The Guardian fetishizes the ‘culture’ of Palestinian terrorism

A May 16th Guardian article by Karma Nabulsi – an Oxford University academic and former PLO representative who previously claimed, at the Guardian, that Palestinian “schoolchildren are blown to bits [by the IDF] while playing’ – which fetishizes Palestinian violence represents a pattern at the media group, whereby contributors and editors support for the ‘right’ of Palestinians to engage in terror attacks against Israelis.

Here are just a few examples: Guardian editors published a letter in January 2011 by a philosophy professor which explicitly defended the right of Palestinians (on moral grounds) to murder Israeli civilians in terror attacks – an editorial decision which was actually defended by their readers’ editor following the uproar which ensued;  In May 2011, the Guardian published an official editorial about the ‘Arab Spring’, and praised the Palestinians for teaching the Arab world how to launch ‘successful’ intifadas; And, in November 2012, during the war in Gaza, Associate Editor Seumas Milne wrote an op-ed explicitly defending the right of Hamas to launch terror attacks against Israelis, and argued that Israel has no such moral right to defend itself.

So, while the May 16th article, titled ‘Artist of the Palestinian revolution‘, on an exhibit featuring Palestinian revolutionary films and art now showing at venues in London (under the slogan “The World is with Us“), comes as little surprise, it’s nonetheless interesting in the way it’s presented, as embodying chic, progressive artistic sensibilities.


Nabulsi’s tale about the glorious nature of the Palestinian revolution begins in the early passages:

In the simplest terms, the story of the Palestinian revolution is a story of the cadres who created it, served it, and gave it both life and force. A people expelled en masse from their homeland, they managed to take matters into their own hands and transform their situation in a most ingenious manner. Initiated by a handful of young refugees, they began to “make their own history”, launching a popular struggle in the late 1960s to regain their homeland and their rights.

However, the PLO was founded in 1964, three years before Israel was ‘occupying’ any Palestinian – or, more accurately, Jordanian – territory, and the (clearly stated) goal of the “popular struggle” was not to “regain their homeland”, but to annihilate the Jewish state.

Nabulsi not only fails to note that the weapons depicted in her beloved Palestinian art were used to murder unarmed Jewish civilians, but characterizes the PLO and other Palestinians terror groups as culturally vibrant, progressive, and humanistic social welfare-based institutions:

Developing factories, institutions, hospitals, schooling and a plethora of ideologies inside an armed struggle throughout the 1970s, Palestinians also created an ebullient revolutionary culture of music, film, poetry, radio, photography, painting and plastic arts, and became the touchstone for revolutionary movements across the world.

Here’s the next terrorist-chic graphic from the exhibit used by Nabulsi:


Nabulsi then sums up the movement thusly:

By no means a Marxist revolution (although Marxists were a part of it), it was definitely progressive, and certainly popular. To the revolutionary movements of Africa, Latin America and Asia it was known intimately: Palestine was with the world, just as the world was with Palestine.

This was not merely an anti-colonial or national liberation movement. Comprising the disenfranchised and the dispossessed, and driven by a determination to return home, and to count on themselves alone, meant that the Palestinian cause was not national, nor leftist, but, instead, of the whole people. The culture of return and the armed struggle at the heart of the revolution brought common cause to a people whose country had been destroyed by the Nakba

Since 1964 (the year the PLO was founded), over two thousand Israelis have been murdered, and thousands more maimed, by the “culture of Palestinian armed struggle”.

Finally, we’ll leave you with the trailer from the ‘The World Is With Us” London exhibit promoted by Nabulsi:


TWIWU Web Trailer from Palestine Film Foundation on Vimeo.


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  1. Forget that there was no revolution … forget that they did not take matters into their own hands but were cosseted and cuddled and supported by every misfit on the planet plus UNRWA … forget that they have been maintained as a political tool by the Arabs … forget their terrorism .. the people they murdered … and it is a wonderful story, though pretty much all fiction.

    The one thing that is almost right – “they made their own history”

    … and continue to invent more and more of it!!!

    • But let us not forget that 3/4 of the Palestinians went into exile as a consequence of the massacres, the rapes of villages and cities across Palestine in 1948 by terrorists gangs of Irgun and other Zionists. Let us not forget that over 4.5 Million Palestinians are refugees today. because of the terrorists of the Irgun and others that went on become the IDF.The leading terrorist within Irgun, Begin went on to become the Prime MInister of Israel.

      All this is the reality of the occupation and the racist Zionist regime that today occupies Palestine. AKUS you are the invented one who left Palestine 2000 years ago and is returning now. You are bonkers but hay at your age you are breathing is a miracle.

      • Tehran Jane let us not forget that it has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt that you are a lying sack of shit.

        • Interesting argument Gerald very cogent and just as shit as any Zionist argument I have heard before.

          • LyingJane defames, denounces and delegitimises, a typical antisemite in defence of Arab terror and dictators.

          • Tehran Jane once again I have to give you a lesson in English.
            That you are a lying sack of shit is not an argument, interesting or otherwise, it is a statement of fact.

            Is that clear to you now?
            It is obvious to everyone who reads the drivel you post.

        • Let us not forget that the Nazi goals of those for whom you mourn brought about their own glorious destruction. So go stick it Jane.

      • This is false. Look up a post on “my right word” detailing murder, torture, execution, and mutilation on the part of the Arabs against Jews preceding 1947. It is foul.

        • dcom a reality check offered by Zionist Historian Benny Morris
          According to your findings, how many acts of Israeli massacre were perpetrated in 1948?

          “Twenty-four. In some cases four or five people were executed, in others the numbers were 70, 80, 100. There was also a great deal of arbitrary killing. Two old men are spotted walking in a field – they are shot. A woman is found in an abandoned village – she is shot. There are cases such as the village of Dawayima [in the Hebron region], in which a column entered the village with all guns blazing and killed anything that moved.

          “The worst cases were Saliha (70-80 killed), Deir Yassin (100-110), Lod (250), Dawayima (hundreds) and perhaps Abu Shusha (70). There is no unequivocal proof of a large-scale massacre at Tantura, but war crimes were perpetrated there. At Jaffa there was a massacre about which nothing had been known until now. The same at Arab al Muwassi, in the north.

          About half of the acts of massacre were part of Operation Hiram [in the north, in October 1948]: at Safsaf, Saliha, Jish, Eilaboun, Arab al Muwasi, Deir al Asad, Majdal Krum, Sasa. In Operation Hiram there was a unusually high concentration of executions of people against a wall or next to a well in an orderly fashion.

          “That can’t be chance. It’s a pattern. Apparently, various officers who took part in the operation understood that the expulsion order they received permitted them to do these deeds in order to encourage the population to take to the roads. The fact is that no one was punished for these acts of murder. Ben-Gurion silenced the matter. He covered up for the officers who did the massacres.”

          • NAtzieJane repeats already refuted charges, as a very brave antisemite she has to, to earn its credits with the terrororganisation it adores.
            The villages along the supply line to Jerusalem were full of part time guerillas who murdered when it was safe and hide as harmless villagers when it was dangerous.
            it is already established that in Deir Yassin a fight was going on, and after the defeat of the snipers some 60 persons were killed, The civil war already started in 1947 with a lot of Arab atrocities. Retaliations forsuch misdeeds quite often occur in civil wars.
            Two, three aspects are quite treacherous of these charges, some atrocities happened before the foundation of Israel, so it were not Israelian crimes, a shot woman is counted as massacre and Ben Gurion didn`t silence anything as he was occupied with the survival of the young state, under attack by Arab irregulars, Arab terrorists and five Arab armies.
            The Haganah exposed what happened at Deir Yassin in an attempt to delegitimise the Irgun and ordered an examination.
            The cited interview Morris gave Haaretz is quite hard, but offers only limited findings of Morris he chose to interpret his way.
            We have scarce sources of the Arab sides, but conclusions of their aims can be easily made, they proclaimed them.
            What NatzieJane has to conceal are the terror attacks of Arabs on civilians in Tel Aviv and elsewhere, the bombings of the Egyptian airforce of Jewsih quarters. In the archaic world and manichaeic view of NatzieJane Arabs are allowed everything, Jews nothing, therefore she whitens Arabs and blackens Jews, a sort of racism, natural to antisemits

            • Facts do not exist except when Fritz say they do. Perhaps, Fritz would explain why if the Jews were attacked they did not escape. It was the Palestinians who escaped and ran away from the Zionist tyranny that was let lose on the Palestinians by the founders of the state of the state of Israel. Perhaps Fritz will elaborate. May be he thinks the Jews who stayed belonged to the superior European races who are destined to colonize the world. But hey those days are gone. What drove the Palestinians to seek refuge was the terror that those who created Israel let lose on the indigenous people of Palestine. Even Zionist historians cannot deny such reality. What qualifies Fritz to do so?

              • Ethnic cleansing of Jews took place in Jordan, in the disputed land occupied by Jordan and Egypt, in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Libya,in Yemen, in Syria, …
                The old Jewish quarter in Jerusalem was destroyed and ethnically cleansed of Jews.
                Poor IslamistJane is complaining that the attacking Arabs didn`t suceed completely.
                Maybe she is more of a NatzieJane than an IslamistJane.

      • Jane, Arabs were massacring Jews in the region well before Israel was reborn. During the 1920 Passover holiday, Arab rioters attacked the Jewish quarter in Jerusalem, killing 5, raping 2 and injuring 100. During 1929, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem organized pogroms in Hebron, the outskirts of Jerusalem, Safed and in the Gaza strip, which killed 135 Jews, including many families in their own homes. Following the Hebron and Gaza massacres, the British kicked out the Jewish survivors, thus punishing the victims and rewarding the murderers. It is well documented that the Grand Mufti met with Hitler and conspired to organize a Middle East Holocaust, which was prevented only by the Nazi defeat. So keep on ignoring all the atrocities committed by the Arabs (who did not brand themselves “Palestinians” until after ’67), while you exaggerate and even invent what was mostly push back by Jews who got tired of being defenseless while they were hacked to bits in their homes and shops.

  2. The Palestinians heroes are Arab terrorists who sneak up in an Israeli’s home and slaughters an entire family like at Kibbutz Metzer.

    Fatah glorifies Kibbutz Metzer massacre terrorist who slaughtered 5 Israeli civilians and 2 children and Palestinian homicide bomber for slaughtering 8 Israeli civilians on a bus.
    Kibbutz Metzer was about the terrorist incident where a Palestinian gunmen machine gunned an Israeli mother and her 2 sons at Kibbutz Metzer in 2002. The Israeli mother tried to shield her sons, but it was to no avail, the Palestinian terrorists massacred all 3 of them.
    And the Europeans fund these Palestinian mass murderers.
    Abbas Rep. at Terror Funeral Praises ‘Heroic Martyr’
    Hero’s funeral held by PA for returned body of terrorist who killed five including two children, Abbas sends his praise.
    By Ari Yashar

    • Dan Livni We can criticize Abbas for praising those who murder children, I will not praise them or excuse them, Now it is you turn. Do you praise the IRGUN terrorist who massacred Palestinian villagers raped women ang girls and killed childen. Begin went on to be the Prime Minister of Israel was the leading terrorist within IRGUN.

      • “..those who murder children, I will not praise them or excuse them.”
        It is very noticeable Tehran Jane that you do not condemn them.
        I am not surprised, you really are despicable.

      • You keep using the verb “rape.” I doubt you have evidence of even one rape. Rumors spread by Arab leaders that Jews were raping Muslim women, don’t count. I mean actual accounts of even one rape. Here’s a good reference to the Deir Yassin battle, which people like yourself use as your flagship of Zionist misbehavior: This article points out the complexities of this event, such as some Arab women being shot because Arab fighters dressed up as women. Only those interested in the truth will bother to read it. You’ve obviously already made up your mind. Fine. Live in ignorance.

    • I unequivocally and without any reservations condemn the murder of two Palestinian teenagers at the hands of the Israeli forces in occupied Palestine. These two teenagers were part of the youth who were commemorating the tragedy that befell the Palestinians 66 years ago. I hope others on this blog will join me in the condemnation.

        • Fritz are you justifying the killings of two Palestinian teenagers against an imagined terror against Jews. These Palestinian teenagers had nothing to do with the tragedy that befell the Jews in Europe in the late 19th and 20th Centuries. The villagers of Dier Yassin had nothing to do with the Holocaust in Europe. Stop the killing of Palestinian youth. Is this the slow but sure way of eliminating Palestinians that the Zionists think will work?. It will not work in the 21st century and will lead to further isolation of Israel as a Zionist state.

          • Tehran Jane once again you refuse to condemn the murder of Israeli children.
            Now why don’t you slither back into the putrid swamp you and the other despicable scum infest.

          • To tell a Lyingjane to stop lying is as useless as to ask your terror buddies to stop with terror.
            Deir Yassin has a lot to do with the Arab terror and with the Holocaust as your adored al-Hussaini supported the holocaust, arab antisemitism and the destruction of the Yischuw, and if the villagers or who ever did not fire at the supply line to Jerusalem from Deir Yassin, nothing would have happened.
            By the way it was the Haganak who called to attention what happened in Deir Yassin.
            Anyway, Jews were ethnically cleansed and murdered when the Arab armies advanced, something Natziejane openly supports.

          • … the tragedy that befell the Jews in Europe in the late 19th and 20th Centuries

            Because it had all been hunky-dory for the Jews up until 1880, hadn’t it?

            Stop the killing of Palestinian youth. Is this the slow but sure way of eliminating Palestinians that the Zionists think will work?

            The evidence seems to indicate the two youths were indeed killed in cold blood. But suggesting this part of some grand plan to exterminate an entire people is simply ridiculous.

      • Jane,
        When you play with words you remind me of a child playing with matches. Nothing good can come of it.

  3. You say
    “However, the PLO was founded in 1964, three years before Israel was ‘occupying’ any Palestinian – or, more accurately, Jordanian – territory, and the (clearly stated) goal of the “popular struggle” was not to “regain their homeland”, but to annihilate the Jewish state.”
    Was Palestine not occupied in 1948 – or are we skipping that bit because it suits our argument. Twisting facts to suit your narrative – Dier Yassin was a massacre committed to get the Palestinians to leave their villages as Benny Morris says in his study of the history of the conflict.

    • “Was Palestine not occupied in 1948”
      No, it wasn’t. Your Arab friends, the Jew hating ones at least, launched a war of occupation and annihilation against the nascent Jewish State. The bringing of that state into existence was the reason the Palestine Mandate was created as an instrument of international law in the first place. There was no international mandate to create an Arab state on that piece of land, Jane. Attacking the new Jewish State was a breach of international law, Jane. The usurpation of the name Palestine and Palestinian to authenticate what are merely Arab claims to the mandate is a form of identity theft backed by money and power.

  4. NatzieJane misleads, she never read Morris book, she only has quotes of an interview, therefore natzieJane has no idea what and how Morris argued in his books, she propagates ethnic cleansing of jews and the Quran, and she lies, contionously.
    What a picture of an ardent supporter of Arab terrorism. Almost too perfect.

  5. Fritz was Palestine not occupied in 1948 and PLO was formed in 1964 to end the occupation. The question was not about ethnically cleansing the Jews in Palestine. Was not about whether I have read Morris or not and was not whether I support Arab terrorism. By the way do you support the killings of the villagers at Deir Yassin irrespective. Do you support the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians? What has the Quran got to do with anything? Or are you just being obnoxious. I do not attack the Torah or the Bible as I respect both those Books as sacred. Is it too much to ask the Zionists to be respectful of other faiths?

    • Zionism is not a “faith”. You really mean Jews, so why not say so?

      Proof if ever it was needed that “anti-Zionists” are really just antisemites.

    • “..was Palestine not occupied in 1948 and PLO was formed in 1964 to end the occupation.”

      Indeed it was Tehran Jane, by Jordanians, Egyptians and Syrians.

      Refresh my memory Tehran Jane what was the year that Jordan relinquished its claim over the West Bank and parts of Jerusalem? Was it before or after the Jordanian Government expelled the kleptocrat Arafat, and his fellow terrorists, from Jordan?

    • No, the Palestine mandate was divided, Israel was founded, the Arabs didn`t want an own state, but called on Egypt, Jordan and Syria, due to different origin of the leading Arab clans, some from Jordan, some from Egypt, some from Syria and Lebanon.. In 1964 Jordan founded the PLO, giving the different terror organisations, operating in and performing terror attacks against Israel from the disputed land an umbrella.

      • Fritz did all that happen in the Zionist wonderland – What is a mandate?Who gave the mandate to whom? Did they have the right to give that mandate?

        I must warn you I am just issuing a mandate that your house now belongs to a friend of mine in Alaska. He is on his way to take possession. Now quickly arrange transportation to move your belongings. If you leave anything behind you will be charged the cost of putting those items into storage. Any outbuildings must also be demolished. Otherwise you will have to cover the cost of any demolition process. This is all part of the Byzantine Law that currently applies in the territories.

        • So Tehran Jane what are the answers to the questions I put to you above.
          They are;

          “Refresh my memory Tehran Jane what was the year that Jordan relinquished its claim over the West Bank and parts of Jerusalem? Was it before or after the Jordanian Government expelled the kleptocrat Arafat, and his fellow terrorists, from Jordan?”

        • “Did they have the right to give that mandate?”
          So now JihadJane questions the legitimacy of the very international law and institutions she pretends to support.

    • “Fritz was Palestine not occupied in 1948 and PLO was formed in 1964 to end the occupation.[?]”
      As stated in the article, Jane, the PLO was formed in 1964 (by the Arab League) to reverse the war of 1948 and annihilate Israel and its Jewish population – in other words to breach international law. Annihilating existing sovereign states is considered to be more than just bad manners, Jane.

  6. The Watcher are you being deliberately obtuse. I am not accusing the Jews of being disrespectful. I am accusing Zionists like Fritz and you of being disrespectful. Many Jews I know are very respectful of all faiths.

    You can twist and turn as you like. All you have to do is denounce your racist ideology of Zionism and than we can move on.

    • I am accusing Zionists like Fritz and you of being disrespectful.

      What have I said that is “disrespectful”?

      Some things simply don’t deserve “respect”. Like your obvious and rancid Jew-hatred for example, like the Palestinians’ declared intention of destroying the State of Israel and murdering Jews wherever they can.

      When you denounce your support for that racist and genocidal ideology then perhaps we could move on, but I’d bet I’ll see pigs flying before that happens.

      I don’t believe you know any Jews. Please cease using “Zionist” as a pejorative and say what you really mean.

      • ‘Disrespectful’, a typical trope of Islamists when under fire for their continous lies and for their disrespect of human intelligence.

  7. You have said it again? So why deny it. Racist beliefs are no concern of mine. Zionists are racists and they are ethnically cleaning Palestine of it indigenous peoples. Racist Zionist regime in Palestine must end for peace and justice. The sooner that happens the sooner all those living in Palestine can go on to build their lives instead of allowing life to be destroyed by the Zionist thugs.

    • Tehran Jane never in the history of ‘blogging’ has so much Bullshit been written by anyone other than you.
      Although with the lies, myths, distortions of history and twisted logic, your posts are painful to the eye and intellect they do have a small amount of entertainment value. Much the same kind of entertainment the Victorians used to have by paying a penny on a Sunday to watch the antics of a lunatic.
      At least I can watch your antics for free.

    • … ethnically cleaning Palestine…

      Explain how the Arab population of all parts of Israel and the disputed territories has grown enormously since 1948.

      … indigenous peoples…

      The majority of Arabs present in “Palestine” prior to 1948 were Arab immigrant workers from neighbouring Arab countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Their immigration was encouraged during the British Mandate and also arrived to work for the early Zionists in the late 1890s and early 1900s.

      Yassir Arafat was an Egyptian born in Cairo, as was his uncle the infamous Grand Mufti Husseini.

      So tell me, who exactly are the “indigenous peoples”?

      • Watcher – Palestinians are the indigenous people of Palestine.Those who came during the mandate period are the colonizers.

        • “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism. For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa. While as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.”

          (PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein, March 31, 1977, interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw.)

    • Zionists are racists and they are ethnically cleaning Palestine of it indigenous peoples.

      What exactly is your definition of the “Zionists” you have such a visceral hatred of?
      Then perhaps you’d care to explain where this ethnic cleansing is taking place.

  8. So abuse is the best way you know to debate serious issues like ethnic cleansing occupations etc. Enjoy being a prat. While you enjoy your friends in the IDF have killed three Palestinians, two teenagers who were commemorating a Nakba and a 70 year old man when they invaded his house to issue a warrant to a 15 year old Palestinian boy. Murdering thugs.

    • The only thugs are the Arab terrorists you defend. Very brave, you earned your free lunch from the terror organisations.

    • “So abuse is the best way you know to debate serious issues”
      No Tehran Jane abuse is not the best way to debate serious issues.
      But nobody in their right mind would think of debating any issue with a lying sack of dogshit like you.
      It would be as useful as teaching a prawn to whistle. In both cases, yours and the prawn, something beyond their limited capabilities.

  9. IslamistJane wants respect for her terror apologies, for her continous lies about the Quran and the Jews.
    Aren`t they fun, these complete nuts, when they haven`t the means to terrorize?

  10. Amazing Fritz you think it is fun killing Palestinian children. If that solider who threatened Palestinian teenagers earlier had been properly punished may be on the Nakba Day another IDF soldier would not have killed two young Palestinian. No doubt this soldier would also go unpunished encouraging others to do the same.

  11. For terror apologists like IslamistJane all Arabs are obviously children whatever their real age is. This operation of wording them shall relieve them from any responsibility for their deeds and misdeeds. But, Big Mama of terror, that makes you responsible for their death.

  12. Fritz what are you on – it is hindering your reading. First, I never mentioned children. Besides, a fifteen year old is legally a child even a Palestinian by Israeli law. Besides all that the no one has the right to kill another person. Why are you seeking execution rights for the IDF?

  13. Let me know how many Israeli children were killed this month and I will condemn each on of those killings. Let me also know who is accused of the killing. I will tell you now two teenager Palestinians were killed earlier this month by Israeli forces. Would you be kind enough to condemn these killings?

    • Why should it matter when the murders took place?
      Why should it matter who is accused of carrying out the murders?

      Tehran Jane the question is simple, are YOU going to condemn the murder of Israeli children? No ‘ifs’ No ‘buts’

      Either condemn them or stand condemned yourself by your own silence.

  14. I condemn all the murders of Israeli children that have taken place no ifs no buts – Now When are you going to do the decent thing and condemn the murder of two teenagers killed on the Nakba Day. Even the US administration is demanding answers. When are you going to condemn it no ifs no buts

    • Tehran Jane I have no problem in condemning all murders no matter who is murdered, or where they take place, or when, or who is responsible.

  15. So where is the condemnation for the killing of two Palestinian Teenagers on the Nakba Day outside the Ofer Military prison. Please do it saying I have no problem is not the same.

    • Tehran Jane are you being serious?

      Which part of “I have no problem in condemning all murders” does your limited intellect have a problem understanding?

  16. I understand you have no problem condemning it but you have not condemned it. What is wrong wrong with saying I condemn the murder of two Palestinian teenagers on the Nakba day. Insulting my intelligence is not the answer just condemn the murders.

    • Tehran Jane even by your standards this is classic;
      “I understand you have no problem condemning it but you have not condemned it”

      I have condemned all murders.

      “Insulting my intelligence ..”
      How can I insult something that clearly does not exist?

      • Gerald I worked out your problem. You cannot condemn the murder of Palestinian children because they do not exist so how can somebody be murdered if they do not exist.

        Why could you not have been honest and just you cannot condemn the murder of those that do not exist. Is that why Zionists are keen to deny the existence of the Palestinians because if they do not exist you can murder them with impunity. Zionists are not racists but dishonest.

        My condemnation of all Israeli children murdered still stand. It is not the fault of the children that the Zionists cannot bring themselves to commit the murder of Palestinian children.

        • I meant to say to condemn the murder of Palestinian children

          Also Why could you not have been honest and just said you cannot condemn the murder of those that do not exist

          • Am I the only one wondering if the deaths of these two is another Pallywood production, a re-run of the Al Durah fraud?

  17. I think this explains the important question of our day, namely, “Why are the ‘Palestinians’ such unclean daughters of pigs, dogs, and monkeys?”, a question that the Hamasnik supporter, Jane Mudkill, should reflect upon.

  18. Personally, I am quite pleased that two terrorists were shahid’ed in front of Bitunia the other day, something that should happen much more often, and twice on Sundays. I’ll add the pictures of these dogs getting their due to my scrapbook…..

  19. So the apology is not forthcoming and another abusive Zionist is having ago. Gerald is D MO a friend of yours. Is BO is unbearable. Perhaps you can raise it with him.

  20. So it is clear Gerald a typical Zionist cannot condemn the murders of Palestinian children. Although he claims he has no problem condemning them but he rather not.

    • Tehran Jane do you realise how very silly YOU are making YOURSELF look?

      I have, on several occasions, condemned ALL murders.
      If you are too stupid to understand that, then that is your problem not mine.

  21. Astounishing how shameless LyingJane is., after being caught a lot of times it keeps posting while ignoring that its lies makes to a complete idiot.
    Obviously a nutter.

  22. One must wonder the mental state of someone like Jane Mudkill when, on the one hand, she whines when terrorist filth get their dreams fulfilled at Betunia, but on the other, her Islamofascist allies go on about their “love of death” and how they continually seek shahid-ness! Perhaps she needs to read her scripted dialogue a bit more carefully? Sad……..