If Palestinians don’t respect 6 million murdered Jews, how can they co-exist with 6 million living ones?

UK media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict typically imputes good faith to Palestinians – operating under the premise that most truly want a peaceful resolution with the Jewish State.

However, what if this assumption is misplaced?  

How would media coverage of  boycotts, lawfare and other forms of Palestinian ‘resistance‘ change if journalists took seriously the possibility that the Palestinians’ end goal was not to live in peace with their neighbors, but, rather, perpetual war, the only desirable end result being the elimination of the Jewish state?

Well, an independent Catholic news site asked that very question (Do Palestinians Want Peace?, June 19), in the context of linking to a Guardian report by their Middle East editor Ian Black about the forced resignation of a Palestinian professor who led a group of his students on a trip to Auschwitz.

Black – as Guardian editors are wont to do – framed the depressing episode, in which a Palestinian professor was vilified for merely attempting to evoke sympathy amongst Palestinians for Jewish victims of Hitler’s genocide, as a story of ‘competing narratives of victimization.


Dajani resigned from his post at Jerusalem’s Al-Quds University this week after failing to win the unequivocal support of his employers in a row which highlighted the darkest taboos of the conflict with Israel and each side’s enduring sense of victimhood.

The visit to the concentration camp was part of a project to study the Holocaust and teach tolerance and empathy. “It is about understanding the other,” Dajani told the Guardian during a conference in the Qatari capital, Doha. “You need to understand the other because reconciliation is the only option we have. And the sooner we do it the better. Empathising with your enemy does not mean you sanction what your enemy is doing to you.”

Organised in conjunction with three other universities, one German and two Israeli, the project also arranged for Israeli students to meet Palestinians living in refugee camps.

Dajani faced abuse, intimidation and death threats over the visit. Al-Quds dissociated itself from the project but defended his right to be involved. It insisted he had not been dismissed and supplied him with bodyguards. But in the end it accepted his resignation.

Implacable in the face of the uproar, he rejected accusations that he intended to promote the Zionist narrative of the conflict rather than respecting the primacy of the Nakba (“catastrophe” in Arabic) – the flight, expulsion and dispossession of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians that was the price of Israel’s independence in 1948.

Black then adds his own spin:

Propaganda that conflates antisemitism with opposition to Israel has also played a role. Israel’s foreign minister, Abba Eban, famously talked about the country’s “Auschwitz borders”. Menachem Begin, the prime minister who invaded Lebanon in 1982, described Arafat “cowering in his bunker” in Beirut like Hitler in Berlin.

Indeed, it’s the line about ‘conflating antisemitism with opposition to Israel’ where Black loses the plot and promotes the Guardian narrative – one which suggests that Jews cry antisemitism in the face of ‘mere’ anti-Zionism, or, in its more troubling form, that Jews cry antisemitism with the cynical intent of deflecting criticism of Israeli policies (The Livingstone Formulation).

However, a more holistic understanding of Palestinian attitudes – one which takes into account empirical data on Palestinian attitudes about Jews and Israel – would lead those not swayed by such pronounced ideological biases to contextualize the Palestinians’ “resistance” to Holocaust education in a much different way.  

We’re alluding to a recent survey commissioned by the Anti-Defamation League demonstrating that Palestinians have the highest rates of antisemitic attitudes in the world – a survey consistent with polls about antisemitism conducted in previous years by Pew Global .

Here are the highlights from the ADL survey which, let’s remember, did NOT ask any questions about Palestinian attitudes about Israeli policy:

  • 88% of Palestinians believe Jews have too much control over global affairs.
  • 88% of Palestinians believe that Jews have too much control over the global media
  • 78% of Palestinians believe that Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars.

But, perhaps most troubling – even worse than the belief that Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars (an attitude consistent with libels found in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion) – is the following:

  • 87% of Palestinians believe that people hate Jews because of the way Jews behave.

Of course, on one hand, it likely stands to reason that those who believe that Jews control the world would justify ‘hatred of Jews’ by explaining it as a rational reaction to Jewish villainy.  However, there’s a more important point about the 87% of Palestinians who believe that Jews are hated because of the way Jews behave, one which relates to Black’s article about Palestinian rejection of the ‘Holocaust narrative’.

Even the most parve forms of Holocaust education begin with the premise that 6 million murdered Jews were innocent victims of a grotesque manifestation of anti-Jewish racism, and that there is no justification whatsoever for the crimes committed in the name of Nazi ideology.

So, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Palestinians – who believe, per the poll results, that their own acceptance of historic antisemitic canards about Jewish perfidy is justified as a rational response to Jewish behavior – would reject efforts to encourage them to accept a Holocaust ‘narrative’ premised on Jewish innocence.

The manner in which Palestinians relate to the Holocaust has significance for those who wish to understand Israelis’ nuanced views of efforts to achieve a two state solution.  Though the overwhelming majority of Israelis accept in principle a two-state solution, most are also skeptical, in light of the persistent problem of Palestinian incitement, terror glorification and antisemitism, that two states will actually result in peace.

Even if a treaty is signed by the two parties, why are we expected to possess confidence that Palestinians will stop inculcating their children with the values of resistance, and truly see the agreement as a final end to all historical claims?

Finally, what, in light of the Palestinian rejection of even the most benign efforts to humanize six million murdered Jews, should provide us with hope that a piece of paper signed by Palestinian leaders will actually result, after seven decades of hostility, in a diminution of Palestinians antipathy towards the Jewish other, and create a society which humanizes – and accepts the existence of – six million living Jews?

Whilst it is perhaps not surprising that UK journalists – those with the luxury of dealing with such matters as amorphous political abstractions –  uniformly ignore such questions, those of us who will have to live the real-world consequences of Palestinian sovereignty cannot breezily dismiss this seemingly immutable Palestinian enmity, nor allow ourselves to be seduced by the chimera of peace.

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    • “Hadar”, I’d argue that Palestinians who reject Holocaust education as a capitulation to the Jewish/Zionist narrative, and thus refuse to empathize with 6 million murdered Jews, are just bit more grotesque than my headline.

      • Adam Can you be non-partisan and suggest that Nakba Education be also included in parallel.Perhaps than we can start taking seriously your assertions about Holocaust education.

        Perhaps, also the education on the Holocaust should include the suffering the Holocaust brought to the Palestinians who were dislodged from their homes and made into refugees. There are over 4.5 Million Palestinian refugees as a consquence of the Europeran Holocaust and pogroms of the 19th and 20th Century.

        Palestinian homes still continue to be demolished to create room for those who survived the Holocaust.

        • Whatever ‘moniker’ you use to post you always make the same stupid spelling mistakes.
          Now slither off back into your poisonous swamp you illiterate anti-Semitic twat!

        • Holcaust didn;t bring any suffering to the Palestinain it was their refusal to accept the parition plan and starting a war to eliminate Israel.

          pogroms of the 19th and 20th Century? of arabs by Jews? pray tell where and when?

        • Palestinian homes still continue to be demolished to create room for those who survived the Holocaust.

          Lol what an ignorant remark.

  1. The university refused to reject his resignation. Why is this being described in the article as “.the forced resignation of a Palestinian professor ..” ?

    • HouseMouse have you ever heard of the term “Constructive Dismissal”?

      “Constructive dismissal is when you’re forced to leave your job against your will because of your employer’s conduct.

      The reasons you leave your job must be serious, for example, they:
      -let other employees harass or bully you

      Your employer’s breach of contract may be one serious incident or a series of incidents that are serious when taken together.

      If you do have a case for constructive dismissal, you should leave your job immediately – your employer may argue that, by staying, you accepted the conduct or treatment.”

  2. The 6 million figure is completely discredited. It’s a parody and the longer it’s held on to the sharper will Zionisms fall be. Take my word for it.

    • “The 6 million figure is completely discredited.”
      Mr Frith I had a look at your site and note with some concern that, among others, you list; Mondoweiss, Veterans Today, and David Icke.

      And yet you use the words ‘discredited’ and ‘parody’ in your post.

    • Since Zionism isn’t really failing, and you’re a completely unhinged dipshit, I guess the 6 million is, indeed, accurate.


      Since you are a completely unhinged dipshit, and 6 million is, indeed, accurate, Zionism isn’t really failing.


      Since Zionism isn’t really failing, and the 6 million is, indeed, accurate, you are a completely unhinged dipshit.

      See how that works?

    • Chucky Frith,
      I see you’ve been reading the works of Mahmoud Abbas, and other Holocaust deniers/defenders. It’s obvious you’re a shameless idiot. Otherwise why would you show up here – a place where your ignorance is sure to cause you maximum embarrassment?

    • Charles Frith, you say: ‘Take my word for it’.

      I wouldn’t take your word for anything except that you hate Jews….

    • In fact, the number is closer to seven millions Jews murdered by the Nazis and their Hiwis.
      Your word is worthless as you has no honour.

    • “Illegal occupation anyone?”

      Not for me, thanks.
      But if you want one just leave your name and address on the way out and I’m sure one can be arranged for you.

      • Israel are running a nice one at present. Its great to see all the suffering. Top job.

        • “Israel are running a nice one at present”

          Really do tell where this ‘illegal occupation’ which you describe as ‘nice’ is?

          “Its great to see all the suffering”

          Oh dear me you really are a sad individual.

          • Alexa – is that why they are not allowed to use the main roads in the West Bank?

            Israel is a racist apartheid state, and any sympathy the Jewish people may have garnered as a result of the holocaust is now spent. You cannot ask the non-Jewish people of the world to respect you. We see how you behave in the only Jewish state on the planet.

            You illegally occupy the lands of another nation. You restrict their movement. You do not allow them to access their own fields. You do not allow them to trade. You deliberately destroy their economy to gain the upper hand (most recent estimations show employment increasing by 35% and GDP increasing by 2.2 billion USD a year when/if the Israeli occupation ends). Then, despite controlling their movement and restricting their liberties and economic chances – you do not allow them a vote! Another deliberate attempt to subdue and isolate an entire race. Palestinians cannot even live outside given areas (8 are in existence I believe?) without a permit (which are not granted…). The entire West Bank is administered by the Israeli military. Jews living within the West Bank live under the democratic laws of the Israeli state. Palestinians living in the same area are subjected to an aggressive and restrictive law administered by an armed force. You will now claim that since they elected Hamas, you must do so. Imagine Israel being subjected to an aggressive blockade because of the voting choices they made as a group of people…

            When they desperately try to free themselves from your control and abuse, you attack them with Main Battle Tanks and fighter jets, claiming you are fearful of their crude rockets, whilst harking back to a decision made decades ago by a small clique of self-appointed Palestinian ‘leaders’. As if that justifies Israel’s behaviour. It’s called victim blaming for the record.

            You use identification cards which mean some people are not allowed access to government services, and will receive discriminatory treatment as a result of what race their card identifies them as belonging too. You will claim that these no longer show the ethnicity of a person (since 2005?) but the cards are referenced with government registration services when they are checked electronically by police/military etc – and this registration info still reports the ethnicity of the card holder to the security personnel in question. Also, many Jewish people use their Hebrew date of birth on their identity cards…which is a sure give away…beyond second names etc.

            Take a look at your land laws and do some decoding. As Chomsky says, the effective result is that 90% of the land in Israel is reserved for purchase and use to Jewish people. You will claim that actually this land is owned by the state and is not for sale to anyone, and is only for lease. How come it is only leased to Jewish people?

            To top it all off, you’re busy constructing a massive wall around them…this is not the behaviour of a respectable modern democracy. Do not expect to be respected for how you behave. You are the powerful ones. And you abuse it at will. The behaviour of the settlers in the West Bank is to blame for all of this. They describe themselves as the vanguard of Zionism. They express expansionist aims in regards to the West Bank. Most of them aren’t even from Israel. They should be your first port of all call if you want to sort this mess out (which I don’t think you do, but that’s another discussion).

            This isn’t a hate thing. I don’t think Jewish people are trying to take over the world. I don’t deny the holocaust. I don’t believe in a Zionist conspiracy. I do believe that the Israeli state is an aggressive oppressor that uses any and all excuses to carry on service as normal.

            Stop putting the initiative in the hands of a poverty-stricken group that you oppress. The initiative is yours. Stop bullying Palestinians. Stop taking their homes. Stop smashing their villages. Stop and you may see positive change.

            They’re not blameless. But you are certainly more blameful, and often it just feels like you make pathetic excuses for what is poor treatment of another ethnicity.

            I think many people take the view that whilst you had a good store of sympathy saved up, that sympathy has now run out, and it has run out far quicker than it should have done as a result of the behaviour of the Israeli state.






            • – is that why they are not allowed to use the main roads in the West Bank?
              YOu mean there are roads for Palestinian only and for Israelis jews and arabs only road because of repeated terrorists attacks agaisnt Israelis cars?
              On the road from the dead sea to jerusalem by the way there are Palstinians cars and Israelis one. |

              You illegally occupy the lands of another nation.
              Who did we take Judea and Samaria from? Palestine?
              When they desperately try to free themselves from your control and abuse, you attack them with Main Battle Tanks and fighter jets, claiming you are fearful of their crude rockets

              60 crude rockets in one hour ? A rocket hat burnt and entire factory? that injured people and luckily didn;t kill any ? I want to see you run to shelter every 10 minutes for a whole day not weeks or months with your children and than come here and tell us they are crude rockets

              Israel left Gaza there was no blockade ., crossing were open plo was in charge yet days later they began shooting rockets from Gaza Why?

          • “Is there a factory for damaged goods which produces deluded souls like this one?”

            Yes there is.
            It’s called The Fruitcake Factory.

          • There are many: The Aryan Nation, the Guardian, the Veterans Today, the BBC,… the list is very long

    • Just an idea….but,
      Just a propaganda ploy given a false legitimacy by dint of repetition. I’m sure your little head is filled to the brim with such nonsense.

          • Goldstone said that one central claim of his was discredited:

            On 1 April 2011, Goldstone retracted his claim that it was Israeli government policy to deliberately target citizens, saying “While the investigations published by the Israeli military and recognized in the U.N. committee’s report have established the validity of some incidents that we investigated in cases involving individual soldiers, they also indicate that civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy.”[14] On 14 April 2011 the three other coauthors of the United Nations (UN) fact-finding mission on the Gaza conflict of 2008–2009 Hina Jilani, Christine Chinkin and Desmond Travers released a joint statement criticizing Goldstone’s recantation of this aspect of the report. They all agreed that the report was valid and that Israel and Hamas had failed to investigate alleged war crimes satisfactorily.[15][16]


            However, the IDF has killed plenty of civilians (that’s what happens when you bomb heavily populated areas). To take a single discredited report and attempt to suggest this means civilian deaths have not occurred is intellectually dishonest.

            Do you see above, where Goldstone says that ‘report have established the validity of some incidents…were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy’ – what I take from that is that Israeli soldier have targeted civilians, but that this targeting was not part of overall state policy, but rather the actions of individuals.

            • If Hamas won;t stop shooting now and have half of Israel sit in shelters than they can blame only themselves for future causulties. We have had enough. They will stop shooting we will not retaliate, Simple as that,. Than they can go to their Egyptian brothers and ask them to open the Rafah crossing so they can get supply from them not Israel.

        • In the words of Goldstone himslef
          “I regret that our fact-finding mission did not have such evidence explaining the circumstances in which we said civilians in Gaza were targeted, because it probably would have influenced our findings about intentionality and war crimes.”

          “If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document.”

      • The International Court of Justice, The UN General Assembly & The United Nations Security Council all regard Israel as an ‘occupying power’.

        The Israeli High Court of Justice has ruled that Israel holds the West Bank under “belligerent occupation”.

        You’re attempt to simplify a complex issue has not worked.

        • ICJ Advisory Opinion of June 21, 1971: “When the League of Nations was dissolved, the raison d’etre [French: “reason for being”] and original object of these obligations remained. Since their fulfillment did not depend on the existence of the League, they could not be brought to an end merely because the supervisory organ had ceased to exist. … The International Court of Justice has consistently recognized that the Mandate survived the demise of the League [of Nations].

    • “I wonder if you went to university?”

      Indeed I did.
      First of all I went to Cambridge University where I had a look around Kings College, then several years later I went to Oxford University where I had a look around all 38 colleges.

      • ‘Went to’ for a day purple-rinsers coach excursion, and ‘graduated from’ are two very different things Gerald….

        I guess you never studied middle east politics eh?

        • I answered the question you put.
          That your question was constructed sloppily is your problem not mine.

          I am not surprised at your inadequacies. Your sloppy questions and posts are a mirror of your sloppy thinking.

        • middle east politics
          That`s not a scientific study, but a Arab propaganda education, from Hourani to Pappe, in between the fairy tale of Said labelled as literature.

          • Ahhh. The old ‘anything that disagrees with my personal opinion is propaganda’ approach.

            You cannot be taken seriously in debate if you do this. You are refusing to consider anything that does not comply with your view of the world.

            This simply means you are not willing to debate. This is fine as a personal choice, but do not think you can be unwilling to debate, whilst still having your words given the time of day.

    • Low I.Q
      One thing is absolutely clear – if you really went to any university you learnt there nothing but bigotry. Which is your alma mater? The LSE? Birzeit? Al-Azhar? The Islamic University of Gaza? Temple University?
      And your major? Historical narratives vs. historical facts? Mac Donald management?Peace studies concentrating on the Protocols? Don’t be shy and state your academic credentials…
      Do you really think that a diploma makes someone a better and a more knowledgeable person? Do you really think that someone who studied corporate law, bowling Industry management and technology, bakery science and management even ME politics and history at a European, US or Muslim university is better equipped to rant about ME politics than the people who are living there, know the languages and have first hand eyewitness experience?
      Your condescending shit is the typical example of the behavior of ignorant bigots who have no factual and reasoned arguments to use in a discussion.

    • It’s as plain as the proverbial pikestaff that you didn’t. Unless it ran a course on delusional and misplaced hatred and you majored in it.

  3. It is not true that the Palestinians do not respect the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

    What this blogger is expecting from the Palestinians is that they love what the Zionists have been doing to the Palestinians to show their respect and sorrow to victims of the Holocaust.

    The blogger is exploiting the victims of the Holocaust to promote the oppression of the Palestinians. This is a disgraceful exploitation of the victims of the Holocaust, the victims of the most heinous crime against humanity.

    • It is not true that the Palestinians do not respect the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust.
      Naturally it is not true. The resignation of prof. Dajani, the death threats against him and his unpopularity is obviouly a Zionist plot in order to smear the Palestinians.
      Noam the only permanent ande stabil factor in our rapidly changing word is your malevolence and subzero IQ.

  4. I think they are rather against the way holocaust is used these days. But it is hypocritical to mention that, considering that Israel has no respect for hundreds of thousands (if not over million) of Palestinians they ethically cleansed, nor do they have any respect for the victims of chemical war in Gaza back in 2009, nor do they have respect for the remaining Palestinian population in West Bank where they are treated as less humans than Jews. Respect should be mutual and not one sided.

  5. Chemicla war? such big words. Red cross admitted Israel didn;t use anything illegal in Gaza. It is the arabs who have no respect for the hundrad of tousands arabs who became refugee becasue of the arab states refusal to recognize the partition plan and their failur to eliminate Israel as they promised those arabs when they told them too leave palestine. indeed respect should be mutual so far the arabs want to see us all dead and they prove it daily with rockets and terror attacks

  6. Alexa, I have to say you talk in generalities. You keep on referring to ‘arabs’ and ‘they’, ‘us’ etc.

    This kind of thinking is not helpful or reasonable.

    • How do you want me to refer to them ? YOur kind of thinking is the usual kind israel hater use. Demonizing and lying about Israel adopting Palesitnian lies