Focus below the line: Guardian readers ‘reflect’ on Israel and the Jews

cifThough the large volume of articles and op-eds at the Guardian and its blog ‘Comment is Free’ (CiF), and elsewhere in the UK media, containing distortions or false claims naturally keep us pretty busy, we have also – since our founding in 2009 – regularly monitored reader comments below the line at ‘CiF’ to see if the moderation process is fair and consistent with their ‘community standards‘.  

This post is part of a series which will re-focus on the problem of biased moderation at CiF – particularly, reader comments which are off-topic, ad hominem or antisemitic, and yet not deleted by moderators.

Today we focus on a ‘CiF’ contributor with the moniker MikePilgrim, who left quite a few comments over the last few days.

(The following comments were not deleted by CiF moderators at the time this post was published.)

12 June, 9:29am


14 June, 10:47am

one14 June, 10:08am


12 June, 11:07pm


12 June, 9:19pm


12 June, 9:00pm


12 June, 9:31pm


12 June, 9:08pm


12 June, 8:01pm



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    • Sasha what makes you think that anti-Semitic vermin are capable of thinking?
      Their pathetic and reprehensible reactions are more likely due to Pavlovian conditioning.

  1. Unfortunately, as with all blogs that attempt to represent a particular view, this one is also vulnerable to such individuals as the illustrious Mike Pilgrim who spend an inordinate time making assertions unsubstantiated either by evidence or academic research. The same sort of thing is happening now to UK newspapers on line when, whatever the subject, they are bombarded by ignoramuses who assert that the answer to every problem is UKIP. Mr Pilgrim’s contributions should not be dignified by a reply but, of course, that will not stop many respondents fuelling his activities.

    • What matters is not what Pilgrim says but the fact that the Guardian allows such filth to stand at the very same time it deletes perfectly reasonable comments that just happen to go against its anti-Zionist party line.

      • Exactly Sasha. If some of the statements that this hate filled jerk were altered substituting Muslim for Zionists/Israel/Jews, the Guardian Moderators would have deleted the comment very, very quickly and probably ‘cancelled’ the commenter.

        But not with Pilgrim.

  2. Yes, he’s a nutter, obsessive and ill-informed but the point is that he spews his hatred over the comment is free page and the ”moderators” (not very moderate at all) allow it to remain and to become a permanent fixture.

    If they had no moderators it would be counted as innocuous, the product of a nutcase fruitcake or any other crazy person but since the moderators do not delete it (as they delete my description of Michelle Obama as being ”high-waisted”) they have given it their approval.

    • Is he really any less obsessed or ill-informed on the subject of Israel than the journalists at the Guardian? I think not. What they all are is not mad but evil. Still, after surviving Goebbels and Streicher, surviving the Guardian swine should be a doddle.

  3. They sound very familiar …. let’s see …. YES ! it reminds me of the vile racist hate trash posted by many of the regulars on CifWatch.!!

    There is a difference, of course: On CiF those putrid comments get deleted by the moderators fairly quickly. But CifWatch, is apparently proud of them because the filth and insults are not removed.

    • Really? So people here blame Arabs for controlling American foreign policy? People here claim that Israel is at fault for 9-11? People here proclaim the need to bomb Arabs and create war for peace?

      Oh, you just don’t like being called an Asshole and consider me calling you an Asshole some kind of hate crime even though when I call you an Asshole I am calling you an Asshole and not necessarily anybody else.

      Such a deep thinker. Maybe it’s because your brain is so far up your ass. That must be it.

    • “There is a difference, of course: On CiF those putrid comments get deleted by the moderators fairly quickly.”

      Deep thinking Asshole can’t even read the post. The comments we’re complaining about are still there. Left on a major newspaper’s website to drive more hatred and instill more fears about ALL JEWS.

      But, yes, tell us again how a pathetic, self-loving, batshit of a moron like you has some sadz and that’s it’s the Yids who make you cry.

    • What insults? the fact that people like Pilgrim have no real idea about any historical facts of the region The fact that they have no knowledge at all of the present war in iraq and syria and how it is a danger to the all Middle East, A war between Shia and sunna; but he prefer to ignore the current war between them and focus on wars between the Jews which took place tousands of years ago . . People like him and you prefer to ignore anything as long as they can blame Israel for any bad thing that happan in the world. The fact that it has nothing to do with reality is no concern for the like of him and you. Just like Jews were demonize for centuries he is doing the same with Israel. Who need facts when you can blame the Jews.

    • A small problem external. Cifwatch is an unmoderated website not like the Guardian CIF.
      On CiF those putrid comments get deleted by the moderators fairly quickly.
      Fairly quickly? The mental shit of this Pilgrim has been online for more than three days. Yes of course …fairly quickly…
      Now after the publication on Cifwatch the mods on CIF speedily deleted some of his wisdom like these
      …Bomb israel and all the other problems will subside…
      ,…Israel is an apartheid state whose military shoots kids as sports…</I.
      But i can understand your sympathy for poor Pilgrim, he belongs to the same bunch of losers like you…

      • The point is that CifWatch should not criticize CiF on this item because:
        a. CifWatch attracts the same proportion of race and hate comments.
        b. CifWatch does not deal with these comments while CiF at least makes an attempt.
        c. Excuses such as “CifWatch is an unmoderated forum” are the same type of double-standard hypocrisy that CiF is legitimately criticized for.

        In other words, if CifWatch is not willing to invest the resources to police and moderate their own forum, they should not judge and criticize the the efforts and success of similar forums.

        • The point is that cif does moderate and does choose to delete all references critical of the Hamas Charter, for instance. It has premoderated me for “off-topic comments in various discussions.” according to an email from cif.moderation.

          If its level of scrutiny is that high then allowing through the mikepilgrim hate mail is deliberate.

    • external,
      Just because CiF Watch hasn’t deleted your comment it does not necessarily mean their proud of your filth.

  4. Most of what I have been reading seems to be coming from a bunch of folks who are unhappy about their own lives rather than unhappiness aboutt the Israel/Palestinian situation. What’s the matter, don’t you have anyone to talk to and still use your REAL name?

    • No Sally. ‘These people’ are obsessive about Israel and only Israel. I would agree that they are people of a distinctive unhappy disposition though but their underlying drive is purely anti Semitic.

  5. CiF is in a bind. CiFWatch’s eagle eye is trawling through its anti Israel, anti West posts and pointing out the obsessiveness and bigotry written in them and CiF cannot ‘moderate’ CiFWatch.

    The new method to enable the Guardian ‘behind message’ of Antisemitism and hatred of the one Western Liberal Democracy in the Middle East, is to ‘not notice’ comments such as those above.

    Great for pointing it out Adam.

  6. Beyond obvious at this point that the Guardian is in the hands of horribly bigoted racist antiSemitic assholes.

    • Alan Rusbridger has certainly almost all the responsibility of dragging down a paper that once represented the world and local view of the UK rational sane left to become a propaganda platform of the radical insane extreme delusional anarchist left wing.

  7. And let me guess: those comments (the Jews were “at war with” the Germans??) were posted below an article about the much-rumoured resurrection of the cabbage patch dolls.

  8. The Guardian is without doubt guilty of allowing anti-semitic posts to remain on Cif, while ruthlessly censoring anything critical of Islam.

    Provided you stay clear of using the word ‘Jew’, you can pretty much say what you like about Israel and Israelis, including calling them genocidal Nazis. Cif is a moral cesspit.