakian Kras demending right of return? That would mean we have never really finished the WWII. Instead already in 60s there was cooperation between POland and Germany (to give an example) however 20% of Polish citizens lost lives in WWII (half of them Jewish) and hundreds of thousands of German civilians lost their homes in an aftermath. Why would anybody support special position of Palestinians and than oppose the revision of borders and “right of return” for millions of Europeans?
    It is called history and – specially as Judea and Samaria were won by Israel in defensive war with Jordan and Egypt with whom it later signed peace the proposition of revision would be a precedent to revision of all borders and people moves forced by wars (and there are plenty)

      • Did you tell this already to your own government? Are you planning to abandon Scotland, Wales, North-Ireland, Diego Garcia and the Malvinas?
        The acquisition of land by way of force or war is illegal and a crime of war.
        According to which law? When will Turkey leave North Cyprus?

      • So until 67 jOrdan and egypt occupation of judea and samaria and Gaza was no problem to the world but only when Israel took control of these areas suddenly it was illegal and a crime of war.

  5. We have millions of displaced Poles, Checks, Hungarians, Germans, Romanians, Croatians, Serbs, Russians, Tatars, Ukrainians and on and on and on. With tens of millions of their descendants. Maybe Germans could use suicide bombers in (their former) Wroclaw or Szczecin (Breslau, Stettin) or Poles in their former Lvov or Vilno or Hungarians in their former so called Slovakian Kras demending right of return?
    All of these displacements and resettlements are insignificant – no Jewish involvements. The known Latin saying – quod licet Jovi non licet bovi – explains everything from the European perspective.

  6. Geoffrey Howe, you have misunderstood: Lyn did not say that the Jewish refugees want to return. She said that even if they wanted to, they could not return – because of the extreme level of antisemitism in Arab countries.
    As Magdalena says it is too late to turn the clock back. The Palestinians have never finished the 1948 war, they want to reverse its verdict.

  7. Bataween I did not mean to say what the Jewish refugees want to do. Whatever they want to do they should have the right to do it. In just the same way as Palestinians have the right to return to their homes the Arab Jews have the right to return to their homes. Perhaps many Palestinians might not want to return to parts of Palestine where there is extreme racist expressions against them by the Zionists. or where they have 19 year old soldiers pointing loaded guns at their children. However, it is up to the Arab Jews and the Palestinians to decide whether they want to return to their homelands or not. Do remember the Zionist experiment tried to turn the clock after over 2000 years. This argument that it is too late to turn the clock back is frivolous.

    • Geoff,

      “Whatever they want to do they should have the right to do it.”

      That’s right.
      The Jewish refugees want the right to a national home, like every other nation.
      To govern themselves.

      This is why the patition plan was introduced because other nations refusal to share or acknowledge this right resulted in war.
      And these other nations still refuse to acknowledge this basic human right.

      Some would say it is fuelled by Anti Semitism.
      What say you?

    • Geoffrey in your post you wrote this “Palestinians have the right to return”.
      As you are probably aware the claim that this ‘right’ exists is disputed.

      Would you kindly cite the legal authority that states such a ‘right’ exists. I do not want to be pedantic but I do mean legal authority, not a Resolution and I do mean ‘right’ not a suggestion or aspiration.

    • Do you feel the same way about Kashmir? It’s not like Pakistan and India weren’t created during the same UN sessions as Israel. It’s not like there hasn’t been war killing thousands of people since the UN created both Pakistan and India. And both of those countries have nukes.

      And it’s not just you, Geoff. The Guardian never talks about Kashmir. The LA Times and NY Times and the BBC and, yes, the very same UN all have said zip about Pakistan or India’s existence for the past 67 years. No terrible stories despite the wars and attacks. No wondering about those countries’ rights to be autonomous.

      So congrats, Geoff! It’s not just your hypocrisy, just like you’re not the only dipshit on the planet.

    • sorry but the Arabs who left were supporting the attacking Arab armies. They have no more right to the places they gave up than the descendants of the Tories who supported British during the American revolution and fled when the the British lost the war.

    • International law does not obligate/recognize the legal right of Palestinian refugees to settle in Israeli territory. Such large-scale return was not standard at the time the problem emerged, and it is not used effectively today
      THE PRIMARY resolution on which the Palestinians base their claim to a ‘right of return’ is General Assembly Resolution 194 (III) from 1948. A close examination of that resolution, as well as later ones, reveals that these resolutions do not grant Palestinian refugees the right of return to Israeli territory. This was true at the time the resolutions were adopted, and is certainly true now, more than 60 years later, when the number of refugees, together with their descendants, has increased approximately tenfold.

  8. Not in somebody else’s home but – itsik – Palestinians want the right of return to their own homes and that right cannot be denied by any authority on earth ot the Palestinians or the Arab Jews. Of course the UN has acknowledged that right in 1949 and has reaffirmed it every year since.
    Gerald, the right of return is disputed by the racists but the UN has rejected the Zionist denial of the right of return and continues to reaffirm that right every year.

    • Hey Geoff. They could have had their very own fucking country. But they rejected that decision and offer (from 3 of the last 4 PMs!) in order to blow up a pizzeria, a dance hall, a college cafeteria, some bus lines, and the Netanya hotel during their open seder ceremonies. I’m sure you’ve got some reasons for those actions. After all, there is nothing like continuously painting pictures of your inability to grasp reality to help the Palestinian leadership stop milking international money for sake of helping their own people.

    • “Gerald, the right of return is disputed by the racists but the UN has rejected the Zionist denial of the right of return and continues to reaffirm that right every year”

      So Geoffrey the answer is you CANNOT cite a legal authority that states this ‘right’ exists. Just the usual meaningless bluster about UN Resolutions, which by the way are usually misquoted or quoted selectively and out of context.

      Close the door on your way out Geoffrey and please remember to say Hi to Boo Boo your alter ego.

    • Not true. Israel has no obligation in international law to let the arabs who left in 1947-1948 to retrun. You people can continue to lie about it but from a legal point you have no case.So either you continue to live in the poor state you are in , hoping that some day you will be able to destroy Israel or you can start building a life just like all those Jews refugees from arab countries did.

  9. Kauf what do you want to know about Kashmir. Of course you can discuss it and in fact it is being discussed at the UN since 1948.You obviously too preoccupied with denying Palestinians their rights you are just not hearing it. There are many Amnesty Here is an example of one that you can easily find on the web if you are interested. But of course your intent is to justify your own denial of Human rights to the Palestinians. Good try but do your homework.

    • Geoffrey you are a liar. In your Abu Hidad manifestation you promised to leave and to stop making further damage to the Palestinian cause. Now poor fellows have to suffer your comntinung destruction of their ability to convince the Israelis that they are ready to accept Israel as a Jewish state, they abandon the religio-fascist Hamas and the cleptocrats of the PLO dictature, accepting that they can return to their own land whose borders have defined by a peace treaty.
      According to yourself you have a very satisfying and well paid job, so I understand that you can’t yourself fight the Jews but want the other Palestinians to fight your war to their last drop of blood.

    • Apropos homework and Amnesty – maybe you should do your own before dirtying your keyboard.
      In Gaza, I received partial or inaccurate information by relatives of civilians accidentally killed in accidental explosions or by rockets launched by Palestinian armed groups towards Israel that had malfunctioned and of civilians killed by Israeli strikes on nearby Palestinian armed groups’ positions. When confronted with other evidence obtained separately, some said they feared reprisals by the armed groups.

  10. They do not want their own fucking country they want their homes back – When are you leaving for Berlin Peter
    “A word for all of those who are ‘fed up’ and are ‘leaving for Europe’,” wrote Yair Lapid on his Facebook page on Monday, following television reports about young Jews leaving Israel in search of a more affordable life in abroad. “I am in Budapest. I came here to speak before parliament about anti-Semitism and to remind them how they tried to murder my father here just because Jews did not have a country of their own.”

    He added: “So forgive me if I am a bit intolerant of people who are prepared to throw away the only country that the Jews have because Berlin is more comfortable.”

    This garnered hundreds of comments shortly after, Berlin’s Tageszeitung newspaper reported on Wednesday.

    One Facebook user wrote: “Lots of people are going to Berlin because it is the most affordable city in Europe, while in their homeland their money barely lasts until the end of the month.”

    She continued to say that “everything costs half as much here. This has nothing to do with ideology. I’m sure that if people could live so well in Israel then they would stay there.”

    Another, living in Israel, wrote that “as a child of a Holocaust survivor I can understand what you are saying. But as a mother of a talented young person, struggling to make ends meet, I can understand people who, with a heavy heart, leave.”

    Former journalist Lapid is the chair and founder of the liberal ‘There is a Future’ party.

    National daily newspaper Maariv, which aligns with the opposition, said on Wednesday that many in the country were expecting the politician to improve the financial situation in Israel which sparked street protests in 2011.

    But it said this expectation only fuelled the storm of indignation that followed Lapid’s Facebook post.

    • They do not want their own fucking country they want their homes back
      What they never had. But why not?

  11. peter did they even exist? Do you exist? Is the world flat? Lapid exist and his concerns reflect the situation the Zionists face in general. Do you get the feeling the ship is sinking.

  12. And here is her complete report Peter – do pay attention –
    Donatella Rovera, our Crisis Response Researcher, has been in Gaza since the ceasefire was called on 21st November. She sent us this short update from Gaza City.

    The children are playing outside again, despite the torrential rain. They were stuck indoors during eight days of relentless Israeli bombardments.

    By the time that ended in excess of 160 people were dead – including more than 30 children and scores of other unarmed civilians.

    For the duration of the onslaught they were stuck indoors – at home, seeking refuge with relatives or in schools which the UN refugee agency turned into temporary shelters for thousands of families forced from their houses by the bombings.

    Not that staying indoors was necessarily safe either. Many died or were injured in their homes or those of their neighbours when the bombs fell.

    In Gaza City I found grieving members of the al-Dalu family digging through rubble looking for the bodies of relatives killed four days earlier when an Israeli fighter jet bombed their home.

    No-one in their house survived the attack during which claimed a total of 12 lives including all the 10 members of the al-Dalu family present at the time.

    Five children, four women and the father of four of the children.

    The grief-stricken owner of the house, a soft-spoken man in his mid-50s, told me of his loss, listing the names of those he’d lost.

    “My wife, Tahani, 52, my two daughters, Ranin, 25 and Yara, 16, my son Mohamed, 29 and his 25-year-old wife Samah and their four children – a seven-year-old girl called Sara and three boys, Jamal, Yousef, and Ibrahim, aged five and four years and nine months; and my 75-year-old sister Suhaila who was in a wheelchair,” he said.

    I left the house in the morning with my son Abdallah and went to my supermarket, as we had run out of food. My wife later called me and told me also to bring some toys for the children to take their minds off the bombing.

    “In the early afternoon I was praying before heading back home and when I finished praying I found my son in tears; he said neighbours had called saying our home had been bombed. We rushed back and found a pile of rubble where our house had been.

    There were no survivors. I lost everything that was dearest to me. Why? Were my wife, my children and my grandchildren and my paralyzed sister terrorists? Did they harm Israel in any way? I want to see justice done; I don’t want anything else; only justice. The International Criminal Court should do its duty so that those responsible for these crimes are brought to justice.”

    Next door, two neighbours – a 79-year-old woman and her grandson – were crushed to death by the collapsing walls of the al-Dalu family house. Others in their family were injured.

    In another neighbourhood five-year-old Mohammed Abu Zur and two of his aunts were killed and 25 other relatives, 15 of them children, injured when their neighbours’ house was bombed. They are the victims of so called “collateral damage” caused by reckless bombardments which the Israeli army launched against densely populated residential areas.

    They knew that they were almost certain to kill and injure unarmed civilians not involved in the conflict and to cause destruction and damage far beyond their actual targets.

    And these cases are not exceptional. In the few days I’ve been here in Gaza I’ve investigated many more cases of children and other unarmed civilians killed and injured in Israeli bombardment between 14 and 21 November.

    Once again civilians bore the brunt.The impunity afforded to those responsible for similar attacks in the past has no doubt contributed to their recurrence during this latest escalation of the conflict. What is needed now is an independent investigation to ensure that victims are not once again denied justice and reparation.

    • No Israelis can be found inside its borders. And, before you say ‘but Israel controls the Gaza border’, look at a map. The strip’s southern frontier – almost as hard to cross as the Israeli boundary – is with Egypt. And Cairo is as anxious as Israel to seal in the Muslim militants of Hamas.
      Gaza was bombed on the day I arrived in retaliation for a series of rocket strikes on Israel, made by Arab militants. Those militants knew this would happen, but they launched their rockets anyway. Many Gazans hate them for this.

      One, whom I shall call Ibrahim, told me how he had begged these maniacs to leave his neighbourhood during Israel’s devastating military attack nearly two years ago. His wife was close to giving birth.
      He knew the Israelis would quickly seek out the launcher, and that these men would bring death down on his home. But the militants sneered at his pleading, so he shoved his wife into his car and fled.

      Hamas is firing rockets which fall short and kill gazan children which of course you don;t hear about.

  13. There is no right of return. It`s a fake. Read carefully.
    Your deflection from the article to Gaza is telling.
    And the conclusion of Rovera is equally revealing.
    The impunity afforded to those responsible for similar attacks in the past has no doubt contributed to their recurrence during this latest escalation of the conflict.
    What about a report on the terror attacks on Israeli civilians, with rockets and mortars? These are double war crimes you and she deliberately choose to omit.
    Or does she and you support terror? Then it`s settled.

  14. Rovera is a fake or the reference that Hungarian provided of Rovera is a fake. Do you feel sometime Fritz, that the whole world is a fake and only reality is Zionist colonization of Palestine. Well as Yair Lapid laments de-colonization has begun.

    • No Geoffrey the only ‘fake’ around here is you and your mythical ‘right of return’ for Palestinians.
      In spite of being asked earlier you have failed miserably to provide any legal authority that unequivocally states there is a ‘right of return’ for Palestinians.

      By the way your microscopically thin veneer of cover as ‘Geoffrey Howe’ has broken and you have slipped back into your alter ego Boo Boo et al.

      • Come, come now Gerald. Very unsporting of you old bean. Geoffrey H has every right as a pompous British imperialist with a visceral hatred to Jewish self determination, to limit or dismantle Israeli sovereignty as he sees fit.

        • Why GT old bean what could be more sporting than chasing a charlatan, who pretends to be British, such as dear ‘Geoffrey’?

          I can hear the sound of the hunting horn blowing the call to hounds as I’m typing this. So tantivy and off we go.

    • So Rovera is a fake… And Geoffrey Howe the person demanding his right of return to his non-existent Palestinian home must be an authentic Palestinian Arab as his absolutely common Arab family and first name proves..
      I seriously doubt Abu Khara that you are more than four years old. Your tantrums are very frequent at this age.

    • “Do you feel sometime Fritz, that the whole world is a fake [?]”
      The world is filled with fakes. Take yourself for example.

    • Geoffrey Howe, since you are trying to reverse history, let’s go back to basic questions. Assume for the moment, that the momentous resolution at the UN in 1947 has just a few months ago, been passed: Partition. Jews are saying , on the whole yes, Arabs are shtum or saying no or much worse. Who is making the big mistake here for the 700,000 Arabs living in Palestine when they instead prepare to do battle?

  15. Poor Geoffrey. On his 12th moniker this month, and still nobody gives a shit what he has to say. That is, nobody but Palestinians who know they need to work with Israel in order to find their own autonomy. Those guys, according to Geoffrey, probably deserve to be shot to death by those great peace masters in Hamasl. Yes, Geoff? You like the Hamas way of forcing their population to literally swim in shit in order to show the world how evil tohse Joos are? Poor, pathetic assmonkey. No one takes you seriously. Not when there is a UNIVERSE of your hypocrisy following you around like a storm of rainy weather. Or like a noxious, dirt cloud. Or, more up your alley, like fart trails that you can’t control because you are what you eat, and what you eat all day is shit and paranoia.

    You are the king of being pathetic, and, congrats you old coot, you’ve taken all good Palestinians down with you.

  16. Thanks for being afraid of answering the direct question of being supportive of terror. It tells all about you. You are finished.