Focus below the line: Guardian readers ‘reflect’ on Israel and the Jews (June 20)

This post is part of a series which re-focuses on the problem of biased moderation at the Guardian’s blog ‘Comment is Free’ (CiF) – particularly, reader comments which are off-topic, ad hominem or antisemitic, and yet not deleted by their team of professional moderators. All of the following comments have been posted under ‘CiF’ op-eds which have nothing to do with the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Guardian commenter with the moniker, ‘NormBlunt‘.

10 June, 3:26pm


11 June, 7:19pm


11 June, 7:12pm


10 June, 7:25pm


11 June, 11:25pm


Guardian commenter with the moniker, ferdous87

12 June, 2:20am


13 June, 7:58am


Guardian commenter with the moniker, ‘monkie‘.

11 June, 7:18pm



Guardian commenter with the moniker ‘Chomskyfan.

12 June, 6:51am


12 June, 8:44pm


Again, these comments have NOT been deleted by ‘CiF’ moderators.

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  1. I see that they finally got round to deleting the vile antisemitic remarks of the execrable morgenrot

    Perhaps if they did their job and deleted the antisemitic remarks as they occur we wouldn’t see them here. Or do they like them to stew and ferment and breed little bubbles of hatred for as long as possible?

  2. So Israel has a stranglehold over the MIddle East?!?! I do wonder where specimens like CrypticMirror get their info from.

    Why is monike’s post up there, though?

    • I do wonder where specimens like CrypticMirror get their info from.
      You shouldn’t. This is very simple.They get their knowledge from the Electronic Intifada, veterans Today, Aryan Nation and their sisters – the Guardian and the BBC.

    • Probably through his fillings pretzelberg. The use of “stranglehold” suggests trolling of anti-Israel sites about Gaza.

  3. Some years ago I met another Chomsky fan at a local store. He was wearing a cap which said “Chomsky” across the front. I asked him if he’d noticed that the propeller had fallen off.