CiF Watch prompts correction to Guardian characterization of abducted boys as ‘teen settlers’

Earlier today, we noted that the Indy responded to our complaint and corrected a passage in a June 15th articleabout the three Israeli youths abducted by Palestinian terrorists on Thursday night, which falsely characterized the teenage victims as “settlers”.

And, about an hour ago, the Guardian responded to our complaint about an article by Peter Beaumont – that we posted about yesterday – claiming that the Jewish victims were “teenage settlers”, and agreed to revise the passage (and headline) in question.

Here’s the original Guardian headline:

Here’s the original opening passage:


Now, here’s the revised headline:


Here’s the revised opening passage:

revisedAdditionally, the article now includes the following addendum:


Though we commend Guardian editors for the correction, as we argued in our original post, the term ‘settler’ is typically loaded with pejorative connotations, and its use in the context of Beaumont’s article about Israeli children abducted by terrorists raises troubling questions about the media’s group’s continuing pattern of blurring straight news and political agitprop.

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  1. Agitprop – startlingly apt description for the Guardian.

    I would really like to know who or what they see themselves as guarding, at this stage.

  2. When did we Israelis started viewing being a settler or a Zionist as a negative thing?

    We used to take pride in our settlements and pioneering enterprises.

    The Yeshouv is still a Yeshov no matter where it is located.

      • So that makes it ok to kidnap them? They are boys. They have no choice about where they live. Labeling them as ‘settlers’ is a way to legitimize the terrorist act of stealing children.

  3. The problem is there’s a pattern of “blaming the victim” when a calamity fells upon Israelis.
    Apparently, if something bad happens to an Israeli, she/he is guilty until proven innocent, because she/he is responsible for “human right abuses”.