Israelis celebrate 47th anniversary of Jerusalem reunification (Photos from Judy Lash Balint)

Judy Lash Balint (photo journalist, blogger and author of Jerusalem Diaries: In Tense Times and Jerusalem Diaries II: What’s Really Happening in Israel) observed the following yesterday while covering events to commemorate Yom Yerushalayim:

Thousands of Israelis dressed in blue and white and carrying Israeli flags took to the streets of Jerusalem on May 28, 2014 to celebrate the reunification of the city in the 1967 Six Day War. Parades and prayer services marked the day, while many took the opportunity to take part in walking tours of historic parts of the city.

Here are some of the photos taken by Lash Balint of the day’s festivities, published here with permission.













You can see additional Jerusalem Day photos by Lash Balint here.

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    • Not really . Celbrated by most Israelis except the far left .

      Lapid is not far right or religous yet he said
      Lapid: Jerusalem is not up for negotiation because the city will never be divided

      78 per cent of Jews indicated they would change their vote if the party they intended to support indicated that it was prepared to relinquish sovereignty in east Jerusalem.

    • Actually, the freedom and opportunity created by a united Jerusalem is celebrated daily by Jews, Arabs and (much to your annoyance) hundreds of thousands of Palestinians – those who became Israeli residents following the Six Day War and would never, ever want to be part of any future Palestinian controlled “east” Jerusalem.

      • Adam did I hear this correct, somebody told me Palestinians in the occupied territories, including Jerusalem voted for the occupation.

        What surprises me is that the occupying force decided to take a vote before the occupation. However, immediately after the vote many of those Palestinians in Jerusalem lost their residency rights as the occupying Army marched into Jerusalem.

        • “Adam did I hear this correct, somebody told me Palestinians in the occupied territories, including Jerusalem voted for the occupation.”

          Jerry you heard that they voted to be occupied by Jordan for all those years?
          What a strange thing to do.

        • Jeremy, in 1949, after Jordan took control of east Jerusalem they expelled (ethnically cleansed) all (25,000 or so) of the Jewish residents and destroyed most of the Jewish quarter. In 1967, when Israel took control of east Jerusalem, they offered citizenship (and granted permanent residency) to the Palestinian residents and granted control of holy sites (including the Temple Mount) to the Muslim Waqf. The contrast in tolerance couldn’t possibly be more stark.

          • Adam we can go round quoting one set of figure after another and just so that Israel is not outdone let me tell you when Israel won its independence over 700,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed out of areas that won the independence. So what next? It is despicable the way the Palestinians in Jerusalem and Israel are viewed as a demographic threat and people think that is alright. In any other country there will be an outburst against such blatant racism.

            • Yes of course Jerry, we all remember well how 600,000 Jews from infants to octogenarians “ethnically cleansed” 700,000 “Palestinians” and launched an aggressive war of annihilation against five invading Arab armies.

            • Im pleased you brought up ethnic cleansing. One day soon they will be free from the murderous hamas and fatah…….

            • You’re right, Jerry, we can go back and forth. I can say you’re an alien from Uranus who needs to escorted out of this country. It doesn’t make it true, but you’re not here for the truth. You’re here to find justice in your need to treat Israel and her supporters like dirt. Hate mongers make their own history.

        • If Jerusalem were divided as part of a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, east Jerusalem Arabs would prefer to live under Israeli sovereignty.

          The poll, which comprised the residents of east Jerusalem’s 19 Arab neighborhoods, also pointed out that their opposition to Jerusalem’s division is so intense that they would rather move to a new home within Israel’s borders rather than live under the authority of a Palestinian state.

          • I read it. But where does it say that, as Levick implies, Jerusalem Day is celebrated universally, or even a large majority, in Israel.

        • Jimmy,
          When you call a progressive who happens to believe in two states KKKoufaxmedia you just might be an anti-Semite.

          (hat tip/ Jeff Forxworthy)

        • And how, may I ask your itty bitty pointy pathetic little head of yours, am I associated with the Klan? Because I don’t like privileged turds who blame the Jews for every hangnail?

          As for your references and links, the fact that you’re an anonymous hate mongering troll is reason enough to not take you seriously. Go fuck yourself.

          • It’s very simple, KKKoufax, if you address others like a foul mouthed far right loon, you will will be treated as such.
            Now, if you had any inling of what was written and by whom in those links I provided, you’d be a little more circumspect. Amnon Lord, for example, is a right wing ideologue who has written several books on justifying Israel’s actions since 1948. Hillel Gershoni is a settler who bemoans the fact that in his view Israel has moved away from Jewish values.

            • Lord was of the far left and he changed his mind when buses stared blowing up in Israeli cities after the Oslo accord. He wrote some books about the real and not very nice face of the left from his own expriance. .

                • I like how you vote 5 stars for yourself. It shows gumption. And conviction of your own idiocy. Yes. Soon, the Palestinians will have their own state. Of course, all they have to do is accept a 14 year old peace deal that’s been gathering dust since 2000, but, hey, no stopping a hate monger dipshit such as yourself from exonerating those who blow up pizzerias in the name of Peace and Justice.

                  But what’s best is that you demand to be taken seriously about anything. Yes, keep telling us you’re not dumber than shit warmed over.

                  Oh…. Did I just hurt your feelings? Do you need a good cry?

                • The editor-in-chief is Amnon Lord, an experienced Israeli journalist and writer who started his career in the left-wing Peace Now movement, editing its now-defunct weekly Koteret Rashit. Lord changed his views following the Oslo Accords

                • No, KKKfart, your continued שנאת חינם is proof positive that you have learnt nothing from your master the Grand Dragon.

            • Ah, I see. Jimmy, a Peace Loving Pro-Palestian, i.e. High Strung Anti-Israel Jew Bashing Asswipe w/ No Life But Message Boards Where He Posts His Totally Understood (By Jackholes and Jackwagons Only) Deep Thoughts and Feelings, considers anybody who supports Israel a Right Winger.

              And, really, you wonder why you’re laughed at? Why we ignore you and consider your thoughts about as meaningful as a step in dog shit? Of course, I don’t want to insult you. Not with those witty comebacks. Keep living the life, Jew Hater. Or as we like to say:

              Bitch on little bitch.

              • Once a KKK always a KKK, eh KKKoufart. If I was being ignored, why are you replying? Go back to your white sheet with holes for eyes. At least it covers up your embarrassment.

                • Look at Jimmy go. Jimmy the Klanman. Getting lost in his shit stained sheet…. Uh-oh…. Jimmy’s going to cry now. Jimmy doesn’t like being made fun of.

                  Kindergarten was really hard on Jimmy. Which is proof, of course, the Israel controls kindergarten.

                • You’ve got originality, Jimmy. An all-American boy like you. With wit and perseverance. Like Yasser Arafat laughing all the way to his disease infested death. $1 billion dollars in a Swiss bank, but you know what? It’s Israel’s fault.

                  No stopping the Jim-Jam Shim-Sham.

    • almost entirely restricted ? does anyone stand in Jerusalem and tell non religious people to go away and not celebrate Jerusalem day,

          • Take a look at who does. Judy Lash Balint’s pix are a pretty good guide. Read the two pieces in Maariv/ Makor Rishon, a paper not known for its post-, anti-Zionist tendencies.

            • Those photos are just small part of the festivities in Jerusalem day., I don;t really know how many religious and non religious people were there neither do you even when you try really hard to make us belive that only religious people care to see jersualem untied. The article are people opinion ,Like when Moshe Arens write
              in Haaretz you won;t say he is from the left do you becasue he write for Haaretz. They think something some people think diffrently . One of the article dosent talk about celebrating Jerusalem day but imlpy that less Israeli want to see jerusalem stay united. That is not true most Israelis want to see jerusalem remain unite and that is what really improtant

              • The photos show a large part of the celebration and who celebrates, even right wing Israeli newspapers such as Yisrael Hayom and Maariv/Makor Rishon acknowledge and bemoan that.. And the ultra-nationalist religoius and their secular counterparts are the only ones who really celebrate this day. As for other non-ultra-nationalists, religious or otherwise, they are happy with the situation as is,but if an alternative were to be presented, their mind might change.
                The article’s headline talks about “celebrating” and it’s about the celebration.

                • The photos show small part of the celebration in Jerusalem . if you knew jerusalem you might have known that. They show the Kotel and some of the old city .

                  “The article’s headline talks about “celebrating” and it’s about the celebration.”
                  One of the article dosn;t talk about the celebration at all but that less Israeli think Jerusalem should remian unite not like they did after 67 . Most of it is about Rabin and Gur. His ideas not the facts.

                • Quite a silly person, this JimmyNatzie, who concludes that photos represent the whole reality. Well. a Pallywood addict.

  1. Jerry, Jimmy, Avi and comrades. Please try to neutralize the extremely sour taste of the grape in your mouths by chewing the volume of the Guardian copies of 1967. You will find it in the party library.

  2. D MO are you a Zionist? In which case your racist comments are fully understandable – I am surprised this site allows obscene views to be expressed so openly.

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    • One question, Janie dear: Why do you believe there is a “Palestinian” race? What is the scientific basis for your belief?

        • LOL! Sorry, I’m having a tough time giving a d*mn what a stinking dog like you thinks, noom! BTW How many Israeli-Jewish babies have you slaughtered today for the LIE of “Palestine”?

        • “there is only one race , the human race”

          noam/Noam baby/Baby in that race you came last.
          Have you ever wondered why noam/Noam you are always a loser?

  3. Seems to me Hamas saved some money with the alleged death of these two shahids.
    Mahmoud Toameh, arrested trying to enter Israel, says group pays young Arab men to harass Jews on Temple Mount, details global fundraising, int’l activities

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          • Oh dear, Jimmy doesn’t like being called an anti-Semite. Apparently, he thinks that his criticism of Israel doesn’t deserve a blanket statement. Now, whether that blanket is based on Jimmy’s penchant to considering Israel an Apartheid state, or his claim that all Zionists are racists, or that one particular American left-wing Zionist is a Klansman because that American left-wing Zionist makes Jimmy cry like the whiny bitch he is, we’ll never know. But what’s important is that when Jimmy is pent up with frustration, when he’s been on the boards for hours and hours at a time, looking to pick fights with Jews whom he considers as Racists and Genocidal Terrorists, when Jimmy becomes obsessed with anything Israel does but, mostly, a whole bunch of shit that Israel doesn’t do…. basically, whenever Jimmy feels like the Palestinian cause of not making peace with Israel but rather give another black eye to Israel… Hate mongering Jim-Jam does his Shim-Sham and posts a Flim-Flam argument that, obviously, anybody who stands up for the rights of Israel is a racist is a Klansman.

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  13. If MLK could see Israel now, KKK, he’d see how wrong he was, you hopeless defender of ethnocracies pretending to be a democracy.?

    So you support BDS that say Israel is an aparthide state?

    • No, I don’t support BDS or believe Israel is an apartheid state. However, if its present policy of continued building in settlements continues, it might very well turn into one.

      • Yet you talk about how MLK will see Israel now . Than there is this sentece” you hopeless defender of ethnocracies pretending to be a democracy.?” who is pretending to be a cemocracy?

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