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Why the Guardian’s new Jerusalem correspondent won’t take Palestinian antisemitism seriously


Peter Beaumont

The Guardian’s response to a recent Anti-Defamation League poll demonstrating that Palestinian society was compromised by unparalleled levels of antisemitism – results which overlaps with other polls on antisemitism by Pew Global – was two-fold.

First, they published a straight forward post at their data-blog accurately reporting on the ADL figures, including the fact that Palestinians have the highest levels of antisemitism based on results from the 100 states they surveyed.  However, they also published a quite repulsive op-ed by two anti-Israel activists (Donna Nevel and Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark) which justified Palestinian antisemitism and accused ADL – a US based Jewish civil rights group – of cynically using the poll to silence and intimidate those who don’t share their views on Israel – in spite of the fact that the poll didn’t ask any questions about Israeli policy.

Though we were able to convince Guardian editors to remove the most offensive paragraph of the op-ed in question, the broader views expressed by the co-authors of the piece are in many ways consistent with the Guardian’s myopic coverage of the region – reporting which consistently fails to take Palestinian antisemitism seriously when contextualizing news within the framework of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.  

As we’ve argued previously, Palestinian antisemitism does grave harm to Palestinians themselves.  When Palestinians attribute “global events to the machinations of an all-conquering Jewish conspiracy” (Mead), they demonstrate evidence of profound social failure, and are unlikely to develop the vigorous, progressive and competent civil societies that can promote real democracy. Moreover, holding views about Jews which are indistinguishable from the narrative found in the Elders of the Protocols of Zion makes it extremely unlikely that they will ever truly come to terms with a permanent Jewish presence in the region. 

As such, the Guardian’s former Jerusalem correspondent, Harriet Sherwood, not only characteristically framed nearly every Palestinian failure as a result of the occupation, but failed (as best we can tell) to ever so much as mention the injurious impact of Palestinian antisemitism on their society and on the peace process – a pattern of antisemitism denial we believe will continue with their new regional correspondent, Peter Beaumont

Our pessimism is based partly on our firm belief (per his work at the Observer/Guardian to date) that Beaumont seems clearly cut out of the same ideological cloth as Sherwood, and also on a very revealing piece he wrote about antisemitism in 2002 for the Observer (sister site of the Guardian), titled ‘The new anti-Semitism?’.  His essay was written at a time when scores of Israelis were being murdered by Palestinian suicide bombings, and when antisemitic attacks against Jews in Europe were reaching dangerous levels

After noting an example (in December 2001) of a violent antisemitic attack “by a group of Arab-speaking youths” in Brussels, and citing complaints by Jewish leaders about the dangerous increase in such attacks across Europe, Beaumont then advances an argument (similar to what’s known as the Livingstone Formula) indistinguishable from what was advanced in the Guardian op-ed on May 15.

But the problem with all this talk of a ‘new anti-Semitism’ is that those who argue hardest for its inexorable rise are dangerously conflating two connected but critically separate phenomena. The monster that they have conjured from these parts is not only something that does not yet exist – and I say ‘yet’ with caution – but whose purported existence is being cynically manipulated by some in the Israeli government to try to silence debate about the policies of the Sharon government.

So, already, Beaumont steers the conversation away from antisemitic attacks against innocent Jews in Europe, and engages in an ad hominem attack against those who, it is claimed, “cynically” use such examples to stifle criticism of Israel. 

It gets worse.


As data collected by the Stephen Roth Institute at Tel Aviv University, and other research, makes clear, the rise in anti-Semitism in Europe coincided with the beginning of al-Aqsa intifada – and Israel’s heavy-handed response – with most of these attacks limited to acts of vandalism on synagogues and cemeteries. As the institute also makes clear, the perpetrators of these attacks, like those who attacked rabbi Gigi, were largely disaffected Islamic youths, a group itself that is the victim of some of the worst race hate and discrimination in Europe.

First, Beaumont suggests that Israel’s alleged “heavy handed response” to Palestinian terrorism can help explain (if not justify) the rise in antisemitism.  Also, note that Beaumont imputes significance to the fact that the perpetrators of the attack in question were “disaffected Islamic youths” who, we are told, are themselves victims of racism – suggesting, perhaps, that antisemitic attacks by white Europeans (non-minorities) would somehow be more troubling.

However, perhaps the worse element of his essay can be found in his final rhetorical flourish. After insisting that “governments of Europe must attack real anti-Semitism wherever it is found”, he writes the following:

The Jewish community worldwide must be honest too about what is really being done in Israel, ostensibly in its name. For the rest of us who campaign and report and commentate and legislate on Israel and Palestine – we should not be cowed in our criticism of policies of which we disapprove by the threat of being accused by Sharon and his friends of being practitioners of the last taboo.

Beaumont, in the first sentence of the passage, is pointing the accusatory finger not at the antisemites, but at the Jewish community worldwide – millions of Jews who, he suggests, are guilty of insufficient honesty regarding the Israeli crimes committed ‘in their name’.  The victims have become the accused!  

True, it was only one essay 12 years ago, but it says so much about the Guardian worldview, and at least provides a glimpse into their reporters’ crippling moral blind-spot when it comes to even the most egregious examples of Palestinian Jew hatred. 


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  1. To Guardianistas, anti-Semitism only comes in one colour: goose-stepping black. Therefore any other accusations of anti-Semitism must have been made in bad faith. Because how could anyone from the left be possibly racist? After-all, just buying the Guardian means you’ve transcended all of humankind’s historic foibles and are now enlightened to a state of – almost – pure intelligence.

  2. Beaumont needs to shave. That look is not “sexy” on him, just looks unclean! The problem for the Palestinians has ALWAYS been with its leadership. They have made little progress for the people since 1948.

    • Beaumont’s four-day beard makes him look like what he is – a foreign correspondent. And that is terribly sexy.

  3. The Guardian as its agenda dictates is whitewashing antisemitism.
    Old news, but must be mentioned every day again.

  4. Two Palestinian teenagers were murdered by the IDF. Even Washington is demanding explanation. Nobody on this blog would condemn the murders except say that they condemn all murders. Perhaps get off your racist Zionist horse and stop crying wolf every time Israel is hold to account. Would any body blame Palestinians for not liking those who imprison them. Kill Palestinian teenagers. The Zionists have cried wolf too often. Nobody is paying any notice. End the oppression end the occupation. Than try and find faults with others. After all, the Zionist entity that oppresses Palestinians claim to represent the whole Jewry. Good thing is that many Jews are now disassociating themselves from the Zionist entity and where they interact with the Palestinians perceptions are changing.

    After all I would not have expected the European Jews to have been fond of the Germans in the middle of the last century.

    • If it turns out that the soldiers used excessive force and were not responding what they felt was a threat to their lives, I would most definitely condemn the shootings. The only evidence, however, has been an extremely edited out which removes all context. It is also clear you hold the same black and white extremist option you condemn Israelis for. You can’t even use the word Israel.

      • The context is the illegal occupation and administrative detention (imprisonment without trial).

        The day was the Nakba day marking 66 years of Palestinian dispossession of their homes. The other aspects were just a few weeks before an IDF soldier was not punished for threatening a group of teenagers with his gun.

        • Actaully that day was the day when 5 arab armies invaded the new Israeli state and with the help of local arabs tried to eliminate it.

    • fil in the blanks, since killing jews is ok by the ‘palestinians’ then killing ‘palestinians’
      is fine for — —-.

    • Classic hater comment. Overuse of the term ‘Zionist’ and attempts to draw a fat line between Jews and Zionists. Plus lots of projection. And of course the obligatory reference to Nazis. It’s probably a cut-n-paste from an anti-Zionist website guide to winding up the Jooooos.

    • Tehran Jane now that you have covered your keyboard with bile after spewing out your unintelligible post.

      What is the point you are trying to make?

    • Oh, Janie…….I find it so SAD you can’t be happy that these two piglets were properly Shahid-ed, as they’ve been taught since they were born………

      Allahu-Akbar! Itbach, itbach al-filastini!

  5. Two Palestinian teenagers were murdered by the IDF… according to a video clip manufactured by well known fakers. But nothing to worry Jane – seeing this laughable shit everyone of your comrades who are able to achieve orgasm only by seeing dead Palestinians – fake or real – will do it.
    What I find really amusing – you mentioned in one of your precious gift to the Zionist cause – in one of your posts – that you have a well paid and very satisfying job. Either you are an excellent multitasker trolling 24/7 from your workplace or this dream job must be your antisemitic hate mongering on the internet. In this case the well paid part is an obvious lie, I refuse to believe the existence of any employer who would pay a bloody peanut for your kind of king size moron.

  6. Jane, the “Palestinians” a fabricated people.
    The term was created in 1964 by the Egyptian Arafat in order to create to a made up people by the Arabs so it could replace Israel.
    The Palestinians never had land or a country and never existed. . Israeli continues to seek peace and offered to give the Palestinians land, but the Palestinians chose terror instead. If they wanted a state, they would have had it already.
    They prefer terror to a state.

    • Hahaha good old ken, what a load of old trip, talk about rewriting history, but then with your history who wouldnt

      • “Hahaha good old ken, what a load of old trip”

        As I said to your ‘sister’ Tehran Jane keep on making the same stupid mistakes it makes it so much easier to play “Spot the illiterate anti-Semitic twat”

        • I see that noam gave his moniker the upper case treatment today. Alas, all dressed up with no place to go.

    • …so how come they want a state moron.
      No need to sign your posts Jane we all know already your main characteristics.

    • I’m actually please as punch that these two daughters of dogs and monkeys were allowed by Israel to be Shahids for the LIE of “Palestine”! Why aren’t YOU happy for them, Janie Mudpill? It’s because they were properly killed before they murdered a Israeli baby in its crib, right?

    • Properly punctuated it reads:


      Palestinians did not exist. So how come they want a state?


    • You know, those Arabs are really awesome warriors. Why else would they start 6 wars only to lose them all? And then respond with suicide bombers, i.e. depressed teenagers whom handlers have convinced to end their lives by blowing up pizzerias for the joys of 72 virgins in the After Life?

      Gee….. Which one of us possesses a sense of logic and which one is the pathetic moron?

  7. They Pals only want a state, where Israel is eliminated and dhimmified by the Arabs.
    Kind of like being a Christian in Arab Sudan or being a school girl in Muslim Nigeria.
    Sudanese woman sentenced to death for converting to Christianity
    May 15, 2014

    Palestinian ambassador Abbas Zaki on T.V !
    “The true and final Goal is the end of Israel,but you can’t say that to the world”

    Senior PA official Nabil Shaath: “We’ll Never Accept the Two-States for Two Peoples Solution”

    Fatah official Kifah Radaydeh: “Our true goal has never been peace”

    PA Fatah MP, Najat Abu Bakr: “We will Destroy Israel in stages, in a religious war”

    Palestinian chairman Mahmoud Abbas : “We have the same Policies as HAMAS”

    Senior PA official Jibril Rajoub :
    ‘If We Had a Nuke, We’d Use It This Morning’ (Video)
    The Palestinian Authority doesn’t need rocks, firebombs, guns and suicide bombers. Senior Fatah official Jibril Rajoub has a better way to kill Jews: “If we had a nuke, we’d use it this very morning.”
    Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu
    May 9th, 2013

    PLO’s Ten Point Program

    • And what being a Palestinian teenager walking the streets in West Bank being shot by the IDF bullies.

      • Tehran Jane you are babbling incoherently again.
        Go away and come back when, if ever, you can make sense.

      • What I say when a “Palestinian” dies in a just and legal way, as these terrorists-in-training did during their assault on their future home, Ofer Prison, on Nakba-Day: “Allahu-Akbar! Whoo-hoooooo! Candy-time!”

      • A forum known liar like you is constantly damaging the credibility of charges propagated against Israel. Thanks for your cooperation.

  8. ” the rise in anti-Semitism in Europe coincided with the beginning of al-Aqsa intifada” -Peter Beaumont (certainly not Hugh Beaumont)
    Nice try, but that was a rise in actual anti-Semitic attacks – an indicator of something more troubling and sinister that you missed in your investigation, oh intrepid reporter.

    “and Israel’s heavy-handed response” Oh, I see. The Intifada was a light-handed response to a peace offer, and of course, only ‘natural’ for the Palestinian Peeeeple.

    ” the perpetrators of these attacks, like those who attacked rabbi Gigi, were largely disaffected Islamic youths, a group itself that is the victim of some of the worst race hate and discrimination in Europe.”
    Of course, we understand. When confronted with racial hatred and discrimination in Europe, find and attack the Jews responsible for it. It’s only ‘natural’ in Europe.

    The Guardian aids and abets real anti-Semitism and gives succor and support to real anti-Semites. CiFWatch has proven this to be the case over and over again.

  9. If you make excuses for anti-Semitism, you might just be an anti-Semite.

    (hat tip/ Jeff Foxworthy)

  10. Jane Mardell
    May 21 2014

    Last week, “something” happened in a confrontation between masked and violent Palestinian youths and the IDF on the West Bank, a.k.a. Judea and Samaria.

    The world is still talking about it and their voices are growing louder by the minute. Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s executive committee, has condemned Israel’s “deliberate execution” of these boys and described it as a “crime against humanity.”

    Ashrawi’s hysterical hyperbole never disappoints.

    Today, both the United States and the United Nations have called for a “transparent probe” of the so-called Nakba Day shootings.

    The IDF is conducting its own internal investigation. They have no indication that “live fire” was used by Israeli forces.

    But, the same world which still cannot find the missing Malaysian plane or the captured Nigerian girls, can be diverted from their inevitable failure in the face of unsolved mysteries and evil.

    Here is a new focus. The hoped-for scenario: Tarnish Israel’s name at precisely that moment when there is no possibility of a “peace” process and, when the Middle East is so unstable, so dangerous, that even the terrorists in Gaza and the Islamists on the West Bank are between a rock and a hard place in terms of possible alliances with other Muslim countries. (Thank you, Caroline Glick, for making this point crystal clear).

    Let’s get the world up-in-arms against Israel, let’s have a replay of the most successful Blood Libel in the 21st century, that of Mohammed Al-Dura, the boy supposedly killed by the IDF at the Netzavim junction. The fact that Al-Dura’s death did not happen and that Israel did not kill him does not matter. The truth has no place in this propaganda war.

    The 2014 script: Two teenaged boys, one seventeen years old, one sixteen years old, are, arguably, killed in the fight against alleged Zionist “colonialism.” Whether or not these deaths were staged; whether or not the IDF shot them; whether or not the IDF was even using live ammunition; whether or not the video released was doctored or provocatively edited–regardless, calls to hold Israel accountable by outside parties will soon be heard all over the world.

    Are we really going to fall for another Mohammed Al-Dura trick? According to experts, the two boys seem to have staged their falls. Like Al-Dura, no blood is evident. Like Al-Dura, there are no corpses to autopsy.

    But that is not what upsets me.

    Palestinian Islamists have been indoctrinating their own children into becoming human bombs. They have unleashed masked teenagers into becoming dangerous rock-throwers and rocket launchers. Some rock-hurlers have killed and injured living human beings.

    More to the point: Honor killing among Palestinians has actually increased–and the majority of such victims are teenage girls. Classic honor killings target the young. The culture of human sacrifice begins with young girls. (No, it does not exempt older women–but that is another kind of honor killing).

    I do not hear the world condemning such a death-eating culture or calling for any single honor killer or for the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, or Hamas to be held accountable in an international criminal court.

    I am not excusing or justifying any real deaths or murders. I am questioning who the murderers might be. I am noting that the world has one standard for Islamist terrorists (a lower standard) and another standard for Israelis (an impossibly high standard).

    I once interviewed a former Palestinian soldier who told me an interesting anecdote. A man from his village suspected that another man had slept with his wife, but for many reasons (his wife’s family was very powerful, he had no proof), he did nothing. Shortly thereafter, the husband proposed a raid on a nearby kibbutz, Ramat Rahel, and the men ran there with guns and rocks and hammers. Their force was repelled–but unfortunately, the man suspected of adultery was shot dead. He was a martyr.

    “Guess who really shot him?” my interviewee asked. “It was the husband. And he blamed the Israelis. And he had his revenge.”

  11. Kelso I have heard some justifications for the killing of two teenagers by soldiers this one takes the biscuit. Two families lost two teenagers and for what? Yet there is no repentance on part of those incharge of the soldiers most likely to have done the killing. All we hear are some made up anecdotal stories that tries to imply that the Palestinian teenagers were killed by one of their own.

    • Well, I think we’re forgetting here that these piglets justly shot by the IDF were merely receiving:

      1.) the Shahid-ness they craved, and
      2.) What they wished to inflict on Israeli-Jewish babies.

      So, why the tears, Janie dear? Why aren’t you celebrating their holy sacrifice for the LIE of “Palestine”, as you, yourself, do when your Hamas allies murder a Jew?

      What a mystery……..

      • Referring to dead Palestinian kids as “piglets” and “daughters of dogs and monkeys” gets your comments rated as “excellent”…….the readership of this blog is just soooo classy.

        • If you actually read all of the comments here, it’s the darndest thing, this actually IS a smart, fact-based center for discussion (and most of the genuine alphabetic vomit and diarrhea comes from the “pro-Palestinian” trolls–I used the ” because those idiots don’t give a damn about Palestinians or anything other than their zero-sum agenda). Tell you what, as one of those trolls I will offer you a trade: I’ll condemn the use of the word “piglets” (I would have just said people) and you condemn the hundreds of inaccurate, shoddy CiF articles and their partnering posts of hatred and stupidity. Whaddya say?

          • So you need an incentive to condemn dehumanizing language?… I said, the readership of this blog is sooooo classy…

            • “.like I said, the readership of this blog is sooooo classy”

              Well it is until you turn up, then your presence lowers the standards considerably.

              • “Well it is until you turn up, then your presence lowers the standards considerably.”

                Commenting on this blog always feels a bit like interrupting a circle jerk. I will depart so you can continue your (high standard) mass debate without distraction….”Israel gets such a bad press”, “Arabs are soooo devious”, “The Guardian is the new Der Stürmer” etc should get the juices re-flowing…bye.

    • LyingJane justifies her lies. Amazing example for the antisemitic propaganda spread by Arabs in disputed territories.

    • No one is justifying it they are just saying it wasn’t prove that they were killed by the idf. But for you facts are not really important as lond as you can dmonize Israel.

  12. Hasbara know no end.

    Zionist propaganda machine in overdrive trying to justify the murder of two Palestinian teenagers and again accusing the murder of their own children to deligitimize Israel. Mind you Israel’s own actions deligitimizes Israel and the blogs on this site are a reflection the notoriety of the Zionist of the entity.

    Here is the real truth about Al-Dura
    On December 13, 2007, Israel’s Channel 10 aired an interview with Dr. Yehuda David, a physician at Tel Hashomer hospital near Tel Aviv. David told Channel 10 that he had treated Jamal Al-Dura in 1994 for knife and axe wounds to his arms and legs sustained during a Palestinian gang attack. David said the scars Jamal presented as bullet wounds from the 2000 incident were actually scars from a tendon repair operation that David performed in 1994.[108]

    David made the same assertions in an interview with a “Daniel Vavinsky,” published in Actualité Juive (Jewish News) on September 4, 2008. Charles Enderlin sent a “right of reply” to Actualité Juive, along with medical documents and photographs of Jamal’s injuries. In late 2008, Jamal filed a defamation complaint against Actualité Juive with the Tribunal de grande instance (superior court) of Paris. The court subsequently established that “Daniel Vavinsky” was a pseudonym for Clément Weill-Raynal, a deputy editor at France 3, and a former adviser on antisemitism and misinformation to the Council of Jewish Organizations. In October 2009 the Paris magistrate issued defamation charges against Weill-Raynal and Serge Benattar, the managing editor of Actualité Juive.[109]

    In April 2011 the court ruled that David and Actualité Juive had defamed Al-Dura. David, Weill-Raynal and Serge Benattar, the managing editor of Actualité Juive, were fined €5,000 each, and Actualité Juive was ordered to print a retraction. David indicated that he would appeal, and the Israeli government said it would finance his case going forward.[110]

    In February 2012, David’s appeal was upheld and it was ruled that he had not libeled Jamal Al-Durrah, and he was acquitted of breaking doctor-patient confidentiality.[111] Although David’s appeal was upheld, Jamal Al-Durrah himself appealed the acquittal, maintaining that the doctor was also complicit in the libelous claims published by “Actualite Juive”[112]

    Media-monitoring NGO, Keshev, tracked the way the Israeli media portrayed the verdict in the al-Durrah libel case. The French court ruled that there was not enough information to determine the cause of al-Durrah’s wounds. The ruling only determined that the publication was not considered libel under French law. However, Keshev’s findings reveal that this outcome was excluded by all media outlets except for Ha’aretz. The verdict was covered extensively, but readers were not provided with the actual text of the French court of appeal’s decision. This purposeful choice presented the verdict as a victory to Israeli public diplomacy and as proof that Palestinians are using false propaganda in order to delegitimize Israel. Even further, some of the media outlets presented the verdict as proof that the IDF could not be held responsible for Mohammad’s death.[113]

    • Three senior French journalists who saw the raw footage in 2004 said it was not clear from the footage alone that the boy had died. They noted France 2 had cut the final few seconds of video in which he appeared to lift his hand from his face.

      Dr. Yehuda David, who was sued for libel by the father of Muhammad al-Dura – and eventually won his case – expressed great satisfaction at the issuing of a special report by a government panel that revisited the infamous incident, in which IDF soldiers were accused of killing the 12 year old Arab boy at the start of the second intifada. The committee determined that not only were the allegations – and a report by French television purporting to show IDF soldiers shooting and killing the boy – a lie, but that the al-Dura is not even dead.

      According to David, the whole incident stinks of a coverup – and the evidence that shows that not only was al-Dura not killed, but that the entire story was a hoax, perpetrated with the assistance of a French television station, is there for all to see.

  13. How stupid of me to rely on the most trusted website for information. I should just have asked the resident Zionist oracle and he would have put me right as he has done so many times before.
    He told me Palestinians do not exist.
    Than he tells me they are demanding a state of him.
    Than he tells me their state is in Jordan.
    Than he tells me Palestinians kill their own children to defame the Israelis.
    Than he tells me I am paid by Wikipedia.
    Perhaps he can tell me how much he gets paid for hasbara.
    My question to

    • Tehran Jane ‘Wikipedia’ is the most trusted website for information?
      You are practising your clown act again.

      Wikipedia is ran by a notorious council of virgins known to lesser Wikipedians as ‘The Administrators’. These creatures exist solely to eliminate the fun and enjoyment had by anyone who seeks to destroy Wikipedia by adding humorous content. The virgins consider this ‘vandalism’ and therefore punish these innocent users by preventing them from editing pages. However, in more serious cases,the Administrators send armed Digimon mercenaries to brutally murder the user and their family with teaspoons.. This is only ever done when the words ‘gay’ and ‘wanker’ are used in the same sentence. It is said that The Administrators occupy a small yet comfortable conference room at the Jedi Temple on the planet Coruscant. This, according to reliable Wikipedia sources, is where plans are made to further kill humor and increase and prolong human virginity, as The Administrators are banned from ever having sexual intercourse, not that they’ll ever get any anyway, and so want everyone to follow their lead. Becoming a Wikipedia Administrator is also apparently not easy. There are numerous criteria which have to be met before the initial selection, some of which include: Being a virgin (obviously) being at least 37 years old and still living in your mom’s basement, owning every games console ever made, not knowing what a clitoris is, weigh less than 140lbs or more than 350lbs, wearing wire-framed circular glasses and being only able to read something that’s on a screen or 2 feet away from you, having a level 100 World of Warcraft account or a level 100 account on any similar shit online game, only emerging for fresh air once a day,never having a shower, wearing the same clothes for 35 weeks or more per year, never touching a deodorant can, sleeping on a bed with a Star Trek duvet and matching pillowcase and having unresolved daddy issues. Once all of these criteria and many more are met, the Administrator candidates are then tested to see whether they can complete the whole of Pokémon Red on Gameboy Color in under 5 seconds. Only after this are they allowed to sit on the gloriously-soiled Chairs of Eternal Virginity.

    • The most trusted website? Only after Stormfront, Mondoweiss and Electronic Intifada for your kind of witless ignorant morons Jane.

    • Palestinin lies
      UN Verifies That Hamas Rocket Killed Gaza Child Whose Death Was Blamed on Israel
      A U.N. report released Thursday found no evidence to support Palestinian claims that Israeli forces massacred up to 500 people in the Jenin refugee camp

      There is no tangible evidence of any Jewish traces/remains in the old city of Jerusalem and its immediate vicinity’

      ‘That is not the Western Wall at all, but a Moslem shrine’

      The persecution of the Jews is a deceitful myth which the Jews have
      labeled the Holocaust and have exploited to get sympathy’

      Showing dead Syrian children caliming they are palestinian children killed by Israel.
      etc etc et c
      All reporetd by Palestinian sources and you wonder why we don;t belive you?

    • Obviously the blog idiot, you, asked the Oracle. What a meeting of enlightenment.

    • “Gerald I asked the Oracle not the blog idiot.”

      Ahhh so you did not ask Noam/noam.
      Although it is true about Noam/noam being an idiot it is not very polite to say so. You would not like it if Noam/noam referred to you as the blog lying sack of shit, which is also true.