CiF Watch prompts Indy correction to claim that abducted teens were ‘settlers’

Yesterday, we posted about a Guardian report co-authored by Peter Beaumont which included a false and characteristically tendentious reference to the three Israeli youths abducted by Palestinian terrorists on Thursday night as “teenage settlers“.  

While we await a response from Guardian editors in response to our complaint about the erroneous characterization, we recently came across a similar claim in a June 15th report in The Independent by Jack Simpson titled ‘Israel accuses Hamas of kidnapping three Israeli teens‘. 

Here’s the relevant passage:

orig indy

As we noted in our original post about the Guardian report, only one of the three abducted teens – Gil-ad Shaar – resides in a settlement.  

Shortly after contacting Indy editors, they agreed to make a revision to the passage, and it now reads:

We commend Indy editors on their prompt response to our complaint.

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  1. But they still slip “settlement” in unnecessarily. Why not simply “close to the town of Alon Shvut”?

    • It’s been my experience that newspapers like to save face in some way when they’re forced to issue corrections and prefer to revise as little as possible to the original text. So, in this case, they were able to use the word “settlement” in some context even after correcting the original claim that they boys live in settlements.

  2. Nice work and well done.

    And now to something completely different:
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