Focus below the line: Guardian readers ‘reflect’ on Israel and the Jews (June 18)

This post is part of a series which will re-focus on the problem of biased moderation at the Guardian’s blog ‘Comment is Free’ (CiF) – particularly, reader comments which are off-topic, ad hominem or antisemitic, and yet not deleted by their team of professional moderators.

All of the following reader comments have been posted under ‘CiF’ op-eds which have nothing to do with the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

It starts here with a commenter with the moniker ‘StephenStafford‘:

09 June, 6:43pm


09 June, 6:34pm


09 June, 6:49pm


09 June, 5:36pm


09 June, 2:44pm


The thread continues with a commenter named Morgenrot.

 10 June, 6:18pm


11 June, 8:56pm


11 June, 7:04pm


11 June, 7:04pm


11 June, 3:06am


Again, none of these comments have been deleted by ‘CiF’ moderators.


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  1. StephenStafford, Morgenrot and their ilk are the chosen people of comment is free at the Guardian, once a magnificent publication known as the Manchester Guardian

    • My feelings entirely Havazzelet. Alan Rusbridger and his crew of self loathing radical anarchist (patriot) left wingers are now depleting the Scott trust fund at an alarming rate while at least 450,000 Sterling per year is going into Rusbridger’s pocket.

  2. While StephenStafford tries to hide his hate of the Jews behind “anti-Zionism” the obviously and clearly neo-Nazi SS wannabe Morgenrot is not so shy. According to the Guardian CIF community standards:
    3. We understand that people often feel strongly about issues debated on the site, but we will consider removing any content that others might find extremely offensive or threatening.
    5. We will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia or other forms of hate-speech, or contributions that could be interpreted as such.

    Obviously these posts are not extremely offensive and not racists in according to Guardian standards.
    Welcome to the World’s Leading Liberal Voice – the new Sturmer.

    • “While StephenStafford tries to hide his hate of the Jews behind “anti-Zionism” ”
      Of course, he’s not trying all that hard, but doesn’t really need to at the Guardian.

    • the new Sturmer.

      You say this time and time again, but it doesn’t get any truer. We’ve had Jew-hating comments before right here BTL – but that hardly makes CiFWatch an anti-Semitic organ of the neo-Nazis, does it?

      • Your comparison must be a joke. Cifwatch is not a moderated blog and its mission is fighting antisemitism, not like CIF.
        You know very well that if this kind of racist rants were directed against Arabs or Muslims the poster would be wiped out from the pages of the Guardian immediately.
        Yes pretzelberg, when the Guardian allowing this kind of BTL comments online because its content corresponds the moderators’ worldview makes it worse than the Stuermer, they didn’t assert the role of the world leading liberal voice.

        • Re. Morgenrot’s posts:
          its content corresponds the moderators’ worldview

          That is simply ridiculous.

          My point re. CiF / CifWatch is not a direct comparison – but rather that there are wackos out there on the Web who can pollute any website.

  3. This is a fine example of the Guardian’s moderation policy and “community standards” in action. Another example would be those comments deleted for merely taking issue with their editorial outlook.
    To reiterate:

  4. The only thing left are fools who tell us “they’re not anti-Semites, just anti-Zionists”.

  5. Again, none of these comments have been deleted by ‘CiF’ moderators.

    Probably because they dont think anything is wrong with those comments. As we have seen on many occasion with CIF facts are not their strong point the same goes with those commenters.

  6. Never to worry. The Guardian mods will be having an ohoh moment and we will find the relevant comments quite miraculously missing by morning.

  7. StephenStafford looks like a world-beating diplomat compared to the outright Nazi sympathies of Morgenrot. A bit unfair to lump them together.

    • StephenStafford must be a very knowledgeable fellow:
      Various Israeli leaders have called for the annexation of Judah and Sumeria and inclusion in the State of Israel…
      Yes Stephen Sumeria…the land of the good Sumeritan from the Bible…

  8. Morgenrot posts’ have been deleted after being online more than a week obviously as a result of this article, but he hasn’t been banned – he must be a valued Guardian asset.