Economist is latest media outlet to falsely claim the 3 kidnapped teens are ‘settlers’

An article in the print edition of the Economist on June 21 titled ‘Stirring Bad Blood‘ included false claims in the opening and final sentences.

Here’s the first sentence of the anonymous report:

THE abduction of three young Jewish settlers on June 12th near the city of Hebron, in the south of the West Bank, has stirred Israeli emotions as viscerally as the kidnapping of a young Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, by militants of Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement, eight years ago. 

However, as we noted in a post on June 16th (and noted elsewhere), two of the three teens are not settlers, a fact which, when pointed out to Guardian editors, resulted in a correction to their own false claim about the location of the Israeli teens’ homes. (The Indy, at our prompting, also corrected their false claim that all three teens were settlers.)

Additionally, the Economist article includes this claim in the final sentence:

A Facebook page posted by an Israeli calling for the execution of one Palestinian prisoner every hour until the young hostages were freed quickly attracted 17,000 likes.

However, as an accurate translation of the Hebrew on the Facebook page clearly indicates, the words “Palestinian” or “prisoner” are not present – a fact which prompted Guardian editors to improve their original faulty translation of the page in an article by Orlando Crowcroft on June 17th.

Here’s the correct translation of the Facebook page:

‘Until the teens are returned, every hour we shoot a terrorist.

We’ve been in touch with Economist editors over these errors and will update you when we receive a response.

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  1. The Economist used to be a must-read… however a change in editor a few years ago prompted this entirely balanced magazine to slope off in the well-trodden direction of axe-grinding lefty agit-journalism. A path regrettably followed by the FT.

    • These three adolescents were kidnapped as they came back from a religious school based in a settlement, in the West Bank, in the Palestinian territory. This is why the Economist, like many other media, speaks of “settlers.”

      • These youth were taken in the West Bank, not in Israel. Israelis in settlements are called settlers even in the Israeli media so what’s the problem? 90 per cent of Israelis would never, ever go to the settlements because they know it’s a bad idea anyway.

  2. it makes so much sense now that only one terrorist will be killed every hour. Of course every person killed by the IDF is a terrorist. This includes the 1300 terrorists killed in Gaza in 2008/2009 attack on the terrorist enclave of Gaza.

    • Jane:

      “it makes so much sense now that only one terrorist will be killed every hour.”

      Not sure why you think it makes sense to kill anyone every hour but you sure sounds like you belong to ISIS.

      Your lust for blood is sickening.

    • You’re such a victim, Jane. 17,000 likes on Facebook and all of world Jewry is out to get your pathetic whore of an ass.

      There are about 6 million Jews on this planet. Yes, we’ve finally replenished the population lost WWII, and now 0.2% (as if all 17k are Jews) have insulted you. So, yeah, you lash out at the remaining 99.8% for being hate mongers.

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      • kouf,
        There are 6 million Jews in Israel alone. This makes Jane such a big ass she won’t be able to get out mommy’s basement without renovations to the doorway.

        In Jane’s world, shooting terrorists is just plain mean.

  3. Don’t be angry with me kouf it is your friends with their tendency to click the like at most disgusting places are to be blamed. But than you probably did the same.

    • You’re back using the ‘moniker’ Tehran Jane again.
      But no matter which ‘moniker’ you use your posts still reek with their combination of illiteracy and anti-Semitism.
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  4. The Economist is clearly at fault and the article manages to highlight this without over egging the pudding as in occasional previous articles

    However the use of vulgar sexist language by koufaxmitzvah cheapens the site

    • PopeyeI wouldn’t invoke the subject of using sexist language instead of you…

      • It seems unbelievable that on a site which monitors anti Semitism,
        disgusting sexualised language is allowed and defended.

        • Popeye so that I can understand your complaint.
          What, exactly, is “sexualised language”?

          • your pathetic whore of an ass ??? Call me an old fashioned Miss Grundy but is that acceptable ?Am I getting old? Maybe its me.

            • Popeye I asked you a specific question.
              ‘What, exactly, is “sexualised language”?’

              I am genuinely interested in what you think your term “sexualised language” is supposed to mean.
              So what exactly is it supposed to mean?

              • I think he means I’m objectifying women. Which I understand the concern to some extent. There are words I have used in the past but shouldn’t have, and I no longer use them in forums like this.

                That said, Jane is as pathetic as a donkey whore — whether that be a prostitute who sleeps with donkeys or a donkey prostitute, it doesn’t matter. Could also be a dude dressed in drag, or just a dude. The point being is that Jane is trash and probably diseased, willing to sell her/himself for a few lousy bucks trashing Zionists on the Interwebz.

        • I appreciate your concerns. I am attacking a person who comes to this site specifically to attack people. I am belittling that person because that person’s shtick is to belittle all Jews, Americans, Zionists, Israelis, etc. If someone like Jane — whom I doubt is a lady — wants to keep garnering attention form the likes of me — and s/he does (see comment below) — then I’ll him/her the attention I think they deserve.

          Do I believe all women are whores? Hardly since I don’t believe that Jane is a woman. I don’t reflexively attack women on this site for being women. (I’m not a Rushjob, as we say in America, spouting ideas like FemiNazis whenever I feel it’s necessary to manifest my dominance). I am actually quite specific on whom I attack, and for what reasons.

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    • We all know the way Olive was passed back and forth like an object between Popeye and Bluto. Perhaps not the best moniker for someone concerned about “sexualized language.”