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Repulsive Guardian op-ed justifies Palestinian antisemitism

Yesterday we posted on the results of a new international antisemitism poll by ADL, which demonstrated that Palestinians are the most antisemitic people among the 100 countries surveyed. We noted that Palestinians are even more antisemitic than citizens in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan and Iran.  

Here are some of the highlights:

  • 88% of Palestinians believe Jews have too much control over global affairs.
  • 89% believe Jews have too much power over international financial markets
  • 88% of Palestinians believe that Jews have too much control over the global media
  • 78% of Palestinians believe that Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars.
  • 87% of Palestinians believe that people hate Jews because of the way Jews behave.

It would seem that true anti-racists would have a pretty difficult time defending such views – as some of the tropes are indistinguishable from the notorious Czarist forgery, Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

To boot, a Guardian op-ed published today by pro-Palestinian activists  and  begins with this headline and photo:


The photo is surreal.  An op-ed about antisemitism doesn’t depict Jews, but Palestinians, who, we are told, are denied their basic human rights.

It gets worse, much worse.

Here’s the opening passage, employing a modified version of the Livingstone formula, in which it’s claimed that Jews try to silence and intimidate those who don’t share their views on Israel:

This week the Anti-Defamation League – an organization with a long history of trying to silence and intimidate those who don’t share their unwavering support for Israel and its policies – published a survey ringing the alarm about antisemitism.

So, to the authors of the op-ed, a poll demonstrating dangerous levels of antisemitism among Palestinians is itself an attempt to silence debate.

They continue:

Rather than advance our understanding of this serious issue, the survey seems predictably designed to stir up fear that Jew-hatred is a growing global phenomenon that puts the world’s Jews universally at risk, and that the biggest culprits are Muslims and Arabs, particularly Palestinians.

This is remarkable.  The ADL is evidently of guilty of ‘stirring up fear’ by demonstrating that Arabs and Muslims are the biggest culprits of antisemitism. Do the authors take issue with the methodology of the poll, or do they simply not fancy the results?

The following passage is even more astonishing:

The most striking example of a leading question undergirds the ADL’s claim that the highest percentage of anti-Semitism is among Palestinians who live in the occupied territories. The ADL asked a group of people for whom the movement of goods, money and labor is controlled by Israel, “Do Jews have too much power in the business world?. Were they really to be expected to answer anything but “yes”?

Evidently, according to Nevel and Kleinberg Neimark, Palestinians possess no moral agency and can’t be held accountable for standards of decency. It’s impossible not read that passage as a justification for Palestinian antisemitism.

The op-ed continues:

In its press release, the ADL states that “The most widely accepted anti-Semitic stereotype worldwide is: Jews are more loyal to Israel than to this country/the countries they live in.” It’s an odd indicator of anti-Semitism given that Israeli leaders consistently claim to speak for the global Jewish community and consider loyalty to Israel a precondition for being a good Jew. So it’s actually not surprising that this constant assertion has penetrated the consciousness of the rest of the world.

Again, the authors of the op-ed are justifying a historic antisemitic trope – the dual loyalty canard.  Do Guardian editors really find this morally defensible? Do they not know a thing about the injurious effects of questioning Jews’ loyalty to the state in which they’re citizens? The charge of dual loyalty could be seen in the Dreyfus Affair through the Nazi’s rise to power – and, yet, it’s as if the dark history of this idea doesn’t bother the authors of the piece, nor the Guardian editors who approved it.

Then there’s this amazing charge:

These questions, and many others in the ADL survey are designed to gin up paranoia.

Seventy-eight percent of Palestinians believe that Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars, but ADL is the party stirring up paranoia!

We’ve been monitoring the Guardian and Comment is Free for over 4 and half years now, and this is arguably one of the most repulsive op-eds we’ve come across.  The media group’s inability to take Jew hatred seriously represents a shameful moral abdication and makes a mockery of their claim to be a leading liberal voice.

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  1. In the race to the bottom, but there never seems to be a bottom for the degenerates like those two as-a-jews, this Guardian article certainly takes a leading spot. That the Guardian would even have published it is almost, but not quite, beyond belief.

    • If the Stuermer existed today this article would be instantly cross-posted there.
      BTW The brother of Tariq Ramadan in Paris:
      All the evil in the world originates from the Jews and the Zionist barbarism.
      He is not a Palestinian, but the Guardian on duty As A Jews would love him very much.

    • The as-a-jews (like their role model warriors of Hamas) hide behind the children, the Guardian hides behind the as-a-jews.

  2. It’s quite clear from this, that the Guardian is closing the circle on anti-Semitism so that by using subversive argument it’s impossible or it is OK to be anti-Semitic. If a Jew/Zionist complains about it, it’s paranoia, that’s all , or that debate is stifled against the perpetrators/persecutors, which of course is nonsense. At this level Persecutors are free to say what they like, and they do, however dangerously bonkers their hatred appears.

  3. The ADL asked a group of people for whom the movement of goods, money and labor is controlled by Israel, “Do Jews have too much power in the business world?“. Were they really to be expected to answer anything but “yes”? This blogging site keeps repeating the same mantra in different disguises. It is repetitive and does not serve any purpose.

    • Perhaps I am misunderstanding the purpose of your comment. If you are attacking CiF Watch, in truth, the Palestinians are oppressed primarily by their own corrupt, thuggish leaders, in both the WB / East Jerusalem and Gaza, which is why the Palestinian Christians have pretty much disappeared from those areas and, in some cases, moved into Israel. It is also why the media is so tightly controlled within those areas by Fatah and Hamas. And private citizens being so fully dependent on the ruling elite for employment and welfare, aren’t exactly free to speak out either. That’s why the SodaStream operating in the WB is so controversial. It flies in the face of what the BDS crowd wants the world to believe.

      • That is the Zionist interpretation. There are Palestinian children in Israeli prisons. The attacks on Gaza that has over a thousand Palestinians was the work of the IDF. Now spin it which you like, The world is no longer interested. You have called wolf too often for anybody to take you seriously. Keep painting in your bubble if it pleases you.

        • You have called wolf too often for anybody to take you seriously.
          Yes Jane there were many Jewish voices warning the world about the upcoming Holocaust. naturally for you this is too often.
          The world is no longer interested.
          Almost true, but you should have added that the world never have been interested with the exception of a small number of heroic figures. Exactly this is the reason that now we deal ourselves with the threats on our existence crushing any attempts to repeat history by your camp.

        • Tehran Jane your posts are getting increasingly opaque.

          “There are Palestinian children in Israeli prisons.”
          In case you have not noticed there are children in prisons throughout the World, so what is your point?

          “The attacks on Gaza that has over a thousand Palestinians was the work of the IDF”
          Really. What are you waffling on about?

          “Now spin it which you like”
          Watching your futile attempts to use a keyboard is like watching a monkey try to use an abacus.

        • This is libero-fascist interpretation. How many of those children throw stones, how many of those “thousand” were armed.

          “The world is no longer interested. You have called wolf too often for anybody to take you seriously. Keep painting in your bubble if it pleases you.” It’s rather amusing to see how often libero-fascists appoint themselves world spokespeople.

          Spin as much as you like.

        • “You have called wolf too often for anybody to take you seriously.”

          Jane, you are the perfect hypocrite.

        • Jane Mardell “The world is no longer interested…”

          But obsessives like you just can’t help yourself. Here you are showing an interest. I know, self-reflection isn’t your strong point. BTW, you sound like that British foreign office official during WW2, who believed ‘too much time is spent dealing with these wailing Jews’. Your hostility to Jewish projects and Jews themselves are as ‘progressive’ and ‘humanitarian’ as every other generation of European chauvinists.

    • “Repeating the same mantra in different disguises.” That sounds much like your comments. However repetitive it is, it does indeed purport to serve the purpose of your agenda.

    • Are you one of the authors of that G. article? Because it includes “your” very words:

      The ADL asked a group of people for whom the movement of goods, money and labor is controlled by Israel, “Do Jews have too much power in the business world?”. Were they really to be expected to answer anything but “yes”?

      Either way: like the authors you are making excuses for affirmative responses among e.g. Algerians to e.g. “Jews are responsible for most tof the world’s wars.”

      Do you know no shame?

  4. Someone who posted a link to this post on the original CiF post has had his/her comment moderated/deleted. So much for ‘free’ in ‘Comment is Free’.

    • There is some very heavy-handed moderating going on under this CIF article. I have just been banned…

      • They’ve even got us calling censorship ‘moderation.’ That’s how bad it’s gotten.

      • Its strange. Any mention of Islamic imperatives relating to ‘Muslim Land’, that is land that was once conquered by Muslims, and the inability of the Palestinians/Arabs to ever contemplate surrendering ‘Muslim Land’ to non Muslims, is deleted. It is as if The Guardian is banning/moderating/deleting, any discussion of the I/P conflict with relation to religious Islamic imperatives. It shows how The Guardian obfuscates the basic problem which is religious. Not ‘humanitarian’. Not ‘settlements’. Not ‘land grabs’. Not ‘stolen land’. Just an overriding Islamic imperative to never surrender Israel to Jewish sovereignty.

        Simply ask any ‘moderate’ Muslim and he/she will tell you that Israel is on ‘Muslim Land’.

        The Guardian makes supreme efforts to keep this ‘difficult fact’, out of any ‘on thread’ discussion. No doubt, part of their ‘Fair and Balanced’ approach.

        • Nobblystick the world has changed ask anybody today and they will tell you Israel is on Palestinian land. Besides, I do not want to surrender my house to anybody of any faith. What does that make me. Do you think I am a muslim. Guardian is no difficulty. The difficulty is the Zionist bubble that is about to burst.

  5. The media group’s inability to take Jew hatred seriously represents a shameful moral abdication and makes a mockery of their claim to be a leading liberal voice.
    They take Jew hatred very seriously – they are Jew haters themselves.

    Regarding their apology and understanding of the “dual loyalty” allegation, the Guardian only loyally follows their Hungarian neo-Nazi fellow travelers’ example.

  6. Seeing how they educate their children to hate jews not just Israelis why the surprise,
    Girls on PA TV: Jews are “barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs”
    Girl recites poem: Jews are “Allah’s enemies, the sons of pigs”
    Moderator at Fatah ceremony: “Our war with the descendants of the apes and pigs (i.e., Jews) is a war of religion”
    PA daily: “Jews, Jews! Your holiday [Passover] is the Holiday of Apes”

  7. Just look at the photo and caption they supplied for the editorial is an indicator that no rational argument was to follow, and that these are the worst kind of charlatans.

    Anti-Semitism should not be waved around like a propaganda tool? But that’s what it is, and used with the most frequency in Arab/Muslim cultures with Palestinian Arabs topping the list. The Guardian left cannot confront this fact, so it papers it over by having a tantrum, cherry picking questions, offering up emotive photos of children (from exactly where and when we don’t know) with a caption which itself is a vague yet coded assertion; unhinged, unverified charges against the ADL of “stifling debate” for having the gall to show survey results which contradict the Guardian headupyourass Holy Scripture of victimhood and who most deserves their destructive kind of help, and the predictable result of having removed civics from school curricula. As I said, the worst kind of charlatans.

    • The photos of Jews and Palestinians in the Guardian are the perfect mirrors of their agenda. Pictures of Jews show either Israelis in military uniform or super-religious in their traditional garb. The Palestinians are exclusively angel-faced children.

  8. Marilyn Kleinberg
    The bottom line is that the men and women of the flotilla had every right to attempt to destroy an illegal blockade that Israel had no legal standing to impose and which was designed to inflict collective punishment on the people of Gaza
    As the descendants of Jews who, often over the opposition of powerful conservative forces, brought our rich and diverse cultural heritage to New York, and through New York’s gates to many other places across the country, we offer our solidarity and support to Muslims who are now doing the same.
    Quite fascinating, this idiocy, when posted to the events of 9/11.
    Jews never did such a thing.

  9. I assume, Kleinberg is close to communist ideology.
    Now look at this conspiracy she invents
    1) The Jewish role in fueling Islamophobia. See Some Zionist Groups Stoke Fear Of Islam for Political Profit
    THh Elder of Zion versus upright communists, nothing to do with nationalsocialism

  10. About the authors of this disgusting apologia for Jew-hate:
    Donna Nevel a regular Mondoweiss contributor and Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark who is a liebling of the same anti-semitic blog.

    • I think the ADL owes them an apology for representing the world as it actually exists, thereby upsetting their utopian (dystopian) dream fantasies and their right never to be offended with evidence and proof of reality, protected of course under International Law. Don’t you?

  11. Also from the repulsive op-ed:

    Palestinians commonly hear the Holocaust used to justify the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from their homes in 1948, and as justification for the continued occupation under which Palestinians are subjected to daily denial of their basic human rights.

    Who exactly says the Holocaust “justifies the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians…”?

    Are not the “Palestinians” daily denied their basic human rights by none other than Fatah and Hamas, their own leaders?

  12. This is a bloody terrible libel by Donna Nevel and Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark. It has no regard for the safety and comfort of Israeli’s, Jewish or otherwise. Nor for Jews anywhere else – the horror of reading this in Britain if you are Jewish! With Jews like this, who needs enemies?

  13. The quite normal instrumentalisation of useful idiots by antisemites. You will always find somebody who uses his or her Jewish relations only for apologizing and relativising antisemitism, and in the same moment refuses his responsibility or bounds to these relations, in favour of some mystical global humankind, or communist ideology or genderism.
    They function very properly, and as the saying goes that the percentage of extreme intelligent persons under Jews is higher than in any other population, this comes along with a higher percentage of complete idiots.
    Yesterday, by chance, I found this outstanding example for my assumption., Avigdor Eskin
    The easiest thing to do when Jewish organizations and religious and public figures deny Russian claims that rampant anti-Semitic hordes have seized power in Ukraine is to pull out other Jews willing to wax hysterical about the anti-Semitic “threat.” Last week four Ukrainians told Israel’s Knesset that Ukraine’s Jews are not complaining about anti-Semitism because they’re terrified for their own lives.
    The new offensive heard on 23 March from Russian writer Alexander Prokhanov and pushed by the presenter, Evelina Zakamskaya, deserves to be quoted in full.

    Prokhanov: “It’s strange that Jewish organizations, Jewish and Russian, are supporting Maidan. What are they doing? Don’t they understand that they are with their own hands bringing on a second Holocaust?

    Zakamskaya: “They brought on the first the same way.”

    The calculation is, presumably, that people will be silenced by the mere suggestion that they could be collaborating with such evil. There is, of course, another reason explaining such “curious” support for Maidan. It has not just been given as opinion by highly respected religious figures, former political prisoners, historians, and analysts, but backed up by facts. And it’s easy to understand when you just turn off the propaganda channels.

    The four
    The “representatives of Ukrainian Jewry” who were invited to the event included Myroslava Berdnik, Galina Lebedinskaya, Dmitry Gubin, and Elena Raigorodetskaya. These people are not experts in anti-Semitism, no one empowered them to speak on behalf of the Jewish community, they are well-known for their Stalinist views, and, judging by the video of the event, they outright lied to Knesset members

    Eskin Putin´s go-between for stalinists and right extremists

  14. Donna Nevel and Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark are truly nasty pieces of work. Where does the Guardian find these repulsive bottom-feeders?

    They should be chucked back into the sewer from which they crawled to write this appalling racist article.

  15. All of you should have Twitter accounts, and when you see stuff like this, you should tweet at the @CommentIsFree site when they plug editorials like this, and complain, and link to this editorial, and tweet a link to this editorial to the Guardian site, and to the CommentisFree editors on Twitter, etc.

    Barely any pro-Israel people seem to do this. The anti-Israel side acts like a pack on Twitter. THe pro-Israel side seems to just complain on pro-Israel blogs and do nothing else. ALL OF YOU have to become involved and make your voice heard.

    If you are nervous or whatever, make a second Twitter account that you don’t care about, using a throwaway email address, and just use that. Don’t make threats or do anything illegal, that’s unsafe, just be loud and HELP. You have to make your voice heard.

    That’s just on Twitter. EMail and phone calls are more effective, but it’s alarming to me how the anti-Israel crowd on Twitter has 20 or 25 people that act as a loud pack to make their voices heard, and yet the pro-Israel sides seems to be random people that tweet once and then go about their day.

    YOU have to take action. YOU. If you are nervous, be anon and use secondary accounts. But be a VOICE, and be LOUD.

  16. Here is the @CommentIsFree tweet:

    Why are there almost no pro-Israel responses to the tweet?

    What is everybody doing?

    There are 50 people commenting here, yet TWO people responding to the tweet. IT should be the reverse.

    And you should also be complaining to the Guardian, and to their writers, and editors, on Twitter but also email, etc.

    Why is nobody replying to that tweet? Including CIFWatch?

    CIFWatch people: You do great stuff, wriitng editorials like this. But you need to also reply directly to the CIF tweets, so people reading the tweet see your reply and maybe click this article. This should be a constant thing.

    Stop just preaching to the choir! It accomplishes nothing! Every tweet from CIF that attacks Israel should have 10 or 20 or 30 responses that correct the unfair anti-Israel information. This needs to happen. YOU (CIF,watch, and CIFwatch readers) need to do it! All of you and all of us!

  17. The @CommentIsFree editors’ Twitter accounts are @bellamackie, @nataliehanman & @sarahlphillips. ANd their general email is

    Ideally, YOU (you = EVERYONE who reads this) contact them and complain, AND contacts the people above them (I don’t know who those people are).

    And do this constantly.

  18. It is evident tome that lefters and in particular jewish lefters are motivated only by personnal economic interests if not outright by corruption. We have seen how even a former PM Olmert was a corrupt lefter so you can imagine people with financial problems. They do noit give a damn for Israel they only think of themselves and what profit they can make by uttering LIES!

  19. NatziePampers defends the ongoing lies, and terror of Arabs, quite normal for a paid fellow traveler.

  20. Terrible, terrible stuff…the Guardian ought to be extremely ashamed for publishing this opinion piece which is lowering itself to defending and arguing in favour of antisemitic views simply because they are held by Palestinians (because, according to the Guardian philosophy, they are in the right. full stop.). – But, as we all know, the Guardian editors are really incapable of feeling any true shame. The fact they withdrew some aspect of this awful article only after complaints have been made (not acknowledging that the whole thing should have been never published to begin with!), shows their moral compass has completely gone haywire (for a long time now) and is simply beyond repair.