Chris McGreal returns to remind us how much he despises Israel.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Chris McGreal, the Guardian’s former Jerusalem correspondent who – unlike Harriet Sherwood – has never even tried to hide his animosity towards the Jewish state.  As we’ve revealed previously, McGreal fancies the idea that Israeli snipers target Palestinian kids, is obsessed with the power of the Israel lobby, and is one of the few Guardian reporters singled out by the Community Security Trust for engaging in antisemitic discourse.

He’s also quite predictably been among those who participate fully in what’s known as the Durban Strategy, named after at the NGO Forum of the 2001 Durban Racism Conference which ignited an orgy of hatred towards Jews and Israel and coalesced around a strategy of ‘bringing Israel to its knees’ by casting it as a racist, ‘apartheid’ state beyond the moral pale.

Though the movement to smear Israel as an apartheid state can trace it origins to Soviet and Arab propaganda of the 70s, the idea only began to gain traction within organs of the pro-Palestinian movement following Durban.  Not surprisingly, the Guardian – the epicenter of Western media subservience to even the most extreme elements within the anti-Zionist cause – has been among the most enthusiastic purveyors of the apartheid canard.

McGreal’s latest polemical effort on behalf of Israel’s adversaries was published by the Guardian on May 14 – Israeli Independence Day on the non-Hebrew calendar – and titled ‘Kerry wasn’t wrong: Israel’s future is beginning to look a lot like apartheid‘.

McGreal begins:

Organizations claiming to speak for America’s Jews – mostly too far to the right to be representative of most of them – reeled in horror after Kerry dared to say it two weeks ago: if Israel doesn’t reach a deal on an independent Palestine it risks becoming an “apartheid state”.

Israel called the envoy a hypocrite and blamed him for the failure of the latest talks. The secretary of state apologized for using the A-word, saying it was “best left out of the debate” in the US – even if it is used in Israel itself, including by two former prime ministers to sound similar warnings to Kerry’s.

Later he opines:

After years of traveling through the West Bank and South Africa, it’s blindingly clear to me: the ever-expanding settlements are, indeed, carving out the geography of West Bank apartheid. And if Kerry was wrong, it was only in casting his warning as a prediction rather than about a present reality.

Tellingly, McGreal doesn’t explain how settlements “carving out the geography of the West Bank” create an apartheid reality.  Indeed, though sources which refute the intellectually unserious charge that Israel is practicing apartheid are ubiquitous (and include testimonies by South Africans who actually lived through apartheid), it’s helpful to briefly note what the term actually means.

Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren explained its origins in a recent op-ed at the LA Times:

Translated from Afrikaans, apartheid means “apart-hood.” It stemmed from the deeply held racist beliefs of South African whites who, in the half-century after World War II, imposed strict legal barriers between themselves and all black people. The segregation was total: separate restaurants, separate toilets and drinking fountains, separate houses, hospitals and schools. 

First, there is absolutely no racial element involved in the fact that there are separate and distinct Israeli and Palestinian communities.  The distinction between Israelis and Palestinians is based not on race, but on the fact that they are two distinct national communities. Israel’s security barrier, for instance, is a counter-terror tool aimed to protect Israelis from Palestinian suicide bombers, and, as Oren noted, is no more an “apartheid wall” than the fence between the United States and Mexico.

Additionally, despite the fact that Israelis and Palestinians represent two national communities, and security measures have been introduced to mitigate the potential for conflict and violence, there is still an absence of codified segregation, as evident by the thousands of Palestinians who work in Israeli factories and receive life-saving medical care at Israeli hospitals.

 Of course, pro-Palestinian activists who claim to support a two-state solution and level the apartheid charge are especially hypocritical, as any future Palestinian state would almost certainly be 100% Jew-free.  Israeli Jews won’t be treated in Palestinian hospitals. They won’t be permitted to travel on Palestinian buses, nor permitted to attend Palestinian universities. Indeed, given the endemic antisemitism within Palestinian society, any Israeli Jew who ventured unprotected into the new Palestinian state would be taking a considerable risk.  Palestinian Apartheid is all but assured.

McGreal then pivots to a familiar Guardian narrative, one which champions such assaults on Israel’s legitimacy as acts of bravery – those evidently bold enough to speak truth to Zionist power in Washington.

Israel’s intent in the West Bank is an issue that has largely been off-limits in Washington. The pro-Israel lobby, with some help from Congress, has played an important role in determining the boundaries of criticism

Indeed, here is where McGreal shows his true stripes – again telling Guardian readers what they want to hear: specifically, that US foreign policy is being hijacked by the pro-Israel lobby, but, more broadly, that the reason decision makers in Washington don’t buy into their view of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is because the system is rigged and debate is being squelched – furtively of course – by a small but dangerously powerful minority of Americans who conflate the US national interest with Israel’s.

However, at the end of the day, the fact is that Israel remains wildly popular among the American public, the boycott movement produces failure upon failure, Israel’s democracy is robust, its economy is booming, and its society (by any number of indicators) is thriving. 

Much like narrow efforts to cast Israel as an apartheid state, the broader delegitimization campaign – by nearly any standard – is failing miserably.

And, Chris McGreal is simply furious. 

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  1. Chris mc Greal is a great journalist and reporter who is doing his job. No winder some people here are jealous.

    • A journalist should write the facts . He dosen;t. Erekat stated furthermore that despite Israel’s continual policy of “occupation and settlement building,” an aerial photograph provided by European sources shows that settlements have been built on approximately 1.1% of the West Bank, thus legitimizing the Palestinian demand for a withdrawal to borders based on the June 4, 1967 borders.

  2. Let us not forget that Israel has been occupying the Palestinian territory since 1967, and building settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in contradiction of international humanitarian law. These settlements are illegal, as stated by the International court of justice in 2004.

    • “These settlements are illegal, as stated by the International court of justice in 2004”

      Really, how very interesting.
      Would you enlighten me by providing a verifiable link to the judgement by the International Court of Justice in 2004 that, according to you, states that the ‘settlements’ are illegal?

      • The Court concludes that the Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (including East Jerusalem) have been established in breach of international law.

        Articles 99 & 120 – The Court rules Israeli settlements are in violation of international law.

        99. THE UN Security Council declared in resolutions 237 (1967), 271 (1969), 446 (1979), 681 (1990), and 799 (1992) the applicability of the Geneva Conventions (1949) to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. These resolutions also include the Security Council conclusions that the Israeli settlements in those occupied territories are illegal as per article 49, para. 6 of those same Geneva Conventions (1949).

        REFERS TO: Geneva Conventions IV (1949); SC res 237 (1967), 271 (1969), 446 (1979), 681 (1990), 799 (1992), 904 (1994).

        120. In agreement with Security Council resolution 452 (1979) and 465 (1980), “the Court concludes that the Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (including East Jerusalem) have been established in breach of international law”.

        REFERS TO: Geneva Conventions IV (1949) (art. 49 (para.6)); SC res 446 (1979) & 452 (1979) & 465 (1980).

        The Zionist should learn to read, the Court Opinion says the settlements are in violation of international law.

        • Have you ever heard about the difference between legal opinion and legal ruling? I don’t think so.

          • No difference, you obviously are not a lawyer like I am.

            It is a legal opinion by the highest international legal authority in our world.

            The settlements are illegal, they violate intl law that makes it unlawful for occupiers to move their own people onto land they occupy under intl law.

            • God help your clients and God help the Palestinians having you as an attorney and a supporter.

            • “ obviously are not a lawyer like I am.”
              Thankfully very few are shystermumbling.
              You also claim to be a Christian, but from what I have read here and your spittle flecked anti-Semitic rants on Mondoweiss that is also complete Bullshit.
              Whatever Church allows you in through their doors is as much an anathema to Christianity as the Dutch Reform Church was in Apartheid South Africa.

        • An advisory opinion based on a false assumption, obviously provided by some Arabs, as there is no Palestinian Territory.
          Resolution 237 (1967) refers to unspecified “area of conflict”.
          Resolution 446 (1979) refers to “the Arab territories”.
          Resolution 452 (1979) refers to “the Arab territories”.
          Resolution 465 (1980) refers to “the Arab territories”.
          So far the advisory opinion follows the change of political wordings shying away from legal judgement.
          Obviously a nonsensical opinion.

        • Before you advise anyone that they should learn to read, you urgently need to follow that advice yourself.
          In my post I clearly requested “..a verifiable link to the judgement by the International Court of Justice in 2004 that, according to you, states that the ‘settlements’ are illegal?”

          What do you provide an ‘advisory opinion’. No further comment is needed.

          Bye bye, sherrimunnerlyn. Go and learn to read then come back

          • It is a legal opinion that defines international law by the highest legal authority in our world, The International Court of Justice.

            The settlements are illegal.

            Deal with that Truth, Zionist!

            • The highest legal authority in our world? Only in yours sherri. In the US the highest legal authority is the US Supreme Court… Anyway In Israel the highest legal authority is the Israeli High Court of Justice and the ICJ is not even a footnote.

                • What a nonsense, “issue rulings on international law”. You are a complete idiot, as nobody has authority to issue rulings on “international law” as it doesn`t exist as a single, coherent corpus of legal documents..But a lot of national courts rules in or out aspects of the complex situation of treaties, bodies, conventions that form international law.
                  Go home, idiot.

            • What a nonsense, a “legal” opinion that “defines” “international law”.
              Such a three fold nonsense was to be expected of an undereducated person.

                • Which law do you mean, undereducated one? International law it can`t be, as this means a multitude of treaties, bilateral and multilateral agrrements, disparate rulings and conventions wich all disagree with each other at different levels. And as you know nothing about this complex situation which is circumscribed as international law, quite understandable due to your porr education, there remain two other suggestions.
                  According to a well known book in the nineteenth century called “The Law” each of us has a natural right – from God – to defend his person, his liberty, and his property, a quite US-American view.
                  Or do you mean The Law?

                  • There is a body of law called international law. And under international law, we know Israel is the Occupier of East Jerusalem and the West Bank, and Gaza, because intl legal authorities tell us this is so. That means Israel has no sovereignty rights in these lands, and this remains true no matter how many hundreds of thousands of settler illegal terrorists she brings to squat unlawfully on these lands.

                    No matter how much Zionists hate these facts and laws, they remain the facts and the laws they are.

                • There is no definite ruling about occupation when the derelict land was taken over from Jordan, and still there is none. Everything else is your wishful thinking.
                  Well, an occupier according to you must have won a war. Israel won wars against Arabs, like it or not, and the defeated have to sit down and negotiate, like it or not, and two sat down and negotiated. If your terror buddies do not recognise the defeat, it´s their problem.
                  The point is that Jordan was never called occupier, so what. Isn`t the one flag the Arabs use in the disputed land a Jordanian one?

                  • Who needs a ruling about the status of the land when Jordan controlled it? That has relevance to absolutely nothing. What we have is agreement among legal authorities that Israel today occupies East Jerusalem and the West Bank and Gaza.

                • Which agreement ot legal authorities? Your belief in propaganda and authority is nice, a good catch for Arab dictators and terrorists.

                • Who needs a ruling about the status of the land when Jordan controlled it? That has relevance to absolutely nothing?

                  Of course not becuase this rulling will show the poor status of your “facts”.

                  Do show a source that say that the Palestinain had any sovereignty rights in these lands,

              • why israel hater , she is stating verifiable facts , how you choose to interpret them is up to you but calling her a hater just shows how pathetic you know your argument to be

        • The court also said
          ICJ Advisory Opinion of June 21, 1971: “When the League of Nations was dissolved, the raison d’etre [French: “reason for being”] and original object of these obligations remained. Since their fulfillment did not depend on the existence of the League, they could not be brought to an end merely because the supervisory organ had ceased to exist. … The International Court of Justice has consistently recognized that the Mandate survived the demise of the League [of Nations].”

    • It was neve palestinian territoret. Until 1967 it was jordanian occupied area,.
      ‘A trust’ – as in Article 80 of the UN Charter – does not end because the trustee dies … the Jewish right of settlement in the whole of western Palestine – the area west of the Jordan – survived the British withdrawal in 1948. … They are parts of the mandate territory, now legally occupied by Israel with the consent of the Security Council.”

      • Legal experts have argued for decades that to the extent the Mandate sought to take away any rights of the Indigenous Palestinian people and their right of self determination in their land, that it was unlawful. A trustee holds for others, he has no sovereignty rights himself. The Mandate was never anything more then a foreign nation administering land for the rightful owners of that land, which is and has always been the Indigenous Palestinian people there when the Mandate commenced.

        • What’s it like flying with the spaghetti monster? I mean, you must be doing so if you really truly believe Arabs have been here longer than Jews.

        • The Mandate never said a word about “Palestinian” people nor of such a people’s right to self-determination.
          “The Mandate was never anything more then a foreign nation administering land for the rightful owners of that land” Yes. The Mandate was put in place by the International community (a term you’re usually fond of) specifically to reconstitute the Jewish National Home in recognition that the Jews are that land’s indigenous people. Sovereign rights for an Arab “Palestinian People” whom no one had ever even heard of was never part of the Mandate.

        • The Mandatory shall be responsible for placing the country [ Palestine] under such political, administrative and economic conditions as will secure the establishment of the Jewish National Home, as laid down in the preamble, and the development of self-governing institutions, and also for safeguarding the civil and religious rights of all the inhabitants of Palestine, irrespective of race and religion.

    • Hey, what was the ICJ’s ruling on America’s slaughter of the native americans? How about the treatment by many current/former European powers of Africa, the Middle East, much of the Americas and Asia? Everyone seems damn skippy when it comes to condemning our actions but not a peep about restitution for the rest of the world raped by Europe.

  3. The US wall between the United States and Mexico was built along the shared border between both countries.

    The Israeli West Bank Wall was not built along the border between Israel and Palestine, but partly inside Palestine, illegally annexing some Palestinian land. This is why the International court of Justice declared the route of the Wall illegal in its 2004 ruling, and asked Israel to rebuild the Wall along its border with Palestine.

    • Only two small but significant problems, there is no internationally accepted border between Israel and the territories previously illegally occupied by Jordan and there is no legal entity called Palestine. You must be a legal expert graduated at the Al-Azhar Sharia Dept.

      • There us a treaty defining borders between Israel and Jordan. And the UN and many nations recognize Palestine. Facts are a thing Zionists cannot accept.

        • Reading and Understanding are two skills you are lacking of.
          ARTICLE 3

          The international boundary between Israel and Jordan is delimited with reference to the boundary definition under the Mandate as is shown in Annex I (a), on the mapping materials attached thereto and co-ordinates specified therein.
          The boundary, as set out in Annex I (a), is the permanent, secure and recognised international boundary between Israel and Jordan, without prejudice to the status of any territories that came under Israeli military government control in 1967.
          The parties recognise the international boundary, as well as each other’s territory, territorial waters and airspace, as inviolable, and will respect and comply with them.
          The demarcation of the boundary will take place as set forth in Appendix (I) to Annex I and will be concluded not later than nine months after the signing of the Treaty.
          It is agreed that where the boundary follows a river, in the event of natural changes in the course of the flow of the river as described in Annex I (a), the boundary shall follow the new course of the flow. In the event of any other changes the boundary shall not be affected unless otherwise agreed.

          Recognizing like Tibet?

    • And the US wall wasn’t built to stop pizzeria bombers. But you probably already know that. You just don’t care, because the very last thing you care about are the lives of Israeli people. In fact, I would say that peace for the Palestinians is the second to last thing you care about.

      You are the rest of your Circle of Jerks are really pathetic human beings. Just as a personal note.

  4. NatziePampers next idiocies, looks like these constant hate postings are his only income, the poor antismeite, the poor.

    • oh dear you lot here dont like it do you all the smears name calling coming out .same old crap when challenged by the truth, poor old jews being attacked again dear dear, and rightly so for defending israel

  5. Israel is an Apartheid State and people of conscience shall keep repeating this Truth until Apartheid falls.

    Truth cannot be buried, it is always brought out into the Light!

    Thank God for that!

    • A question. If Israel is an aparthide state why don;t the Israeli arabs want to become Palesitnain citizetns in the future Palestine and prefer to stay Israeli?

      • According to herself she is an attorney and she doesn’t know the difference between an advisory opinion and a legal ruling. Even an ambulance-chaser crooked lawyer has more legal knowledge than this.

          • Which mean than that according to ICJ Advisory Opinion the mandate is still valid which mean that all of Israel from the river to the sea belong to the Jews.

          • The hanging of a woman in Sudan for being a Christian, the hanging gays and stoning adulterers in Iran, the whipping of black people in SA (the good Judge Goldstone…) the rulings of Roland Freisler are legal rulings, advisory opinions or both?

          • Who’s a “first grade drop out”?


            Advisory Opinion

            Advisory opinions are issued in the absence of a case or controversy. Although they are not binding and carry no precedential value, they are sometimes offered as persuasive evidence in cases where no precedent exists.


            advisory opinion n. an opinion stated by a judge or a court upon the request of a legislative body or government agency. An advisory opinion has no force of law but is given as a matter of courtesy. A private citizen cannot get an advisory ruling from a court and can only get rulings in an actual lawsuit. State attorneys general also give advisory opinions at the request of government officials. These opinions are often cited as the probable correct law on the subject but are not binding.

            • Legal expertise at the Westboro Baptist Church (the Jews killed Our Saviour Dept.) and Mondoweiss.
              Poor Roland Freisler is crying in his grave.

  6. Hungarian I do not know what law you are on about – IN international law advisory opinion is authoratative ruling from the court. But than it might not apply in Hungary or in Israel because Israel applies Byzantine Law by which the law is what the Zionists deem it to be.

    The International Court of Justice is empowered to give advisory opinions under Chapter IV of its Statute (an annex to the United Nations Charter) when requested to do so by certain organs or agencies of the United Nations. These opinions are non-binding, but Pieter H.F. Bekker has argued that this non-binding character does not mean that advisory opinions are without legal effect, because the legal reasoning embodied in them reflects the Court’s authoritative views on important issues of international law and, in arriving at them, the Court follows essentially the same rules and procedures that govern its binding judgments delivered in contentious cases submitted to it by sovereign states. In his view, an advisory opinion derives its status and authority from the fact that it is the official pronouncement of the principal judicial organ of the United Nations.[1] I

    Advisory Opinions have often been controversial, either because the questions asked were controversial, or because the case was pursued as a “backdoor” way of bringing what is really a contentious case before the Court. The full list of the court’s advisory opinions can be found in the section advisory opinions in the List of International Court of Justice cases article.

    • “McGreal’s writing about Israel creeps me out”
      Your instincts are good. McGreal is a creep.

      • You handle Truth, but you don`t speak the truth, poor Sherri. That is quite typical for liars to handle Truth.

      • Yes sherri the Truth… wit capital T… Are you a twelve year old preacher too?

          • “Believers in Jesus, a Palestinian living under Occupation in Palestine, like millions still do”

            Your perverted version of the New Testament and Christianity is only to be expected from the fruitcakes who ‘worship’ at the Westboro Baptist Church.
            Begone vile blasphemer.

          • Beliver in Jesus who are being persecuted all over the arab states and in the PA and Hamas control areas. The only place their number is growing is in Israel.

          • Jesus was born a Jew, practiced Judaism and died a Jew.
            Who was occupying who?
            And why?
            How did it start?

  7. It ´s all about the hate of the west, the western civilization (Misowesty, Westphobia?), Russia, the rest of what was Left and a great part of the Islam world share.

    • All I see is Zionist hate, hate that motivates Apartheid and the supporters of Apartheid and hate that lies in the hearts of those of your ilk!

      But why should I be surprised, there are always supporters of evil ideologies in our world, we saw that with Nazism and we saw that with those who supported Apartheid in South Africa and we see it with Zionists supporting Apartheid in Palestine!

      • actaully what I see is hate for Israel . Hate that make people lie to demonize Israel just like Nazis demonize the jews.

        • The human rights abuses in Palestine today are being committed by Israel in her Occupation of Palestine. There would be no criticism of Israel but for these crimes against humanity.

          And as with other such crimes against humanity as have reoccurred throughout history, in Nazi Germany, in Nagasaki, in other Japanese cities whose civilians were targeted in the US battle against the cities that killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, in Hiroshima, in Russia in WWII (who lost more citizens by far then any other nation fighting in that war), in India during English colonialism, in South Africa under her Apartheid Regime, during the Civil Rights Movement in America, there are people of conscious today to speak out against such similar atrocities against humanity/injustices in Palestine.

          Human rights belong to every man and woman and child and that includes the Indigenous Palestinian men and women and children of Palestine.

          The issue is Israel and her continuing violation of human rights of millions today in Palestine.

          • shyster just back from your anti-Semitic gathering at Westboro Baptist Church are you?

          • In fact, your terror comrades of Hamas, PFLP and PLO are the embodiment of human right abuse. Siding with these criminal thugs tells all about your “virtue” of antisemitism.

          • The only way people like will have no ciriticism of Israel when it will be eliminated as you people want
            Funny you didn;t mention any human right vilation all over muslim and arab countries including the areas under PA and Hamas control. Not talking about the close to 200,000 dead syrian. I wonder why? Do you think there are no grave human right vilation in muslim and arab countires?

        • It is pathetic to try to link all criticism of Israel to the Nazis. Can you not show the H victims some respect and not use them every time a new settlement is considered?

          • If it wasn’t relevant, maybe we would. Seeing as the entire world seems pretty hell-bent on our destruction. I just don’t get how some people can side with the psychopaths doing everything in the name of their insane god to the point of blowing themselves up.

        • hate has its place , some regimes deserve hate, like yours does because of what it has done and continues to do

      • sherri the only person spewing hate on this thread is you, obviously the piss flooded your legal sized mind completely. Maybe your Jewish colleagues are better than you and this is your way to vent your envy and frustration? Very poor anger management …

  8. Hungarian go to your yoga classes you need to cool your inner self after a day of bad mouthing everybody

    • Telling that poisonous snakes are poisonous snakes is badmouthing now? Anyway I don’t need yoga, laughing at your kind of losers’ whining is enough to make me relaxed.

  9. Yoga, antisemitism, hate of the western civilisation and inner self – just the kind of world ideology for undereducated social workers, performers of cultural, literary and postcolonial studies.and bored upper crest, forming a network of stupidity called cultural left

    • Western civilization is seen differently in different parts of the world. In the occupied world Western civilization has chosen to show itself as the occupier. It has been responsible for some of the most enduring oppression of the peoples it colonized from the Americas to Africa and Asia. The remnants of that occupation are breathing their last breath in the Arab world.

      • Tehran Jane have you decided yet how you intend to achieve the remarkable feat of geographically locating Israel in Europe?

      • The remnants of that occupation are breathing their last breath in the Arab world.

        You mean the slave labour evident across the Arabian peninsula? The hundreds of people worked to death for Qatar’s World Cup construction project?

        Oh, sorry. I suppose that’s all perfectly OK because SA and the emirates are not “occupied”.
        (although arguably they are, i.e. by ruthless monarchies)

      • Thanks for the confirmation of your hate of western civilisation. No wonder, instead of migrating to your parallel world of Russia, Iran or Egypt, you want to be fed and pampered by the taxes of the working people of the west. Your contribution to the destruction of the bad, bad west, perfectly understood.

      • The remnants of that occupation are breathing their last breath in the Arab world.?

        YOu mean arab killing arabs daily?YOu mean arab nationalism is crumbling ? nice

      • Jane,
        You sound like a 12 year old.
        By the way, when you use the term “Arab World” do you mean all the lands, peoples, and cultures that were invaded, conquered, raped, and occupied by Arab empires? I’m anxious to know when you believe they will be “breathing their last breath.”

  10. I suggested before you take a walk – Keep walking and you will get there. That is how the Wild West was won.

    • Tehran Jane now you are just being very silly.
      In your post of MAY 19, 2014 @ 3:28 AM on the “CiF Watch prompts Indy correction..” thread you wrote ” Israel is European in every respect and, in my opinion, it therefore needs to be geographically located in Europe.”

      As usual you have ‘written’ something and when challenged about it tried to duck and dive and avoid answering simple questions. I will not ask what your last sentence has to do with anything, probably to your illogical, deranged mind it makes sense.

      However, how do YOU intend to geographically locate Israel in Europe?
      And as a supplementary question how does my going for a walk achieve this?

      Try and concentrate both of your brain cells in answering the above questions.

      • Gerald I have answered you twice – Please try what I have said – trust me. The other alternative is make an equitable and just peace with those who you share the land.with.

        • No, Tehran Jane you have yet to answer. All you have written is that I should go for a walk. How this act would ‘geographically locate Israel in Europe’ is a secret only known to both of your brain cells. Clearly you have written something about ‘geographically locating Israel in Europe’ without understanding the meaning of your post or how you would achieve this remarkable feat. I am not surprised your grasp of logic, truth and historical facts is as tenuous as your, very poor, grasp of the English language.

          To put your feeble mind at rest I have an equitable and just peace with those I share the land with.

          • Gerald What is peaceful about pulling down 1500 fruit trees in Palestine at the Nasser Farm by you and your friends in IOF or what is even equitable about destroying the livelihood of the people living on their own lands?

            • Constantly lying NatzieJane, the “peaceful terror” you support is that reality Orwell tried to warn us against in vain.

            • Tehran Jane your stupidity really knows no boundaries.

              “..pulling down 1500 fruit trees in Palestine at the Nasser Farm by you and your friends in IOF.”
              You have evidence that I have taken part in any of these alleged events?

              And when you have answered that question there are a number of outstanding questions that you mistakenly think you can avoid by ignoring them.
              I note that the shyster and faux Christian who was keen to jump in earlier has now run away as well.

              • Not until you explain why you or your friends in the IOF pulled down those 1500 fruit trees.

                • Tehran Jane I’m still waiting for your evidence that I took part in these alleged events.
                  You might think you can backtrack by changing it from “you and your friends” to “you or your friends”, but it will not work.

                  You have made an allegation which is obviously false.
                  It further demonstrates that you are not only a liar but a complete fool with no credibility.

            • What is peacefull about firing rockets days after Israel left Gaza before the blocakde when PLO was the ruler. What is peacefull about suicde bobmer in resoponse to the Oslo agreement?

        • “The other alternative is make an equitable and just peace with those who you share the land.with.”
          You mean like offering them their own state on 3 separate occasions?

      • Are your reading comprehension skills really that bad? Zionists need to go back where they came from and get their thieving selves off of lands they have no legal right to. They are foreign Colonizers and occupiers.

        • shyster you have returned to make yourself look even more cretinous.
          “Are your reading comprehension skills really that bad?”
          Mine are fine, but what about yours. Let us find out. As you have chosen to dive in how would you achieve the remarkable feat proposed by Tehran Jane which is, ” Israel is European in every respect and, in my opinion, it therefore needs to be geographically located in Europe.”
          So how are your comprehension skills how would you geographically locate Israel in Europe?

          I look forward to your razor sharp legal mind answering that question.

        • “Zionists need to go back where they came from”

          I agree. That is in fact the aim of Zionism – back to the land of Israel – Eretz Yisroel.

          Don’t you have any cases to work on Madame Counsellor? You seem to have far too much time on your hands…

          • If they came from Palestine what were they doing in Europe for 2000 years? It is difficult to find a Zionist before 1948 leader who is genuinely from the Holy land. Even today all the Israeli Prime Ministers or their parents were migrants to Palestine. In most countries it takes decades for an immigrant to be the Head of the State. In Israel the state is usurped by the colonial outsiders.

            • LyingJane still propagates her hate of the west and her lack of education How dumb.

            • Personally, half my family is Egyptian. We are all like that. More than 30 families in the Gaza Strip are called Al-Masri [“Egyptian”]. Brothers, half of the Palestinians are Egyptians and the other half are Saudis.

              Who are the Palestinians? We have many families called Al-Masri, whose roots are Egyptian. Egyptian! They may be from Alexandria, from Cairo, from Dumietta, from the North, from Aswan, from Upper Egypt. We are Egyptians. We are Arabs. We are Muslims. We are a part of you.

        • The foreign collonizers and occupier are the muslims arabs who came in the 7th centurty. Jews were already living here and never stoped living here.

      • No, Apartheid is a race system invented and practised by South Africa in the past.
        There were and are other forms of practises by states and peoples, but none can be equalled with the set of practises in South Africa, undereducated one.
        So f.e. the recent ethnic cleansing of Black Africans in Libya is a racist practise more easily to be compared to other ethnic cleansings, like that of Christians in the north of Nigeria.
        Even the form the PLO has proclaimed that it won`t tolerate any Jew on its territory when it comes into being as state is not Apartheid, it´s more similar to purity of race.

  11. Zionist

    1. A person , Jewish or non-Jewish, who, by some action, supports the State of Israel.

    2. A substitue word for ‘jew’ used by anti-semites who, for whatever reason, wish to hide their racist intent.
    1. Robin moved to Israel because he is a Zionist.

    2. Any quote by George Galloway using the word ‘Zionist’.

  12. Part of the success of CiFWatch is that it attracts to hate-Israel loonies to a forum where their lunatic anti Israel/Jew obsessions can be highlighted and countered. Jane, in his/her various identities, is an example of just that.

    • Exactly. These fake “international legal experts” like sherri render an invaluable service to the Zionist cause, they demonstarte the real faces of these “Palestinian rights warriors”. They don’t give a broken bedpan about the Palestinians but use them as an instrument to vent their hate of the Jews. They are ready to fight against the Jews (sorry Zionists) heroically from their secure Westboro Baptist Church to the last drop of blood… of the Palestinians.

  13. Adam Levick, your right when you say.

    Though the movement to smear Israel as an apartheid state can trace it origins to Soviet and Arab propaganda of the 70s
    Here’s a good article about this.
    The Deep UN: Inside the Secret Infrastructure of Hate
    Ben Cohen
    May 2014

    In 1991, The United Nations repealed the infamous resolution equating Zionism with racism. Yet unbeknownst to most of us, a whole network of anti-Israel institutions and funding streams created at the time remained firmly in place, and continue fueling anti-Israel sentiment around the world.

    The April reconciliation agreement between the Palestinian Authority’s dominant Fatah faction and the Islamist Hamas movement has come as a shock to many. It shouldn’t have. In the weeks before the deal, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had already taken steps with a profoundly negative impact on the U.S.-sponsored peace talks. Building on his modest success in winning a 2012 UN General Assembly vote to upgrade the Palestinian Authority’s status to that of a non-member state—a designation it shares only with the Vatican—Abbas returned to this unilateralist strategy of peace avoidance by signing 15 applications for membership in a variety of international agencies, conventions, and treaties.

    Abbas’ goal is obvious: By embedding a virtual “State of Palestine” into the complex infrastructure of the United Nations, he hopes to massively increase international diplomatic and legal pressure on Israel, render the Jewish state vulnerable to international sanction as a rapacious colonialist occupying power, and achieve “statehood” without any compromise required by peace negotiations. This latest attempt at “diplomatic warfare” pursues many of the same aims as did decades of failed conventional wars and terrorism, yet it enables the Palestinians to do so without explicitly resorting to violence, addressing the demand to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, or any other necessary accommodation. Abbas knows he has a great deal of support for such a move. He can count on the votes of Arab and Muslim states in the General Assembly, as well as their allies in the developing world, to make Palestinian statehood a reality—at least on paper.

    That the UN would endorse this approach, which sets out to undermine the peace process and render it irrelevant, while violating previous agreements with Israel, should not be surprising. The UN’s systemic antipathy toward the Jewish state is well-documented.

    Indeed, even UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has conceded that “Israel has been weighed down by criticism and suffered from bias—sometimes even discrimination” in the international body.

    The most glaring example of this tendency was UN General Assembly Resolution 3379, which horrendously declared Zionism to be a form of racism. Passed in 1975 following a sustained campaign by the Soviet Union, and rescinded in 1991 after a major push by the United States, the resolution triggered a measure of international revulsion, as it symbolized the extremity of the UN’s aversion to one of its own member states. But what few people realize is the extent to which we are still living with the resolution’s influence—especially in the form of a network of extremely well-funded UN structures and offices that have until now remained largely hidden from public scrutiny.

    Despite the “Zionism-is-racism” resolution having been annulled, these offices, agencies, and committees continue operating as the engine of the effort to delegitimize the Jewish state and attack it through boycotts, sanctions and divestment. It is these structures and their activities that are being exposed here systematically for the first time.

    Resolution 3379, passed on November 10, 1975, remains one of the darkest chapters in UN history. The text “severely condemned Zionism as a threat to world peace and security,” spoke of Israel and apartheid South Africa as “organically linked,” and declared that “Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.” By contrast, its repeal in Resolution 46/86 was the shortest resolution ever approved by the General Assembly. Passed on December 16, 1991, it consisted of a single line: “The General Assembly decides to revoke the determination contained in its resolution 3379 of 10 November 1975.” Despite this telling brevity, one might reasonably conclude that the UN had finally corrected one of its most shameful errors.

    Except that, as is often the case with the UN, nothing is ever as simple as it seems. The claim that Zionism is a form of racism was not confined to a single resolution. It was and still is essential to the position that many UN agencies take on the existence of Israel, the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict, and its subset question of Palestinian statehood. This attitude is predicated on the ahistorical assertion that Israel is a state dominated by non-indigenous colonizers, and thus Israel’s primary mission is to frustrate any and all attempts at self-determination on the part of the “indigenous” Palestinians. That this attitude is still embraced is painfully visible through the activities of the UN’s “Division for Palestinian Rights” and its related committees—an infrastructure created by another resolution the same day the UN declared Israel’s very existence to be “racism.” Most importantly, it is a view that continues to inform and guide Palestinian unilateralism and the accompanying efforts to delegitimize Israel at the UN. As Abbas has again demonstrated, the legacy of Resolution 3379 is alive and well.

    The goal of the 1975 Zionism-is-racism resolution was to depict Israel as a racist state, an illegitimate Middle Eastern version of colonialism in Africa, much like the apartheid regime in South Africa at the time. This goal was furthered by a 1981 General Assembly resolution known as “uniting for peace,” which called for the recognition of Namibia, then occupied by South Africa, as an independent state. At the same time, it described the apartheid regime as a “threat to international peace and security” and sought to subject it to a UN-coordinated boycott campaign.

    Credit for identifying the Namibia precedent as a diplomatic warfare tactic directed at Israel resides with the American Jewish International Relations Institute (AJIRI), a policy organization that diligently tracks what it has identified as “the UN propaganda apparatus whose purpose it is to delegitimize the State of Israel.” AJIRI’s founder, Ambassador Richard Schifter—a storied diplomat who served as an American ambassador to the UN during the 1980s—explains that, in the early 1970s, Fidel Castro and Muammar Qaddafi began a campaign to take control of the General Assembly’s agenda. “Their goal was to use the General Assembly to embarrass the United States and delegitimize Israel,” Schifter explained. “The idea of drawing a parallel between Israel and South Africa emerged at that time, as former colonies became UN member states. It is in that context that the Zionism-is-racism equation came into being: To attract the votes of sub-Saharan African member states to the Castro-Qaddafi coalition.”

    In propaganda terms, AJIRI’s Special Adviser Gil Kapen told me, the analogy to apartheid South Africa “carries an in-built legitimacy in UN forums. The Palestinians know that successfully presenting themselves as the victims of an apartheid system carries automatic advantages.” This reflects apartheid South Africa’s standing as the UN’s first pariah state. That status was no doubt deserved. Nonetheless, there a substantial amount of hypocrisy involved. Such a designation could easily have been applied to the myriad tyrannies and autocracies that still form a sizable voting bloc at the UN, for example. Moreover, it was an early example of the penchant among member states, many themselves pariahs or adversaries of the West, for selectively ignoring the core UN principle of sovereign equality. Indeed, the same states that rushed to accurately condemn South Africa and then defame Israel as bastions of racist repression routinely invoked the sovereignty principle in order to deflect scrutiny of human rights abuses within their own borders, and in the Soviet Union and its allies.

    “You cannot create an environment of trust because Israel has been treated as a pariah for so many years. How can Israel trust the UN? How can many Palestinians, when the UN has failed to deliver a solution?”

    More importantly, however, the 1981 Namibia resolution provided a template for future attacks on Israel, which have too often echoed its determinations almost note for note. The first half of the text was a litany of South African offenses in Namibia, together with fulsome statements of support for Namibian independence and the recognition of SWAPO, the guerilla movement which fought the South Africans, as the “sole and authentic representative of the Namibian people.” This format is regularly followed with regard to Israel and the PLO. At the same time, the latter half of the resolution dealt with punitive measures against South Africa, the overall goal of which was to urge member states to cease “all dealings with South Africa in order totally to isolate it politically, economically, militarily, and culturally.” Again, these are the measures that the Palestinians and their supporters often seek to apply to Israel.

    Thus, the enemies of Israel established a model that institutionalized the hypocritical abuse of the sovereignty principle by elevating the practice of selectively isolating member states because of their internal systems of government—“Zionism” in the case of Israel (because it is “racism,” you see). As a result, Israel became the target of an entire UN bureaucracy that produced endless resolutions condemning Israel at the UN General Assembly and the Commission for Human Rights, now known as the Human Rights Council. Indeed, decades after the passage of the Zionism-is-racism resolution, between 2006 and 2013, Israel was the subject of 45 resolutions condemning it—almost as many as the whole rest of the world.

    It is the only country with a permanent agenda item of the UNHRC, and was the subject of no fewer than five condemnations in the winter 2014 session alone, while only one resolution addressed the horrific use of chemical weapons and barrel bombs in Syria. (As if to even balance this out, one of the five resolutions against Israel concerned its treatment of Syrian citizens on the Golan Heights.) Underneath all of this public-facing hate speech posing as concern for human rights, however, is a more secret bureaucracy aimed at undermining Israel’s legitimacy around the world. At the heart of what AJIRI calls the Palestinian “propaganda apparatus” is the Division for Palestinian Rights (DPR), a component part of the Department of Political Affairs. With an annual budget of around $6 million, two committees operate within the DPR, cumbersomely named the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Human Rights Practices Affecting the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories and the better known Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (hereafter referred to as the “Palestine Committee”).

    Among NGO advocates who work on the Palestinian issue, the Palestine Committee is the source of greatly appreciated support, financial largesse, and international networking through the annual seminars it organizes in different parts of the world, which bring together the most prominent and hostile anti-Zionist activists from around the globe, including a smattering of Israeli Leftists and anti-Zionists. These conferences take place annually in every corner of the globe, and provide the inspiration, glue, and international backing of the United Nations for the activists and organizations who seek to accomplish what decades of war and terrorism failed to achieve–what Iran called “A World Without Zionism.”

    In April 2013, for example, a conference for Latin America and the Caribbean was held in Venezuela. The seminar merrily recycled the standard positions of the Palestine Committee, such as support for the so-called Palestinian “right of return” and effusive endorsement of Palestinian unilateralism. As AJIRI concluded in its report on the seminar, the objective “was to present to Latin American and Caribbean states in the form of a UN Declaration the Palestinian arguments for the delegitimization of Israel. It was most certainly not intended to advance the cause of peace.” Ironically, it took place just days after the victory of Nicolas Maduro—handpicked successor to Hugo Chavez—in a presidential election marred by voter fraud and violent intimidation of the opposition. Those real-world abuses outside the conference hall didn’t merit the attention of the delegates.

    AJIRI is not alone in citing the UN’s Palestine Committee as an obstacle to securing an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement as well as a body that is easily exploited by authoritarian governments. Diego Arria, a former Venezuelan Ambassador to the UN and special adviser to the secretary-general, told me that the Committee allows “governments like the one in Venezuela to use the Palestinian cause to bash the Israelis and fundamentally the Americans.” He also stressed that there is a long tradition of using UN conferences and seminars solely to pummel Israel, without offering any positive or practical advice to the Palestinians.

    In 1976, for example, Arria was head of the Venezuelan delegation to the UN Conference on Human Settlement, held in Vancouver. He was asked by an Iraqi delegate to visit his hotel suite for a consultation. “I arrived on my own, and there were maybe ten Arab representatives waiting,” Arria recalled. “They addressed me as their ‘OPEC brother’ and said, ‘We need you. We are planning to expel Israel from the conference.’ I asked them why. They cited the ‘Zionism is racism’ resolution.” When Arria dissented, the Iraqis threatened to call his superiors in Caracas. “At that moment, I got up and left, slamming the door on my way out,” he said, smiling.

    The bigotry that plagued Israel in 1976, Arria reflected, remains firmly in evidence today, and effectively prevents the UN from being an honest broker in the conflict. “You cannot create an environment of trust because Israel has been treated as a pariah for so many years,” he said. “How can Israel trust the UN? How can many Palestinians, when the UN has failed to deliver a solution?”

    The counter-argument to this view, and it is certainly a familiar one, is that the UN’s Palestine infrastructure is of microscopic relevance when compared to Israel’s military might and international political clout. Do away with the occupation, it is claimed, and there will be no need for any more committees with unwieldy names devoted to the Palestinian cause.

    There is a serious problem with this argument: The demonization of Israel and Zionism that created this infrastructure predated the occupation by about 18 months. On October 15, 1965, the New York Herald Tribune carried the front page headline “Soviet at UN Lumps Nazism and Zionism,” reporting on the stormy clashes accompanying the UN’s attempt to draw up its Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. The Soviet representative insisted that the committee had to condemn Zionism alongside Nazism and anti-Semitism.

    There were two reasons behind the Soviet position: First, cozying up to its Arab allies; second, deflecting international attention away from the persecution of Soviet Jews, which a condemnation of anti-Semitism might encourage. Sure enough, a typical UN compromise was reached, according to which the only form of discrimination condemned was “apartheid.” In other words, 20 years after the Holocaust, the Soviets and their anti-Western allies had ensured that the UN was banned from condemning anti-Semitism by name.

    But it didn’t end there. As Israeli scholar Yohanan Manor wrote in To Right a Wrong, his fascinating book on the Zionism-is-racism resolution, the convention “showed the Arabs and the Soviet Union that it was possible to have Zionism condemned if they could just find a way to secure the support of the Afro-Asian bloc.” Ten years later, they achieved just that with the passage of Resolution 3379.

    Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Chaim Herzog rips up Resolution 3379 while denouncing it from the plenum in 1975.

    The notion of Zionism as racism, then, permeated the UN long before Resolution 3379, thanks to the unrelenting propaganda of the Soviet Union and its communist and Arab allies. “The USSR masterminded the resolution on Zionism. It was a dimension of their strategy to bring about the expulsion of Israel from the UN,” Manor told me. In this sense, it is fair to say that the Soviet demonization campaign failed. Far from being expelled, Israel’s standing at the UN has been quietly enhanced, especially in recent years. This has been demonstrated by Israel’s admission to the Western European and Others regional grouping (WEOG) after years of isolation through Arab refusal to admit Israel to the Asian regional group.

    But there is also a legacy of success; one that has outlasted even its Soviet enablers. The persistence of the UN’s Palestine infrastructure, born from the same votes on the same day that gave us the Zionism-is-racism resolution, suggests that the 1991 repeal of Resolution 3379 in that rather sullen single line was, at best, an act of bad faith. For whatever the official record says, there remains a UN division devoted to nothing but political and diplomatic warfare against Israel.

    I asked Ambassador Schifter why the 1991 American campaign to repeal Resolution 3379, intended as a gesture of encouragement to Israel as it prepared to meet its Arab foes in Madrid, did not include the dismantling of the Palestine infrastructure.

    “Nobody pays attention to the details, that’s the real problem,” he replied. “The votes would have been there to end the Committee and the Division of Palestinian Rights, but it was overlooked. The State Department is really concerned with bilateral relations, and while the U.S. worked hard to get the votes to repeal the declaratory ‘Zionism is Racism’ resolution, the parallel operational aspects were not addressed.”

    Each November 29, and it is not a coincidence that this is the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the mandates and funding for the anti-Israel diplomatic warfare machine of the DPR and its fellow committees come up for renewal. The votes in favor are pretty much automatic, says Schifter, but could be turned under different circumstances:

    A significant number of ambassadors in New York vote against Israel without instructions from their governments. Because these resolutions involve budgetary questions, they require a two-thirds majority vote under the provisions of the UN Charter. So the answer to the problem is that you reach out to heads of government. You get them to give instructions to the ambassadors on how to vote.

    One milestone in securing the dismantling of the DPR, Schifter believes, would be for the Europeans to vote against renewal of the mandates instead of abstaining. “Germany would be the one to lead it,” he said. “But I don’t know if anybody’s asked them.”

    Such a change, Schifter argues, would be good for the UN itself. When he served at the American UN mission, he told me, he and his colleagues would “distinguish between ‘UN World’ and the real world on the other side of First Avenue.” By dismantling the UN’s anti-Zionism Palestine infrastructure—or even, as Diego Arria suggests, converting it into a body concerned with Palestinian economic development—the UN would dissolve one important barrier between itself and the real world.

    But more than anything else, such a change in the UN infrastructure would advance the cause of peace. At the moment, the UN’s institutional treatment of Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict encourages Palestinian hatred, legitimizes their rejection of Israel’s right to exist, increases Israeli mistrust, alienates its supporters, and, above all, enables the type of Palestinian unilateralism that undermines the peace process and prolongs the conflict. A renewed effort at reform by influential member states would go a long way toward changing this state of affairs for the better.

    Such an effort would end the UN’s hypocrisy on the issue and help it live up to its founding principles. The institution’s selective violation of its own sovereignty principle, its double standards toward the Middle East’s only democracy, its obvious political bias, and its unrelenting assault on the legitimacy of Jewish self-determination would end.

    But as long as the UN’s “propaganda apparatus” for Palestinian rejectionism survives, the world body’s essentially positive nature will be disfigured by well-founded accusations of discrimination against its only Jewish member. For the good of Israel, the Palestinians, and the UN itself, it is long past time for the world body to finally say farewell to the libel that Zionism is racism.

  14. sherrimunnerlyn, the only reason why the world sides with the Arabs over Israel is because their are 22 Arab countries and one small Jewish country.
    Did you ever ask yourself, why the world doesn’t support a Kurdish state and thinks the Kurds should be governed by these Arab barbarians in Iraqi Kurdistan.

    • People with a conscience do not support Apartheid practices Israel carries out in Palestine.

      The world watched Israel deliberately burn to death children with chemical weapons in Cast Lead, noone has forgotten any of these human rights abuses, those of us with a conscience, that is.

      • The conscience of terrorists when defending the crimes against humanity committed by the those criminal organisations in Gaza.

      • GENEVA — The international Red Cross said Tuesday that Israel has fired white phosphorus shells in its offensive in the Gaza Strip, but has no evidence to suggest the incendiary agent is being used improperly or illegally.

        “In some of the strikes in Gaza it’s pretty clear that phosphorus was used,” Herby told The Associated Press. “But it’s not very unusual to use phosphorus to create smoke or illuminate a target. We have no evidence to suggest it’s being used in any other way.”

  15. sherrimunnerlyn, Palestinian Rejectionists are upset because Israel refuses to become another Arab country. The Palestinians sent hundreds of homicide bomber massacring Israeli civilians for no reason other then Palestinian fascism and racism. The Palestinians deserve the same compassion as the Nazis who started WW2.

  16. Arnold Roth who lost his daughter in the Sbarros massacre couldn’t even find one Palestinian who could condemn Fatah and Hamas for celebrating the Homicide bomber for slaughtering 15 Israeli civilians eating pizza.
    More proof what Islamo Nazis Israel is dealing with
    In search of Palestinians who are sickened by PA’s celebration of Sbarro bomber
    Arnold Roth

  17. Sherri, I like Islam
    Except for the part about having sex with children.
    Also the part about killing people who don’t want to be Muslim.
    Oh and also the slavery part.
    Kidnapping 300 girls.
    Strapping bombs on children.
    And the dhimmi part.
    And the part about killing Christians and Jews.

  18. Khaled Abu Toameh who is an Arab Israeli journalist.
    Khaled said this.

    “If Israel were an apartheid state, i,for example,would not be allowed to work for a Jewish news paper or live in a Jewish neighborhood and own a home.
    supreme judge George Karra would not be allowed to send president Katsav to jail,
    Rana Raslan couldn’t possibly been nominated to Miss Israel.
    The real apartheid is in Lebanon ,where there is a law that bans Palestinians from working in over 50 professions.

    Can you imagine if the knesset passed a law banning Arabs from working in even one profession?
    The real apartheid is also in many Arab and Muslim nations, like Kuwait,where my Palestinian uncle,who has been living there for 35 years is banned from buying a house.
    or Saudi Arabia where no other religion but Islam is permitted
    the law of Israel DOES NOT distinguish between a Jew and an Arab”.

    • The law in Israel prevents the Palestinians to return to their own homes. That is apartheid. Besides, I do not know why you arguing Israel itself calls its wall the Separation Wall – and apartheid means Separation. Palestinians under Israeli administration are not allowed to live in the Settlements. That is Apartheid. Whites in South Africa had Black employees. Pull another one. And than there is the notorious Law of Return. A very odd law. Those who never been in Palestine are allowed to return to it. Those who were born in Palestine are not allowed to return to it. At the moment there is discussion between the US and Israel in the discriminatory way some Americans of Palestinian origin are treated when they wish to go to Israel. Khaled must be a nice looking Palestinian.

      • LyingJane longs for the suicide attacks before the erection of the fence. Besides making false comparisons to legitimise her desire for the murder of Jews.

      • Not it is not. Not according to inernational law. The sepesration wall? there are many muslim who live on the Israelis side of the wall how is that aparhide?
        Israel’s “Law of Return”, giving every Jew anywhere in the world the right to immigration — apart from exceptional cases relating to known criminals and kindred miscreants — is part of the majority’s right to decide whom to admit. It stems from the original purpose in creating a Jewish state, or a state for the Jews. Orthodox rabbis in Israel have a controlling influence in deciding who is a Jew. Descent is matrilineal. It is a religious issue — not an “apartheid” one as some claim — which is being fought over among Jews, with the Reform and Conservative streams of Judaism demanding a role.

        At the same time, it is clearly unfair from the victims’ point of view for Israel to give automatic entry to Jews from anywhere while denying the “Right of Return” to Palestinians who fled or were expelled in the wars of 1948 and 1967, and their descendants. This unfairness, to put it at its mildest, is a tragic consequence of war. Again, however, it is not unique to Israel. The same has happened in recent times, often on far greater scales, in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, India and Pakistan, to list but a few parallel situations.

        West Bank
        It is occupied by Israel.
        But it is not apartheid. Palestinians are not oppressed on racial grounds as Arabs, but, rather, as competitors — until now, at the losing end — in a national/religious conflict for land.

        The barrier/wall/fence, as it now is, is a repugnant aspect of Israeli policy, and all the more so because it is also meant to protect scores of Jewish settlements on the West Bank. But it is not apartheid. Calling it the “Apartheid Wall” is a debasement of the word for the sake of slick propaganda.

        “Apartheid” is used in this case and elsewhere because it comes easily to hand: it is a lazy label for the complexities of the Middle East conflict. It is also used because, if it can be made to stick, then Israel can be made to appear to be as vile as was apartheid South Africa and seeking its destruction can be presented to the world as an equally moral cause.

        • The victims of massacres are the consequence of war? Apartheid is an appropriate label fot Israel. Israel enforces laws based on ethnicity. Even in South Africa some Blacks lived in White areas all be it not with the same rights just as in Israel today. They are restricted to even remember their own history. Two Palestinian teenagers were killed by the IOF in Palestine. That is the reality of the occupation and the Apartheid state in Israel

    • I’m afraid you’re trying to talk to a wall, Dan. The couple anti-Semites trying to argue with us here are too dense to grasp anything close to a fact or something like historical events.

  19. Palestinians and Arabs are indoctrinated from the cradle to the grave to hate the Jews and the infidels.

    Arabs hate anyone that dare not believe and behave like them.
    Strange that a race that does not advance intellectually/spiritually over the millenniumm still manages to exist.
    Maybe its their hate that keeps the Arabs going

  20. As Caroline Glick said, The fact that the Palestinians from Fatah and Hamas alike are Jew-hating racists should surprise no one who has been paying a modicum of attention to the Palestinian media and general culture.

    Since the PA was established in 1994 in the framework of the peace process between Israel and the PLO, it has used the media organs, schools and mosques it controls to spew out a constant flow of anti-Semitic propaganda. Much of the Jew-hating bile is indistinguishable from anti-Jewish propaganda published by the Nazis.

  21. Sherri.
    There is a primary historical fact, that must be established now. There has never been, I repeat NEVER been, a civilization, Entity, or a nation referred to as “Palestine” There was never a Palestinian tribe, and there was never a Palestinian country in the Land of Israel to begin with! Israel is not for sale. It is not a pie to be sliced up and served to a clan of killers and their supporters.

    1: When did Jerusalem serve as a capitol to any Arab Country? Never.
    2: When did Jerusalem serve as a Palestinian capitol? Never.
    3: Only Israel have had Jerusalem as there capital in Ancient and modern times. Jerusalem was never in history an Arab capitol.
    4: How many times is Jerusalem mentioned in the Koran? Zero. Was Mohammed to so badly educated, he could not utter the word “J-e-r-u-s-a-l-e-m”

  22. Dan get some education you are not a very sophisticated propagandists. It will not convince anybody. Anyone with a modicum of the knowledge of history would know you do not know what you are talking about.

    In the early days of Islam Muslims were instructed to face Jerusalem. Remember Islam is a monotheistic faith whose foundations were laid by Abraham. All this may be mythology but it is a lie to say that Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Quran. Abraham is still the leader of the Prophets of Islam and Torah is one for the Muslims one of the revered Book.

    • YOU Tehran Jane are a LIAR, an IDIOT and completely without any credibility.
      For those who require proof of this, all they need do is to look at the garbage posted by you on the threads on this site.
      Oh I forgot to add COWARD as well. How else would you describe the actions of someone who runs into a room shouts out a load of words, they do not understand, then runs away thinking they are being clever.
      Not clever Tehran Jane, very infantile and only to be expected from you and your ilk.

    • Well, LyingJane, as Islamist you surely can give the quote in the Quran where Jerusalem is cited.
      As you lack of any education in historic science you give a good example for the fabric of fairy tales Antismeites are used to produce.

      • Fritz this from somebody who claims he is returning to his home in Palestine after being in exile for 2000 years in Europe. Fritz at your age you must be totally dulale do you not think?

        • and still no quote from the QURAN about Jerusalem?
          Jews by the way never left there were allways Jews living and coming to live in the holy land.long before zionsm

        • LyingJane, can`t you provide the quote?
          I see, another lie of LyingJane. Thanks for the cooperation in revealing the truth about the supporters of Arab and Islam terror.

    • Is Jerusalem mentioned in the Koran?

      Not even once.

      Concerning Muhammad’s alleged “night-journey” (isra) to “the farthest mosque” (al-masjid al-aqsa) and the Islamic claim to Jerusalem.

      Since January 2006, Doctor Daniel Pipes has been offering $1million to anyone who finds “Jerusalem” in the Quran.

      Offer: $1 million for Finding “Jerusalem” in the Koran January 4, 2006

      Claiming Jerusalem is in the Koran

      Give Dr. Daniel Pipes proof of what you say Jane and earn $1 million!

      • I am not surprised nobody has been able to claim the prize from pipes – have you seen the condition of his offer? He is the sole arbiter and he specifaclly says how and in what form it should br mentioned in the Quran. We all know today the same language varies considerably from one place to another. Jerusalem is definately mentioned in the Quran not only because of the last Prophet but because many of the Jewish Prophets are also mentioned in the Quran. Watcher you really must pay attention to the history and the culture of the region you live in. Abraham is the most revered Prophet in Islam. I suppose Watcher you are only trying to score a point where you know it is irrelevant what is mentioned in the Quran to the rights of the Palestinians in Palestine if someboy has been living for generations in Palestine or Jerusalem no newcomer has the right to turn him out and takeover his house, God does not provide realstate. He definately does not give one person’s land to another.

        • As usual excues excues and avoiding the issue. So if jerusalem is minetioned in the quran it will be quiet simple for you to quote the relevnat verses, Do that and show us all to be liars, We are waiting.

    • They were instructed to fact Jerusalem in order to make Jews like them and maybe joined them , But when that didn;t happan they faced Mecca. The leader of Islam is Muhamad trying to make jewish prophets muslim won;t work
      ISALM came from arabia that is why the 2 most sacred palces in Islam are situated there. jewish most sacred place is in Jerusalem.

      • In the Zionist world racism is all that works – but in the wider world racism has no place. So off with you alexa walk to Europe and leave the Palestinians in peace. despite what you think is or is not mentioned in ISALM. As for you knowledge of Islam the very little you think you know is also very distorted and tainted with your racism.

        • Lying Jane the antisemite propagates the ethnic cleansing of Jews. Next step, as we have seen with the Nazis, could be the request for their annihilation.
          Maybe she is a Nazijane.

        • Actaully it is base on historical facts something you prefer to ginore and attack me personally. Show me I am wrong

    • If it is as you say, a lie that Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the quran,then please prove it, beyond all reasonable doubt with references, links and supporting evidence.

      Until you do, you’re a useless waste of oxygen.

  23. International law at work: Syrian ambassador Bashar Ja’afari on 20th February was ‘unanimously re-elected as Rapporteur of the UN Special Committee on Decolonization. Sherri should have sent a congratulating message in the name of the International Lawyers Subcommittee of the Westboro Baptist Church.

  24. Syrian ambassador Bashar Ja’afari on 20th February was ‘unanimously re-elected as Rapporteur of the UN Special Committee on Decolonization.

    Sherri, Phillip Weiss and the BDS belong on the same stage as Ja’afari.
    New Photo Evidence Shows Assad’s Gruesome War Crimes
    A new report offers photographic evidence that Syrian government officials committed systematic torture and killing.
    Elad Benari

    A new report released Monday offers evidence that Syrian government officials committed serious war crimes.

    A team of internationally renowned war crimes prosecutors and forensic experts said they found “direct evidence” of “systematic torture and killing” by the President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime.

    The contents of the report were revealed to CNN and The Guardian newspaper. It is based on thousands of photographs of dead bodies of alleged detainees killed in Syrian government custody.

    The experts who authored the report say the evidence in the photos would stand up in an international criminal tribunal.

    “This is a smoking gun,” David Crane, one of the report’s authors, told CNN, adding, “Any prosecutor would like this kind of evidence – the photos and the process. This is direct evidence of the regime’s killing machine.”

    Crane, the first chief prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, indicted former Liberian President Charles Taylor for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Taylor went on to become the first former head of state convicted of war crimes since World War II. He was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

    CNN noted it cannot independently confirm the authenticity of the photographs, documents and testimony referenced in the report, and is relying on the conclusions of the team behind it, which includes international criminal prosecutors, a forensic pathologist, an anthropologist and an expert in digital imaging.

    The bodies in the photos showed signs of starvation, brutal beatings, strangulation, and other forms of torture and killing, according to the report.

    In a group of photos of 150 individuals examined in detail by the experts, 62% of the bodies showed emaciation – severely low body weight with a hollow appearance indicating starvation. The majority of all of the victims were men most likely aged 20-40.

    A complex numbering system was also used to catalog the corpses, with only the relevant intelligence service knowing the identities of the corpses. It was an effort, the report says, to keep track of which security service was responsible for the death, and then later to provide false documentation that the person had died in a hospital.

    One of the three lawyers who authored the report, Sir Desmond de Silva, the former chief prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, likened the images to those of Holocaust survivors.

    The emaciated bodies were the product of starvation as a method of torture, “reminiscent of the pictures of those [who] were found still alive in the Nazi death camps after World War II,” he told CNN.

    “This evidence could underpin a charge of crimes against humanity — without any shadow of a doubt,” he added. “Of course, it’s not for us to make a decision. All we can do is evaluate the evidence and say this evidence is capable of being accepted by a tribunal as genuine.”

    The report draws its evidence from the testimony of a Syrian government defector codenamed “Caesar” and almost 27,000 photographs he provided. 55,000 such images were brought out of the country, said CNN.

    According to the report, Caesar worked as photographer in the military police. Once the war broke out, his work consisted entirely of documenting “killed detainees.”

    He claimed to have photographed as many as 50 bodies a day.

    At one point he took the unusual step of photographing a group of bodies to show that it “looked like a slaughterhouse,” according to the report.

    The fact that all the bodies were photographed, the report’s authors say, strongly suggests that “the killings were systematic, ordered, and directed from above.”

    “It’s a callous, industrial machine grinding its citizens,” Crane told CNN. “It is industrial age mass killing.”

    The killings may have been so thoroughly documented as a way of proving each person’s death without allowing the deceased’s family to see the body, the report suggests. Also, it may have been aimed at proving that “orders to execute individuals had been carried out.”

    In addition to de Silva and Crane, the report was co-authored by Professor Sir Geoffrey Nice, former lead prosecutor against former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.

    The report says “Caesar” brought from Syria photographs of thousands of people who had been killed, he says, by the regime.

    The lawyers and the three forensics experts with whom they worked were given 26,948 images on a laptop computer. They, in turn, did a “formal analysis” of images of 835 and then a much more detailed examination of 150 individuals.

    The images given to CNN show stomachs, faces and even legs that are concave — sunken, rather than convex. On some torsos, bruising and bleeding is so severe that the victims’ skin is a mosaic of black, red, purple and pink.

    Oblong and parallel wounds, a mix of bruises and torn skin, line one man’s chest and torso, covering every inch of the victim’s body from neck to pelvis.

    “This is not just somebody who is thin, or who maybe hasn’t had enough food because there’s a war going on,” Dr. Stuart Hamilton, a forensic pathologist who examined the evidence, told CNN. “This is somebody who has been really starved.”

    The forensics team identified the neck bruising as consistent with strangulation with a rope, piece of rubber, or other such object, as opposed to the marks that would be left by a hanging.

    “Strangulation of this kind is also consistent with strangulation being used as a method of torture,” the report reads.

    CNN noted that Syria is not a member of the International Criminal Court, and that the only way the court could prosecute someone from Syria would be through a referral from the United Nations Security Council.

    Because of Russia’s support for the Assad regime, and because it has veto power on the council, such a referral seems unlikely, at least for the time being, the network noted.

    This is not the first time that a report on Assad’s war crimes has surfaced. In October, a report released by Human Rights Watch (HRW) revealed how the Assad regime used highly powerful bombs to target a high school in the rebel-controlled city of Raqqa. That report was based on satellite imagery.

    In December, the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, said for the first time that war crimes by pro-regime forces in Syria were authorized “at the highest level,” including by Assad.

    Pillay made the statements based on the findings of a special inquiry into abuses by both sides in the Syrian civil war, and added that “the scale and viciousness of the abuses being perpetrated by elements on both sides almost defies belief.”

    A recent report by UN inspectors said that chemical weapons have been used at least five times during the Syrian conflict and in some cases children and civilians have been slaughtered.

    That report did not, however, attribute blame for the attacks, as this was not part of the mandate given to the team by the UN Security Council.

    • Poor Syrian which nobody care that they are being murderd by the tousands close to 200,000 people. But one dead Palesitnian by Isreal and everyone is crying out. The Hypocrites.